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Lakin court martial, Where is the military, Answer from retired military officer, Citizen Wells open thread, September 23, 2010

Lakin court martial, Where is the military, Answer from retired military officer

From Carmen Reynolds, Lt Col (Ret), USAF, September 23, 2010.

“Answer on WHERE is the military?
Many are asking why the military is doing nothing on the Lt Col Terry Lakin court-martial case.
Many do not understand that the military doesn’t say “Boo” unless directed by their Civilian Masters.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff, who direct the Services, derive their orders from Civilian Authorities above, emanating from the Commander-in-Chief.
Many now get to their general ranks by being “yes men” rather than independent thinkers. So in order to keep their jobs, they are onboard with the current trends and flavor of the ruling administration. Gen Bostwick has recently come out calling military personnel “bigots” if they will not psychologically accept gays, and that they should get out.  Lady Gaga is trying her best to socially engineer our society into believing it’s OK too and proceeds to denigrate our troops by shouting, “Get out! Get out! Get out!” (that is if they don’t/can’t accept gays.)
All active-duty military members are subject to reprisals for any involvement in these matters. They are prohibited from making public comments regarding vital issues. For example, in the 90’s, we were told NOT to make any more Clinton jokes as military members. I put my retirement papers in shortly afterward.
A nation that forgets its soldiers is soon forgotten. In the absence of any assistance from the above, The U.S. Patriots Union has created two White Papers, outlining a proper defense for Lakin and has ensured he receives this. They have attorneys standing by and are raising funds for this effort.
USPU also created a Veterans Council, headed by Gen. Vallely in an effort to mount large numbers of Patriots concerned about our country to include: military, retired military and family members.
USPU has identified six areas of emphasis so Patriots can concentrate in one area to effect change. As the tea parties are being infiltrated and infighting is occurring, membership will have differing levels of security.
If you really want to know where our soldiers are, they are in the Veterans Council at the U.S. Patriots Union, and they are focused on returning this nation to greatness.
Don’t ask where our soldiers are… They are at Patriots Union!
Join us at the United States Patriots Union now: http://www.patriotsunion.org/