Community Organizer, Obama, Palin, Rudy Giuliani, Why Obama’s “Community Organizer” Days Are a Joke, Michelle Malkin, Acorn, Annenberg, Voter fraud

“The chickens are coming home to roost”

My next article was going to be about Obama’s early days as a community organizer. Kinda conjures up an image of supreme sacrifice, doesn’t it. However, after doing a little research, a different picture emerges. The beautiful pictures painted in Obama’s books become tarnished.

Michelle Malkin, who has researched Obama’s long time ties to Acorn and Annenberg, has written a powerful article, destroying the myth perpetrated by the Obama camp. Here are some exerpts:

“September 05, 2008
Why Obama’s “Community Organizer” Days Are a Joke
By Michelle Malkin

“Rudy Giuliani had me in stitches during his red-meat keynote address at the GOP convention. I laughed out loud when Giuliani laughed out loud while noting Barack Obama’s deep experience as a “community organizer.” I laughed again when VP nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin cracked: “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.””

“Let me clarify something. Nobody is mocking community organizers in church basements and community centers across the country working to improve their neighbors’ lives. What deserves ridicule is the notion that Obama’s brief stint as a South Side rabble-rouser for tax-subsidized, partisan nonprofits qualifies as executive experience you can believe in.

What deserves derision is “community organizing” that relies on a community of homeless people and ex-cons to organize for the purpose of registering dead people to vote, shaking down corporations and using the race card as a bludgeon.”

This article is a must read. It reveals the real Obama. A myth. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Read more here:

After you read this great article, share it with your friends and then visit the site to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:

22 responses to “Community Organizer, Obama, Palin, Rudy Giuliani, Why Obama’s “Community Organizer” Days Are a Joke, Michelle Malkin, Acorn, Annenberg, Voter fraud

  1. There are two pillars to my personal philosophy, 1) that evil does not exist in its own right, it is merely the state that exists when good is absent; 2) that ignorance does not exist in its own right, it is merely the state that exists when knowledge is absent. Your blog is making me rethink on both. It’s a little like having dog shit forced into your brain.

  2. Want a great laugh…take a look at this. Nobama stuttering around the question “when does life begin”? Kudos to whoever made this.

    VERSION 1 * Barack Obama * Saddleback Church forum hosted by Pastor Rick Warren. McCain outshines Obama at Saddleback Church forum. Abortion Pro-choice Pro-Life Right to Life Sarah Palin

  3. Fried Wire.
    I do not always approve comments from the far far left, but I wanted people to see yours.
    1. The Obama camp requires attacks and low level language containing curse words.
    2. The Obama camp worships Obama and bottom feeders like Michael Moore.
    3. I obviously struck a nerve with the Obama camp, calling Obama out again on more of his lies and diversions.

  4. Comment by Lita for McCain
    September 6th, 2008 at 10:36 am
    Glenn Beck covered Obama’s “Public Allies” group yesterday. I did some digging on this marxist entity and how many of you know they have control of books for students through the NEA?

    Teaching our kids to be socialists thru their formative years. Parents, you need to monitor everything your kids are being taught and correct progressive views that are code for socialism.
    ▬▬▬▬ “Heterosexim”…A course taught at Public Allies”…The Chicago Chapter was founded by Barack Obama…Michelle was/is the executive director…PLEASE go to the link…

  5. Biden Lied over Crash that Killed Wife and Daughter
    1972 crash still haunts driver’s family delawareonline The News Journal.htm
    Artical below from Delaware News Journal

  6. Keep up the great job, Mr. Wells.

  7. At least we are not alone in the attacks that come through our websites because of our choice to speak publicly about the shortcommings of Obama. For every response that is pro obama or anti McCain I put a point on my scorecard for and let me tell you the card has hit a record milestone this week. McCain score a whopping 2000 points sice he annouced Sara Palin. It just lets us know we and McCain have hit a nerve and they are losing their gas fast! Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK AND NEWS COVERAGE CW AND ALL OTHERS! I KNOW I AM!

  8. Here’s something I posted over at clintondems under the title The Obamas Should be Embarrassed:
    I just watched Cindy McCain’s speech–I didn’t get to watch it live last night. After hearing her story of the travels and wonderful deeds she has done around the world and knowing the heroic story of John McCain, I can’t believe the Obamas have the audacity to consider themselves in the same league. Obama wears his couple of years as a “community organizer” as some kind of badge of honor or courage while Michelle worked at a hospital and saw her salary triple when her husband took office. The Clintons have lived their lives in the service of others and continue to do so through the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s Senate work. How can the Obamas possibly believe they compare, and how dare they try to attack the character of their opponents! I don’t have any qualms any more about not pulling the Democratic lever this time. Obama has done NOTHING–literally–to deserve the presidency.

  9. Elisabeth Hasselbeck Zings Michelle Obama

  10. Mighty Quinn.
    Reminds me of Lawrence Lessig.

  11. Glenn Beck went into great detail last week, regarding the type of community organizer work, Malkin describes.. research Public Allies.

    Everyone agrees that there are community organizers that perform much needed services for their communities… but there are always some bad apples that use such groups as a shield, so they can conduct their cultural indoctrination upon the lost and youth of our societies.

    BO founded such an organization, and a year later MO became the leader of the Chicago chapter.

    Malkin and Beck are in harmony here.

  12. True CW.

    Great quote from Mark Shannon

    ” Obama says we should be our “brother’s keeper.” Yet his brother lives in a shack, in a slum, on less than a dollar a day, while he spends millions on “Greek temples” that was used for ONE DAY to make him look like he’s somebody that he’s not. Jive ass!”

  13. Great stuff and it needs to be heard more!

    Oh, and Mighty Quinn I enjoyed that clip a lot!


  14. Want to know what “type” of community organizers the Obama’s are? Then read this post and, especially, the Boot Camp for Radicals article at Investor’s Business Daily!

    Michele O’s statement of “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country” has gotten a lot of play on conservative radio shows – especially Sean Hannity’s. But her second statement – that ‘Barack will NEVER LET YOU GO BACK TO THE WAY YOU USED TO LIVE’ has not gotten widespread play.

    After reading the “boot camp” article at Investor’s Business Daily, her statement doesn’t only just disturb me – IT CHILLS ME TO THE BONE!!

    Anyone who has been subjected to the wrath of the Obamabots online, can see how the radicalization and brainwashing has already begun!

    People, we need to spread this post around the blogs! If this doesn’t alarm you regarding what we would be in for if Obama made it to the presidency (God forbid!), then NOTHING WILL!


  16. A “Credentialed journalist for the 2008 Republican National Convention” writes about Larry, and includes a pic.

    “I mentioned Larry Sinclair, pictured on the right, in an earlier post. He makes the claim that he is a former gay lover of Barack Obama. There were some bizarre people in Rice Park, including Sinclair, but I spoke with him briefly, and he seemed, I repeat, he seemed quite sane. He discussed his dubious story in a sane-sounding, measured tone. Sinclair made attempts to have his poster come into view of the MSNBC cameras, but he wasn’t obnoxious about it like the Paul-ites. Earlier this week I wrote about Code Pink’s visit to Rice Park–Sinclair tried to engage them with some dialogue, but they weren’t interested.”

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  18. Michelle Malkin?? you cannot be serious. Her credibility is long gone. Where are the facts? Just because Michelle typed it out does not mean it is true.

  19. Let me make it simple with just the very tip of the iceberg:
    The Obama campaign paid Acorn over $ 800,000.
    It is documented that Acorn has been involved in repeated voter fraud in place like WA state.

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