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Donald Young murder, Larry Sinclair, Chicago Police investigation, Young family, Obama and Jeremiah Wright involved?

The Chicago Police have been investigating the death of Donald Young, the gay choir director at Obama’s former church, TUCC. Young was murdered in December 2007. Larry Sinclair alleges that he was contacted by Donald Young, shortly before he was murdered. Sinclair has provided an affidavit, a legal document, to the Chicago Police with information that may be relevant to the murder investigation. Sinclair has reason to believe that the Young family is concerned that Obama and Jeremiah Wright have knowledge of Donald Young’s murder. Read more about this and Larry Sinclair’s allegations here:


Donald Young murder, Obama records, Chicago Police investigation, Wright records, subpoena Obama records, Larry Sinclair, phone numbers

Larry Sinclair has just provided an update about the ongoing Chicago Police investigation of the murder of Donald Young, the gay choir master at TUCC, in December of 2007. Sinclair has provided the Chicago Police with phone numbers he allegedly was given by Donald Young, shortly before his death. The following exerpt is from Sinclair’s blog:

“In my cooperation with the Chicago Police Department, I provided them with all the phone numbers I had provided the Obama Campaign as requested.  I was told by the CPD that once they had received the numbers from me, then the CPD would obtain a Grand Jury Subpoena to obtain the phone records directly from the cell Phone company.

Now that leads me to the question: Will the Chicago Police Department subpoena the records of Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright in the investigation of the murder of Donald Young?”

Read more about the Allegations regarding Obama’s drug use, down low activity and possible knowledge of Donald Young’s murder here:


Obama, Donald Young murder, Chicago Police investigation, Larry Sinclair, phone numbers, Sinclair and Young contact, Do you know this story? Obama’s church choir director murdered

This story is not being covered by the MSM.

The murder of Donald Young, the gay choir director at Obama’s church, is being investigated by the Chicago Police. Larry Sinclair is being interviewed in a few days by a Chicago Police detective. Sinclair alleges that Donald Young contacted him a few days before he was murdered. Sinclair alleges that he has phone numbers from Young. Sinclair further alleges that Obama and Young had gay sex.

Do more reading about this on this blog. Read the posts from the former Chicago restaurant owner that heard persistent rumors from the gay community about Obama being on the down low. By all means, visit the Sinclair blog. There is a lot to read, but you will learn much about the story.


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Larry Sinclair, Chicago Police investigation, Donald Young, update, Detective McVickers, interview still on

As many of you know, Lary Sinclair has an interview with Detective McVickers of the Chicago police regarding the death of Donald Young, the gay choir director at Obama’s church. Sinclair alleges that Donald Young contacted him shortly before Young was murdered. It has been alleged that Obama and Young had gay sex encounters. It has also been alleged that Jeremiah Wright had knowledge of this as well as Obama’s drug problem.

Here is the latest statement from Larry Sinclair:
“I thought you should be updated on the latest lies by Paul Day and the Bitch Mitch club. I spoke personally with Det. McVickers this morning from the Chicago PD.

It turns out that the Mitch Club has been telling little lies again.

Det. McVickers has not spoken with anyone regarding me or my cooperating with them. Furthermore no one at the CPD has made any such claims to the effect made by Mitch and Paul that I am not credible, nor have they any interest in any thing Mitch and Paul’s PMS/PCLG Club might have to say about me.

FURTHERMORE, I will continue to cooperate with the CPD Homicide Division in the Young murder investigation.”


Note many attempts to discredit Larry have been made as well as personal attacks on Larry and his family. Some of those attackers have posted on this blog. One of them is Mike. Here is a comment on Larry’s blog earlier today:


“Are you not going to do what is best for the country ? Are you not going to be the shinning hero ? Do you not care about donald young anymore ? Maybe you don’t want to go to the CPD because Mcvickers has got you sussed. He never said he was not going to investigat, he just said he’ll do a background check on you. So what are you scared of ? eh mr upstanding citizen. Like I said, you are a fraud and no one with half a brain pays you any attention. PROOF LARRY!!! WE ARE STILL WAITING.”

This is a common thread of Obama supporters and paid campaign operatives. Sling insults and try to discredit those questioning Obama.