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Philip J Berg explains his lawsuit in federal court that states that Obama is not eligible to be president. Watch the video”

Jeff Schreiber, law student, legal writer and blog owner contacted Philip J Berg regarding the new video that Mr. Berg produced. Jeff Screiber’s interview and insight will help many understand what is happening with the lawsuit:

Philip J Berg’s site:

Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama

35 responses to “Philip J Berg lawsuit video, Jeff Schreiber Berg interview, YouTube video, Molotov Mitchell interview, Obama Indonesian, Obama motion to dismiss, US Constitution, Judge Surrick ruling, Philip J Berg explains lawsuit

  1. oh man… THANKS CW & BERG!!
    The October Surprise is OUT… this video should be posted on YOUR BLOG EVERY DAY TIL ELECTION DAY!!

  2. Judah Benjamin has an excellent discussion of the devastating consequences to both Obama and the Democratic Party should it be proven that Obama was born in Kenya and not in Hawaii as he claims to be.


    The Second American Revolution

  4. According to Ed Hale, he was able to acquire copies of Obama’s Kenyan BC for both Philip Berg and himself.

  5. themikeyreport

    I put this on my blog, too. This is just too wild. Just produce the documents and put the issue to bed. Why is the DNC running interference for him? Maybe they got a bit too excited and forgot to fully vet their guy?

  6. CW, Can you help us ? Do you know what’s up with Larry’s site? Looks like some monkey business is going on…

  7. I will find out what happened to Larry Sinclair’s site and let you know.

  8. To All:

    Unless you know for certain that a Kenyan Birth Certificate exists, Please DO NOT POST.

    Posting something without a credible source makes us no better than OBAMA and his crew!

    Post only THE TRUTH!

  9. I spoke to Larry a few minutes ago. He is tired, but ok. He was given a heads up by one of the group about his blog. His email accounts have been hacked as well. He suggests that you not email him until further notice. I will let him provide additional details as they become available and he is ready.

  10. Tony, I am out of the loop. Who is Ed? I hope you are right that he DOES have the birth certificate! The Obama thugs have shut down several anti-Obama websites as of last night, not the least of which is Larry Sinclair. Then they filled the comment box with nasty/vicious emails pretending they are someone else. Will they stop at nothing?
    Tony Stark // October 12, 2008 at 12:04 am

    According to Ed Hale, he was able to acquire copies of Obama’s Kenyan BC for both Philip Berg and himself.

  11. Tony/ Andrea,

    Re that info Texas Darlin advised that

    “they (were) informed that Berg is NOT collaborating with Ed Hale.”

    Additionally, in the comments section of the very article, I saw a post on Oct 12, 08, (post # 142) indicating that Mr. Berg’s Assistant posted a complete denial re that claim, at Ed Hale’s Blog on October 11, 08.

    Since this is 3rd party reporting, and I did not see the original post by Mr. Berg’s Assistant myself, I refrain from quoting any part of it here.

    However, this is the TD link:

    Hope this helps in your search for truth, given the sensitivity of this issue and the risks involved in false rumours getting unwarranted airplay.

  12. Jim, that page you link to is not news. It’s a persuasive piece. Not even unbiased commentary, just rambling logic that obama’s BC must be authentic due to Occam’s razor.

    You tricked me and wasted my time.

  13. Rob, It is just another point of view. The people on that site said they went to great lengths just as Mr. Berg is doing to prove that the B.C isn’t real. You have to admit that the logic is compelling that if Barack Obama’s B.C isn’t real and that he was born in Kenya, then the Hawaii Health Dept., The state of Illinois, and the U.S Government are all part of this conspiracy. Obama doesn’t have neither the power or the money to have all those agencies to back him on a lie. Case in Point, my brother applied to be a FBI agent, they did extensive background check not only on him BUT our entire family. Now think about it, if you are running for any type of office whether it is State or Federal for that matter, you don’t think that you wouldn’t go through that type of background check? Especially a U.S Senator that will have the opportunity to view sensitive documents and secrets? People need to really start applying some sort of logic here. But if Mr. Berg is hell bent of wasting his time and his money and those who donated to his cause, then so be it. After all, this is America.

  14. Jim.
    You want logic?
    The FBI already answered this question.
    You can read about on Berg’s site.
    Since when is upholding the constitution a waste of time.
    Now for the ultimate logic.
    John McCain provided a vault version of his birth certificate to congress.
    Obama filed a motion to dismiss the Berg lawsuit instead of proving citizenship.
    The reason Obama did this is because he is still an Indonesian citizen

  15. Adding to citizenwells comment:

    The FBI does not do background investigations on individuals running for positions of public trust, AKA: Politicians. Any level of security clearance needed by the office said individual is running for is AUTOMATICALLY granted those clearances once they take an oath of office. In fact the Clearance itself is denoted as TS/PPT (Position of Public Trust.)

    Likewise it took professional document forensics specialists to notice Mr. Obama’s Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth was in fact a forgery. While it may have been good enough to fool the DNC and those who would casually take a look at it and not ask questions; it was certainly not good enough to fool those who are trained in spotting such forgeries.

    Not only has Barg addressed this issue, I submitted a comment about this same matter months ago here on citizenwell’s blog about it. Sorry to say Jim, but you are wrong in your assumptions to the contrary. If you would have gotten an education instead of a brainwashing; you would see the depths of willful ignorance you are espousing.

    The thing is; when you run or vote for POTUS out of nothing other than vitriolic hatred, want of revenge, and a subjective platform of “Hope and Change.” You are doomed to become the very thing you claim to despise. This is exactly what has happened with not just Obama, but the DNC as a whole and all those who support them.

  16. How come this is not in the MSM? Because there is no proof. Just stories that start out with “According to Berg . . . ” “Berg said . . .” Hannity won’t dare touch this because he has a reputation to consider. How many of you have spoken to Hannity or sent him an email? Just as I thought.

  17. Greg, there is lots of proof.
    Do you want to know the truth?

  18. I’ve only seen a picture of a handwritten Indonesian school enrolement form.
    There’s claims that the GOP has the Kenyan birth certificate – still haven’t seen it. There’s claims that Michelle Obama admitted on a phone interview that Barack was adopted – still haven’t heard it. A discredited document examiner spewed a bunch of goblygook regarding Obama’s birth registration record – did you understand that crap?
    You can’t handle the truth.

  19. I don’t think there is alot of “proof” but there is alot of doubt to Obama’s citizenship. I think it is logical to conclude that Obama gave up his US citizenship when he became Berry Soetoro at age 6. I would really like to see proof of this.

  20. CW,
    Nice of you to delete my last message. I guess you can’t handle the truth.

  21. So is there anything new in this case ? It’s already Oct. 20th! All my Obama loving friends tell me it’s all a fake – they think they never heard about this trial, because it’s an internet invention !!
    If this is a Federal Case – Why is it that NO NEWS MEDIA has Reported it ?? !!

  22. Missy,
    I was also wondering if there was anything new. Nope. Just the same old “Berg said . . . ” “According to Berg . . .”
    Berg supposedly has inside info that the Michelle Obama tape will be released any minute. But I’m still waiting. No tape today. I’ll check back tomorrow.
    Get out of the way – Obama train coming thru – Wooooo woooo!

  23. Where’s the proof???? Time is of the essence!!! What are you waiting for??? Why won’t the courts force him to comply and show the documents??? Where’s the Michelle Obama tape??? I’m thinking it’s time for someone to lose their law license for abusing it.

  24. Obama is heading to Hi to buy a Certified Birth Certificate. The person(s) who take the pay off are doomed.O will not leave witnesses.

  25. Meme's wondering

    Okay, I’ve read all of this – watched the tape-I support Atty. Berg 150% as a supporter of the US Constitution. I’ve just been told by someone here that IF Obama is elected and this information about his birth being in Kenya is TRUE, that leaves the US with NO President. That being the case, the US cannot be with NO President and thus Bush stays in office for 4 more years. Is this true? Atty. Berg – our family supports you and is praying that you can WIN here and we can learn the TRUTH once and for all!

  26. Meme's wondering

    To The Dude — CAN you BUY a Certified Birth Certificate if you were not born there? Also – anyone – if the grandmother is stating that she was THERE in a delivery room in Kenya when Obama was born, then why isn’t the DNC listening to a relative of Obama’s who would obviously know? Why would the DNC cover this up? Why would she lie if she is bragging that he’s running for President of the USA? I don’t think that I am the only American that feels that this is all getting scarier by the day and every day as the elections get closer. One more thing – if Obama was Barry Soetoro and is now Barack Hussein Obama, is this not a name change to a Muslim name, same as in the case of Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali?

  27. Meme,
    Have you ever heard of a Vice President? Instead of supporting the Constitution, how about reading it. Duh.

    I guess when Obama’s grandmother dies of old age, Berg will try to arrest Obama for murder because there’s no evidence that he didn’t do it.

  28. Well, i finally understood that to get the latest info, we have to go to the front page link at the top …
    one thing the O team wants to do is to try to slip thru a ‘loophole’ – on ‘standing’ — but he wants to stall showing documents – because he’s probably trying to make fakes …
    No evidence, Greg ? It’s Obama that should show the evidence, to clear up the whole citizenship question. That simple.
    But that is a small thing compared to all the corrupt things he is and has been involved in. The Obama camp calls it ‘smears’ .. and glosses over them — but there is too much to gloss over, and the liberal press protects him … but just look around on the internet — this man behind the mask – is very very Dangerous for our country — …. just start with these links:
    There is TOO MUCH to ignore ….
    Don’t go blindfolded into the elections …

  29. I am in SHOCK. I cannot believe that all this information is being withheld from all the American Citizens. Well I have sent all this information to my favorite show FOX NEWS. They will get to the bottom of this. Mark my words. I have sent this information to approx. 5,000 friends, family, clients and they will continue to distribute. Anyone now a days can come up with a phony birth certificate.

  30. My daughter was born overseas.
    I believe that the Hospital produced a Report of Live Birth certificate, which I then had for only one day (I copied it) then I turned that certificate of live birth a day later in excahnge for a birth certificate from the government. It looks like this is how they did it in Hawaii. Is this correct?

  31. Standing.
    I am an injured party.
    I am forced to Join a Union in the state of California.
    I am forced to pay union dues.
    My Union dues are given to the Democratic Obama Campaign with out my concent.

    Plus I am a Tax Payer, Campaign matching funds.

  32. billyboy.
    You are right on target.

  33. Edna,
    I emailed Hanitty 2 months ago daring him to air this balony. Obviously he didn’t.

    What’s the lattest on the Michelle Obama “evidence” tape? What’s the “truth” on that?
    What happened to the “proof” that Ed Hale had a copy of Obama’s Kenyan BC? Any truth there?
    I still have not seen proof of anything. Where is it? Hmmmm!

    I think Obama’s plan is to hold out as long as possible, then show the actual BC to make fools out of whoever brings it up. Obama will let the bait keep floating until he hooks the biggest fish. He’s waiting for Hanitty to open his big mouth so he can set the hook. You watch! And fear that I’m right.


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