Larry Sinclair, Obama rally, Grand Rapids MI, October 2, 2008, Take it to the streets, Meet, Contact Larry Sinclair

Larry Sinclair is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for two Obama rallies tomorrow, Thursday, October 2, 2008. Larry will meet downtown at 9:00 any interested parties in front of the following location:

Ottawa Cafe
200 Ottawa Ave NW # 129, Grand Rapids, MI
616-776-7750 (0.11 miles away)

Intersection of Ottawa and Lyon St NW

Anyone from the press interested in speaking with Larry Sinclair may call one of the following numbers:



After tomorrow, Larry will return to Minnesota and then visit Chicago next.

Larry will share his story of his drug and sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999 and inform people about the lawsuit initiated by Philip J Berg.

Read more from Larry Sinclair at:

6 responses to “Larry Sinclair, Obama rally, Grand Rapids MI, October 2, 2008, Take it to the streets, Meet, Contact Larry Sinclair

  1. They say” Don’t vote”, DON’T GO TO THEIR MOVIES
    Hollywood feels they can sway our youth with this video.
    Well it is time we all take a stand, Hollywood blackballs conservative
    stars to the point that they have to meet in secret.
    Leo Decapio, Kevin Bacon, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Anison, Eva Longoria,
    Dustin Hoffman, Halle Berry, Toby Maugire, Jami Foxx
    Leo has a new movie out, lets make a statment!

  2. This just in: the court in Pennsylvania has denied the Obama camp’s request to dismiss Philip Berg’s suit. Obama must turn over within three days (a) his vault version Birth Certificate; (b) a certified copy of his citizenship; and (c) a certified copy of his oath of allegiance.

    See below:

  3. Citizen Wells —

    A thousand thanks to you – I appreciate your alliance with Larry Sinclair and his narrative to expose the truth about Barack Obama.

    I also appreciate your expertise in the reporting of the Phillip J Berg lawsuit to question and rightfully so – draw attention to Barack Obama’s ineligibility to be President of the United States.

  4. rosettasister


    I am listening to radio show from yesterday.

    Thank you for everything!

    Talk about stepping up to the plate, baby!

    And, Larry, talk about fearless!

    He must have been a warrior in a former life.

    My best to you and ALL of Larry’s supporters!

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  6. Why is mainstream media not reporting Larry Sinclair’s claims to the public? What happen to the coverage of this story and why isn’t the American people aware of who they are about to elect for president. This is a complete nightmare and sham lead on by the democrats to elect Obama. This man has to answer these question before Nov 4 to be fair to the people he wants to lead.

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