Blagojevich, Obama, Rezko, Illinois governor, Governor in middle of case, Chicago Tribune, May 17, 2008, Rezko trial, Political corruption

If you have been following the Tony Rezko corruption trial, several names are mentioned over and over. Obama, Stuart Levine and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich are mentioned in the same sentence as Rezko and Chicago and Illinois corruption. Governor Blagojevich has not been indicted yet but many believe his indictment is probable. The Illinois legislature recently proposed a bill to allow the Illinois people to recall the governor. It was narrowly defeated. The Chicago Tribune just came out with a story about Blagojevich, his strong ties to Rezko and the possibility of his indictment. Here are some excerpts:

“Patrick Collins, the former federal prosecutor who led the successful prosecution of former Gov. George Ryan, said it seems the government’s case against Rezko is “inextricably intertwined with Blagojevich.””

“Most recently, former Blagojevich aide Ali Ata testified that before he was hired by the administration, he attended a meeting at Rezko’s offices with Rezko and the governor. At the meeting, Ata said, he brought along a $25,000 check that was then placed on the table in front of Blagojevich.”

“The prosecution’s star witness, Stuart Levine, testified that on that same fundraising trip he thanked Blagojevich for his reappointment to a hospital planning board. The governor, according to the testimony, told Levine to “never discuss any state board with me,” but then added, “but you stick with us and you’ll do very well for yourself.””

Read the rest of the story here:,0,7895365.story

I have been covering the crime and corruption ties as well as other aspects of Obama’s past and character on this blog. I urge you to search on Obama, Rezko, Blagojevich or any aspect of Obama you want answers to.

Journalist, Evelyn Pringle, has been doing a lot of indepth research into Obama’s many long time connections to crime and corruption in Chicago and Illinois. Here are some exerpts from her research:

“The names of Obama and Blagojevich became tied to the bid rigging scandal when reports surfaced that Companion had sought their help in carrying out the contract a year after Alsammarae left office, and around the same time he was thrown in jail in Iraq.”

“US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald does not make a habit of destroying pubic officials by listing them in indictments for no reason and the only two political candidates identified as receiving campaign money from Operation Board Games kickback schemes are Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and the US Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.”

“Instead of referring to Board Games as the “Rezko” case, before long the media will likely be calling it the “Blagojevich” case. However, because the governor did not become the presidential candidate, when the scandal is recorded in the history books it will be the “Barack Obama” case. ”

“Dr Michel Malek gave Obama $10,000 a little over a month before the first meeting on June 30, 2003. He also donated $25,000 to Blagojevich three weeks later on July 25, 2003, and gave Obama another $500 in September 2003. Malek was an investor in Riverside Park. ”

“Dr Fortunee Massuda donated $25,000 to Blagojevich on July 25, 2003, and gave a total of $2,000 to Obama on different dates. Massuda’s husband, Charles Hannon, is a co-schemer in the pension fund case and testified against Rezko in the trial.”

” In the media, Obama always made it sound like he rarely saw Rezko, saying they met for breakfast or lunch once or twice a year. However, the FBI mole John Thomas helped investigators “build a record of repeat visits to the old offices of Rezko and former business partner Daniel Mahru’s Rezmar Corp., at 853 N. Elston, by Blagojevich and Obama during 2004 and 2005,” according to the February 10, 2008 Sun-Times.”

“On May 20, 2005, the Times said, “Two Rezko associates gave Blagojevich $25,000 each just days after the governor named them to a state panel.”

However, the reporters either failed to notice, or failed to mention, that panel member Malek gave $10,000 to Obama on June 30, 2003. ”

Read the rest of Evelyn Pringle’s articles here:

Part 1


Part 2
If you still have any doubts, read the transcripts from the Rezko trial here:,0,7957753.htmlstory


21 responses to “Blagojevich, Obama, Rezko, Illinois governor, Governor in middle of case, Chicago Tribune, May 17, 2008, Rezko trial, Political corruption

  1. Just keep up throwing up the shit. Something might stick. Even a blind pig gets an acorn once in a while.

  2. citizenwells

    Thanks for the corroboration.
    You have defined what it is.
    It is already stuck to Obama by his associations.
    I don’t care how I find the information.
    Yes, I’d rather be lucky than good any day.

  3. goodtimepolitics

    O’Reilly said that he has a team investigating this whole thing and we should know everything before voting in Nov. Lets hope that at least the American people will know all the facts before they elect a president! Thanks citizenwells you always have a intresting and imforming blogs!

  4. Citizenwells
    I’ll bet your family is very proud of the person you are!!

  5. gasdocpol,


  6. citizenwells

    You are too kind.

  7. keep up the good work, citizen wells, proud of you

  8. It is time that Illinoisans stand up a retake control of their government. Following the recall initiatives failure by 3 votes, this website was started at the end of last week check it out.

  9. AnyonebutObama

    Kennedy has a brain tumor. That explains his endorsement of Obama. Can we have Edward’s head checked as well?

  10. goodtimepolitics

    Good evening citizenwells, its a sad day when the man running for president does not know how many States we have. But it takes some that disagree just to make it interesting. See you later, don’t forget to stop by and say hi! 🙂

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  12. I think that it is safe to say that Obama knows how many states there are.

    Obama is book smart, street smart and has common sense.

    McCain knows so little about economics that he worships the ground that Phil Gramm walks on. Gramm was responsible for the deregulation that made ENRON possible (his wife was on the Board) also deregulation that allowed oil futures traders to push up the price of oil and made the sub-prime mortgage debacle possible.

    McCain’s top foreign affairs advisor, Randall Scheunemann got us into Iraq and has been on the payroll of Republic of Georgia. McCain is making threats to Russia that even if they had merit would be impossible to carry out because of Iraq.

    I will not say that McCain is stupid but he has been good at getting away with doing stupid things all his life.

  13. I agree that Obama is street smart.
    He has not consistently used common sense.

  14. goodtimepolitics

    I also agree that Barack is Chicago gang street smart! Look at all his friends and who they are.

  15. When will this be resolved by law?

  16. Ar, ar, ar. The feds had Rezko, and today they have Blagojevich under arrest. It’s only a matter of time, me hearties.

  17. Ah the preverbial noose is tightening. In todays world you can not hide from your corrupt ways. The pres elect will soon be involved no matter how hard the liberal news tries to keep his name out of it. Blagojevich is going to take one for the team and then spill the beans on “All” involved. Street smart is good, but eventually the dog catcher gets smart to your ways and swoops you up and away to a nice warm cell.


    “mll1127, ……and it would not surprize me in the least to find out that you have a DIRECT OR CRIMINAL connection to Palin or McCain, since:

    A. It has been revealed on numerous times that you dedicated your life to posting lies and anti-Obama smears.

    B. CEOs and in general Republican machine politicking environment, still is and has been, corrupt for decades.” by Gary7,0,5335087.story?coll=la-opinion-center

    …and Gary7 or anyone else of similar praising no good Barack “the Magic Negro” ObamaCrat expression!

    …..too bad for you, that you don’t have a prosthetic pegleg in proof, facts, or any legal standing to make your statements a reality with me, and more likely….

    Congressman William Jefferson….

    … that you won’t be all alone, you may have some additional prison cellmates to join you in the penitentiary……

    ……and it would not surprize me in the least to find out that President Elect Barack Obama has a direct or criminal connection to Tony Rezko and Illinois Governor Blagojevich, since:

    A. It has been revealed on numerous times that these individuals are friends and close associates.

    B. Chicago and in general the state of llinois machine politicking environment, has been, and continues to be corrupt in contemporary times!

  19. Obama’s Blagojevich story is crumbling.
    Obama insisted that none of his staff had a part in the attempted selling of his Senate seat by Gov. Blagojevich. “I have never spoken with the governor on this subject. I am confident that no representative of mine would have any part in any deals related to this seat,” Obama said. It appears that Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been talking to Blagojevich. The details of those discussions are not yet known.
    The Intellectual Redneck

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