To Sarah Palin from Citizen Wells, Biden question, Debate, October 2, 2008, Obama motion to dismiss Philip J Berg lawsuit

Sarah Palin, here is my question for you to ask Joe Biden:

Mr. Biden, why did Barack Obama file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit from Philip J Berg instead of proving his citizenship?

Why didn’t Obama provide a vault COLB?

John McCain provided a vault COLB to congress.

Is Obama an illegal alien?

10 responses to “To Sarah Palin from Citizen Wells, Biden question, Debate, October 2, 2008, Obama motion to dismiss Philip J Berg lawsuit

  1. Everybody should contact this Grand Rapids Mich. radio station and THANK them for interviewing Larry this morning.

  2. It is so odd that no one in MSM will pick-up this story. The whole deal around Senator Obama is odd…….I just don’t get it to be honest.

    Keep on the good work on this website.


  3. CW-
    I jut got an email from ED HALE CLAIMING that Berg has won and Obama has now the three days to produce his BC. Ok- is this the rumor you mentioned in a previous post or is there an update today? My email was timed at 11:53 this morning.

  4. That is a little odd isn’t it? Not a word in the msm?? They’ll talk all day long about Bush’s guard duty paperwork that later turns out to be false, but when it comes to Obama; Mum is the word. No lawsuit here, nothing odd about the way it was defended by the Obama campaign… Move along… Move along…. Nothing to see here….

  5. Yea right, a nation full of cowards and it’s all up to Palin, WTF.

  6. Sarah…..Do it please!!!!!! Do it for the people of America!!!!

  7. Larry’s Grand Rapids Interview is up! I think this radio station is located inside the Clear Channel building so it may be taken down soon.

  8. Here is the podcast of Larry’s interview this morning with WSNX in Grand Rapids Mich.

    Click on “Does Barack Obama have a shady past”.

  9. Since the MSM is shut down, maybe we should look for other ways of getting the news out.

    Aerial Banner Advertising

    Banner Reads…………..Berg vs Obama Lawsuit Filed Against Obama Claims He’s Not Eligible for the Presidency

  10. According to Jeff at America’s Right our State Department has refused Berg subpoena request Obama passport information relating to Kenya and Indonesia.

    They wrote a very nice letter to Mr Berg explaining why they rejected his request and toward the end of the letter said that the decision to supply this information if not requested by Mr. Obama is a discretionary one by State Department.

    There is no way that Berg a Jew will get passport information from our State Department about a Muslim as relates to his travel in Muslim countries.

    Berg had to at least go through the motions.

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