Blagojevich, Indict or impeach? Obama, Indict or impeach?, Rezko talking, Chicago tribune, September 29, 2008, Obama endorsed Blagojevich

We have been reporting for months about Obama’s long time close ties to Tony Rezko and many other corruption and crime figures in Chicago and Illinois. Obama and Rod Blagojevich, the governor of Illinois were often mentioned in the same sentence during the Rezko trial and investigation. Obama endorsed Blagojevich for governor. There have been rumors of Tony Rezko talking and now it appears more certain that Blagojevich will be indicted or impeached.

Will Obama be next after Blagojevich to be indicted or impeached, expelled?

Here is a Chicago tribune story from Monday, September 29, 2008:

“Indict or impeach?
September 29, 2008
After what has happened in the last few days, it’s more likely that Gov. Rod Blagojevich will be indicted or impeached or both.

• The Tribune reported on Sunday that convicted political fixer Tony Rezko has talked to federal prosecutors and may cooperate in their investigation of the governor’s administration. At closing arguments in Rezko’s trial, a federal prosecutor told jurors that his crimes involved “the highest levels of power in Illinois.” Rezko has refused to help investigators—until, apparently, now.

• The Illinois appellate court on Friday issued a ruling that could provide reason for the legislature to remove Blagojevich. He decided to spend tens of millions of dollars to expand a state health care insurance program even though the legislature wouldn’t approve it. The court told Blagojevich to stop the program—and said his administration can’t even identify how many people have enrolled in it.

Federal prosecutors will pursue their investigation of the Blagojevich administration’s notorious pay-to-play politics. Having the cooperation of Rezko, once one of Blagojevich’s closest confidants, would greatly help to determine if the governor was involved in criminal wrongdoing. All the rest of us—lawmakers, political leaders, citizens—can do is wait for the prosecutors to complete their investigation.”

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  1. The politics of change.

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