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FBI 90 percent chance of Hillary indictment, Decades of Clinton crime, David Schippers and Judicial Watch findings, John Podesta tied to crimes

FBI 90 percent chance of Hillary indictment, Decades of Clinton crime, David Schippers and Judicial Watch findings, John Podesta tied to crimes

“If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed”…Wikileaks: Doug Band to John Podesta

“James Comey’s decision to revive the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server and her handling of classified material came after he could no longer resist mounting pressure by mutinous agents in the FBI, including some of his top deputies, according to a source close to the embattled FBI director.”…Daily Mail October 30, 2016

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion


Waiting for Hillary Clinton’s emails, Russian uranium deal connections or attempts to interfere in the 2016 election to have her indicted?

Well, we have been waiting for decades.

It certainly could have happened in 2016.

From Citizen Wells November 4, 2016.

“There is a very good chance that Hillary will be indicted.

The question is when.”

“A deep hatred of Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI, multiple bureau agents told the Guardian. Agents explained that Clinton is considered “the antichrist” within the department, and a desire to stop her being elected spurred the rapid series of damaging leaks just days before the election.

A Wall Street Journal report says the FBI’s pursuit of the case is rooted in recordings of a suspect in a different corruption case who spoke about the Clinton Foundation’s dirty dealings.

FBI: “90% Chance Of Indictment And Prosecution”

The FBI say there is a 90% chance of indictment and prosecution for Hillary Clinton and others connected to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton campaign.”

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From Citizen News September 3, 2016.

“The evidence uncovered by Judicial Watch overwhelmingly indicates
that President Clinton condoned, directed and effected this
lawbreaking. It also shows that he was aided and abetted by, among
others, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Albert Gore, late
Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown, Attorney General Janet Reno, and other
key White House personnel, including Leon Panetta, John Podesta, Harold
Ickes, Bruce Lindsey, Bernard Nussbaum, and Labor Secretary Alexis
For example, Judicial Watch has uncovered key evidence in the
massive political espionage, witness tampering and intimidation
operation popularly known as “Filegate.” In “Filegate,” the Clinton
White House, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), Hillary
Rodham Clinton, former White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, and
Clinton appointees Craig Livingstone and Anthony Marceca, illegally
obtained and misused the FBI files of former Reagan and Bush
Administration staffers and others to gain sensitive information on
perceived political opponents and material witnesses for use in its
smear campaigns. Judicial Watch represents the victims of “Filegate”
in a civil lawsuit.
The “Filegate” political espionage, witness tampering and
intimidation operation, a horrendous violation of the Privacy Act and
other laws, continues to this day. It represents the means by which the
Clintons defend the various scandals which threaten their hold on
power. The evidence indicates that the Clinton Administration, with the
direct knowledge and participation of the President, continues to
illegally compile, maintain and disseminate sensitive information on
perceived adversaries from confidential government files. Contrary to
previous Clinton Administration explanations, Judicial Watch discovered
that it was a high-level Clinton political appointee who illegally
ordered the release of Linda Tripp’s confidential information from her
Pentagon file in a clear effort to intimidate her from telling what she
knew of Clinton White House illegal activities, and to destroy her
credibility. Judicial Watch also uncovered evidence indicating that
President Clinton authorized the illegal release of Kathleen Willey’s
letters, stored in a White House filing system subject to the Privacy
Act, in an effort to intimidate and smear her. Like Ms. Tripp, Ms.
Willey is a material witness in on-going criminal grand jury
investigations and civil lawsuits.
Part of the pattern of “Filegate” is President Clinton’s use of
private investigators, the Reno Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS,
and political operatives such as James Carville to obstruct justice,
silence witnesses and intimidate investigators. For example, Judicial
Watch has uncovered evidence that President Clinton personally
participated in this operation by threatening “to destroy,” and then
defaming one witness, Dolly Kyle Browning, if she dared to tell the
truth about their 30-year friendship and sexual relationship.
President Clinton’s political appointee and former IRS Commissioner
Margaret Milner Richardson also illegally used the IRS to audit public
interest groups thought to be hostile to the Clinton Administration,
including the Western Journalism Center.
Through discovery in its civil lawsuit against the Clinton Commerce
Department, Judicial Watch also has found evidence that President
Clinton condoned and participated in a scheme, conceived by First Lady
Hillary Rodham Clinton and approved by the President, to sell seats on
U.S. Department of Commerce trade missions in exchange for political
contributions. Bribery is specifically highlighted in the U.S.
Constitution as an offense warranting impeachment.
In President Clinton’s push to sell taxpayer-financed government
services to raise money for his political operations, national security
likely was breached by his Commerce Department appointees and those
involved in his fundraising scheme, such as John Huang. While Judicial
Watch is at an interim stage of investigation in this sensitive area,
the breaches of national security uncovered at the Clinton Commerce
Department raise real questions of treasonous activities by the
President and members of his Administration.
To cover-up this illegal fundraising and likely national security
breaches, President Clinton’s top two staffers, then-Chief of Staff
Leon Panetta and Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta, ordered late
Commerce Secretary Ron Brown to obstruct justice and defy federal Court
orders. The evidence also indicates that Secretary Brown personally
consulted with President Clinton in furtherance of this cover-up.
In addition to the illegal sale of taxpayer-financed services, such
as seats on government trade missions, for political contributions, the
President and Mrs. Clinton have illegally solicited and received monies
directly from private citizens and others. The creation and use of
legal defense funds is not only prohibited under federal law, but they
have proved to be a means whereby lobbyists, influence peddlers and
foreign powers have tried to influence the Administration, contrary to
U.S. national security interests.”

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