Philip J Berg lawsuit, December 4, 2008, Update, US Supreme Court, Writ of Certiorari, Obama not eligible, Supreme Court Justices will decide, Conference review

Here is the latest update from Philip J Berg Dated December 4, 2008:

“We understand everyone is eager to learn what occurred on December 1, 2008, at the U.S. Supreme Court. There is a rumor claiming Mr. Obama was Court Ordered by Justice Souter to turn over his birth certificate by December 1, 2008. This is NOT true.

When a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari is filed the Defendants automatically are given thirty (30) days to respond. They are not required to respond. The end of thirty (30) Days in the Berg v. Obama case was December 1, 2008. Keep in mind, the Defendants could have mailed in a response to the Petition for Writ of Certiorari and the Court allows approximately a week for mail. If this is the case, the envelopes must be postmarked December 1, 2008.

In the afternoon, December 1, 2008, Lisa, Mr. Berg’s Assistant contacted the U.S. Supreme Court and spoke with the Clerk. The Clerk informed Lisa Mr. Berg’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari would be distributed to all nine (9) Justices and a conference should be set within ten (10) days. As I’m sure you are aware, during the conference the Justices will discuss Mr. Berg’s Petition for the Writ of Certiorari and decide whether or not to grant or deny the Petition. It only takes four (4) out of nine (9) Justices to agree to grant Mr. Berg’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari. The Justices can also make other Orders during the Conference.

Mr. Berg’s Office also learned the Solicitor General is only representing the Federal Election Commission

Additional documents will be filed within the next couple of days. All Legal briefs will be posted on our website, so please continue checking back for updates.”

Help Philip J Berg uphold the US Constitution:

11 responses to “Philip J Berg lawsuit, December 4, 2008, Update, US Supreme Court, Writ of Certiorari, Obama not eligible, Supreme Court Justices will decide, Conference review

  1. zachjonesishome

    Morning CitizenWells. I put Mr. Berg’s update up a few minutes ago. Where’s the Media? AWOL as always.

  2. CW —

    The more they accept the title: “Elite Media,” the more they ignore “the masses” indicated by the fact that AOL finds the COLB among the TOP-3 searches on their network (i.e. dial-up), and still the elites write nothing, nothing, — the more they expose themselves to risk.

    I find it interesting that Thomas Jefferson was an eyewitness to the “Storming of the Bastille,” and wrote an account of it to John Jay, then Secretary of State, here:

    It reminds me, that from the beginning, we have been a revolutionary people! — And, like bloodhounds, we are not easily taken off the scent of blue-bloods pretending to be one of us!

    Fortunately, we don’t have to storm the Bastille anymore — we can simply click the remote, and that is enough to kill their ratings, by which they live or die.

  3. I was a Democrat all my life. I always watched anything but Fox News. For over a year if I do
    watch TV it is ONLY Fox News. I also voted
    for McCain/Palin. I can’t believe what has happened in our country. Our boy that is an officer in the Marines keeps telling us to hold our head high and fight. The truth always wins
    out in the end and the truth is worth fighting for.
    God Bless everyone that continues to march on!
    We must stop the Obama train.

  4. Articles about lawsuit in Chicago Tribune (no less), calling it an “internet-fueled conspiracy”.,0,5777765.story

  5. I (for one) am not surprised the FEC has acted as they have (–not standing in Berg’s way hardly at all–).

    The FEC is about to begin an audit of the McCain Campaign’s spending of Federal matching funds.

    One of the clouds hanging over the heads of the FEC (–especially with the Donofrio lawsuit –) is whether or not John McCain was ever qualified to be POTUS.

    Where does that leave the FEC?

    It leaves them with a big lot of egg all over their face! — Did they disburse Federal matching funds to someone who was not even eligible?!

    If they have, then they are going to have to get all that money back (somehow), especially if they decide they should never have disbursed the matching funds in the first place!

    The Feds do this all the time in Medicare — they find out that some bill should never have been paid — and then there’s the devil to pay until they get all that money back! Hospital, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and visiting nurse back offices all live in dread for the three years it sometimes takes to finally close out an account!

    So, I think the FEC has a very, very strong self-interest in what SCOTUS decides here!

    So, I really think they may want all of these cases to go forward.

    On the other hand, I can also understand that this is another reason why no one in the Bush Administration is going to utter a peep about anything, until President Bush is safely home in Dallas for the last time!

  6. Sorry guys, Mr Berg has NO chance with this lawsuit. They’ll deny cert, no doubt. I just hope Justice Souter doesn’t hurt himself laughing at Berg’s mumbo-jumbo. If all these cases are denied, are we going to say the that SCOTUS is in the bag for obama? Just wondering. Dupreme court is the last legal legitimate stop.

  7. looks like I’ll have some good reading in Chi-Town this weekend!,0,1116474.column

  8. chrissy.
    Do some more reading.

  9. If Chrissy lived during WWII, she probably would have said in the early days of 1942 that FDR should just give up since the Japanese would undoubtably win in the Pacific.

  10. If the SCOTUS does not decide to hear
    Donofrio’s case, BHO’s eligibility questions
    will NOT go away and it will only get
    worse with ongoing challenges and his
    BC and other docs will eventually be
    subpoened. It’s just a matter of time.
    Obama will be found out.

  11. “WE THE PEOPLE” We have a responsibility to stand up and have our voices heard. The constitution is the foundation of this country and it is the law by witch we all live. Think on the fact that our militery fight every day to keep us safe and many men and women have shed their most precious blood to do so. It is our turn to keep our country safe and unlike them we do not need guns and armer to do so. Our job is less dangerous. We tell the supreme court to rule on the side of the constitution. Speak up. Lets bring our country back to the people and have her stand proud and tall. Thank you to all my fellow citizens who give a dam. Lets stand together and fight for what we know is right. God willing the truth will come out. There is one thing I am certain of and that is once the truth is exposed no-one will beable to argue with the truth. The truth is the truth bottom line.

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