Jeff Katz, NC primary, Charlotte NC, WBT radio, Obama, Hillary, NC voters, Wright, Ayers, Larry Sinclair, Lessig, Blackwell, voters deserve truth

Jeff Katz has an afternoon talk radio show on WBT radio in Charlotte NC. Katz, like Keith Larson, tells it like it is. Katz has been helping to reveal the real Obama, the lies, hypocrisy and empty message. Of course Katz has spent much time focusing on Jeremiah Wright and his hate filled, anti American and anti semitic messages. I sent katz the same email that I sent Keith Larson regarding facts about Obama that are being covered up by the main stream media. Here is the email that I sent Jeff Katz:

Are you aware of Lawrence Lessig, Obama friend, advisor, supporter,ex coworker and rally speaker? Are you aware that Lessig closed his blog on Friday, May 2, 2008?

Have you read his radical positions on gays and heterosexuals?
Have you seen the gay Jesus video he used in multiple seminars?
Are you aware of the Obama, Robert Blackwell legal retainer
“money laundering” scandal?
Are you aware of Blackwell’s ties to Rezko, the Illinois Governor and other
crime and corruption in Chicago and IL?
Robert Blackwell commented on my blog.
Blackwell and his companies donated a lot of money to Obama in 2007
and almost nothing in 2008.
I am in regular contact with a former Chicago restaurant owner that
herard persistent rumors about Obama.
Don’t dismiss the allegations of Larry Sinclair. I have been following
this story closely and get regular updates. Sinclair is meeting
with the Chicago Police soon. There have been orchestrated attempts
to discredit him as well as me. Why are they spending so much time
and money to discredit???

6 responses to “Jeff Katz, NC primary, Charlotte NC, WBT radio, Obama, Hillary, NC voters, Wright, Ayers, Larry Sinclair, Lessig, Blackwell, voters deserve truth

  1. Does he really tell it like it is? Has he told his audience why he was fired from a radio show in CA? He urged people to run over illegal immigrants. That’s the kind of metal your hero is made of. He also bashed the Pope. Did he mention that?

  2. citizenwells

    Jim Grant.
    What is your point?

  3. Jeff, I need the telephone numbers for the
    congressman and senators. Thanks

  4. citizenwells

    Go to the petition to impeach Senator Obama.
    There are links at the top for congressman and senators.

  5. politicalhacker

    Speaking of Jeff Katz, he asked his audience today to contemplate November 5th and voice their thoughts about what will happen if Obama or McCain wins the 2008 presidential election. I have the answer:

  6. In the debate over who to help in the bail out / rescue operation or what ever.
    It seems that the banks just got “pushed’ into making risky loans but they charged usurious rates along with them to “cover” their risk. They charge fees for late payments, and were pretty much unwilling to work with anybody that got behind and now they are loaded down with real estate that nobody wants or can afford. The big three auto makers are in the same boat, they have charged too much for autos and trucks that fall apart or get recalled so frequently one wonders why we put up with it. Guess what? The shrinking market share is the public not putting up with it. So what do we do?Up pops Gov co to save the day. Do they make the dealership take back the car that qualifies undr the nc lemon law? Naw you have to do that for your self. I m speaking of a Suzuki Forenza model sold at a local ford dealership that the dealer knows was built in Korea. The parts man has a full shelf of replacement parts because of the failure rate on this model. It even blue books at a incredible upside down in the loan value what means you cant even trade it in. I don’t see much corporate responsibility in ford as an organization when they no they have sold a lemon model to the public.
    No, no help there but this is an individuals problem not a corporate entity with loads of money. The same individual that owns the car lost her house last year paid on it for 12 years still owed more on it than it was worth. No house owes the bank, still.
    With the kind of business the above mentioned individuals have engaged in, pray tell me why I , a Taxpayer, should bail these folks out? They have the law on their side and if its collectable the bank will collect if not, hey, they wrote the contract! They got your property even if it is almost paid for. So why the sympathy and a big check since the check is going to come out of the lady’s paycheck who lost her house and has the lemon to pay for as well.

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