John McCain, Wilmington NC, Town Hall Meeting, Monday, October 13, 2008, Cape Fear Community College, Schwartz Center, Republican Party, Wilmington Victory Office, Citizen Wells Urgent need for tickets

I called the Wilmington Victory Office in Wilmington, NC today attempting to get tickets to the John McCain Town Hall Meeting to be held at the Schwartz Center on the campus of Cape Fear Community College on Monday, October 13, 2008. The tickets were being handed out and could not be obtained over the phone. I left my name, phone number and blog site with the nice lady that answered the phone. Hopefully someone with the Republican Party will respond.

Anyone with the Republican Party in Wilmington NC, with John McCain or anyone who can spare tickets, please contact me by commenting on this blog.

I need 1-3 tickets to the John McCain Town Hall Meeting.

My message to John Mccain:

Mr. McCain, I have a lot of respect for you. However, your sense of decency is getting in the way of protecting the American public.

When John McCain or anyone else reveals negative aspects about Obama, his past and associations, they are not being negative. Obama’s life is full of many negative aspects. Don’t shoot the messenger. The Obama camp continues to shoot messengers, including this blog, for merely reporting facts about Obama. 

Mr. McCain, look out for the American public.

Citizen Wells

6 responses to “John McCain, Wilmington NC, Town Hall Meeting, Monday, October 13, 2008, Cape Fear Community College, Schwartz Center, Republican Party, Wilmington Victory Office, Citizen Wells Urgent need for tickets

  1. NEW

    Phil Berg interview ………………………Berg vs Obama

  2. CW


    I think we are all sending the same message!

  3. That’s right!

    Politics over Decency!!

    Hell Yeeeahhh!

  4. Dear Senator mccan and gpv. Palin when I was campaigning for Senator Hillary Clinton last March she said about you, “even John Mccain has more experience taht Obama, since summer I’ve joined your camp. I am a Deocrat; but feel your experience is to valuable and you are the man to lead not Barrack Obama. Hillary recaently disapointed me when she said she would campaign for Obama and she woul not attack. Well I didn’t have a problem with that until she did attack you and said and I qoute” JOHN IS MIMMICK, NOT MAVERICK” and that did it for me. She lied and it was a low blow to a sweet man. I’m a woman so don’t freak at Mark. I lost all respect for her because she lost her HILLERINESS,that thing that made her Hillary Clinton the beloved Senator. Bill Clinton was on Greta Van Sustern 2 weeks aago anbd I will tell you this John he spoke highly of you and he said “John is worth of 26 years in the Senate and he said you helped him bring peace relations to VietNam.You also praise Gov.Palin and Todd, you smiled and said that Todd, boy to run a 2000 mile snow machine with abroken arm and win that was your kinda guy never quitting” ytou also said Sara Palin had good political instinct, nothing but kind words although you did talk about the De3mocratic platform; but you didn’t mention one word about Barrack Obama until Greta asked you something and yousaid ” I don’t know,I mean I haave only met him a couple times at Harlem for lunch .” that’sa when he neeaded the Clintons. Hillary considered John Mccain her friend in the Senate and I say to you Hillary.NOT NOW You owe your fariend John nan apology. I have lost respect for you and I campaigned and donated some of my workers/comp money when I had it beacause I was hurt on the job and I saw how the net works bashed you Hillary and even your own party memebers.Howard Dean and Nan Pelusio th most unpopular woman on capital hill. You lost when you know should have won and here you are campaigning your ass for a guy that called you “ANNIE OAKLEY” remember Hillary? SEXIST! I say it’s time for you to go back to worak for the NY Senate taht wae voted you in for. NY has a lot of needs and wae need a Senator working right now for our state. Don’t you think 50 fundraisings and other campaigan endeavors for Barrack Obama is enough. I ask hat do you want HILLARY? i HAVE LOST SOMETHING THAT something that you inspired in my heart and now my heart has dimmed for you. Why? I don’t like what you said about a very sweet man that fought in Viet Nam and suffered like Christ for this Goddamn corrupt country and yet he still loves America and seervesw all his life. Barraack Obama couldn’t even imagine what John went through for 5 and 1/2 years. I love John Mccain and I do feel as you and Joe Biden felt Obama is not experienced enough and Joe Biden stood by his word that is until he was invited to be Obama’s V.P. At this point I do not know who will win ; but I know John Mccain better now then I ever have and I’m glad I took the time.He’s a true American war hero and a very sweet man and I love him and his wife is sweet to.Gov.Palin is Politics future and she is beautiful ,and also her heart and soul andvery very smart and funny and energetick. I wish people stop bashing John’s age because 72 is npot old. Joe Biden is 66 and she should learnt to keep calm after having 2 aynurisms. I son’t wish ill will to any candidate ,even Obama and I parobaably would have supported him in the future afte he had substantial expoerience like the rest of the candidates. Hillary I feel you owe John Mccain and us an apolaogy ,because you said you would not go negative and you did and Hillary John is a MAVERICK,so stop comparing him to Bush. I havaen’t eavean seen Bush around him. Mark



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