Donald Young murder, Obama records, Chicago Police investigation, Wright records, subpoena Obama records, Larry Sinclair, phone numbers

Larry Sinclair has just provided an update about the ongoing Chicago Police investigation of the murder of Donald Young, the gay choir master at TUCC, in December of 2007. Sinclair has provided the Chicago Police with phone numbers he allegedly was given by Donald Young, shortly before his death. The following exerpt is from Sinclair’s blog:

“In my cooperation with the Chicago Police Department, I provided them with all the phone numbers I had provided the Obama Campaign as requested.  I was told by the CPD that once they had received the numbers from me, then the CPD would obtain a Grand Jury Subpoena to obtain the phone records directly from the cell Phone company.

Now that leads me to the question: Will the Chicago Police Department subpoena the records of Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright in the investigation of the murder of Donald Young?”

Read more about the Allegations regarding Obama’s drug use, down low activity and possible knowledge of Donald Young’s murder here:

9 responses to “Donald Young murder, Obama records, Chicago Police investigation, Wright records, subpoena Obama records, Larry Sinclair, phone numbers

  1. Hello Citizen

    It seems to me that a good way to ensure proper diligence in regards to CPD invesigation of Donald Young’s murder. Is contacting US attorney for Northern Illinois. Patrick Fitzgerrald. Email or personal phone calling by concerned citizens. Would give notice that people want answers to the murder of Donald Young. Citizen is it possible for you to send letter or email, I believe a personal phone call is best!

    I believe Larry Sinclair’s story to have this amount of longevity and notoriaty in itself has given Larry’s story complete creditability. Thousands, millions of Americans have heard of Larry’s story, the MSM (fraud), members of the Congress, foriegn governments (friends and foes) have all heard of LS’s story. Yet Mr. Obama pretends he he is a fairytale land of make believe where everyone pretends there is no Larry, no murdered Donald Young? Mr. Obama’s silence is damning. In Inidana primary I noted that the Obama family started pimping their two little daughters. This man has no shame. Well he did throw his crazy old uncle and grandma under the bus! This bubble will brust, slowly the leaks are beginning to appear. People who believe in the truth will set this fairytale straight.. Please comment Citizen

  2. citizenwells

    Steve, I have had similar thoughts today. In fact, a few minutes ago, I went to the Chicago Tribune site looking for further indictments. Evelyn Pringle (I believe) reminded us that it was not the Tony Rezko trial but that Rezko was a defendant, implying there could be more indictments. This may be one of the reasons that judge St. Eve withheld some names from the trial. Perhaps more people and connections will be revealed.
    I am honored that you requested that I contact Fitzgerald. I will do what I can. I/we can certainly use all the help we can get. If you find some information that is pertinent, please pass it along.

  3. Thank-you for answering. I would like your comments regarding the following. Donald Young was murdered on Dec 23rd, 2007. He was discovered by his roommate, I believe he was shot 5 times behind the head.. I could see one, two shots, but five times. It appears as some one was sending a message? Who was that message intended for? The little I can discover regarding the facts pretaining to this case. The apartment was not ransacked yet it was reported that a couple of pieces of personal jewelry items where missing. Who reported this? Mr. Young’s roonmate? Does anyone one know the name of Donald’s roommate? Is roommate still living in apartment? Is roonmate a member of Trinity church-which is listed as gay friendly. Now within 3-4 weeks two other deaths occurred. Larry Bland. I believe the only links between these two murders; is that both were gay, Black, circumstances of death were similar. Larry Bland-shot in head? Was the murder gun the same? The two murders were linked by local gay organizations because they occurred so close together and were similar. Gay, Black, shot in head, multiple times. Was Larry a member of Trinity-I don’t think so-this needs to be determined. Was Bland’s murder committed to make it appear as a serial murdered was stalking gay black community? Make it appear that Donald’s murder was a randon case of a gay hate crime. Possible! The third death-was a Nate Spensor, the link, member of the same choir at Trinity, died in the same week as Donald Young. This death was of sickness? There would have been news reports if Spensor’s death was a result of some type of criminal activity. Do you have any information to share regarding this death? Speculation, was there a fouth murder with similar circutances? I believe no reports coming out of Chicago regarding gay murders similar to what happened to Mr. Youth. Was Mr. Young’s death a result of a blackmail attempt?? I believe it is important to discover name of roommate. I have viewed Rev Manning’s Trinity of Hell video. I believe he states that he has rock-solid evidence regarding his allegations. Mentions, that within the south-side Chicago community, there are people who know the true situation regarding what has gone on in Trinity Church. Please comment.

    You know, it my be my mind is over suspicious. Yet Mr. Bland’s first name is the same as Mr. Sinclair’s?

  4. citizenwells

    I am still researching this.
    The web scrubbing has hurt us all, yet it is another red flag. The CPD investigation is moving forward and perhaps Reverend Manning can help with that. Let’s not forget the comment Robert Johnson made weeks ago at the Hillary rally. I posted on that some time ago. He was clearly sending a message.

  5. The above articles are a joke! Do you really believe people are going to take these articles seriously? I think not!

    Have A Good Day!

  6. citizenwells

    No I don’t believe.
    I know.
    Signed, notorized affadavits are serious legal documents.
    I don’t consider them jokes.
    Do you want to know the truth.
    Remember, I am reporting. If you have some facts, please provide them.

  7. The most damning of all evidence in this situation are Larry Sinclair’s phone records and credit card transactions.

    The phone records will show that Donald Young did in fact contact Larry Sinclair.

  8. The right grasping at straws again.

  9. Has Hannity heard of this?

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