Hillary steps down for medical reasons before indictment, 3 compelling sources reveal Hillary evil, David Schippers, James Kallstrom former second in command of FBI, Concensus from current FBI agents, 90 % chance of indictment, Question is when

Hillary steps down for medical reasons before indictment, 3 compelling sources reveal Hillary evil, David Schippers, James Kallstrom former second in command of FBI, Concensus from current FBI agents, 90 % chance of indictment, Question is when

“If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed”…Wikileaks: Doug Band to John Podesta

“James Comey’s decision to revive the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server and her handling of classified material came after he could no longer resist mounting pressure by mutinous agents in the FBI, including some of his top deputies, according to a source close to the embattled FBI director.”…Daily Mail October 30, 2016

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion



I do not believe that Hillary Clinton would step down for the good of the country.

She is a sociopath.

She may do it to save face, for “medical reasons”.

There is a very good chance that Hillary will be indicted.

The question is when.

It does not have to occur before November 8 to deny her the presidency.

“Sadly, most Americans are uninformed on the US President election process.

The Democrats appear to like it that way.

If you don’t believe that, check out Wikileaks.

Below is some important information on how this works.”


David Schippers.

David Schippers, a long time Democrat and 2 time voter for Bill Clinton conducted an investigation for the House Judiciary Committee. So his findings were hardly part of a right wing conspiracy.

In fact, if there was any conspiracy, it included Republicans and Democrats who did not want to get their hands dirty or remove Clinton from office.

Schippers found far more felonious and/or improper activity by Bill Clinton than what was presented. He was restricted by time constraints and limited to the immediate scandals presented to him.

On Hillary Clinton: “evil incarnate.”

James Kallstrom, former second in command of FBI.

From a Megyn Kelly interview yesterday.

I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of agents in the FBI. And the agents are furious.
I think it’s people who are sick and tired of the lack of the rule of law being brought forward and due process being brought forward.
And they’re frustrated that they cannot conduct investigations properly.
They’re very very frustrated. They see the whole due process thing going down the tubes.

From YourNewsWire.com November 3, 2016.

“FBI: We’re Ready To Indict Hillary Clinton

The FBI have said there is a 90% chance that Hillary Clinton will be indicted within days, as evidence of a Washington pedophile ring involving the Clinton Foundation emerges. 

Multiple reports of FBI agents speaking to major media outlets over the last 24 hours since the child sex scandalbroke say that the department is “actively and aggressively” pursuing the Clintons in five separate probes.”

“A deep hatred of Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI, multiple bureau agents told the Guardian. Agents explained that Clinton is considered “the antichrist” within the department, and a desire to stop her being elected spurred the rapid series of damaging leaks just days before the election.

A Wall Street Journal report says the FBI’s pursuit of the case is rooted in recordings of a suspect in a different corruption case who spoke about the Clinton Foundation’s dirty dealings.

FBI: “90% Chance Of Indictment And Prosecution”

The FBI say there is a 90% chance of indictment and prosecution for Hillary Clinton and others connected to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton campaign.”

FBI: We’re Ready To Indict Hillary Clinton



More here:




33 responses to “Hillary steps down for medical reasons before indictment, 3 compelling sources reveal Hillary evil, David Schippers, James Kallstrom former second in command of FBI, Concensus from current FBI agents, 90 % chance of indictment, Question is when

  1. “I think that it was Hillary all the way. I think that she’s the mean-spirited one. She’s the ideologue, she’s the flaming left-wing socialist liberal. She’s a bad person with a criminal mind.”…Jerry Falwell

  2. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12

  3. I’ve run out of popcorn and I, like many out there, am a wreck. Hard to believe this is all coming down so fast, but it’s past time it did.

    Linking this from Drudge; it’s a must see:

  4. AND NOW……..
    ………..a federal judge in Ohio has ordered the Trump campaign to cease and desist from voter harassment at the voting places. I would believe that such an order is ALSO RECIPROCAL FOR BOTH PARTIES. Such a ruling would NOT BE LEGALLY APPLICABLE IF IT APPLIED TO ONLY the Republican party. The judge who made this ruling has not stated that it applies to both parties, and/or anyone who attempts to interfere in any way with voters. The judge could end up EATING HIS/HER RULING if it is taken to the appellate court.

  5. ……….if the Federal judge involved has made it applicable ONLY to the REPUBLICAN PARTY then it is time to take it to the next higher court. If genuine harassment of voters is going on it is more than likely coming from LIBERAL DEMOCRAT BASTARDS hanging out at the voting places, or IMPORTED POS from out of town. Open carry where it is permitted.

  6. WHEN..OR IF….
    ………..our psychopathic leadership tries to take some sort of punitive against Russia for some sort of IMAGINED cyber action against the US. they had better think a second ,or even a third time before they try to carry out some sort action against Russia. Our numbskull leader thinks he can browbeat people like Mr. Putin. It would be my belief that Mr. Putin has probably forgot more about warfare than Soetoro ,or Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Piggy will EVER KNOW.

  7. BUT ………
    ………..we live amongst a multitude of immature, half witted, and morally inept people. Unfortunately such people will believe anything, and or everything that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Piggy tells them to believe. All she needs to do is by them lots of pizzas, and beer, give them free food, education, and all the pot they can smoke up, and voila they are EATING OUT OF HER HANDS……..FOR EIGHT YEARS, and perhaps FOREVER!

  8. CW
    Will Hillary be arrested Monday?
    This was just released (Needs to be verified)
    Breaking 4 Nov 16

    FBI Director James Comey has instructed all available special agents from the Washington D.C. field office and Hoover Building headquarters to report to work immediately in preparation for mass raids and arrests in the Clinton investigation.

    Read more

  9. Sue K @ 9:19pm above…Great Video! Trump is coming back to Pittsburgh on Sunday. My husband already got tickets. Only 2 allowed. He’s coming to a hangar at the airport as seen in your video. We just saw Gov Pence last night @ the same hangar. He had a pretty good crowd but not as big as Trumps. Trump came to the same hangar in June but I missed it. Other family members went and loved it. Can’t wait! The neat thing about these rallies are watching the plane taxi in. A Bunch of us stayed after Pence’s speech and watched as he boarded the plane. He and His wife turned around and waved to us as we all waved back and shouted PENCE PENCE PENCE! He really did a good job and the Pittsburghers loved him. I think he is a really nice man.

  10. On another note, sour one that is. Hillary was in Pittsburgh today, clogging up traffic. Rallied somewhere in Heinz field. (steelers) My brother was stuck in traffic because of rolling closures. I don’t know about the turn out and don’t care. She was also here within the last 2 weeks at a highschool in the city. Not a whole lot of people there. Biden I think is coming tomorrow at some union hall. He was just here last week at a small college in town. They didn’t show the crowd. He’s been to Pittsburgh at least 4 or 6 times this year campaigning. I still think he is on stand by. Good night all.

  11. Oh, and I told my husband last night at the Pence rally that Trump is coming back to Pittsburgh! He said no, he has other places to go. And I said ” He’ll be back before Tuesday.” Sure enough when I got home tonight the 1st thing my husband said was “Trumps coming!” Sunday. The wives are always Right!

  12. This Is huge if Dick Morris is right.


    Weiner’s Computer Was Likely Hiding Place for Hillary’s Deleted E mails

  13. BREAKING: New Info Emerges About Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s Ties To Pedophile Sex Ring

    “In addition to several insiders within the NYPD validating these bombshell allegations, now a former U.S Department State official by the name of Steve Pieczenik is stepping forward to corroborate these claims. In the following video that Pieczenik published on Tuesday, the former state official testifies that information in Weiner’s emails implicates the Clintons in a pedophile ring in Washington, D.C.”


  14. Hi all again. Sorry about going on and on. I came across a site that is http://www.theamericanmirror.com/photo-hillary-campaign-rally-nfl-stadium-stands/ . Hope you can take a look at the photos. It’s Hillary @ Heinz field underneath the stands holding a rally. Small crowd and big empty stadium. Hope you can read the comment too. Only a few. Goodnight again.

  15. i George | November 5, 2016 at 2:21 am


    i George,
    Trump will be in Reno tomorrow at 5 pm, I live close to the airport, I may drive over to the perimeter fence and wait for his plane to arrive, it’s easy to spot!

  16. i George | November 5, 2016 at 1:21 am |

    Hi i George,

    By all means, you and hubby should go and see the next President of the United States! Mr. Trump has been to New England (mostly the battleground state of ‘purple’ NH) however, I couldn’t attend any of his rallies; I’m busy working every day in order to support the welfare class.

    That will change soon…. 🙂


    You said….”“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12″

    Right on brother……Put on the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD !!!

  18. Check this out:

    FULL SPEECH: Hillary Clinton Rally in Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Streamed live 4 hours ago
    LIVE Stream: Hillary Clinton Rally in Pembroke Pines, Florida (11/5/16) November 5, 2016

    Read the comments.

  19. SueK | November 4, 2016 at 9:19 pm |

    I’ve run out of popcorn and I, like many out there, am a wreck. Hard to believe this is all coming down so fast, but it’s past time it did.


    I just got back from Walmart, I forgot my list, and as a result I failed to get popcorn. I was going to upgrade to larger bags, and “Movie Theater Butter”, but now I’m stuck with that healthy stuff I have in stock. Oh well, still 3 days to go, I still have time before Tuesday to upgrade.

    Trump is in Reno tonight, 5 PM, at the convention center, I went past the Convention center on my trip to Walmart, TV trucks in place, and the parking lot is full already, the place will be packed. I will watch it on livestream.


  20. November 5, 2016
    Did the NYPD force the FBI to act on Weiner?
    By Russ Vaughn

    According to a Breitbart article discussing the reasons for the FBI’s renewed interest in the Clinton scandals, that move came at the insistence of the New York Police Department, who were the LEOs who claimed first possession and had first access to pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The source for Breitbart was Erik Prince, former Navy SEAL and founder/former CEO of Blackwater, who says he has sources within the NYPD who have assured him that the Democrat pedophile’s computer contains an ambitious prosecutor’s dream’s worth of evidence of criminality against many Democrat politicians in Congress – and also, of course, the Clintons and their immediate entourage.

    According to Prince, as quoted by Breitbart:

    “They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

    “The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,'” Prince explained.

    Note that word disgusting and consider that those who are disgusted are members of NYPD, some of the most hardened dicks in the world, investigators who have seen every form of human perversion and criminality the mind can imagine. And they were disgusted by what that computer contains about the Clintons and their cronies.

    Breitbart goes on:

    “There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs,” he stated.

    “So the plot thickens. NYPD was pushing because, as an article quoted one of the chiefs – that’s the level just below commissioner – he said as a parent, as a father with daughters, he could not let that level of evil continue,” Prince said.

    “That level of evil”? That a chief of the NYPD uses the descriptive evil rather than criminal should speak worlds as to just what the Clinton’s really are – lawless and immoral predators, as so many of us have been insisting for years. But according to Prince, his NYPD sources say they have faced nothing but obstruction from the federal Justice Department, which is easy to believe when you consider that sources within the FBI have been saying the same thing.

    And that, folks, is reason enough to vote against this evil criminal enterprise the Clintons have constructed. If Hillary gains control of the Justice Department, all her evildoing and criminality will be swept under the rug of history. We must follow the example of the NYPD and not let that happen.


  21. Secret Service take Trump from Stage !!!! Possible shooter – suspect arrested !!!! Trump returns to event !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRMaIi5h_IM

  22. James | November 5, 2016 at 9:58 pm |

    Secret Service take Trump from Stage !!!! Possible shooter – suspect arrested !!!! Trump returns to event !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRMaIi5h_IM

    No gun was found, false alarm, but Hilliary was hoping.

  23. Denver live.

  24. BOOM! Man That Caused Trump Rally Chaos Is Exposed As a HILLARY SUPPORTER (VIDEO)


  25. Did Hillary Clinton Just Buy $137 MILLION Worth of Illegal Arms?

    Posted on October 30, 2016 by DC Watchdog

    What kind of charity is involved in illegal arms purchases? The CLINTON Foundation.
    And Russia wants to know why.

    A report from the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has been apparently circulating in the Kremlin recently. The report reveals that the Security Council (SC) has authorized an emergency communication to American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) requesting an immediate explanation as to why the Clinton Foundation, this past week, purchased over $137 million of illegal arms and ammunition. The destination is the United States with delivery being marked as “mid-November 2016”.

    Could this be another money – laundering scheme of utmost proportion by The Clinton Foundation, which has been proven to be not much more than a cover for the Clinton’s Pay-to-Play scams and other nefarious activities? All found when a few choice layers are peeled back, thanks to Julian Assange. Why would the Clintons use their Foundation to transfer $137.7 million to the Socialist Party of Albania(SPA)? The SPA is controlled by Prime Minister Edi Rama, who is the head of the Xhakja Clan (known in the West as the Albanian Mafia) Surprisingly, this particular Prime Minister was put into power by the Obama-Clinton regime over the protests of the Albanian people who did not want a “mafia government” controlling them.

    To fully understand why Hillary Clinton made this massive arms purchase, one item we have to look at is her adherence to George Soros’s radical vision of open borders. —and that he single-handedly began implementing by creating the European refugee crisis that will, likewise, engulf the United States should Hillary Clinton become president, exactly as her leaked emails reveal.

    Once these weapons are in the hands of Hillary Clinton’s “new revolutionaries”, this report continues, they will then be used to unleash a “terror wave” across America protesting Donald Trump’s landslide victory. The DNC and Clinton Campaign march lock step with Black Lives Matter, the Unions, MoveOn, The Occupy Movement, La Raza, and other groups under the Soros umbrella of global domination. This will enable Obama to declare martial law to disarm these people, and at the same time disarm the patriots with legal weapons used to defend themselves and their families. Once martial law is declared, Obama will sign one of his famous illegal “executive orders” and allow the US Electors to place Hillary Clinton in power. [Note: American presidents are NOT elected by the popular vote of citizens, but by the vote of the Electors (Electoral College) selected from each of USA’s fifty States.]


  26. Pingback: FBI 90 percent chance of Hillary indictment, Decades of Clinton crime, David Schippers and Judicial Watch findings, John Podesta tied to crimes | Citizen WElls

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