FBI 90 percent chance of Hillary indictment, Decades of Clinton crime, David Schippers and Judicial Watch findings, John Podesta tied to crimes

FBI 90 percent chance of Hillary indictment, Decades of Clinton crime, David Schippers and Judicial Watch findings, John Podesta tied to crimes

“If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed”…Wikileaks: Doug Band to John Podesta

“James Comey’s decision to revive the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server and her handling of classified material came after he could no longer resist mounting pressure by mutinous agents in the FBI, including some of his top deputies, according to a source close to the embattled FBI director.”…Daily Mail October 30, 2016

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion


Waiting for Hillary Clinton’s emails, Russian uranium deal connections or attempts to interfere in the 2016 election to have her indicted?

Well, we have been waiting for decades.

It certainly could have happened in 2016.

From Citizen Wells November 4, 2016.

“There is a very good chance that Hillary will be indicted.

The question is when.”

“A deep hatred of Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI, multiple bureau agents told the Guardian. Agents explained that Clinton is considered “the antichrist” within the department, and a desire to stop her being elected spurred the rapid series of damaging leaks just days before the election.

A Wall Street Journal report says the FBI’s pursuit of the case is rooted in recordings of a suspect in a different corruption case who spoke about the Clinton Foundation’s dirty dealings.

FBI: “90% Chance Of Indictment And Prosecution”

The FBI say there is a 90% chance of indictment and prosecution for Hillary Clinton and others connected to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton campaign.”

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From Citizen News September 3, 2016.

“The evidence uncovered by Judicial Watch overwhelmingly indicates
that President Clinton condoned, directed and effected this
lawbreaking. It also shows that he was aided and abetted by, among
others, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Albert Gore, late
Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown, Attorney General Janet Reno, and other
key White House personnel, including Leon Panetta, John Podesta, Harold
Ickes, Bruce Lindsey, Bernard Nussbaum, and Labor Secretary Alexis
For example, Judicial Watch has uncovered key evidence in the
massive political espionage, witness tampering and intimidation
operation popularly known as “Filegate.” In “Filegate,” the Clinton
White House, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), Hillary
Rodham Clinton, former White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, and
Clinton appointees Craig Livingstone and Anthony Marceca, illegally
obtained and misused the FBI files of former Reagan and Bush
Administration staffers and others to gain sensitive information on
perceived political opponents and material witnesses for use in its
smear campaigns. Judicial Watch represents the victims of “Filegate”
in a civil lawsuit.
The “Filegate” political espionage, witness tampering and
intimidation operation, a horrendous violation of the Privacy Act and
other laws, continues to this day. It represents the means by which the
Clintons defend the various scandals which threaten their hold on
power. The evidence indicates that the Clinton Administration, with the
direct knowledge and participation of the President, continues to
illegally compile, maintain and disseminate sensitive information on
perceived adversaries from confidential government files. Contrary to
previous Clinton Administration explanations, Judicial Watch discovered
that it was a high-level Clinton political appointee who illegally
ordered the release of Linda Tripp’s confidential information from her
Pentagon file in a clear effort to intimidate her from telling what she
knew of Clinton White House illegal activities, and to destroy her
credibility. Judicial Watch also uncovered evidence indicating that
President Clinton authorized the illegal release of Kathleen Willey’s
letters, stored in a White House filing system subject to the Privacy
Act, in an effort to intimidate and smear her. Like Ms. Tripp, Ms.
Willey is a material witness in on-going criminal grand jury
investigations and civil lawsuits.
Part of the pattern of “Filegate” is President Clinton’s use of
private investigators, the Reno Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS,
and political operatives such as James Carville to obstruct justice,
silence witnesses and intimidate investigators. For example, Judicial
Watch has uncovered evidence that President Clinton personally
participated in this operation by threatening “to destroy,” and then
defaming one witness, Dolly Kyle Browning, if she dared to tell the
truth about their 30-year friendship and sexual relationship.
President Clinton’s political appointee and former IRS Commissioner
Margaret Milner Richardson also illegally used the IRS to audit public
interest groups thought to be hostile to the Clinton Administration,
including the Western Journalism Center.
Through discovery in its civil lawsuit against the Clinton Commerce
Department, Judicial Watch also has found evidence that President
Clinton condoned and participated in a scheme, conceived by First Lady
Hillary Rodham Clinton and approved by the President, to sell seats on
U.S. Department of Commerce trade missions in exchange for political
contributions. Bribery is specifically highlighted in the U.S.
Constitution as an offense warranting impeachment.
In President Clinton’s push to sell taxpayer-financed government
services to raise money for his political operations, national security
likely was breached by his Commerce Department appointees and those
involved in his fundraising scheme, such as John Huang. While Judicial
Watch is at an interim stage of investigation in this sensitive area,
the breaches of national security uncovered at the Clinton Commerce
Department raise real questions of treasonous activities by the
President and members of his Administration.
To cover-up this illegal fundraising and likely national security
breaches, President Clinton’s top two staffers, then-Chief of Staff
Leon Panetta and Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta, ordered late
Commerce Secretary Ron Brown to obstruct justice and defy federal Court
orders. The evidence also indicates that Secretary Brown personally
consulted with President Clinton in furtherance of this cover-up.
In addition to the illegal sale of taxpayer-financed services, such
as seats on government trade missions, for political contributions, the
President and Mrs. Clinton have illegally solicited and received monies
directly from private citizens and others. The creation and use of
legal defense funds is not only prohibited under federal law, but they
have proved to be a means whereby lobbyists, influence peddlers and
foreign powers have tried to influence the Administration, contrary to
U.S. national security interests.”

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  1. Kathleen Willey Schwicker vs. William J. Clinton et al, Hillary co defendant, Violation of the 42 U.S.C. § 1985(2), Obstructing justice; intimidating party witness or juror, Threats made by jogger, Hillary as guilty as Bill, Newsmax September 21, 2000


  2. Comey and Mccabe got their law degrees at:

  3. fhl…………
    ……….it might have only required 4 pages for most folks, there is a remaining 95 pages to still read. It is posted on the internet and leaked there by an insider.

  4. fhl…………..
    …………..and liberals can CHANGE ALL THE WORDS they want in the 4 page bible, but it will NOT CHANGE the wording on the 99 page FISA DOCUMENT which is already out to the public yesterday.

  5. fhl…………
    ………….I believe that Mr.Binney leaked the 99 page FISA document because he anticipated the changing of the wording of the four page BIBLE. BTW where have we heard of words being changed before? The FBI seems to be quite prolific at changing the words in law, Comey’s testimony regarding Mzzzzzzzzzz Piggy, and now in the 4 page BIBLE.

  6. fhl………
    …………..I would suspect that they procured their degrees from K Mart……..and framed versions were BLUELIGHT SPECIALS.

  7. OFF TOPIC BUT pertinent…….
    …………I was reading some stuff today that were the thoughts of a well known College Professor. He Said that the Obamas made US History during the usurped 8 years. Michael is the very first SHEMALE FLOTUS, and Lil Barry is the very first president to be married to a shemale. Both will more than likely end up in Guiness’s book of records.

  8. oldsailor85
    What’s a shemale? Are you talking about that bulge that appears when MOOchele wears a dress?

  9. Treason!

  10. Want to know the truth? Get your popcorn ready!

  11. For the last two years the US Gov’t Law Enforcement Agencies have been in deep collusion with the democratic party politicians and the left did nothing but cheer it on.

    Now, the left is in a tizzy and claiming that the Congressional House Committees are too political.

    R they kidding? They want the FBI to act like democrats and they want the House Intel committee to act like law enforcement.

    Every day I want less and less to do with any democrat.

  12. The NYTimes and the WaPo already have their stories written and just waiting for the memo release (that they have never seen) so they can print their pre written stories about how the memo shows nothing.

  13. fhl…………..
    ………….this entire matter has turned a lot of people against LIFELONG personal friends, and even destroyed marriages. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for the division which is now prevalent across America. If you hiccup you can now be deemed a RACIST. All of this is a product of seriously compromised minds of the DEMOCRATIC CRIMINALS. This all compounds itself in the minds of people who’s intelligence level is very low, and becomes IRRATIONAL HYSTERIA. Now we have a public who themselves have fallen under the CONTROL of the LIBERAL POLITICAL CRIMINALS………and the RABID infection has spread exponentially…….now most of these people are FOAMING AT THE MOUTH. Mr ATOM SNIFF the peanut brain is at the head of the line!

  14. Trying to comfort one another in preparation for the memo.

  15. There were no redactions in the classified memo from the White House; President Trump requested it be released in full and it has been transmitted to the minority and majority of the House Intel Committee, White House says

  16. AND NOW…………

  17. hapnHal………….
    ……………..the term SHEMALE (slang) is one which is often used when the conversation is about a TRANSGENDER………and transgender being a case where an individual possesses the traits of a female, and the physical structure, and attributes of a male. Unfortunately many of these people end up as cross dressers, or homosexuals. In some cases a few have historically possessed the genitalia of both genders, and they are sometimes referred to as hermaphrodites. Sadly in many cases they are allowed to continue in life without having surgical re assignment. This happens out of IGNORANCE, and/or embarrassment of the parents of such an individual.

  18. ACCORDING TO……..
    …………….a now deceased female entertainer publically stated the FLOTUS of President Obama, is a TRANSGENDER. The lady who made that statement DIED shortly after having spoke that word. She died under extremely suspicious circumstances, just as did the head of the HDOH after a forced water landing of an aircraft, in which nobody was injured and the aircraft suffered no major damage either……..yet because she was the director of the HDOH, she was struck dead by a very suspicious bout with arrhythmia.(HEART AILMENT). Her death which resulted from the heart ailment was the finding of an alleged pathologist. Yet an attack of such an ailment is NOT PROVABLE AFTER DEATH……but by some magical method he was able to conclusively prove that she died from arrhythmia. REAL PATHOLOGICAL GENIUS!

  19. it is generally thought that the HDOH director died because she knew too much about Lil Barry Soetoro, maybe she was even complicit in the fabrication of what was finally proven to be a PHONY DOCUMENT.
    With respect to the female entertainer she died while a biopsy was being done on her larynx…….REALLY SUSPICIOUS! There is justification to believe that she was deliberately murdered for having made the public statement regarding the alleged transgenderism of “Michael”…..(THE FLOTUS).

  20. Hey All,

    Long time since I posted.

    I haven’t read the 99 pages that oldsailor referenced, but will do my best too, at some point in the near future.

    But I have read the memo once, and to be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed. Not sure why the Dems were so adamant about not releasing the memo.

    I will state that I would like Mueller to finish up already, he’s been at it for quite a while, and release his findings. Let’s get this behind us and let Trump govern as he was elected to do..

    Mueller hasn’t gotten much out of this investigation thus far, two indictments for something that happened a decade ago, and an admission from Flynn that he didn’t disclose that he had contact with his Russian counterpart during the transition period.

  21. IB………
    ………..welcome back aboard sir. I couldn’t agree with you more!..The entire FANTASY was, and still is exactly that……..but FANTASY is what many politicians are superb at performing…….and DUMMIES believe the BS which the politicians shovel in large quantities.

  22. IB………..
    …………right, wrong, or indifferent, the entire 99 pages were leaked to Alex Jones, (INFOWARS) Wednesday morning. He showed some of the actual documents bearing the US Government seal. At this point it is also reasonable to believe that a FISA document would indeed be 99 pages, or even double that………since the bar is very high at the FISA court when PROBABLE CAUSE is being discussed. It is more than PROBABLE that a great deal of FANTASY was used in the preparation of the request for the warrant to surveille Carter Page. But if IMAGINED,OR OTHERWISE FABRICATED INFORMATION WAS USED to obtain the FISA warrant then a GRAVE and PROSECUTABLE crime was committed by the FBI people who requested the warrant to begin with.
    You may be able to see all of the pages of the original application to FISA at INFOWARS. (YOUTUBE). If you use a search engine just try typing in “leaked FISA request” then hit search, and go from there. There was 99 pages which were allegedly leaked to INFOWARS by an insider.

  23. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I have to state that I switch back and forth between Morning Joe and Fox and Friends every morning.

    Mika and Joe are simply dead set against Trump. Joe says the word “liar” about Trump and his administration at least 100 times during the time I am watching. Sadly, most of the time, he offers no evidence of what he is referencing, he simply says they “lied”.

    Mika is a nut case. She throws insults out like they are Halloween candy. She sits there swinging her leg and bouncing up and down like she is driving on the chuck hole riddled Indianapolis streets.

    I was watching yesterday when Mika cut off the author of “Fire and Fury”. It had to be uncomfortable for Michael Wolff to sit there and be ridiculed for something he didn’t say, and kept telling Mika and the other panelists that he didn’t say what they were accusing him of saying.

    I haven’t read the book, and have no plans to do so, but from what I gathered from this segment on Morning Joe, was that in some interview Michael Wolff suggested that Trump was having an affair, and that if you followed the evidence, you could deduce for yourself who Trump was having the affair with.

    Mika and the panel had concluded that this person was Nikki Haley, and kept asking Wolff about this, and Wolff kept saying he wasn’t prepared to admit who Trump was allegedly having the affair with. This went on for two or three panelists, each asking about Nikki Haley, and Wolff saying he wasn’t prepared to say who it was Trump was having the affair with. Finally Mika jumped in and said that it was ridiculous what Wolff was doing to Nikki Haley, and he should be ashamed of himself, and stated that the segment was over, saying they were going to commercial, and waving “bye bye” to the camera.

    This is how I remember it having watched it live, and not seeing a replay of it a second time to verify this is what I saw.

    I was also watching one time when AM Joy had a conservative on who stated something defending Trump, and Joy telling this woman that MSNBC didn’t report on “conspiracy theories”. I was rolling on the floor laughing after she said that. The whole Mueller investigation is a “conspiracy theory”, and they report on that 24/7, even when there is other news to report.

    Watching MSNBC reminds me of the song “Send in the clowns”

  24. Interested Bystander

    oldsailor, I have the 99 pages saved in my favorites, and will endeavor to read them tonight or tomorrow morning.

  25. Interested Bystander

    Trump was right when he tweeted that Trump Tower was bugged. I remember when he tweeted this, and was ridiculed in the MSM.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting on them to correct their fake ridicule of the President’s tweet.

  26. oldsailor85 | February 2, 2018 at 3:53 pm |

    “Michael”…..(THE FLOTUS).




    First Lad Of The Usurped States!

    If you use democrat logic you can see where they get confused.

  27. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I would also like to state that IF this Mueller investigation was started because of the “dossier” (I call it a manifesto), then every charge against the three folks indicted so far will have to be dropped.

    Also, I’d really like to know how Trump could be accused of obstruction of justice if no crime took place to obstruct?

    If obstruction of justice charges are brought against anyone, they should be brought against Hillary, and all of the people involved in destroying evidence concerning her email server, and HER colluding with the Russians to win the election.

    Documents shredded, computers “washed” (and no Hillary, not with a wash cloth, but with a chemical to destroy what is on the hard drive), phones smashed, and emails deleted in an attempt to OBSTRUCT.

    This is what just upsets me to no end.

    There are credible allegations against Hillary, and the DNC that would point to colluding with the Russians to win the election, but 90% of what you hear or read about, is about Trump colluding with the Russians while almost everyone from both sides say that they have seen no evidence of collusion. Even Pelosi, Waters, and Feinstein admit that they have seen no evidence supporting the reason the Special Prosecutor was appointed.

    But yet this “witch hunt” continues.

    How about investigating the REAL criminal here.

  28. The Best Explanation of What the FISA Memo Says, What It Means and How Mueller Will Be Destroyed

  29. Sorry everyone, but here’s what we know.

    Our Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is defending Rod Rosenstein, one of the subjects of this memo. What that means is that the DOJ is not going to do anything as a result of a memo proving that the DOJ and FBI used false Hillary purchased Russian info to spy on Trump’s people. Because Rosenstein signed it.

    And Paul Ryan is defending Rosenstein, too.

    The entire subject of the memo is that xxx, xxx, xxx, and Rod Rosenstein signed a fraudulent fisa meme and now the DOJ head and the Congress head support the guy that signed it.

    So exactly who is going to prosecute or do anything at all about the crooks?


  30. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I posted on my facebook page probably 6 months ago that I wouldn’t be surprised if Don Jr wasn’t set up by this Russian Lawyer.

    The Trumps just are not familiar with the “inner workings” of Government.

    And now it has been revealed that this lady met with people from Fusion GPS before and after the meeting with Don Jr.

    I mean really, someone gets an email from this lady stating that she had some information on Hillary, forwarded it to Don Jr, who replied to set up a meeting with this person, and when the meeting took place, it was more about a Russian adoption program than about Hillary.

    Hannity says the meeting lasted 20 minutes, while others say it lasted 40 minutes.

    My opinion now, is that there is no doubt that Don Jr was set up.

  31. fhl………..

  32. Bob Strauss……….
    ………….Mueller has already destroyed himself. Anybody with even a half a brain can see through what he is up to. While the DEEP STATE has been SEVERELY DAMAGED they are still afloat, and doing lots of damage control. They will continue their fight until they are all either in PRISON or DEAD. They feel that they have NOTHING TO LOSE!. They might even attempt to assassinate the POTUS. When we look at Abe Lincoln…….he was hated by many, but he was the POTUS. So the BASTARDS who were in reality the CRIMINALS, decided he needed to be disposed of. They hired a slimy little POS from LA LA LAND to do the dirty work. We are seeing the exact same conditions today, and I for one believe that there will be an attempt to kill President Trump. You only need to listen to the IRRATIONAL HYSTERIA which has permeated the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, to realise that they might indeed try to harm him.

  33. Theconservativetreehouse.com has a post where they show there are different types of fisa warrants. One is where they track a guy who is talking to a foreign agent. The other is where they track a foreign agent.
    The fisa for wiretapping page was the second kind. This means they were calling Carter Page a foreign agent in the fisa request. This type of warrant allows them to monitor all the guys talks. This is important because they wanted to listen to everyone in the trump campaign that page talked to.

    I see this as important. Is this what elaine farkas was talking about when she said on tv that they didn’t want anyone to know how they know what they know?

    They used a phony dossier to tell the court that carter page was AN ACTUAL RUSSIAN AGENT so they could listen to everyone he talked to—not just his conversations with some russian. *important*
    This allowed them to hope to listen in on everyone in trump campaign they could get their hands on. They needed to call one of trump’s people a russian agent in order to do this. And they used a phony dossier to do it.

    Like IB said above, did they do the same thing with that russian lawyer who met with don trump jr? Someone needs to find out if she was classified as a russian agent and had a fisa on her. Then they sent her in, via fusion gps, to talk to the trump people.

    This is the slimiest operation ever by these people. And Paul Ryan, and Jeff Sessions are aiding and abetting it.

    A few brave republican congressmen are standing up for the truth, but the truth can go nowhere because there’s nowhere to go. The entire law enforcement operation of the federal gov’t is compromised and full of lying crooks and there’s nobody to prosecute them and no way to prosecute them.

    And those scumbags claim that the few brave congressmen who tell the truth are russian agents.

  34. It is being reported that………..
    EVERY BOGUS 2016 FISA REQUEST to Spy on Trump was Signed by Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch. The first request to spy on Trump was denied by the FISA court. So the discredited and bogus fake Trump dossier was created by Fusion GPS and that the dossier’s origin was not reported to the court. Fusion GPS was hired on behalf of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the D.N.C. by their law firm.


  35. fhl………….re 10:54AM….
    the synopsis which you present in your comment is nearly consistent with what I have been able to determine as well. If Carter Page was deemed a foreign agent without having been legally set out as such, he now has the right to SUE the BASTARDS for some really big money. If he gets the right judge his likelihood of success will be close to 100%.

  36. IN ADDITION……..
    ……….Carter Page also has the right to sue the BASTARD as well. Unfortunately Soetoro is NOT a US citizen, and the likelihood of getting anything out of him is about zero. Hopefully he will be involved in ANOTHER automobile accident ,and this time he will meet his creator……instead of his head going through the windshield.

  37. IB………….
    …………..the simple fact is that he walked into something he did not foresee. And having simply done so gives cause for suspicion. As soon as he walked through the door he became suspect. I wish that he could have seen this as a setup,and avoided all contact with the perpetrators. Unfortunately we can’t always see what is just around the corner.

  38. fhl …………
    ………….Carter Page had every right as a US citizen to visit any country he chooses. For some POS to claim that he is aiding a foreign agent needs to be PROVEN…….especially when it is a bastard who isn’t even a US citizen WHO is masterminding the charges. NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THIS FACT………Lil Barry is NOT NOW a CITIZEN, NOR HAS HE EVER BEEN A US Citizen. The PHONY BC proves this point. If he was a US citizen there would have been a BC on file at HDOH, and there would have been no necessity to manufacture one. Nor would there have been a need for the US government to treat him as a FOREIGN STUDENT. Loretta Lynch obviously has the hots for the BA$TARD……….OTHERWISE SHE WOULD NEVER HAVE SO BLATANTLY JEOPARDISED HERSELF. MZZZZZZZZZ. LYNCH FAILED TO LOOK PAST THE END OF HER NOSE, AND SWALLOWED THE HOPEY CHANGEY MANURE BY THE WAGON LOAD. SHE IS NOW AN ACCESSORY TO CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT TREASON……….JUST AS IS MZZZZZZZZZZZZ. PELOSI, WHO PLACED HER SIGNATURE UPON A FRAUDULANT HAWAII CERTIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY. I PRAY EACH DAY THAT ALL WHO WERE INVOLVED WITH THE ELECTION FRAUD ARE BROUGHT TO SOME SEVERE JUSTICE………BUT I DO NOT HOLD MY BREATH AFTER EACH PRAYER. OUR ALLEGED GOVERNMENT IS NO LONGER A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE ,BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

  39. AND TODAY……..

  40. fhl………….

  41. Judicial Watch has been trying to get the memos comey wrote about his meetings with trump, and then leaked to the nytimes, by going through the freedom of info law. This really puts the crooks at the FBI in a bad position. They don’t want to give up info like that to the public, but if they say it’s classified, they go a long way towards getting Comey indicted.

    I LOVE IT.

  42. AND TODAY………
    …………Pat Robertson has suffered a stroke! Fortunately a person close to him recognized what was happening and he was rushed to the hospital. He was lucky that it was detected early on. He is expected to make a full recovery, thank God!

  43. Arrest usurper Soetoro/Obama!!!

  44. William Binney: FISA Memo Is Only The Beginning

  45. Of the 11 FISA court appointed judges, 10 of them were appointed by Obama, including the corrupt Rudolph Contreras that granted the FISA warrant after another judge rejected it. He is also the same judge who had to recuse himself days after the Michael Flynn plea.


  46. Judge James Zagel FISA judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, Blagojevich trial judge, April order access Verizon phone records, John Roberts appointment

    “Why did Judge James Zagel allow only 2 percent of the Blagojevich wiretaps to be released?”…Citizen Wells

    “I can tell you that, based on court rules and procedures, Judge James Zagel carries some of the blame for the delay in the transcripts.

    The question is, what was Judge Zagel’s motivation?”…Citizen Wells


  47. CW………….
    …………it has become apparent that the entire FISA court is corrupted, and given what we are seeing today it HAS BEEN CORRUPTED for quite some time. This is why the LIBERAL CRIMINAL politicians were able to use TOTAL BULL$HIT to obtain a surveillance warrant. The FISA judges are heavily complicit in what is soon going to become a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS of EPIC PROPORTIONS. You need to examine the remaining 95 pages of the FISA document. It is available complete at INFOWARS. It was leaked to infowars by William Binney Wednesday AM. Binney was once associated with NSA. Keep in mind that all of this was ordered by a bastard who is not NOW, nor has ever been a US Citizen himself……..therefore he was not a legally elected POTUS.

  48. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 | February 3, 2018 at 11:29 pm |

    Thank you. We always watch him on the 700 Club.

  49. A Crazy Old Coot

    “therefore he was not a legally elected POTUS.”

    We have known that all along. Just that no one in authority would listen, not even the SCOTUS.

  50. old coot………….
    ……….as usual you are right. I don’t say what I say to you because I already know that you know the truth. I say what I say because there are a hell of a lot of people who CONVENIENTLY either don’t want to know the truth, or simply are so ignorant they can’t discern the truth. This old friend is why I keep repeating myself………..At 85 years of age I have almost a lifetime of thoughts to call upon………many of which are repetitive, both at CW Blog, and everywhere else I have been in the interim. Further I really enjoy reading your posts because your response tells me that at least ONE person is reading what I have to say. In addition knowing that provides me with the heart to continue in my incessant blahs. Like you, I am who I am, and I am what I am……….which at this late date probably will not change. Again I very much enjoy reading your candid comments.

  51. Here’s one I think we need chat about….

    It is now apparent that TOP LEVEL DOJ and FBI OFFICALS abused the Constitution and deceived our Judicial court system. I would like to ASK “Where were the DOJ and FBI government WHISTLE BLOWERS?” I’m sure that there were some, if not many, Federal Employees assisting these Top Level DOJ and FBI dishonest scumbags. One might think there are no Government whistle blowers. Well…..

    A Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) was passed by 112th Congress. WPEA provides millions of federal workers with the rights they need to report government corruption and wrongdoing safely. The law reflects an unequivocal bipartisan consensus, having received the vote of every member in the 112th Congress, passing both the Senate and House of Representatives by unanimous consent shortly before adjournment. Yes, government WHISTLE BLOWERS are NOW protected.



  53. hapnHal………
    ………….perhaps the lower echelon employees who carried the water for their bosses, were reminded every few minutes who signed their paychecks. This becomes a powerful tool of persuasion.

  54. ………..I get a certain evil satisfaction in watching the eyeballs of Mr. Sniff, nearly pop out of his head when he gets excited. It makes him look like he has just escaped from a BOOBY HATCH. Cracks me up big time!

  55. Michigan-Patriot

    This document is worth a read…Carter Page Info/Testimony…https://t.co/YEMkFVGBV6

  56. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 | February 4, 2018 at 6:18 pm |

    “At 85 years of age I have almost a lifetime of thoughts to call upon”

    I haven’t quite reached there yet, but like you, I was taught the Constitution at a young age and even some of the Federalist Papers. Also I have read the Constitution For the United States of America (for those that don’t know, that is the official title of the Constitution. Someone changed the word For to Of) and I can comprehend the American English language.

    Thanks for all you do, from a youngster (75) to an oldster. LOL

  57. old coot……..
    ………….you are one of the people who went to school and ABSORBED what was once being taught which in those days included US History. Therein lies one of the primary differences between the two of us, and many of the young people of today. Yes I too was required to read the Constitution after I arrived in the 5th grade. If any school today teaches the Constitution it only includes the Bill of Rights…….(First 10)…….if at all. The changes to America’s educational system by the alleged PROGRESSIVES has all but destroyed the quality which once existed in our educational system. I only have a high school education……grad. 1951. Both of my sons attended Parochial grade schools……..but even in the 1960s I was clear that our kids were not getting the same level of education as those before them. This included both grade and high school. In addition it was plain to see that personal values of young students were diminishing as a result of the educational deterioration. As for myself, in the 1950s I felt that pursuing a college education really wasn’t necessary because I had intended to become a tradesman. (GRAPHIC ARTS)……..in which I subsequently spent 50 years of my life. I didn’t earn a multi million dollar income, but I earned a decent living……..which is all I wanted to begin with. Early in my life I came to realise that the more things you own, the greater is the administrative liability. Where personal property, and real estate is concerned, it also brought more taxation. I enjoyed a life of family involvement, and today both of my sons are successful in business. I am hugely proud of both of them. I can’t ask for more! BTW I have never in my life used a credit card. I had a line of credit at my bank, and that is how I bought large cost items. When I tell people that these days they gasp in horror……..and ask me how the hell I pay my bills. I still use personal checks. I always ask if a company accepts personal checks before I do any business with them. If they say no I just say one word……..ADIOS. I have never written rubber checks. If I don’t have the money to make a purchase I do without until I do have the money. Today I buy most of my groceries from a store which is owned by an Amish family. I pay them in cash. His wife makes really great bread, and English muffins. Buying my food from them has turned out to be one of the smartest things I have done in my life.

  58. We owe such a huge debt of gratitude to the very few republicans in congress who are bringing all this to light. Even though the leadership is not going to go anywhere with it like they should and bring the responsible parties to justice, at least the irrefutable truth can be seen and no longer denied.

  59. Even after wiretapping Trump, they couldn’t find anything.

    Meanwhile the media has to work 24/7 to cover up all the crimes of the left.

  60. Everything the libs do is distract. We all knew Obama was going to bring “chicago” thug tactics to D.C. Washington got dirtier while he was in office and the swamp got muddier.

    Hopefully all the corruption will be brought out..right up to the oval office.

    The reason Hillary had to be cleared is because as SOS, she was communicating with Obama (using a pseudoname) on her unsecured server; and you have to know they weren’t discussing wedding plans and grandchildren. If they did a real investigation it would have led to the highest official committing crimes.
    It’s a joke now that they are accusing President Trump of collusion with Russia. Hillary and Obama were handing out National secrets free of charge to anyone and everyone that wanted them. They let Hillary slide to cover for Obama and all the while put our country at grave risk. Dangerous and disgraceful!!!

  61. fhl………..
    ………….while I agree whole heartedly with your rationale, I too have serious doubts that many of the RINOS will ever allow the deep state to be cleaned out. They will keep up their BS until they eventually lose both houses, at which point they will try to blame it on Trump. Then this is compounded by people like Mr Sniff the goggle eyed peanut brain, and his halfwitted band of lunatics who still FOAM AT THE MOUTH, and rave RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. Then to add more fuel to the fire we have American low intelligence people who believe all of the bull$hit, and continue to support the LIBERAL LUNATICS, and the RINOS. As each day passes I am growing more fearful that any radical actions by either side could precipitate something really serious right here in USA, or the NOKO pimple head could see it as a weakened state, and decide to physically demonstrate his toys………..which will then pull us into something having the potential to kill millions of people on earth. All because of a few SICK, TWISTED, CHILDISH POS who loudly TALK IT BUT haven’t the gut courage to DO IT.
    When I think about the gut strength of the people in 1776, I find myself sickened by what America has been turned into by the CRIMINAL POLITICIANS. I am afraid that our MORAL MINDSET has already become that of a third world country, and we may never recover from it.

  62. ………..and in spite of President Trump’s best efforts many Americans will never change their skewed POLITICAL, MORAL, AND SPIRITUAL beliefs. Until that happens… nothing will change. It is the YOUNG PEOPLE of America upon whose shoulders truly lies the ENGINE OF CHANGE. Unfortunately there are no older people with the courage to take the LEAD. So far only President Trump has taken the initiative to lead………BUT the POTUS is really only a figurehead in scope. Congress has become a social club …….All Congressional members would jump right out of their skins if somebody sneaked up behind them and yelled BOOOOOOOO.

  63. fhl………….
    ……..good shot of Mr, Jiff the peanut brain. Call 911 there is an escaped NUT CASE in my computer monitor!

  64. fhl………..
    …………….10-4 on the MICKEY DEE RATIONALE har har.

  65. Observation…..
    No one has come out to defend Witch Hillary. Perhaps now, with the mid term elections just around the corner, the Democrats have finally realized it’s time throw Hillary under the bus.

    The silence among most Democrats has been deafening,

  66. Figures…..

    **FLASHBACK*** Adam Schiff’s Sister Is Married To Soros’s Son
    2/6/2018, 9:28:35 AM · by Enlightened1 · 27 replies
    NY Times ^ | 05/24/92
    Melissa Robin Schiff, the daughter of Marlene S. Schiff of New York and the late Dr. Haskel Schiff, was married May 5 to Robert Daniel Soros, a son of Annaliese Soros and George Soros, both of New York. Rabbi Dr. David Posner performed the ceremony at Temple Emanu-El in New York. Mrs. Soros, 28 years old, graduated from New York University.

  67. And now we know how the FBI and deep state is spinning things to keep Rod Rosenstein in place and the mule juice witch hunt intact. Wray is claiming that firing mccabe was because of the IG report that is yet to come, not the Nunes Memo that he viewed the day before he fired Mccabe. This is their way of protecting Rosenstein and Buente who still work in their capacity of thwarting the will of us normal, deplorable people.

    FBI’s Wray makes clear McCabe’s retirement tied to IG’s Clinton report (1/30/2018)
    2/6/2018, 9:26:18 AM · by RevelationDavid · 9 replies
    NBC NEWS ^ | 1/30/2018 | by Pete Williams and Julia Ainsley
    “”FBI Director Chris Wray made clear in a message sent to all bureau employees on Monday night that Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s decision to step aside was a result of forthcoming information to be detailed in an inspector general report, according to a copy of his message obtained by NBC News. Wray alluded to having seen aspects of the IG’s report into the way the FBI handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server…. “It would be inappropriate for me to comment on specific aspects of the IG’s review right now,” Wray said in the message.

  68. fhl. ……………..
    ……………Atom Sniff’s sister marrying a Soros…….. SOMETHING WHICH DOESN’T SURPRISE ME. Loved the Dangerfield, Knotts comparison. With both of them the bug eye syndrome was humorous, but with respect to Mr.Sniff it appears to be a sign of his SICK, AND TWISTED MENTALITY.

  69. fhl……….
    …………..Marty Feldman has nothing on Atom Sniff.



  72. fhl…………..

  73. AND THE BEST…….

  74. A Crazy Old Coot

    fhl | February 6, 2018 at 11:00 am |

    They are doing their best to wipe it out (hehehe) with Tide Pods.

  75. A Crazy Old Coot

    Just a quick question that has bothered me for some time.

    Has anyone ever seen any documents showing that Mr. Obama came into this country legally?? His name was removed from his mothers documents.

  76. old coot……..
    …………..he was given status of foreign student, and received US government funds before he entered Occidental at LA. This would seem to say that he might have had a foreign student visa……..but this is really doubtful because he would have had to make some pertinent disclosures which might have compromised him.

  77. A Crazy Old Coot

    fhl | February 6, 2018 at 9:10 am |

    I find that picture of the artist drawing the spy offensive.

    That was from “spy vs spy” and was our symbol in the Air Force (DSI). LOL

  78. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 | February 6, 2018 at 4:16 pm |

    …………..he was given status of foreign student

    Yes, but “how” did he get into the country?? His name was removed from his mothers documents coming back, so where is his docs??

  79. Trump is saving the USA from the usurper!

    Usurper is on the run now!

  80. oldsailor85 | February 6, 2018 at 4:16 pm |

    old coot……..
    …………..he was given status of foreign student, and received US government funds before he entered Occidental at LA. This would seem to say that he might have had a foreign student visa……..but this is really doubtful because he would have had to make some pertinent disclosures which might have compromised him.
    There was a clan of the usurper’s relatives in this country, I remember old aunt Zutuni, and another uncle too, probably the usurper’s real parents for all we know. They were all foreigners that faced deportation as I recall?

  81. A Crazy Old Coot | February 6, 2018 at 4:41 pm |

    oldsailor85 | February 6, 2018 at 4:16 pm |

    …………..he was given status of foreign student

    Yes, but “how” did he get into the country?? His name was removed from his mothers documents coming back, so where is his docs??

    A Crazy Old Coot,
    I believe Zullo reported those records were missing for the time period in question. Usurper scrubbed them.

  82. old coot………….
    ………he probably arrived in the US Mainland from Hawaii, via aircraft. I am sure there would have been pertinent records of his arrival. ……but since Hawaii was then a state he was ALREADY in the US. In thinking back he was allegedly brought back to Hawaii by his mother where she dumped him off on her own mother to raise,clothe, feed,and school. I have read that this occurred when he was about 10 years of age. His mother then proceeded on to Washington State where she enrolled in studies at a University there. Allegedly Lil Barry finished high school in Hawaii. So once again I ask why was it necessary for him to be treated as a foreign student if he had spent that much time in Hawaii…..and Hawaii then being a state. It would have been unnecessary for him to be treated as a foreign student. This is another reason why I question why this was done. As a foreign student it would not conceal any of his past, moreover it would reveal much more instead. I believe that much of his past records were deliberately scrubbed to keep forensic investigators from finding these records. The slimes who were doing the scrubbing realized early on that there was no birth record bon file in Hawaii which is why the very first CERTIFICATION OF BIRTH appeared. It too was a fraudulently produced document. Had it been a legally valid document it would have been a PHOTOSTATIC COPY, had it been produced in the 1960s. Black with white characters. In addition there was NO MICROFILM COPY OF HIS birth record in the archives. This says that either there was none to begin with,or it was deliberately removed. But deliberate removal of public record would have worked against his case. Public records are as vital as event documents. That is what I was pursuing when I was stricken with the shingles. Up to that point it was my intention to pursue an examination of these records right here in our own Public Library. At that time our genealogical archives were and still are second only to those at Salt Lake City (LDS). All such libraries throughout the US as well as in many foreign countries constantly received copies of microfilm spools of birth, and other vital public records. Knowing this I along with a couple of friends who worked at the clerk’s office began a search which we spent nearly three years doing, of all the public records databases in the US as well as the archives of all of the Superior Courts across America. Thanks to computers, and electronic data storage it made an impossible task fairly easy,but did take a lot of time as well as cost a lot of money. For instance certain public records should have existed had there been a legally adjudicated name change no matter where it was granted. This is how I know that he did NOT have a legally valid name change in Canada either. The Canadian laws are exactly as ours. A certified copy of a legally valid long form BC must accompany the petition for name change at the time it is filed……..without it there can be no hearing.

  83. old coot………
    …………with all of this info the intrinsic validity of the Kenya BC becomes much more credible. The copy which Lucas Smith obtained at his own expense, and effort was CERTIFIED as legally valid by an arm of the Kenya government. This means that he was NEVER a US citizen. Sadly there are a lot of people who think the Kenya document is INVALID. IT IS NOT INVALID because it bears the stamp and seal Certification of the Kenya government, and as such is legally admissible in any US court. Those who say it has been debunked probably have not noticed the stamp and seal of the Kenya certification. This also bears the signature of the officer who made the copy. Yes the Kenya copy would more than likely be banned as evidence based upon hastily made up lies……..because the POS judges of our US courts are still in Lil Barry’s hip pocket. I have decided for myself that the Kenya BC is in fact the real Soetoro BC……LIKE IT OR NOT. It is more than doubtful that the legality of the 44th president will NEVER be questioned in a court of law. If that happens there might be some hope for the future of America. Until it is prosecuted in a fair and honorable court America will continue to deteriorate simply at the hands of our now mentally twisted population. More and more people believe that UP is DOWN, and BLACK IS WHITE drugs is great,sexual deviance is OK, and ignorance is a virtue……….they are being taught that from the 1st grade forward.

  84. Bob Strauss……….
    ……………at best President Trump has potentially 7 years to make America great again. If the peanut brain Mr. Sniff has his way Trump will be removed from office IMMEDIATELY, and without benefit of trial……..and Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Piggy will be installed ILLEGALLY as POTUS. If the American people do nothing in response to this our country is ALREADY finished……….SIMPLE LOGIC! America WILL HAVE DONE A self destruct.

  85. WHAT CAN WE DO……….


  87. *Breaking*
    Found the FISA court that granted James Comey anything he wanted!

  88. They are….


  90. How “Individual A” helped Dennis Hastert become Speaker of the House


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