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Obama birth certificate, COLB, Certificate of Live Birth different, Hawaii Department of Health, REGISTRAR’S NAME, ISSUE DATE AND RAISED SEAL

Obama birth certificate, COLB, Certificate of Live Birth different

From The Post & Email, April 25, 2010.

“Original Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii is different from Obama’s COLB”


“The Post & Email is in possession of an original paper “Certificate of Live Birth” recently issued from the Hawaii Department of Health to an American citizen born in Hawaii in 1981 as verified by his mother.

At first glance, the document appears similar to the image posted on Obama’s campaign website.  However, there are some differences: 

  • The document is titled “Certificate of Live Birth” as opposed to Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth.”
  • There is more information about the parents on the right side of the document across from the spaces for “Mother’s Race” and “Father’s Race.”  Both the mother’s and father’s places of birth are printed there.  Obama’s purported “document” does not have that information.
  • There is a visible certificate number at the top, while Obama’s is blacked out.
  • On the back, there is a stamped date, presumably the date the document was issued from the Department of Health.
  • Below the date there is a stamp which reads:  “I CERTIFY THIS IS A TRUE COPY OR ABSTRACT OF THE RECORD ON FILE IN THE HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH.”  The signature of Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D., is also there, followed by the words “STATE REGISTRAR.”
  • The document contains a raised seal which is visible from both sides, unlike Obama’s.
  • There are no marks where it looks as if something has bled through from the back to the front as in Obama’s “document.”

The Post & Email had published an in-depth analysis by photographic expert John F. Sweeney of the document which Factcheck.org claimed to have photographed at its Chicago office in March 2008 but which Sweeney maintains was taken at the Obama campaign headquarters instead. 

Factcheck.org claims that the document on their website has a raised seal.  However, the same edge-detection technique used with the image from Factcheck’s website shown below yields no such raised seal.  Mr. Sweeney stated in his earlier analysis: 

Edge-detection of the document released by Factcheck.org shows no raised seal (John F. Sweeney) 

“What else is in, or more importantly, not in this photo? There is absolutely no evidence of a raised seal in the lower right portion of the document where the supposed scans and other supposed photos show the raised, 3-D seal from the Department of Health machine. The seal should be located in the area that has the shadow of the arm. But it is not there. It is not visible to the naked eye; there is not a sign of it under any zooming of the original photo; no digital manipulation tools find any evidence of a raised seal in this picture. With 100% certainty, the raised seal is not there. So this is merely a picture of a printout. It is definitely not an official COLB from Hawaii…The photo is not that of an official Hawaiian issue COLB due to the lack of a raised seal.” 

According to a WorldNetDaily report dated July 29, 2009, in 1961, there were four different ways to obtain birth documentation from the Hawaii Department of Health, including a mail-in registration requiring no in-person substantiation of the birth by an adult.  One website reports that there were six ways to do so, with one category, the Certificate of Hawaiian Birth, being eliminated in 1972.”

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