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Megyn Kelly Neil Abercrombie panel biased and uninformed, Fox News fair & Balanced?, Fox biased, Boobs on news shows

Megyn Kelly Neil Abercrombie panel biased and uninformed, Fox News fair & Balanced?, Fox biased, Boobs on news shows

I held off of letting Megyn Kelly have it until yesterday even though she had made some stupid, uninformed comments about the Obama eligibility issues. She was undoubtedly influenced by the pontificating, bloviator Bill O’Reilly. She crossed the line a few days ago when she interviewed two biased and uninformed panelists regarding the Governor Neil Abercrombie remarks about Obama’s birth and birth certificate.

First of all, Fox News touts being “fair and balanced.” This show was one of the most unfair and unbalanced that I have viewed. It almost gave MSNBC credibility. The guests were:

Dan Gerstein, president of Gotham Ghostwriters, a Democrat Strategist and clearly a Orwellian spin meister for Obama.

Rich Lowry, editor of the National review. All he did was regurgitate the standard lines from the left.

Not only did Megyn Kelly not ask probing journalistic questions such as:

 Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?

Isn’t Obama ineligible due to not being a natural born citizen? His father was Kenyan/British. The founding fathers had to be grandfathered in to be eligible. Senate resolution 511 stated that McCain had 2 US Citizen parents.

The Certification of Live birth, COLB, placed on the internet. Do we have proof it was issued by the state of Hawaii? Isn’t the COLB, as Lou Dobbs stated, just a piece of paper that refers to another piece of paper? Is it possible to get a COLB and not be born in Hawaii?

There are obviously more questions that could be asked. Not only did Megyn Kelly not ask real questions, she joined in the “feeding frenzy” and lent credence to comments made by her biased panelists. This was one of the more disgusting displays I have ever witnessed on TV!

And Megyn Kelly is a law school graduate. She referred to comments made by FactCheck.org and to birth announcements in newspapers as evidence.