Philip J Berg lawsuit, Berg response to Obama motion, Internet rumor, Update from Mr. Berg

There was an internet rumor yesterday, October 1, 2008 that the judge had provided a ruling and that Obama had 3 days to provide proof of citizenship. We received an email from Philip J Berg late last night. Here is the official statement from Mr. Berg:

“Oct 1, 2008 11:25 PM
I just received an email from a blogger who states they received confirmation the order was signed and Obama was ordered to turn over his vault certificate within three (3) days.  Attached to the email was a copy of our “Proposed” order which was filed as page one with our Opposition.

We have not received any order.  The first page of our Opposition is a “proposed” order which we are required to complete.  If the Judge agrees with our argument, which we of course hope he does, the order would then and only then be signed.

As of today’s date an Order has not been issued.  The motions are still pending.  I just want to clarify this as it has now streamed across the internet and it is not true, which may lead people to false hopes.

Thank you.


Philip J Berg’s website:

10 responses to “Philip J Berg lawsuit, Berg response to Obama motion, Internet rumor, Update from Mr. Berg

  1. There is an entry further down this blog, an electronic facsimilie of a legal ducument in which the words “motion to dismiss is denied” or similar appear.
    The document, transcribbed from hardcopy using Optical Character Recognition is a pig to read because there is a lot of white space between paragraphs.
    I certainly read it as a decision by the judge but I did not mail anyone.

    So the confusion is perhaps understandable.

    It’s no big deal, these things happen. The major news distributors make bigger mistakes.

    What was that Mark Twain said about reports of his death? 🙂

  2. This just shows how people are hungry for any news that would spell the beginning of the end of Obama.

  3. I hope this is true and not an internet rumor.

    Hi Folks:
    Today is a great day for our nation. Phil Berg, The peoples attroney, has won his court case. Obama has 3 days to produce a vault copy of his birth certificate. I know for a fact that this DOES NOT exist. That is the judge order. Click here to view the Judge order. I am thrill that Phil Berg has done something that no one else had the guts to do. Please go to his web site, ObamaCrimes and donate some money to him. He has worked to help all of us and now he has proved he can win, we must help him with some money.

    Do I hear a rush to New York for a replacement.
    Phil Berg is this nation greatest attroney and thank god he works for all of us little people. More to come. Join us tonight at 7 pm central for a update with Phil on the No Obama Talk show. Click here to listen live Ed Hale

  4. My interest in the matter is not about Obama or his political positions i.e. the end of his run, but rather the question of truth. Being unwilling to simply show proof and end the matter, we must assume that BO and the DNC do not have proof. The msm has completely covered it up…will the courts also be complicit in this apparently flagrant violation of the constitution? That’s what I want to know.

    We’ll see…

  5. Why is the media so silent?

  6. Mr. Berg should just contact
    Immigration & Custom’s Enforcement at: and report an illegal alien. or that would be fun! Or we all should!

  7. Rich Rosenthal

    Maybe Obama wasn’t even born! if he can’t produce his BC.

    This is a sad website with sad people.

    If you go to the Obama website they have a copy of his BC. This is a non-story.

  8. Rich.
    John McCain did not put a fake birth certificate on a website. Instead, he did the intelligent, credible move of presenting a vault certificate to congress.
    Have you done any research beyond believing one of the biggest political liars since Hitler?
    Have you seen the AP photo that proves Obama was an Indonesian citizen. Have you read Indonesian law?
    Have you followed the Berg lawsuit?
    Are you an intelligent, truth seeking, concerned American or a robotic Obama camp follower.
    If you are the latter, God help you and us.
    This happened in Nazi Germany.

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