Barack Obama birth certificate hearing, Hawaii Judge sets hearing, Andy Martin plaintiff, Defendants Linda Lingle, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, November 18, 2008

From Andy Martin:

“Hawaii Circuit Judge Bert I Ayabe set a November 18 hearing in Andy Martin’s case to release Barack Obama’s original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate and any supporting documents
(HONOLULU)(October 29, 2008) Judge Bert I Ayabe Wednesday set a hearing in the case of Andy Martin vs. Linda Lingle, First Circuit for Honolulu, No. 08-1-2147-10.
The hearing is set for November 18, 2008 at 10:30 A.M.
Anyone wishing to contribute to the expenses of this litigation is welcome to do so:
Post Office Box 1851
New York, NY 10150-1851
Toll-free tel. (866) 706-2639
Toll-free fax  (866) 707-2639
Temporary Hawai’i
tel. (917) 664-9329
Plaintiff pro se
ANDY MARTIN,                         ) CIVIL NUMBER: 08-1-2147-10
                                             ) (Declaratory Judgment)
          Plaintiff,                        )  Judge Ayabe
     vs.                                    ) COMPLAINT FOR
                                             ) DECLARATORY JUDGMENT;
LINDA LINGLE, in her                ) EXHIBIT 1: SUMMONS
Official capacity as Governor      )
Of the State of Hawai’i,             )
DR. CHIYOME FUKINO, in her     )
official capacity as Director        )
of the Department of Health,     )
          Defendants.                  )


     Plaintiff ANDY MARTIN (“Plaintiff”), pro se, alleges in his Complaint for Declaratory Judgment against the Defendants as follows:

     Plaintiff ANDY MARTIN is the author of a book on Senator Barack Obama (“Senator Obama”). He has also been writing columns and commentary about the senator for over four (4) years.   
     Defendants LINDA LINGLE and DR. CHIYOME FUKINO are Governor and Director of the Department of Health, respectively.
     This Complaint for Declaratory Relief and these proceedings are instituted pursuant to § 632-1, Hawai’i Revised Statutes.
     Venue is proper in this Court pursuant to § 603-36, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

     1. Plaintiff requested a certified copy of the birth certificate of Senator Obama from the Department of Health and tendered the requisite fee.
     2. Defendants refused to provide a copy of said certificate, invoking the confidentiality statutes of the State.
     3. The issue of the Senator’s birth certificate has become a controversial topic of intense national speculation.
     4. As an author who strives for factual accuracy and attempts to conduct thorough research Plaintiff wants a copy of the Senator’s birth certificate attested to by the State and not a “certificate” which is posted on a web site and which has been debunked as possibly having been altered.
     5. One of the more literate and temperate analyses of the unlawfulness of the Defendants’ refusal to issue certified copies of the birth certificate is contained in Exhibit 1 attached hereto.
     6. To the extent that the Defendants’ files contain or retain original supporting data for the birth certificate, Plaintiff asks that he also be supplied with that information and/or material as well.
     7. It is axiomatic that the birth certificate of a presidential candidate is a document of crucial public concern and significance.
     8. While Hawai’i statutes call for a balancing or weighing test where production is considered by a court, most respectfully Plaintiff submits that the balance falls entirely on the side of disclosure where the original birth certificate of a presidential candidate is concerned.



     9. Based on the relevant statutes and constitutional law, including Article One, Section 4 (“freedom of the press”) and § 92F-15 (e) and § 338-18 (a) (9), Plaintiff asks that the Court direct and order defendants to turn over forthwith a copy of Senator Obama’s birth certificate and related files and records, and without any delay.

     WHEREFORE, Plaintiff Andy Martin prays for relief as follows:
     A. For a declaration by this Court that Plaintiff is an author and writer and is a person to whom the birth certificate of Senator Obama can and should properly be delivered forthwith;
     B. For such other relief as this Court deems just and equitable.
     Dated: Honolulu, Hawai’i, ______________________
                                   Respectfully submitted,
                                   ANDY MARTIN
                                   Plaintiff Pro se”

40 responses to “Barack Obama birth certificate hearing, Hawaii Judge sets hearing, Andy Martin plaintiff, Defendants Linda Lingle, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, November 18, 2008

  1. You're A Nut Job

    Dude…you’re crazy man. I think you need some help!

  2. I do not approve all comments for obvious reasons.
    Sometimes I approve ridiculous comments to remind normal, caring Americans of what we are fighting against.
    Note the command of the English language, the well crafted challenge to my mental status.
    And by the way, I gets lots of help from other concerned Americans.

  3. Nut Job Post:

    I’ll describe your personality this way.

    You’re the kid who always struck out in baseball and mom and dad said good job.

    Your the kid who got poor marks in school and your parents blamed the teachers, and said to you good job.

    Your the guy who scored very low on the SAT’S, and you blamed the test criteria was not consistent with your social fabric, and your parents said good job.

    Now you’re using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis because you fee inadequate.

    You’re a follower of Obama and you sound like an idiot, I say…….GET LOST DUDE!

  4. Andy Martin is brain dead if he really thinks he has any chance at all of succeeding with this case. More kool-aid, Andy?

  5. Saw this list over at gretawire this morning… should we add PHONE RECORDS ??

    Original birth certificate — Not released
    Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released
    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released
    Soetoro adoption records — Not released
    Besuki School application — Released – where he is named as Barry Soetoro and faith “Islam” on the paperwork
    Punahou School records — Not released
    Occidental College records — Not released
    Passport (Pakistan) — Not released
    Columbia College records — Not released
    Columbia thesis — Not released – Senior Thesis in 1983 during the height of the Cold War entitled “Russian Nuclear Disarmament”
    Harvard College records — Not released
    Harvard Law Review articles — None (maybe 1, unsigned?)
    Baptism certificate — None
    Medical records — Not released
    Illinois State Senate records — None
    Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost
    Law practice client list — Not released
    University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

  6. can someone please help me understand?

    1) assuming the birth certificate Obama has already produced is real/official (wasn’t a copy posted on his website ‘fight the smears’? i can’t find it now) why didn’t his lawyers produce it again and put an end to both Martin and Berg’s separate complaints?

    2) last night, Bill Clinton said “the presidential campaign is the greatest job interview in the world.” WHERE are Obama’s college transcripts from Columbia and Harvard?

    3) in light of Obama’s (admitted) associations, would he pass clearance to become a member of the Secret Service who will be protecting him?

    may god bless us all

  7. No, Becca, Obama could not be in the Secret Service or the FBI just because of his unsavory friends.

  8. It would not be irreversible since he did not run under the constitution stating he must be a natural born citizen. I’m not sure of the legalities, but hopefully people will jump on them.

    Section 4. The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

    Here is OB’s birth certificate:

    Here is what a Hawaiian birth certificate should contain to be considered Live birth in Hawaii:

    Is Berg in Washington D.C. yet? This is getting extremely frustrating and way too close for comfort!

  9. Update: found on

    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2008 AT 3:00 PM EST

  10. jcsjcm,

    Have you read this article by
    Dr. Edwin Vieira saying:


    It explored some of the ‘legalese’ in the Berg v Obama matter.

    Citizen Wells referenced it here recently:

  11. Thanks Marielle,
    I have read and blogged absolutely everywhere that I can. I’m flabbergasted (sp?) that Obama supporters would not insist on seeing proof of his citizenship. They just may be the enemy as well. I fear for this nation and our constitution! I am almost positive that the outside world is laughing at us now!

  12. Calling Andy a nut job may be in bad taste but it shows a particularly liberal attitude as in “don’t confuse me with the facts.”

    It is about getting to the facts, the constitution and if Obama’s run for the White House is legit. McCain had to answer now let Obama cough up the truth.

    If there is nothing wrong then there should be nothing to hide!

    Let’s see!


  13. Instead of relegating this whole argument to some small contingent of isolated internet bloggers and enthusiasts why doesn’t the DNC, Obama, or someone with some answerablity deal with it and put it to rest once and for all.

    Posting Obama’s “other” birth record online satisfied his surporters but they are easy. Any one standing in a crowd and chanting Obama doesn’t need much convincing.

    But to let this ride un-noticed, un- answered and un-checked may just turn out to be grossly unconstitutional.


  14. One thing that crosses my mind is what happens if it is proved he had no right to run for president and in fact has committed a felony I guess it would be. Can you imagine going thru all that no justice no peace crap??? Threats of rioting and all that so we should just drop it. Well in case of rioting thats what we have the National Guard. And if they National Guard is not called out in such a case then another lawsuit needs to be filed against the state. As someone who lived a mile away from the the rodney king rioters you should have seen the chickensh.. cowardice on the part of all these officials which led to the Reginal Denny incident. The let these rioters loot and burn at will before they came in to stop things.


    Lawsuits Starting Across the Nation Proceeding to Avert Potential Constitutional Crisis, Possible Civil Unrest, and Confidence in Elections; Lawsuits are being filed in Eight States Seeking to Require Barack Obama to Provide Certification of Birth in U.S. Or Be Removed as Presidential Candidate on State Ballots.

    Seattle WA. 10/22/2008 — Lawsuits in eight states as of this writing– Hawaii, Washington, California, Florida, Georgia. Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut, are seeking judicial authority to force the certifying or decertifying of Senator Barack Obama’s qualification to run as a candidate for President as a natural born U.S. Citizen. Previously, two lawsuits have failed to force the certifying documents from Obama.

  16. President Bush should provide an executive order for the Hawaiin governor to give up the birth certificate of Obama!


    By: Devvy
    November 6, 2008

    © 2008 –

    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” Mark Twain, Notebook, 1904

    I’m not going to comment on the carefully orchestrated show put on yesterday by the media; that will be my next column. What a scam. As I have covered in previous columns, between dirty voting rolls, voter registration fraud, illegals voting and corrupted electronic voting machines and scanners, we have NO idea who was legally elected yesterday. I updated the compilation of vote fraud links; see here. There are more at the bottom.

    There is still the unresolved issue of Obama providing a COLB – Certification of Live Birth – to prove he is a natural born citizen. Not a “birth certificate,” but the COLB. The fact that this thug from Chicago refuses to provide this document since June, 2008, says it all. The second issue is if Obama were born in the U.S., but was automatically made an Indonesian citizen by virtue of his mother’s marriage to her Indonesian husband and Obama’s legal name change, he is ineligible to run for the presidency. Naturalized citizens are not eligible for the highest office in the land.

    Contrary to the propaganda spewed last night by the pimps who work for corporate media, Obama is not the next president. We need to remember how the system actually works:

    The Electoral College:
    November 5, 2004
    Thomas H. Neale
    Analyst in American National Government
    Government and Finance Division
    Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress
    CRS Report for Congress

    “When Americans vote for a President and Vice President, they actually vote for presidential electors, known collectively as the electoral college. It is these electors, chosen by the people, who elect the chief executive….

    “It is these elector-candidates, rather than the presidential and vice presidential nominees, for whom the people vote in the election held on Tuesday after the first Monday in November….

    “Electors assemble in their respective states on Monday after the second Wednesday in December (December 13, 2004). They are pledged and expected, but not required, to vote for the candidates they represent. Separate ballots are cast for President and Vice President, after which the electoral college ceases to exist for another four years. The electoral vote results are counted and declared at a joint session of Congress, held on January 6 of the year succeeding the election. A majority of electoral votes (currently 270 of 538) is required to win.”

    Until those electors meet on December 15, 2008, cast their vote and those votes are counted on January 6, 2008, Obama is not the next president.

    Phil Berg’s lawsuit is still active with the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Andy Martin’s lawsuit: The next hearing date is November 18, 2008.

    I fully realize that Americans who haven’t joined the Obama cult are stunned at what happened on Tuesday, but we must remember it was all in the game plan. I have used this metaphor before to describe the illusion of fair and impartial elections: It’s like a student taking driving lessons. The first time out, the student gets the fake steering wheel while the instructor is actually controlling the vehicle. But, the fake steering wheel makes the student “feel” he has control and that perception is all important when evil forces take over a country. That’s what we saw yesterday. The fact that Mcain conceded around 8:30 pm CST before half the states west of the Mississippi had even counted 20% of their votes, only confirms what millions of us already knew – he was the designated loser.

    America took the single largest step towards becoming a communist nation in my life time with this alleged election of a Marxist-Leninist. In April, I began describing Obama as a Marxist. My mail box filled up with angry email insisting that Obama is a “progressive,” liberal Democrat. This is the ignorance of a dumbed down population who have no idea what Marxism means: The political and economic ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as developed into a system of thought that gives class struggle a primary role in leading society from bourgeois democracy under capitalism to a socialist society and thence to communism. Redistribution of wealth is the major tenet of communism. It is also Obama’s plan. Right up to the day before the election, a few braves souls in the media were finally referring to his real political ideology. Of course, Obama’s cult followers immediately attempted to ridicule or slap them down.

    It’s easy to get depressed over last Tuesday. Don’t. That’s what the shadow government wants. We are warriors, not cry babies. I know the rage is blowing out there like a hot furnace, but the fight is not over. We’re entering the next phase: the electors. We’re also entering the most dangerous time in this nation’s history since Lexington and Concord. Now isn’t the time to throw in the towel. Now is the time to fight.

    In my last column, I provided a link on auditing the vote and how to do it. The Democrats made vote fraud a national issue in 2000 and 2004. The Republican Party has never made vote fraud a national issue. Oh, sure, FAUX News Network and Lou Dobbs (CNN) pounded on it the past six weeks, but it’s the Democrats who mobilized, ignored the vote fraud by their party and blamed it on all the Republicans. Yes, the last three presidential elections were rigged, but it was done by the forces who control the political system in this country and have for 40 years.

    The pointing the finger exercise is a distraction. Just like the bull, the cape and the matador. Technology has simply made it easier than stuffing ballot boxes and having everyone in Chicago vote twice, including residents of their local cemeteries. Of course, now that a Democrat has allegedly “won” the White House by vote fraud, helped along by legions of ignorant, uninformed voters, some racists and those who voted for skin color only, they could care less about fairness in 2008.

    Right now they’re basking in their arrogance, but the wrath of the American people is just warming up. If Republican and ‘third party’ candidates who allegedly lost on Tuesday do not pursue catching the vote fraud in their election instead of just shrugging their shoulders and walking away, the destroyers win. Here is the link. I updated it slightly. Time is of the essence due to drop dead dates for certification. If you supported a candidate by a vote and/or working for their campaign, help them prove the fraud.

    This is critical for all 434 seats in the House of Representatives (excluding Ron Paul). Here is the logic-free zone:

    In 1994, voters were fed up with the communists, socialists and big spenders in Congress and “swept them out of power.” In came the Republicans touting the farce called a ‘Contract with America,’ who bloated the budget and continued down the same path under a different label. They held power until November 2006. Voters wanted change! Voters wanted change so badly, they voted back in all the long time Democrats with a few “new” faces. In past two years a Democrat controlled Congress representing ‘change’ has done what? NOTHING except loot this country and continue funding the immoral, unconstitutional invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.


    Americans were outraged over the rape and pillage called ‘the bail out.” A colossal failure that continues to drain the life blood of Americans. Yet, with the exception of 17 seats in the House and 5 in the unlawfully seated seated U.S. Senate, voters allegedly voted them all back into office on Tuesday! With the lowest approval rating in the history of the U.S. Congress, allegedly the American people once again rewarded these crooks by rehiring them and bringing in even more Democrats to join the grand larceny stealing the fruits of our labor! Quite a difference between from what polls indicated:

    3 in 5 voters: Boot every congressman. 59 percent say they’d kick out all members of House, Senate. October 5, 2008: “If given the choice, a new poll reveals, 59 percent of Americans would sweep Capitol Hill clean of the current batch of senators and representatives to elect an entirely new Congress. Only 17 percent of voters polled said they would be willing to keep the current legislature.”

    Yesterday I filed four Freedom of Information Act requests and sent them over night mail. One: Illinois Secretary of State to obtain all documentation, applications, forms, electronic and hard copy, including proof of citizenship for Barack Hussein Obama for his 1996 Illinois State Senate race. I filed two with the U.S. State Department (1) Stanley Ann Dunham, married name Stanley Ann Obama to obtain her passport application and all travel records; departure and entry into the U.S. during the year 1961; and (2) Barack Obama, Sr., to obtain his travel records, entry and departure records for the year 1961. Four: I filed a State Records Act request with the University of Hawaii to obtain Stanley Ann Dunham, then married, Stanley Ann Obama’s enrollment applications and list of classes, and any and all documentation regarding her departure from the University for good.

    I also sent another letter over night mail to James Burrus, Chief Investigator of Election Fraud, Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, DC. This is a follow up to my letter of October 30, 2008. I enclosed a copy of the transcripts of the interviews in Kenya (see bottom links in this column), an article from regarding hundreds of millions of dollars illegally donated:

    “In addition to the donations the campaign has disclosed, however, it has taken an unprecedented $218 million from donors whose names it is keeping secret, according to FEC spokesman Robert Biersack. That money came from individuals who in theory never passed the threshold of $200, the limit the FEC set for public disclosure of a donor’s name and place of residence, so there is no way of knowing how much foreign money could be included in that amount.

    “For example, hidden away amidst the unprecedented $150 million Obama claims to have raised from individual donors in September was more than $42 million raised from secret donors. These donations appear in the records as a single entry under the heading, “Donors, Unitemized.”

    “Newsmax retained the services of former CIA operations officer Frederick W. Rustmann Jr. and a team of international forensic accounting experts to comb through Obama’s donor list to identify those who apparently aren’t U.S. citizens or residents. Rustmann, a 24 year veteran field officer, operates CTC International Group Ltd., a West Palm Beach, Fla., firm that provides business intelligence services and analysis.”

    I reminded Burrus of the birth certificate issue and that he must investigate this while investigating possible violation of the wire fraud statute: 18 U.S.C. §1343. I reminded him of his oath of office and that this is not about politics or party loyalty, it’s about the law. We cannot have an illegitimate president in the White House.

    Please don’t send me email about the FOIAs. I am aware documents can be forged or altered, but the truth will come out. Those who choose to participate in such unlawful activities will eventually get caught. I’m also aware of the uphill battle. However, my last FOIA against the FAA regarding 9/11 went to a lawsuit and I won. It is better to spend your time helping candidates prove vote fraud and with the plans regarding electoral college delegates.

    Phil Berg is putting together the strategy for the electoral college delegates for all the states Obama allegedly won. This involves action before and on December 15, 2008, the date all electors meet at their state capitols to cast their votes for president and vice president. Remember: They are not bound to cast their vote for the candidate presented as a result of ‘election day.’ Electors who stand up for what is right are called “faithless.” Does it ever happen? In 1976, a Republican elector in Washington voted for Ronald Reagan instead of Gerald Ford. This year we intend for it to be a landslide. What’s right and for the good of our republic must trump worrying about staying in the good graces of some political party. Obama is gambling he can stall the birth certificate issue until coronation day and steal the White House under the idiom, possession is nine tenths of the law. We intend to stop him legally.

    As soon as Phil has drafted his plan, I will get it into a column right away. I believe there are some other groups working on this issue and I hope they will join with Phil and let him be the central point of contact for this effort. That way we’re all on the same sheet of music and it’s done correctly. We will not get a second chance.

    More vote fraud:

    1 – Tampa: Hundreds of voter registrations with personal information scattered across Interstate.
    2 – A Repeat of 2004 Philly Voter Chaos, Fraud
    3 – McCain campaign sues over overseas military ballots
    4 – Early Voting Turnout Could Skew Preliminary Election Returns
    5 – Voting Intimidation By Black Panthers In Philadelphia
    6 – Virginia voters face wet ballots
    7 – Judge Orders Va. to ‘Preserve’ Late-Arriving Military Ballots

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    Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country, ran for Congress and is a highly sought after public speaker. Devvy belongs to no organization.

    She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn’t left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Her web site ( contains a tremendous amount of information, solutions and a vast Reading Room.

    Devvy’s website:

    Before you send Devvy e-mail, please take the time to check the FAQ section on her web site. It is filled with answers to frequently asked questions and links to reliable research sources.

    E-mail is:



    There is still the unresolved issue of Obama providing a COLB – Certification of Live Birth – to prove he is a natural born citizen. Not a “birth certificate,” but the COLB. The fact that this thug from Chicago refuses to provide this document since June, 2008, says it all.

  17. Michael Squires SR

    Even if he comes up with one now.There is no way I would ever believe it is real .I now have no respect for the people who allowed this to go on {OUR LEADERS}%&*#%^(&!!! GOD HELP US

  18. If little Barry was born in Mombassa Kenya, he is and always has been an illegal alien. Therefore, he’s not eligible to be elected dog-catcher!

  19. keep up the good work. if the idiots want to stop false and misleading statements they should produce the certificate.

    if it’s a phony,they will not. america still has time to stop this illegal election.

  20. Eleanor Porche

    Since the Kenya Government has sealed the birth certificate of Mr Obama as has the Hawaii Governor, There must have been one to seal in Kenya. If not, what did they seal??????

  21. Is there an update on this case today?????? It was supposed to be at 10:30 today, anyone hear any news as to the outcome???

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    Temperature: 80 °F Comfort Level: 81 °F
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    Last update: Tue 11:53 AM HST

  23. I have a group of Free Masons pulling for you and America. If you ever need help on the inside just ask a Mason. The true backers of America, from being to end. So be it.

  24. Diane Faulkner

    It is my sincere belief that every American citizen has the right to see/know that an authentic birth certificate exists. I applaud these gentlemen that are trying to locate it.
    Where is our country going? It frightens me.
    Never before in an election did we even think of asking for such a document. This time we have asked and no one can locate it?????????
    Sad times!!!!!!!!!

  25. has anyone noticed the term “African” was used on the Certificate of Live Birth. The term “African” would not have been used in 1961. The term “Negro” would have been used on the COLB instead..

  26. Here’s what I found:

    (10:38:15-11:16:46) CT CLK: K. MORIYAMA

    Can’t link anything — other than the search page:

    I kept typing Martin in or the case number before & getting no where; then, when you type Andy Martin in the results will come up.

  27. Diane — Maybe you’ve heard about the other Presidential candidate that is a foreigner too? Roger Calera, native Nicaraguan, carries a green card & on the communist party ticket, Socialist Worker Party.


    Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis
    Sign the Petition : 106,071 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

  28. Today is November 19, 2008. Where is proof, the official birth certificate that would prove obama is a United States Citizen?

  29. Hope the judges are doing their job and moving forward to disclose what the Big O is hiding. Our constitution has been stomped on enough let put an end to this Guy. He will never be my president until he shows who he really is.


  30. So far it seems the state courts as well as the supreme court clerk (Mr. Bickell) are attempting to dismiss everything based on technicalities so as to prevent having to rule on the actual merits of these cases. Rather than simply taking the word of the democrat Hawaii health officials (and we know what their word is worth), the judges should order that the documents be immediately turned over to each and every state court where a case challenging Obama’s citizenship status has been filed. The same goes for all his school records as well. This is absolutely ridiculous and an absolute mockery of our Constitution and laws. We are not Russia yet, or are we?

  31. So why hasn’t any of the media picked up on any of this? Sounds like a conspiracy to me….

  32. Yes, it is a conspiracy as far as the media goes. They will not trash the democratic party since they are owned by the democratic party. What is happening with this case? How long does it take for the court to rule? I thought it would be immediate!!!!!

  33. So, what is our world going to look like if he isn’t a US Natural Born Citizen? And what is going to happen if he IS? Either way, we have a pretty large disturbance coming into our lives, right here on our home soil, hopefully we are all still willing to fight for the home of the free and be BRAVE. Our media and politicians are not as brave as they once were as far as protecting us from the thieves in charge of our homeland…they are willing to be a bunch of “patsys”, because they know there is cheating on allllll levels, they are cheaters and thieves, and one is moving into the WH. They are afraid to stand up for what is right or they would have looked into his background and said, “NO!”
    We are in trouble folks. Look at it!

  34. All ytou need to do is look at the people he is appointing to top spots. Top whitehouse aid job was recently given to IRANIAN born Valerie Jarrett. This will probably allow Ahmadinajad a direct connection to our nuclear secrets. Most likely that thanks to her Ahmadinajad will have his nuclear bomb way ahead of schedule. I am sure that he will test it on Isreal.

  35. For those who don’t know, the Media hasn’t picked up on anything that relates to Obama because it is the Media who are behind him,and do everything they can to protect him. If he makes it to the Presidency and the first time he faces a foreign policy crisis he WON’T have the media to cover his butt. The fight will be between him and whatever foreign entity is involved. He better know how to behave, and what to do. The proven scum bags that he is appointing to help him will cut and run when the chips are down.

  36. If Obama makes it to January 20 he will immediately find himself holding a very angry lion by the ass. Have fun Obama. Don’t let the bedbugs bite, or rather, the lion.

  37. Prophecy Believer

    I realize that several people do not believe in predictions and prophecies, but if you look into the Nostradamus descriptions of the anti-christ and also the Biblical prophecies, they will send chills up your spine. Read Psalms 109 and you will also get chills. Check out “New Visions of the Future, Prophecies III, narrated by David McCallum”. In this show, it said that the man in the blue turbin will launch a nuclear war. How can all these prophecies be off the mark?

    Kenyan birth ties in the prophecies that mention a birth in England and in the Middle East.

    Indonesia ties in the Asian influence prophecies.

    All Obama’s associations and controversies throughout his life ties in the prophecies about deception.

    The Harlot prophecy ties in to Obama’s own mother, as seen by the nude pictures she posed for and the possibility that she was never married to Obama’s father.

    Even though Barack Obama made fun of the American People clinging to their bibles and religion, perhaps we need to pay more attention to what the bible has been telling us all along! He sure hasn’t entered a church since he got elected, even though he claimed he was a Christian church goer. Oh, that’s right… that was just another campaign propaganda and not the real truth! Just like how he tried to say he wasn’t Muslim. How many lies will this country endure before he is stopped!!!

  38. Hypocracy Hater

    Until Obama or the State of Hawaii releases his ACTUAL birth certificate – the original document – then Obama’s legitimacy should, and will, remain in question. Why don’t they just release the original document? . . . Unless there isn’t one to release . . . The COLB, printed in 2007, is not a birth certificate and has no weight. Obama remains “undocumented” for meeting the qualifications to be President.

  39. Let’s get the record straight once and for all.
    It does not make any difference if Obama has a birth certificate or not. It does not matter if he was born in the backwoods of Kentucky.
    Bottom line he is not a “natural born citizen” because his father was a British subject. Look it up it is a fact.
    Now Section I Article II of our constitution says you must be a “natural born citizen” to hold the office of president of the U.S.
    Thomas Jefferson_You know the principal author of the Declaration of Independence had this to say about who was a natural born citizen.
    . “We can say with confidence that a natural born citizen of the U.S. means those persons born whose father the U.S. already has an established jurisdiction over, i e. born to fathers who are themselves citizens of the U.S.”
    Now that is not hard to understand right?
    So what did John Bingham the father of the 14th amendment have to say. “I find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen”.
    Now how about our own senate. Remember when they were all over McCain about him being born in the Panama Canal deal. Here is what they said about natural born citizen.
    Remember Res 511. Here is what they had to say. Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.
    See where they said born to American citizens. Now folks that “citizens” has an s at the end and in case you do not know that means two. Again I say Obama’s father was a British Subject so it makes not difference where he was born or if he has a ton of Birth Certificates.
    Darn people how much more proof do you need.

  40. The posted document was proven to be an altered copy from his half-sister’s certificate. So much evidence has surfaced stating Kenya was his birthplace that release of the long form must be complied with. However there is one problem, Hawaii has no birth certificate records whatsoever. No long or short form exists in any database or file. This is the reason he has spent nearly $2 million fighting a discovery motion for documentation. Judges are threatened with death along with their family members leaving them no choice than to dismiss the cases for nonsense reasons.

    Congress must demand the documentation but the executive order bars the courts or congress from demanding the documents. We have a dictator on our hands here who thinks he is above the courts and congress. Martial law will take care of the pesky congress and court if necessary. I would not put it past Soetoro to call martial law if the documents were demanded and then install himself as permanent dictator for life.

    The fact that his claimed father is a Kenyan would make him a dual citizen which is not a “natural born citizen” either way the clown is not eligible and is not our president.

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