Keith Larson Show, Charlotte NC, Obama, Wright, Ayers, Blackwell, Lessig, NC primary, Clinton

The Keith Larson Show airs on WBT radio in Charlotte NC. The NC primary, is Tuesday, May 6, 2008. Larson tells it like it is and has been revealing the real Barack Obama, including, but not limited to the hate filled, anti American, anti semitic sermons and speeches of Jeremiah Wright. I have contacted Keth Larson with some additional information abot Obama. Since Larson is a champion for the truth and the best for this country, I expect he will cover these facts about Obama that the MSM is covering up.

Here is the email that I sent Keith Larson:

Are you aware of Lawrence Lessig, Obama friend, advisor, supporter,
ex coworker and rally speaker?
Are you aware that Lessig closed his blog on Friday, May 2, 2008?
Have you read his radical positions on gays and heterosexuals?
Have you seen the gay Jesus video he used in multiple seminars?
Are you aware of the Obama, Robert Blackwell legal retainer
“money laundering” scandal?
Are you aware of Blackwell’s ties to Rezko, the Illinois Governor and other
crime and corruption in Chicago and IL?
Robert Blackwell commented on my blog.
Blackwell and his companies donated a lot of money to Obama in 2007
and almost nothing in 2008.
I am in regular contact with a former Chicago restaurant owner that
herard persistent rumors about Obama.
Don’t dismiss the allegations of Larry Sinclair. I have been following
this story closely and get regular updates. Sinclair is meeting
with the Chicago Police soon. There have been orchestrated attempts
to discredit him as well as me. Why are they spending so much time
and money to discredit???
I trust that Keith Larson will acknowledge this email and at least ask some probing questions. Obama has been paying for advertising on WBT. But I know that Larson believes this is bigger than me, him or WBT. The future of this country is at stake.

3 responses to “Keith Larson Show, Charlotte NC, Obama, Wright, Ayers, Blackwell, Lessig, NC primary, Clinton

  1. goodtimepolitics

    The New York Post is now reporting that Rev. Jeremiah Wright took another man’s wife. Sure don’t sound like a man of God to this American….am I alone in my thinking that Obama is being seeded into the White House by the likes of Rev. Wright, William Ayers and the Nation of Islam? and maybe by other terrorist. Am I alone?

  2. There are at least ten reasons to not vote for Obama, that do not include his lack of judgement in choosing Wright as a pastor:

    1)Obama refuses to speak to reporters/walks out of conferences. He is not a transparent politician. 

    2)He was involved with Tony Rezko, who was indicted for influence peddling and is a corrupting influence in Illinois politics. Tony Rezko got millions of dollars from the government to create affordable housing in Obama’s district, now 11 of the buildings he was supposed to fix are boarded-up and are unlivable. 

    3)Obama supports nuclear power even though radioactive nuclear waste is a problem no country has solved, the added terrorist threat that nuclear power poses, and the history of accidents such as Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Obama supports nuclear power because he was bought off by the nuclear power utility industry. He has taken a lot of money from them.

    4)Obama voted “present” hundreds of times instead of taking a stand because he did not want to offend contributors, like Robert Blackwell, who Obama helped obtain state grants for. 

    5)Obama chose as his mentor Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who are terrorists who detonated bombs on US territory and they helped him start his career.

    6)Obama lied about filling out a questionnaire that details his stand on many important issues like abortion, the death penalty and gun control. It has his handwriting but he said a staffer filled it out. Obama also lied about the Kennedy family helping his father.

    7)Obama also has acknowledged that he “voted by mistake” many times?! 

    8)Obama made a statement that said his grandmother is “a typical white person” who has a “reaction bred” into her when she sees someone she does not know.

    9)Obama made a statement that small-town Americans are bitter and cling to guns, religion, and anti-trade sentiment.

    10)Obama lies about the Clinton economic boom, if you go to, you will see that Clinton is credited for passing the 1993 budget that helped create the boom of the 1990s.

    Watch the videos here:

  3. well with obamabots facts mean squat to them.

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