Georgia election more screwed up and misrepresented than first apparent, Devil in details, Floyd County example, Want your small town to be off by 61 votes?

Georgia election more screwed up and misrepresented than first apparent, Devil in details, Floyd County example, Want your small town to be off by 61 votes?

“We discovered that these systems are subject to different types of unauthorized manipulation and potential fraud,”  “There is a reason that Texas rejected it,”...Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

“Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”...Eric Coomer, executive with Dominion Voting Systems

“The voter participation rate in DeKalb was 67.8% a major red flag.”…Citizen Wells


Citizen Wells has been analyzing the Georgia election on the macro and mid levels.

But as we all know, the Devil is in the details.

And so it is in Georgia.

Examples of details hidden by summaries are in Floyd County, numerous counties that have too many errors for their size and multiple vote changes that have a bigger impact.

Floyd County.

You probably know by now that 2600 ballots were found there that allegedly were not rescanned and added to the totals.

From News 11 November 17, 2020.

“Nearly 2,600 ballots were not tallied on election night in Floyd County, the Secretary of State’s office said.

Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling said county election workers failed to upload votes from a memory card on election night. It was discovered during a statewide audit. ”

“Trump received 1,643 additional votes, Biden had 865 more votes and Jorgensen had 16 new votes. ”

In the recount data you might expect to find the variance of 2600, right?


Apparently there were other issues found because Biden came up with a deficit gain of 92!

Another detail devil.

Counties with high error rates for their size.

Imagine you live in small town America or a small city.

Would the following vote count error be acceptable to you?

County     Total     Difference

Appling                  8,391                  50

Dougherty            35,338                 43

LIberty                  21,422                 33

Peach                     12,564                 19

Pickens                  17,136                 20

Polk                        17,377                -22

Pulaski                    4,084                 25

Thomas                  21,914                61

Washington           9,478                 19

Whitfield               36,786                40

Small net vote difference with bigger impact.

Clarke County had only a change of -3 but a change of + 78 for Trump.

Columbia 7 with +69 for Trump.

Lowndes 2 with +70 for Trump.

Rockdale -6 with +241 for Trump.

Ware 1 with with +74 for Trump.

Election official Gabriel Sterling made many misleading statements and his insistence on small changes in most counties is obviously one.


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16 responses to “Georgia election more screwed up and misrepresented than first apparent, Devil in details, Floyd County example, Want your small town to be off by 61 votes?

  1. Floyd County GA recount:

    Apparently there were other issues found because Biden came up with a deficit gain of 92!

    Another detail devil.

  2. My town of 30K ‘lost’ 50 votes. How? Where did they go? Was my vote lost?

    The Town Clerk couldn’t answer my questions.

    Mr. Trump still won my town (imagine that….in Massachusetts!) but with *fewer* votes than he got in 2016. There are signs all over my town (and they’re still up) that state ‘This Is Trump Country,’ so how did he get fewer votes? Something just doesn’t smell right.

    It doesn’t seem to matter where you are, or whether you’re in a city or small town. The vote was illegit. Everywhere.

  3. AND,
    ……… matter how much evidence is presented the CROOKED JUDGES will toss every action by Trump, or his lawyers. SCOTUS will refuse to hear any of it. Time for Trump to begin his campaign for 2024. He needs to somehow obtain one of the voting machines used, and then hire a computer expert to go over it in detail and in the interim between 2020 and 2024 determine exactly how the software behaves and what triggers the vote flips while the Sparkmatic software is still loaded…….then put Mr. Coomer under oath to see if he tries to LIE about it.

    Made my day–I haven’t worn a mask here in Kentucky yet.

  5. I read a lot online and the explanation is simple:
    the Dominion machines were programmed to correct Biden’s total when there was a 3% lead…Trump voters turned out in such force that the lead was substantial which is why 6 states at a certain time showed Trump winning; those 6 states communicated, shut down at same time, and rushed in voter fraud #2…mail-in ballots.

  6. AND,
    ……..a huge part of the problem has been, and still is….. too many folks in America for whatever reason do NOT WANT TO THINK PAST THE END OF THEIR NOSES. THEY LIVE FOR TODAY AND WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW WHEN IT ARRIVES……which more often than not brings BAD NEWS.

  7. AND,
    ……….in January 2021 SS America will be entering EXTREMELY DANGEROUS WATER. The Captain of the ship had better know what such water looks like, or he could very quickly see his ship disappear below the waves. We don’t need a DEMENTED captain on the bridge. The interim period between 2021-2024 will be a continuous minefield. The crew of the ship will be AOC, OMAR, TLAIB, BERNIE, ETC. Each will be rowing the ship towards the minefield instead of away from it……and while the demented captain, Joe Malarkey is occupied smelling Kamala’s hair the ship sails into a minefield.

  8. Jay Jay……..
    ……… are right on the money!!!!!

  9. Jay Jay……
    ……….have relatives by marriage who live near Mt. Washington. Some folks think it is one of the fastest growing areas in KY.

  10. Well, I love where I am. No illegal Mexicans. No restrictions involving fake virus. I have not worn a mask yet. I’m 12 miles from Tennessee state line south.

    Oh, someone researching voter machines and fraud found machines responsible for Beshear win in 2018.
    We’re a red state so that always bothered me.

  11. People that have analyzed official numbers in certain states see total vote counts dropping, then a big pile of biden votes added, then the rest of the votes only coming in at a certain ratio to sustain the margin that they put in with the biden vote dump.

    There aren’t any reasonable explanations for these things.

  12. Like probably a lot of people, i wondered what the deal was with the sydney powell tweet from the white house.

    Flynn, jr says he has confirmed with someone that it’s about money and legalities and not the white house trying to distance themselves from her over the evidence.

    She can take in money from other sources and will not have to vet everything through the campaign.
    I hope he is correct, because that white house tweet was very disconcerting.

  13. Jay Jay……..
    ………it is plain to see that the Democratic slime politicians maneuvers are planned out in detail LONG before they are carried out. These people believe that they are superior to all other people on Earth therefore the laws DO NOT APPLY TO THEM. Then one day like the bastards Teddy, and Mr. Murtha they suddenly end up standing before their creator in his courtroom for their FINAL JUDGEMENTS. Some of us watched both of them receive their subpoenas from God, and their subsequent burials. BASTARDS ON EARTH, AND NOTHING IN HELL.!!!!!!! GOOD FOR WHAT AILS THEM!!!!!! Without a doubt there are folks on Earth who would take a great delight in dumping a bucket full of their excrement upon the graves of both of the aforementioned politicians. We have yet to witness the demise of SLICK WILLY, and Mzzzzzzzzzz. PIGGY……..more POS. Perhaps in the interim we will see the deportation of “THE LOST CHIMPANZEE FROM KENYA” HE HAS NEVER BEEN A US CITIZEN,AND IS STILL AN ALIEN…….YET MANY AMERICANS STILL THINK HE IS REALLY C-O-O-L. (stated in punk language)

  14. AND……
    ……..many, if not most politicians are PARASITES who suck the blood of the willing taxpayer HOSTS. If politicians had to do an honest day of physical labor they would probably collapse in the first hour.

  15. Leftard talking point is that if you don’t wear a mask, you are being selfish.

    ‘Don’t be selfish, think of the community’ is one of the chief tenets of communism.
    “Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, the fathers of Communism, disagree and find that … the individual is expected to work and act to promote the betterment of the community. … Hence selfishness, slacking……”

    The maskholes are simply spouting communist ideological propaganda and that fact should be slammed back in their face every time they try it.

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