Assange hearing and testimony update September 8, 2020, UK & US courts, Seth Rich trials, US narrows espionage charge to only naming informants

Assange hearing and testimony update September 8, 2020, UK & US courts, Seth Rich trials, US narrows espionage charge to only naming informants

“Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested”…The Conservative Treehouse November 3, 2019

“Re: Seth Rich, keep an eye on the National Security Division of the Justice Department. As you can see from the federal complaint, the NSD ignored a FOIA request that I filed back in 2018 for records about Seth Rich. And look at Paragraph 16, plus Exhibit 8. I think NSD is playing a bigger role in the “Russian hacking” narrative than most of us understood. By sending Seth Rich records there, it’s easier to keep things classified. So why would a “street robbery” investigation need to be classified?”…Attorney Ty Clevenger July 22, 2020

“Assange testimony requested in Rich v Butowsky et al  August 24, 2020”…Citizen Wells


From Consortium News September 8, 2020 UK lunch break.

“US Tries to Narrow its Espionage Charge to Only Naming Informants; Defense Quotes Indictment to Prove Otherwise

Julian Assange was also warned by Judge Baraitser that he would be removed if he makes another outburst. U.S. crimes abroad on display.”

“Prosecution had tried to establish on cross that Assange is not being charged with publishing classified information, but only publishing names of informants, which happened to be in classified documents.

There is no specific U.S. statute against revealing informants names, as there is regarding the names of covert government agents, as readers will recall in the Valerie Plame case.  But James Lewis QC for the prosecution argued that informant names are national defense information and thus protected by the Espionage Act.

This is a sleight of hand and speaks to the public relations nature of the U.S. case. Lewis on the one hand argues Assange is not being charged with publishing, but only with publishing documents with informants’ names. That is an appeal to First Amendment concerns. But that is still a charge of publishing classified information, even if restricted to those with informant names.

The U.S. appeal to the public is to depict Assange as an ogre who doesn’t care for human life, while at the same time portraying the United States as being concerned for a free press.

Lewis read from the book by David Leigh and Luke Harding, Wikileaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy, in which the authors say that Assange was unconcerned about revealing the names of informants, and quotes from a dinner in which Assange was alleged to have said that informants deserved it, if they were killed.

Lewis asked the defense witness Smith if he agreed with Leigh about this or with Assange?  It was a below-the-belt question, which Smith evaded by returning to a point he repeatedly made that Lewis, as a British lawyer, didn’t know how U.S. trials are conducted the way Smith, an American lawyer, does.

Smith said it doesn’t matter what’s in an indictment, because other evidence is routinely introduced at American trials.”

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Julian Assange testimony is requested in active US lawsuits.

Here is one.

From Rich v Fox News Network.

“Fox News seeks testimony in response to the following specific questions:
1) What was Mr. Assange’s role (if any) in the establishment of WikiLeaks?
2) What was Mr. Assange’s role (if any) in connection with the activities of WikiLeaks in 2016?
3) In 2016 and 2017, what role (if any) did Mr. Assange have regarding the content of WikiLeaks’ Twitter postings?
4) What was Mr. Assange’s involvement (if any) in WikiLeaks’ July 22, 2016 release of emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as referenced at
5) When were those emails and documents provided to WikiLeaks?
6) How did WikiLeaks obtain the DNC emails and documents?
7) Which individual(s) and/or entit(y/ies) provided the DNC emails and documents to WikiLeaks?
8) Which individual(s) and/or entit(y/ies) obtained those materials from the DNC?
9) Describe any role played by Seth Rich to your knowledge in obtaining those materials and/or providing them to WikiLeaks.
10) To your knowledge, has WikiLeaks ever offered a reward for information related to a murder that occurred in the United States other than in relation to the murder of Seth Rich? If so, on how many occasions?
11) Why did WikiLeaks provide a reward for information related to the murder of Seth Rich?
12) Has Mr. Assange ever communicated with Seth Rich in any manner?
13) If so, what was the content of the communications?
14) If Mr. Assange himself has not communicated with Seth Rich, is Mr. Assange aware as to whether any person affiliated with WikiLeaks ever communicated with Seth Rich in any manner?
15) If so, (a) who communicated with Seth Rich? And (b) what, to Mr. Assange’s knowledge, was the content of such communication(s)?
16) Has Mr. Assange ever communicated in any manner with another member of the Rich family, including (but not limited to) Aaron Rich, Joel Rich, or Mary Rich?                                                                                                                                     17) If so, what was the content of those communications?
18) To Mr. Assange’s knowledge, has any other person affiliated with WikiLeaks ever communicated in any manner with a member of the Rich family?
19) If so, (a) who communicated with the Rich family? And (b) what, to Mr. Assange’s knowledge, was the content of such communication(s)?
20) To Mr. Assange’s knowledge, did any individual(s) and/or entit(y/ies) affiliated with the Russian Federation (including, but not limited to, the FSB, SVR, GU (or GRU), FSPSI, or any other intelligence service) play any role in obtaining and/or providing to WikiLeaks the 2016 DNC emails released by WikiLeaks?”

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19 responses to “Assange hearing and testimony update September 8, 2020, UK & US courts, Seth Rich trials, US narrows espionage charge to only naming informants

  1. “LETTERS ROGATORY ISSUED on August 27, 2020, to Williams & Connolly LLP, to be served on Julian Assange, in the United Kingdom, to appear for testimony. Letters mailed to Joseph M. Terry at 725 Twelfth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005.(km)”

  2. CW………
    ………..could a COMPROMISE for Assange be in the offing?

  3. AND…..
    …… you suppose that Trump might have pulled some strings behind the scenes?

  4. QUESTION………
    Where is Ellen Ratner? Why can’t she be found? Even police cannot find her. She might have been SILENCED FOREVER. Maybe she will be a SURPRISE WITNESS, at a time when the crazed leftists have their verbal pants down.

  5. CW……..
    ……… gives me an especially good feeling to see the words of a SLIMY PROSECUTOR proven to be a load of BS, and shoved rudely right back into his PIE HOLE by a on the ball DEFENSE LAWYER. Sometimes SLIMY prosecutors get a swelled head and try to step on the WRONG TOES……..after which THE WHOLE SHOE can drop on the head of the so called prosecutor. This is what needs to happen to Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Gardner in St. Louis who is prosecuting some folks for exercising their Constitutional rights. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Gardner thinks she RULES THE WORLD. Soon she will step on the wrong toes, and she will get stepped on herself in return by somebody who is way above her pay grade, and weighs a hell of a lot more than she does.

  6. oldsailor85+++
    What’s going on??

    ‘This Investigation is a Sham’: Judicial Watch
    President Slams John Durham for Going Easy on the Deep State

    Durham is dropping the ball.Trump supporters are waiting with baited breath for U.S. Attorney John Durham to come out with his explosive findings in regards to his investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion probe against President Trump. 
    According to Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton, Trump supporters are getting taken for a ride. Fitton said during a recent appearance on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that Barr and Durham are making no progress on investigating what very well may be the worst criminal conspiracy in U.S. history.“You know, my concern is it’s been, what, sixteen-plus months since Durham was appointed and only now is he questioning Mr. Brennan,” Fitton said.

  7. CW……..
    ……….when the going gets really complicated, and words become a jumble of oral noises the human mind goes into DORMANCY……..and vocabularies shrink to two expressions……..OHHHHHH WELLLLLLLL !!!!!!
    ……..perhaps this is the plateau which Durham has reached. I am sure that investigating such people as those in the UPPER ECHELONS of our government becomes an excursion into the TWILIGHT ZONE !!!!!In such a vane separating lies from truth becomes a cesspool of un navigable SLUDGE !!!!!

  8. AND…….
    ………nothing deters someone quicker than attempting to wade through a OCEAN OF BULLSH-T. !!!!!

  9. AND…….
    ………it is possible that nobody will ever know why Doug Band talked about a story which if America ever learned the truth about, could screw ALL OF the BASTARDS participating.

  10. QUESTION……..
    has our alleged GOVERNMENT become so corrupt that everyone in government service is unwittingly participating in a GIANT CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE?

  11. AND NOW…….
    …………the mentally numb moron is still lying to the American people EVERYDAY of the week, including TODAY. Joe Malarkey is AGAIN FULL OF PINTO BEANS. You only need to go back and look at the CHRONOLOGY of Trump’s reactions to the COVID 19, and you will see the truth………something which Mr. Malarkey, and his associates are mentally INCAPABLE of comprehending.

  12. AND…….
    … every level the FOAMING AT THE MOUTH LEFTIST LUNATICS, think that MALIGNING the President will get them votes. Yes it might capture the votes of a SMALL percentage of VILLAGE IDIOTS, but it will only drive more, and more of the intelligent people sitting on the fence into voting for Trump. How the hell do they think they can manage a country, when their brains are equivalent to a PEA SIZE PEBBLE inside of a vacuum chamber. REAL NUMBSKULLS !!!!!

  13. AND SADLY……
    ………poor OLD JOE MALARKEY, can’t even successfully READ a teleprompter, without stuttering, or having mental issues in figuring out what is being said. At every turn he unconsciously reveals his mental confusion via his facial expressions. By the time he figures out what is being said everybody has moved to another subject leaving him with a dumb, and questioning expression on his face. REAL JACKA$$!!!!!

  14. AND
    …….”HARRIET” runs a close second to him……..REALLY DIZZY.!!!!!

  15. AND TONIGHT…….
    ……….on Hannity tonight Carl Rove told some of Joe Malarkey’s past, AND IT AIN’T WHAT MALARKEY SAYS. Rove just told us that Mr. Malarkey is FULL OF PINTO BEANS, and is still a pathetic lying POS.

  16. AND NOW……
    ……….we learn that LAME BRAIN Joe is still the PLAGIARIST he has always been. His tiny brain is incapable of ORIGINAL THOUGHT. Instead he STEALS PASSAGES, PARAGRAPHS, or sentences from literal compositions produced by the brains of other folks, and tries to make people believe that his words originated in his own pea size brain.

  17. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE !!!!!!!! Hey Joe Fart-heimer….. your IQ level really SUCKS.

  18. AND NOW………
    ……….a dizzy female thinks she can play football with guys. She/it has a mental problem which makes her think she is male. Maybe she is really a HE…….you know……LIKE “Michael” Lil Barry Soetoro’s husband!!!!!!

  19. AND TODAY…….
    ……..with respect to human progress on Earth who among us are the true winners. I wonder if it is those of us who chose not to pursue a formal education, and enter the trades, or is it those who have earned their phd. In citing my own pathway, I chose to work with my hands. I spent my working life in the GRAPHIC ARTS INDUSTRY. It returned me the quality of life that I wanted, and I am satisfied, and at peace with myself. I did not make a million dollars, but in truth I didn’t expect to. I owned a decent home, raised my sons, (one of whom is past), and now I reflect upon my life, and if I had it to do over again I would probably follow the same exact path.
    As for a formal education I am certainly an advocate. Without such education it is possible we would not have doctors, teachers, engineers, and many other professional folks we have today. Where would society be without them? YES we probably would still be groping our way through the dark ages. Everything we come in contact with these days seems to be a product of some technology. This makes our lives a bit more complicated because understanding the operation of all of the devices we encounter becomes a full time continuing technological education. So YES the folks who design and produce things are really important to human progress. After all is said and done the probability that the carpenters, the plumbers, and the electricians, are in their domain just as important as the doctors, engineers, and the teachers. Together these people built America. Sadly we now are facing a possibility of losing EVERYTHING. The CRAZED LEFTISTS seem to want our cities to turn into a jumble of destruction. We must find a way to STOP them. If it requires picking up a rifle and using it ……..SO BE IT!!!! IT WOULD NOT BE THE FIRST TIME FOR AMERICA!!!!! WE HAVE WAY TO MUCH TO LOSE !!!

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