Seth Rich update FBI sat on laptop, Attorney Clevenger: ” I’m increasingly convinced ….Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham were double agents”, Jan 14, 2021

Seth Rich update FBI sat on laptop, Attorney Clevenger: ” I’m increasingly convinced ….Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham were double agents”, Jan 14, 2021

“And why is Fox News working so hard to kill this story? I wish I could say more “about Fox’s behind-the-scenes treachery — and someday hopefully I will — but rest assured that Malia Zimmerman’s May 17, 2017 story about Mr. Rich was fully vetted by senior Fox management. I repeatedly encouraged Fox’s attorneys to postpone settlement discussions with Seth Rich’s parents until I obtained the FBI records (my client, Ed Butowsky, was a co-defendant with Fox), but Fox was hellbent on settling the case in October / November. That’s around the time Rupert Murdoch publicly joined forces with Joe Biden. Fox had a very strong defense, yet it rolled over and played dead, settling the lawsuit and then firing Ms. Zimmerman. Sooner or later, the full story will come out, and it will be very ugly for Fox News and the Murdoch family.”...Attorney Ty Clevenger

“They found, what he had done, he [Seth Rich] had submitted a series of documents, emails from DNC — and, by the way, all this shit about the DNC, you know, was it a ‘hack’ or wasn’t it a ‘hack’ — whatever happened, it was the Democrats themselves wrote this shit, you know what I mean? All I know is that, he offered a sample, he sends a sample, you know, I am sure dozens of emails, and said ‘I want money’. Later Wikileaks did get the password [SETH RICH DID SELL WIKILEAKS ACCESS INTO HIS COMPUTER.] He had a drop-box, a [password-]protected drop-box, which isn’t hard to do.”…Seymour Hersh

” So why would a “street robbery” investigation need to be classified?”…Attorney Ty Clevenger July 22, 2020


From Attorney Ty Clevenger January 14, 2021.

“The Central Intelligence Agency will neither confirm nor deny that it fabricated the Russian “fingerprints” in Democratic National Committee emails published in 2016 by Wikileaks and “Guccifer 2.0,” and the FBI implicitly acknowledged today that it never reviewed the contents of DNC employee Seth Rich’s laptop despite gaining custody of the laptop after his murder.

The revelations came in two separate Freedom of Information Act lawsuits filed by my clients in the Eastern District of Texas. For those of you who live under a rock, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange strongly implied in a 2016 interview that the leaked DNC emails came from Mr. Rich, while the political / bureaucratic / media establishment has steadfastly maintained that the emails were hacked by agents of Russia.

The latest admissions blow a hole in the government / media narrative, suggesting that federal officials not only ignored Seth Rich’s role in the leaks, but fraudulently shifted the blame to Russia.

In The Transparency Project v. Department of Justice, et al., my client asked to see records indicating whether the CIA or its Directorate of Digital Innovation, its contractors, etc. inserted Russian “fingerprints” into the metadata of the emails that were released publicly. (You can review the entire request by clicking here and reading Paragraph 11).”

“I don’t know why I didn’t realize it at the time, but the FBI was telling me that it had no idea what was on Seth Rich’s computer, and that’s because the FBI had never looked at his computer.

If, as we are told, Mr. Rich was killed in a “botched robbery” that was only investigated by local police, then why would the FBI take custody of his laptop? And why would the FBI take custody of evidence and then never review it? (Maybe we should ask Hunter Biden, as I suspect his laptop was kept on the same shelf as Seth’s.)

You may recall from my December 9, 2020 post that former Attorney General Bill Barr and Special Counsel John Durham steadfastly refused to consider any information about Seth Rich. The whole subject was arbitrarily off limits, and I’m increasingly convinced that’s because Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham were double agents. They convinced President Trump that they were aggressively pursuing the “Russian collusion” hoax, but in reality they were just running out the clock.”

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5 responses to “Seth Rich update FBI sat on laptop, Attorney Clevenger: ” I’m increasingly convinced ….Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham were double agents”, Jan 14, 2021

  1. “The National Security Agency is hiding records about murdered Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich, according to one of my sources, who informed me yesterday that the records are classified as a special access program (the highest level of classification) because they include intercepted communications between Mr. Rich and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.”
    Atty Clevenger Dec 30, 2020

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  3. As free speech is being eliminated across the internet, thanks for trying to keep your site going CW.

    I unfortunately cannot believe that with all the headlines, the FBI never looked at Seth Rich’s laptop. I cannot accept that this is even possible. They delayed hoping that when Trump was out of office they could say that they had it, but never looked at it. 10 years from now we will find out what the “conspiracy people” said all along, that he was the inside guy.

    While I cannot say that I support communism or socialism, I do respect that Seth RIch realized that voter fraud was a threat to nation, even inside the democratic party. Perhaps if the FBI had looked at the laptop, we wouldn’t be in this position now nationally. However, you could say that about Obama’s past as well.

  4. Pete, the position our nation is in now has required decades to arrange.
    This planned ‘reset’ is not new.

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