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A known terrorist suspect, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, with definite al Qaeda links, who was in a US database of suspected terrorists, was not on the no fly list “because it did not involve aviation threats.” That decision was foolish and incompetent enough. Knowing that Abdul Mutallab was connected to al Qaeda and a terrorist threat and not on the no fly list, no US Marshall was assigned to this flight.

This is inexcusable and unacceptable.

From Politics Daily, December 25, 2009.

“Rep. Peter King: Why Was Known Terror Suspect Allowed to Fly?”

“A Christmas Day attempt by a Nigerian man who claimed he was acting on orders from al Qaeda to ignite an incendiary device on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 as it approached Detroit from Amsterdam has caused airport security to be ramped up during peak holiday travel. The Obama White House has called the incident “an attempted act of terrorism.””

“King told Politics Daily the 23-year-old suspect, who he identified as Abdul Mudallad, was not on a terrorist no fly list–but was on the U.S. database of suspected terrorists, King said. Though Mudallad claims to have been acting on direct orders from al Qaeda, ties have not been confirmed and he may have been inspired by, rather than acting in concert with, that particular terror group.”

“King told Politics Daily that Mudallad had “definite terrorist connections” and was part of a “terrorist nexus. ..his terrorist connections did not lend themselves to aviation threats, that’s why he was not on a no-fly list which to me does not really make sense; if you’re a terrorist you’re a terrorist.” And King said he had been told that Mudallad had “definite al Qaeda links.” Mudallad boarded a flight in Lagos, Nigeria and switched planes in Amsterdam to the Detroit bound aircraft.

King said said authorities did have “a file on him. He was in a database, but the decision was made that he did not go on a no fly list because it did not involve aviation threats, aviation issues.”

Because of a “significant terrorist presence” in Nigeria, King said, “maybe he should have been on the terrorist no fly list.””

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