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Philip J Berg provided an update regarding the COLB of Barack Obama on his website on Friday, September 19, 2008. I was fortunate to post the first comment on this post. I stated the obvious. A subsequent comment by Mr. Berg’s assistant provides information from the FBI regarding the requirements for proof of citizenship. Here are the comments:

“Obama should have proven earlier
written by Citizen Wells, September 19, 2008

Obama, an educated Lawyer, should have been proactive early
and established his credentials. He is obviously hiding something.”


“written by Berg’s Assistant, September 19, 2008

Hi Citizen Wells,

You are very accurate!

We have received a lot of question asking “How did Obama get this far, he must have had background checks as he is a U.S. Senator.”

However, this is inaccurate according to Special Agent-in-Charge: C. Frank Figliuzzi of the Cleveland FBI. Background checks are not performed on those elected, once elected they work for Congress and are handed a secret clearance. See below:

This is a conversation between the Special Agent-in-Charge: C. Frank Figliuzzi of the Cleveland FBI and Mike Trivisonno on the Mike Trivisonno Show, WTAM 1100, 7/02/08, Hr. 2.

Caller – Do they perform background checks on candidates and fellows who are in Congress and the Senate and perhaps potential presidential candidates?.

FBI – The short answer is no, no we don’t, but they’re given top secret clearances because they’re members of Congress, or Senators, or even higher ranking officials.

Host – Time out. There are no background checks from the FBI on the people that lead the country, the United States of America?.

FBI – Let me emphasize, elected officials. This is a democracy, the people have elected an official to represent them in Washington, and we do not routinely run background checks on those people.

Host – Even people running for president of the United States of America?.

FBI – That’s correct.

Host – That’s a little weird

FBI – Well, its part of democracy, its part of what the American people want, they want to be able to vote for somebody to represent them in Washington and they don’t want us to get in the way of that and we have no predilection to get in the way of that.

Host – Yeah, but what if they’re voting for a bad person and they don’t know that person is bad, do you follow me?. I’m saying, if the guy’s got a background and maybe he’s involved with some people that he shouldn’t be involved with, shouldn’t we know that as voters?.

FBI – Well, I think you’d agree that the American political process is about as rigorous as you’ll ever see and if there’s dirt back there, probably the opponent is gonna get it out probably before anyone else will.

Host – Now I know why you’re the head of the FBI, they’re good, aren’t they?.”


“written by Phil’s Assistant, September 20, 2008

Thinking Guy,

You don’t sue the Department of Health to obtain a birth record of an idividual in which you are questioning his citizenship status. The answer, again, is he can produce it. Do you have a copy of your birth certificate? I’m sure you do, I would be happy to show anyone mine, I’m more than willing to prove my citizenship status.

As you are aware, some of this is of course are discovery issues. Please review the legal briefs posted on this website, it will give you all law relevant to Mr. Berg’s case.

Thinking Guy, how do you Know what Mr. Obama has actually used in order to obtain passports, drivers licenses, etc.? Your answer would be speculative.

Mr. Obama has access to his birth certificate, again, the picture on his website is a Certification of Live birth, which is NOT a birth Certificate.

Although I’m not republican or a supporter of the Republican party, Senator McCain provided several certified copies of his long version (vault) version of his birth certificate, he took his issue to Congress for a resolution, he did not want doubts in his supporters minds. Mr. Obama should be willing to do the same. Put this issue to rest, be done with it.”

To follow this story from the beginning, click on the link at the top of the Citizen Wells blog.

53 responses to “Philip J Berg lawsuit,, COLB update, comments, Insights, FBI response, Special Agent-in-Charge, Background checks, elected officials, American political process, Berg website comments, Answers

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  2. I think if possible Mr Berg should include in his case against BHO the fact that BHO could not even pass a national security check..This alone should disqualify BHO and is relevant to the case.. I also think those 18 million Hillary supporters should picket the court house all at one time..That would get immediate media attention…

  3. Obama didn’t bypass the verification process. He certainly provided his proof of citizenship to the appropriate authorities when he declared his candidacy. And he even posted his birth certificate on his website and passed it out to the media to refute these rumors.

    Was John McCain’s birth certificate released to the public? Either of the Bush’s? Clinton’s? Reagan’s?

    But Obama’s willingness to provide his birth certificate to the public wasn’t good enough. The rumor mongers just came back with more rumors that it was forged, that he was actually a sworn citizen of Kenya, and that he was adopted by his stepfather, and thus became a citizen of Indonesia.

    Do you all really think that this kind of information wouldn’t be found by investigators employed by the RNC or the US Government? This guy’s entire life has been scrutinized from top to bottom. To think that this information wouldn’t be found is ridiculous. If it was true, the McCain camp would be using this instead of Bill Ayers.

    And if it is known and just not released, well that would require a conspiracy by both the DNC & RNC, to put a foreign citizen into the White House. Both of these are highly unlikely scenarios.

    I’m pretty sure most of you all know this, yet you continue to spread these rumors in a shameless attempt to sway the opinions of those who lack common sense.

    You also really should do some research on the people you use in your arguments. Philip Berg is a Hillary Clinton supporter attempting to sway public opinion about Obama and keep him from the White House.

    He’s also a Bush hater who filed lawsuits in support of 911 conspiracy theories in order to sway public opinion about the Bush Administration:

    And you all think Obama is Un-American?

  4. Think.
    I am going to assume that you care.
    John McCain presented a vault birth certificate to congress.
    It is documented that Obama became an Indonesian citizen.
    Philip J Berg is not running for president.

  5. I didn’t say Berg was running for President. But he’s clearly not a responsible or reputable attorney. To think that Republicans (and I use that term loosely as the true Republicans aren’t even touching this) would rally behind a man who wastes our court’s time filing law suits for 911 conspiracy theories is troubling. You guys are trying to paint Obama as un-American, so you report about a frivolous lawsuit put together by a man who thinks the Bush Administration is responsible for 911?

    Berg also references the authority of Wikipedia in this lawsuit. Wikipedia isn’t even a reputable source for academic papers, nonetheless a Federal lawsuit. This will be laughed out of court, much like his 911 suits were. He’s a joke.

    It is not documented that Obama became an Indonesian citizen, unless you count the numerous right wing rumor websites that reference no other proof but other right wing rumor websites. Barak Obama’s own birth certificate, certified by the State of Hawaii, shows that his name is Barack Hussein Obama II and he was born in Honolulu, HI in 1961. He’s provided the proof. Sorry if it didn’t provide the dirt you were looking for.

    Now if this were true, which it’s not, I can’t believe that the GOP and McCain have not found convincing proof to support this. You’d think they’d use this instead of Bill Ayers. If they can’t investigate thoroughly enough to discover that Obama isn’t actually a US Citizen, I don’t think they’re capable of tracking down terrorists & protecting our country.

    But the truth is that they are more than capable of finding this information if it were true. The GOP sits in the White House right now, and they have more power, resources and influence than anyone in the world to investigate Barack Obama. To think that a hack 911 conspiracy theorist attorney from Philadelphia discovered something that the US Government could not, when you know they’ve spent two years and every resource possible to analyze every second of Obama’s life, well that’s just laughable.

    So I’m going to assume that you don’t really care about reporting the truth. You clearly seem set on just throwing up whatever lies you can in hope that something sticks, all in an effort to sway the opinions of voters to elect McCain, a man who is clearly not fit to lead this country. He can’t even lead his own campaign.

  6. think.
    Your ID is an obvious misnomer.
    An AP photo, in the public domain for months now, clearly indicates Obama’s Indonesian citizenship.
    You attack Mr. Berg, this blog and anyone telling the truth about your messiah, Obama.
    I approved your childish response as another example of Obama supporters.
    At least try to get your facts straight. The state of Hawaii has never certified Obama’s birth.
    You are also another example of the Obama camp becoming desperate. You believed that when you controlled the MSM, you had it made.

  7. Sure, you’re backing the poorly written and supported law suit of a lunatic 911 conspiracy theorist, ignoring logic & reason, and I’m the one not thinking.

  8. CW feel free not to post if you so choose. I apologize if what I’m about to say is insulting, but I am only making an observation.


    Your name is a good example of what I’m about to say.

    It’s a verb, it has no subject and devoid of differentiating qualities characteristic of human beings.

    The choice of your name unfortunately reflects the the quality of your thinking. There are many levels : beginning with primary process, to complex levels of integration and finally comprehension.

    Your name would suggest the earliest of levels. It is a pattern I encounter frequently with those whose support Obama.

  9. Think.
    I did not approve your lengthy comment for multiple reasons.
    I am not going to assume your motives.
    I will say that you are wrong on many counts.
    Many of your assumptions are wrong.
    The Berg lawsuit is based on fact.
    My background is far more extensive than you can imagine.
    Do some more reading.
    We are not here to be led off on some tangent.
    If that was your motive, too bad.

  10. I don’t really care who put up this lawsuit. I do care that the Obama hasn’t been able to give the supporting documents to make this lawsuit go away. I am concerned that Obama is in Hawaii right now to get a Hawaii birth certificate and is using the sick Grandmother as an excuse. I do think that the DNC cared more about winning than about winning legally. I think that Barack Obama should step down as the DNC candidate and that Hillary should be the DNC candidate with Joe Biden as VP. It surprises me that Barack Obama a Constitutional Lawyer is trying to sidestep the Constitution of the United States. If Obama is allowed to be President than it will start a presidence that we do not want in our country. Some very rich, and politically scary foreigners might try to become our next President. I just want Americans to understand the danger that allowing Obama to become President could entail.

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  12. Simple. BHO should just show his birth certificate. You know, that 47 year-old piece of paper written by a 47 year-old typewriter. Not that new thing that’s on internet. I can’t understand what the problem is.

  13. Has Obama ever gone back to bury his maternal white grandmother in Hawaii? He was in such a hurry to see her “when she was sick” cough cough birth certificate!

  14. Just deport him and his illegal
    aunt R.R.

  15. USA wake up…!! I came from a Communist Country and is obvious to me they’re using our freedom to get power. Fifty year ago a man said in my country”I’ll spread the wealth…etc”He still there and is a DISASTER.He is Fidel Castro in CUBA.Why Mr BO spent $850K on attorneys fees and not $15 on a Vault Birth Certificate?Please, I could say more,but…WAKE UP USA..!!

  16. Mr,Mrs FBI Agent: I’m an American citizen, professional,with no criminal records and very proud, I came to USA to found that named dream that, everybody want. According with this Special FBI Agent a person with; Afganistan family roots background,enemy of our country,maybe with Taliban background but,educated intelligent(going shortly) a hand made person to be a President of USA ,our Commander in Chief. It’s imposible to understand Democracy include(as this agent said) to open our doors to our enemies,make them RUN OUR COUNTRY, this gay have to be joken or desinformating.

    This is a conversation between the Special Agent-in-Charge: C. Frank Figliuzzi of the Cleveland FBI and Mike Trivisonno on the Mike Trivisonno Show, WTAM 1100, 7/02/08, Hr. 2.

    Caller – Do they perform background checks on candidates and fellows who are in Congress and the Senate and perhaps potential presidential candidates?.

    FBI – The short answer is no, no we don’t, but they’re given top secret clearances because they’re members of Congress, or Senators, or even higher ranking officials.

    Host – Time out. There are no background checks from the FBI on the people that lead the country, the United States of America?.

    FBI – Let me emphasize, elected officials. This is a democracy, the people have elected an official to represent them in Washington, and we do not routinely run background checks on those people

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  18. SCOTUS Denied BERG Petition for CERT in Order released on Monday at 10 am

    Check their Web site. Guess its over!


  19. You may already know this: The Soetoro divorce papers (PDF) says Barry (?) and sister Maya were legally adopted.

    Faulty selective service registration card – fake and wrong date? see restrictions on use
    About non – registered sss registration Selective Service
    Became Barack 12/1?/1980

    Andy Martin:
    Good work on the Hawaii victory. How did they know Frank Marshall Davies was the biological father?
    Was it on the birth certificate? Could this be more deception?

    God is trying to change the world; we are going the wrong way.
    He has solutions to religious and secular world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.
    I expect to be the president because of what God has spoken into my life and
    the things that I have seen to transform this world.

    God Bless You,

    Marie Devine
    3023 Montgall Ave
    Kansas City, MO 64128-1527 USA
    God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.

  20. obama even sobatoged flickr ,he has the drugaddict thief tonya roberts apartment 108 summit towers,720 albany st schenectady new york 12307,the first picture of my photo stream and Im believeing everything on atty bergs website the obama h barack is everything from stealing President bush s billions of diamonds also stole from ny

  21. disturbing the peace at my door with his laptop after I sent email to news channels about please sign impeachment papers on obama and why,now he is stalking me agin he is hateful belittling black man from africa and possibly jailbird,that is why i got ahold of berg to start with the harrasement ,after he read my sign on door impeachment he shut my heat off and it dropped 20 degrees in a few minutes i had to open my apartment door for heat because of my 7 pound french poodle thqat they had the rottwieler pitbull attack shredded intestines,hole in stomach broken leg pentagon speed paying 200 a month 3100 dollars-their terrorists.Obama has to be impeached Im tired of the drugtheft ring in this building 2 and a haklf years later and obama getting diamond paperweights because henry let him into my apartment now no respect for Bush and no respect for me .3 black men he appointed and muslim terrorist acts he has this james bronson trying to distroy me and my pup.your disabled american veteran,Deborah A ritter with no heat below 0 weather becausde he didnt like impeach obama

  22. attorney Phillip J Berg,
    I do pray you are in good health and know what ever you retrieve you can hav plus a diamond paperweight.drugaddict thief tonya roberts apartm,ent 108 s aunt margaret is ileagly parked in firelane in front of the building the very one that I have police report on her being responsible for a #7pentagon card being missing ,gold candlestick and suncatcher she is in lobby lottering just the same margaret that was instrumenal in obama getting all thepaperweights of President Bush s billions possibly trillions to pay campaign to run Bush into the ground .I was going to go shopping but seen her in lobby and her car should rightfully be towed since she is firelane,either way thought I would write you because you are getting the mst when your way is won

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    I put on wall update that I made 2 comments on attorney phillipJBergs website obamacrimes read you will find it enlightening.
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    I think I was going to write the Globe thanks to attorney Phillip J Bergs website.
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  31. For those who think lying and forgery are not important, they can bring this president down. On Feb. 11, 2009, US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was sent charges and clear and convincing evidences of forgery and conspiracy (that word will finally get its day) to deceive the voters. His own refusal to release identity documents in lawsuits and his $800,000 in legal fees to hide the evidence will be evidence against him.(see, home page.) It is also available at in entirety and also separate links with evidences only.

    Furthermore, people who created lawsuits are going to sue him for costs of litigation that should have been unnecessary if he revealed a birth certificate and medical records that all candidates are supposed to present. Again, his own attorney fees to block access to identity documents will lose the case for him. LYING is serious. Forgers cannot be trusted by other governments.

  32. I do hope atty Berg knows he can have any of the billions of dollars he can retrieve by the muslim obama that he stole from President George walker Bush s leader items:diamond paperweights go to flickr type in debritter16 hit search pick gift or just check out what obama had the odosity to steal ,the diamond paperweight large ones I had 9 cases I can account for 4 cases .than with the 5 diamond paperweights he paid for commercials to belittle everything pertaining to the Bush administration.You dont know if its world news or obama created commercials he has so much stolen laundred money of bush s he lies on national television belittleing the commander in chief for last 20 months he has the country tricked intto thinking whatever obama huessaine wanted it to think to win the election just typical of any muslim creating mass confusion.
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  35. I ever missed aythig to do with the Presiedent Bush but I cant stand to see obama ever since he stole diamonds from Bush s leader story t pay false advertisement where you dont know if its his lies or the media and he ran our commander in chief in ther ground no I blieve he is the beast count letters in his name 18 6-6-6 or mark of the beast 666.I loved Bush and his administration

  36. attorney phillip J Berg again the stalker Jmes Bronson is hooting and yelling even though sign is on door please bequit vic recoverying from major surgery ,he has google eyes and a older lady all yelling laughing carrying on in front of door again just ure harrasement.I emailed the police,I can wait till onama is impeached so this harrasement will end from James Brunson

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    well our money is on its way 25 million it left iraq last night and diplomat called to day to say they will have inspecters call me tomorrow to see if they can gt the inspections waived.the United States soldiers xcut is 70 percent,3 percent to attorney Phillip j berg,2 percent to police headquaters,mom gets 5 %,sister Rosemarie gets1% for st columbus where I attened school for 11 years and 1% for each of my children which leaves me 16 percent.keeps a girl praying so she can stay alert enoughfor the united states sgt john owen is a american but the diplomat who has the security co that is bring the cash to my door is foreign and 3 sentenance you may come out know ing what he is saying but it takes 3 sentenances to our 1 to say the same thing it takes us to say three sentenances to get the point across,God bless just one evening out with good entertainment ,friends,superb dinner ,than the blacks disturbing the peace at my door with james bronson s mouth is like i should nt have gone out I had police call on drug addict thief tonya roberts which was instrumental in getting the billions of dimaond paperweights of president Bush s to give tv all the bad publicity on the father of our country,our commander in chief obama tore to pieces on national television withthe very money he stole from bush oh there are numerous film festivals on the topic and movie playing at ge proctors with the names of peopl involved and book on internet obama stole from president George Walker bush,soon as amazon .com heard title they offered to do book for free ,globe ,national enquirer the truth is going to come out and obama is going to be impeached and hopefully imprissioned singh singh prison where we never have to see him again.your disabled american veteran,
    deborah a. Ritter

  38. atty Phillip j berg ,
    thru prayer i came to the conclusion if drugaddict thief tonya roberts who I have a2 police reports 1 on threatening my life and my pup s life and my mini poodle is recoverying with 3100 dollars worth of surgery since shredded intestines,hole in stomach and broken leg which wont heal .another police report stateing she stole pentagon cards #2 and #5,computer share che4cks cashed {6}.bank of america checks,2 incident reports harrasement ,bulling ,intimidateing.I wrote sing sing state prison with the whole scenerio that within 3 days of their confinement she would name names obama did steal president Bush s leader items and paid airtime to run bush into the ground ,I believe Tonya would tell all 3 days with no drugs,family or friends sing sing states you cant even talk to prisoners .then the case would be cracked wide open the drug ring thieves would be named and so would obama stealing items from Bush she probably would even give the dates.
    again this evening i walked vic i seen 2 men come in with name badges I Figured military so I walked got downstairs there was henry ,tonya that said open your revolvers and her mother than her sister came in later much later .thank God I seen the military badges on 2 men comeing in but you see the criminal minds and the plots is how our chief of police who used to bust drugtrafficking putting pweopl in jail sentenced 2 years and he never did a drug in his life

  39. I posted it on my door with alot of your information and mine on obama crimes,sing sing state prison referral on drugaddict thief tonya roberts who was instrumental on onsamas getting diamond papeweights of Bush s to bury his rateingsI do believe that is the answer to our prayer sing sing prison seclusion till she names names



  41. I do pray you all are well I went down yesterday early there was henry the monitor who was instrumental in getting obama trillions of dollars of diamond paperweights from president bush s leader story items in the office well only the landlady barbara is supposed to be in office the stalker is gone since the electricution .wire running from outlet I found plugged in the circuit while I was in bathtub taking bath the other end was in water God knows how long .james brunson laughed as the electricity came out of my body in welts like jesus got welts from being wipped before dieing on the cross.its been 5 days since James Bronson has been back same with the poisoner since I emailed the poisoner working double shifts last weekend why not give one of the 500 people out of work a chance for a job instead of the poisoner working double shifts,than as far as recruing people to hate crimes Ive heard him out front during the summer that tonya had her go to court for her phone ,falseHenry ended up with new white cadillac when my Barbara Bush Laura Bush damond suncatcher disappeared with the #1man#2man scenerio before I had seen obama by elevater coming in from walking victor.
    the rule is noone in office but barbara if Barbara leaves office is locked tiol barbara unlocks it coming back
    there sat henry with child hanging all over desk.he recruited the new aide into hatecrime she was at door yelling holloring till night aide reasoned with her ,but she seen henry in offic4e and believed he had knowledge the only knowledge it seems he has anymore is the big cover up and I said in my email to the police there are 5000 people out of work lets give one a chance at his job retire him Im not asking either to pay back just retire peacefully into the ………………………..
    i recieved a military officers magazine cartoon on front cover 3 cartoon s inside one on Dr Destroyer he is trying to weaken the military to get to his goons etc the picutre looked just like obama but he w3as white,beard and sideburns,P.sproblem solved I thought they meant because I have 2 police reports on tonya one on threatening my life and vic s life,vics recoverying from 3100 major sugery and stealing pentagon cards 2 incident reports put her in sing sing prison seclusion till she names names which will be 3 days with out her drugs we would hear obama did this obama stole president bush s leeader items he made us do it ect “problem solved thank God for the military officers
    Your disabkled american veteran
    deborah a. Ritter
    720 Albany St.
    Schenectady,New York 12307
    phone 518-374-2656

  42. drug addict tonya roberts came to door come out bitc I have something for you and tore all obamacrimes news off door plus alot of the right side items off door I called police he was going to complain about people s negative on door than had a infusion i got to tell the drugaddict thief tonya the death threats come alive that she made on my pup and me everytime I hear her on intercom so stay off intercom and leave me alone about vet bills everything comes to light soon as I hear her voice but police said next time 2 arrests if called.

    pretty good drugthief ring still going on and I watched bonus veteran army when vets marched washigton to get their bons they were promised during wwI after they marched great depression,maybe they will march again when black drugaddict thiefs can lie to get white christian innocent veterans in trouble so they can steal more for their drug habits,plus obama suspended 911 terrorists sentences 3 days ago.your disabled american veteran deb .who would want to set the terrorists responsible for the 911 attacks free?

  43. plus he said””I have to get a hold of the taliban ,hey whats with us the more people higher up we get te easier it is to fool us?

    taliban gtting a hold of and suspending terrorist responsible for 911 attacks yesterday virginia incident let them all slit their throats”what president would say that?

  44. please go to flickr type debritter16 hit search than press photostream choose a gift from President Bush s leader items,
    Your aware that drugaddict thief tonya roberts tore everything to do with obamacrimes was torn off my door ,I called 911 soon as I heard her voice on intercomfor the cahotic confusion thievery begins so police came than she came at door said come out here bitc-I have something for you than I heard things being ripped off door and heard landlady our dear xo barbara say tonya your nurse is here.i called 911 again,
    2 police had infusion “I got to tell tonya do not go on the intercom you remind me of every criminal thing `death threats to me and my dog and than dog had sredded intestines,hole in stomach and brokenm leg by pitbull ,pentagon is paying 200 a month till 3100 is paid,but I thank the police for I actually go to tell her-she looked horrible big huge drugpatch on arm I said is tht a drug patch she laughed and said that is my life line.
    Margaret even though I have police report stateing that she is responsible for :missing pentagon card #7,suncatcher,goldcandle stick holder all missing when she was alone in office with masterkey.she uis lottering in lobby creating more hate crimes ,I turned tonya into schdty drug force and the other 2.
    let me say it like Bishop hubbard lookilike said he was from ireland and his parish he knew someone who was mad because they hated christians and 1 would lie the other would swear to it and christians head was blown off well this priest got so tired of haveing his peoples head s blown off that he took a un and blew his own head off that is more or less what henry s {let the games begin”:margaret ,drugaddict thief tonya
    this is your disabled american veteran ,deborah a ritter p s getting more discouraged about the President Bush leader items heist & obama thinks he is getting away with it,hurtsseeing Bush belittled with the very money of Bush srobert do

  45. the stalker is back they spent half hour at 845 to 915 disturbing the peace at elevater coming in at that hour to work?
    i havent seen him since my mom said where do you work and he said northeast couplwe weeks ago .I thought he was fired for the live wire in my bath water{attempted murder plot} than there is the poisoner from haiti working she was off 2 days vic ad I were fine she has been back 2 days vic is sicker than ever 2 days.ever since I caught her on channel 7 passing white powder in baggy back to henry the monitor on friday for I didnt have crockpot for I dont eat meat on friday soon as I see her I qyuestion my food and her putting something in it I try to make fresh I even dump tea and make fresh,I have called her boss requesting them hire some tof the 5000 out of work at the unemployment office give us white people a chance I know its not appropriate but what they ve done on letting obama have my diamonds of bush s than him getting so Im in charge and their is nothing you or anyone else can do I have bush s items Im richer now than anything I can pay people to keep me covered and ruin america Im a muslim stealer of Bush s items,I still can t comprehend he suspended the 911 terrorists sentences.
    God Bkless ,Ill be praying for our country.Your disabled american veteran who watched the bonus army march on washington to get their bonds it may take that again a small one today.

  46. notice I didnt right you till Jamees Brunson is back harraseing intimidateing and bullying me -call him the stalker

  47. i hope you know you still will get anything you can retrieve of president bush s leader items.the stalker is gone ,margaret returned 3 days last week around 430 she comes in and parks in firelane ilegally for 2 hours and lotterers in lobby ,the USS Slater destroyer escort docked that is when obama took everything of his out on the 27th of auyg movie of ships was 17th thru the 29th of au7g obama moved out 27th number 27 on billboard in front of his plane and drug supplier Marsh brought in his drugs in white bag with black numbers 27.
    proctors is doing movie came from schenctady “let the right one in”thought I could tell the story for president Bush s Good name.I emailed unemployment to hire 1 of the 650,000 new yorkers out of work since January,I to replace drugaddict thief s cover up Henry the monitor.emailed rockerfeller DrugLaw to get drug ring picked up and put in prison Marsh in apt1203,Shawn Biggs apt 302 and drugaddict thief tonya roberts I told them they could have 3 gifts if they would imprison drugaddict thief tonya roberts.I added more to my book on line obama stole from President Bush .and pray just pray hard now they have the black aide friends of the drugtheft ring stole win vitamins from me yesterday she tore all my disabled american veteran awards off my door on memorial day,I hadnt seen her for months since she was on phone with tonya and said she moved it yes I moved my military attache case that has more diamonds in it than marilyn monroe to a secured location under padlock and key now as of yesterday she is back yelling screaming at my door and doing the same waveing bag like I just stole from you nothing you can Berg,nothing is closer to the devil than a hardcore black drugaddict thief so I pray and email trying to protect the whole world of her see muslim benefited

  48. please choose goft off flickr type debritter16hit search hna photostream+you can have everything you can retrieve from obama that he stole from President Bush s leader items.2 black huge heavies walked in door this afternoon and in washingotn post stated obama has heavies on hill.where I live is called hamilton hill,I dont care to be threatened.your disabled american veteran ,deborah a ritter

  49. America is falling apart if it is not doing it’s homework in the legal system to find out the truth about Obama, it should be cut and dry, he is either a citizen or not a citizen, and if he cannot present a proper birth cirtificate he should be impeached immediatly, that is also cut and dry, the way things are going Arnold S could run for president, why not, no background checks are done, silly you say, well not so silly that what is going on about Obama right now. Dave

  50. Nominate Curly for SCOTUS

    the FBI Agent was correct about elected officials receiving secret clearance and background checks. however, you did not ask the Director of the FBI or the CIA. The FBI Agent is a civil servant who can be sandbagged. The FBI Director is the Ultimate keeper of the ciphers and decides who gets to look at classified material. it’s his responsibilty. The Director is waiting to see the rulings on Berg’s appeals. then he will ask Sparkles for his COLB. No COLB produced and Sparkles will no longer be sparkly. he will have no acces to classified material. When Sparkles appears *vacant* about an issue,
    or he doesn’t speak much to a General, or even formally addressing the troops and not on vacation, Sparkles does not have a cipher.
    There are at least two FBI Directors and three CIA Directors who have background information on Sparkles (you can access it by the FOIA). You were not looking in the right places. The Secretary of Defence will stay as long as he feels it’s necessary. Sparkles said that “he was humbled” and then he asked people to have faith in him. Eric Holder does not decide who gets the ciphers. if Holden tries to sandbag the FBI Director, or the White House decides to nominate a new FBI Director, The present Director will open all his information on Malodorous.
    The present FBI Director does not care how sparkly you are. He will be in a bunker somewhere making sure our American justice system works.

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  52. citizenwells

    Jim g.
    Nice try.

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