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Philip J Berg, Obama lawsuit, Obama response by Wednesday, Philip J Berg interview, September 23, 2008, Momma-E blog radio

Philip J Berg, who has filed and served a lawsuit against Obama, the DNC and the FEC, stating that Obama is not qualified to be president, will be interviewed on the Momma-E radio show tonight, September 23, 2008. Here is the email that I got from Momma-E:

“The Guest  on my show tonight will be Phil Berg the Attorney that filed the law suit against Obama and his eligibility to be President.

Show times are;
5 PM Pacific
6 PM Mountain
7 PM Central
8 PM Eastern
When they get to the Home page they should be able to hear the show immediately when it starts, if not then click on the Red Listen Live button on the top left of the page.  If they would like to Chat and listen then click on the Live Chat Button in the Center of the page, put in their Nickname and click Chat!  The show is only an hour.”
Will Philip J Berg have any news about a response from Obama or the DNC? Tune in and find out.