Fake Russian and DNC leak narratives still impede truth in Seth Rich and Flynn cases, Judge Sullivan, DC Appeals Court, FBI, UK, Ellen Ratner stonewall justice

Fake Russian and DNC leak narratives still impede truth in Seth Rich and Flynn cases, Judge Sullivan, DC Appeals Court, FBI, UK, Ellen Ratner stonewall justice

“Ellen Ratner can confirm that the Saturday before the Election 2016, she met with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for 3 hours. He told her that Russia did not “hack” the DNC, it was from an internal source.”...Ellen Ratner’s attendance at Embry University symposium on November 9, 2016

“Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested”…The Conservative Treehouse November 3, 2019

On Judge Sullivan: “if there was any doubt up to this point whether his conduct gives the appearance of partiality, that doubt is gone.”...Judge Rao dissenting opinion


It is coming to a head.

The truth about the fake Russian Narrative and the leak of DNC data during the 2016 election cycle.

The final pieces of the puzzle are in reach.

The dark forces of the Democrat Deep State are resisting with all their might.

The General Michael Flynn case should have already been dismissed.

We know the truth and are waiting on Durham indictments.

In the recent DC Appeal Court decision in the Flynn motion for Writ of Mandamus, 2 non Clinton Obama justices dissented and revealed the impartiality of Judge Sullivan. This also revealed the efforts of the deep state.

Letters Rogatory have been sent to the UK requesting the testimony of Julian Assange in at least 2 Seth Rich cases.

Ellen Ratner, who met with Julian Assange in 2016 and stated that he said the DNC leaks were an inside job, filed a motion under seal to file document(s) under seal. This was after numerous attempts to serve a subpoena on her.

The dark force Democrat Deep State is desperate to stop these revelations before the 2020 election.

They will do anything.

Their mantra: The end justifies the means.


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24 responses to “Fake Russian and DNC leak narratives still impede truth in Seth Rich and Flynn cases, Judge Sullivan, DC Appeals Court, FBI, UK, Ellen Ratner stonewall justice

  1. “We can prove, that all the data that Wikileaks published from the DNC, that was downloaded on the 23rd and 25th of May, and also the 26th of August of 2016; all of that carried the signatures of being downloaded to a thumb drive or a CD-ROM, and physically transported,”…William Binney

  2. allprogressivesarepsychotic

    Yet they cannot find Ratner.

    Maybe she was shot and killed and bathed in very corrosive acid or completely incinerated and yet another victim falls to the Clinton and Obama Crime Cartels.

  3. Nothing would surprise me.

  4. Probably why motion sealed.
    She tells the truth, she is toast.

  5. “Joseph Mifsud, the mysterious Maltese professor who ex-FBI Director James Comey referred to as a “Russian agent” in an op-ed, denied any advance knowledge that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton and told investigators he never made any offers to George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign strategist, according to newly released FBI documents.”


  6. AND……..
    ………..what story was Doug Band referring to when he said to Podesta ” If this story gets out we are screwed”. In truth there are MULTIPLE stories ALL OF WHICH have the potential to put a lot of people in prison for EXTENDED periods. Some of these stories have the potential to put a few UPPER ECHELON SLIMY politicians in PRISON FOR LIFE. Does anyone wonder what the TERRAPIN meant when he said “I don’t have a problem with teaching Rich a lesson”.

  7. AND……..
    ……..this story has yet to be acted upon……..”I am the first American president to have come from Kenya”. This was said by an ex POTUS who has NEVER been a US citizen. To this day, hour, and minute STILL is NOT a US citizen. TIME FOR MULTIPLE SLAMMER VACATIONS FOR ALL INVOLVED !!!!!

  8. AND………

  9. AND……

  10. FURTHER…..

  11. QUESTION……..
    ………..why was Barry Soetoro given a Fulbright scholarship? These are for FOREIGN STUDENTS ONLY. If he was a US citizen by birth he couldn’t be given a Fulbright scholarship. In truth Barry Soetoro was born in Kenya, and eventually became a citizen of Indonesia after he was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro who married Barry’s mother.

  12. AND……..
    ………most of the facts surrounding America’s ONLY NON CITIZEN POTUS, are PROVABLE. When the weight of factual evidence passes 50% the likelihood of the evidence being the truth increases as well. The facts surrounding Barry Soetoro now stands at 99.9%. He even himself stated that he came from Kenya. HEY AMERICA…..TIME FOR DEPORTATION!!!!!!!!

  13. Bob Strauss
    ………great to hear from you once again…….and as usual you present some interesting stuff. Snowden revealed a great deal of what was really going on in the UPPER ECHELONS of our ALLEGED GOVERNMENT. As I also once said what we see today started several decades ago. It is being perpetuated by people, and organizations which command trillions of dollars, and represent the TRUE DEEP STATE. They developed their own EVIL economy and now it is being threatened by the 2020 election. NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF THE SNEAKS WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT. THE REAL DANGER LIES POTENTIALLY WITH THE SNEAKS WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT.

    ………….we learned that Joe Malarkey visited Mr. Blake Sr. I also wonder if poor old Joe Malarkey is aware that Mr. Blake Sr. is a staunch supporter of, and an ardent follower of Louis FARRAKHAN who is one of the most extreme haters of JEWS on earth today. Poor old decrepit Joe…….STILL DOESN’T GET IT !!!! REAL MORON !!!!! AND HE THINKS HE SHOULD BE POTUS……….HAR HAR HAR!!!!!

  15. AND TODAY……
    ………I read about a all black city which is going to be built by two well heeled black females on 96 acres in Georgia. It is going to be a SAFE HAVEN for ALL BLACKS no matter who they are or what they have done in the past. They say that they are doing this because slavery of blacks has never ended, and is still a practice EVERYWHERE. They say that the systemic racism in America has enslaved ALL blacks. They are two very poorly informed females. Further any racism directed at blacks is probably a result of their own misconduct to begin with. Recently black tyrants have threatened to burn entire cities to the ground. In Portland Oregon they have already burned a substantial number of buildings. Soon it will be the homes of innocent bystanders. I am looking for block after block in residential neighborhoods to be destroyed. The perpetrators of arson upon a residence should face probable LIFE IN PRISON if they begin burning the homes of innocent bystanders. AND the potential for an all out civil war against blacks is on the horizon.

  16. AND SADLY,……..
    ………more and more innocent black folks are facing growing hatred of them because of the BLM conduct. I personally know a number of black folks who are hard working entrepreneurs in business. They are taking a black eye because of the BLM bullsh-t. In Minneapolis a black entrepreneur was burned out by his own kind. REAL BULLSH-T!!!!

  17. AND,……
    ……..more, and more big box store companies are permanently closing their assetts in a number of trouble plagued cities. A Walmart store in Minneapolis was severely damaged. Walmart has stated that it will not be reopened. It will be permanently closed. This will put about 300 people both BLACK, AND WHITE into UNEMPLOYED status. Many of the effected people are BLACK folks.

  18. AND………
    ………raging BLM black folks causing their own people to be unemployed, and the numbskull Joe Malarkey says it is Trump’s fault.

  19. AND TODAY,……….
    …….another drug fogged, pimple faced, low IQ NY punk thought he could fly. He put on a superman cape and jumped off the roof of a 14 story apartment building. His flight came to a sudden stop on the pavement of the parking lot below. Tomorrow he is moving to a 12 square ft., below grade apartment ……..PERMANENTLY!!!!!! NO MORE PANDEMIC FOR HIM.

  20. AND NOW……..
    ………JUST HOW STUPID CAN ANYBODY BECOME? Here is something to measure for stupidity……..on Thursday Joe Malarkey stated that a BLACK MAN invented the incandescent light bulb. YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN JOE!!!! YES A BLACK MAN DID MAKE IT BETTER, BUT HE DIDN’T INVENT IT.!!!!!!!

  21. AND NOW……
    …………we learn that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wasserman Schlutz received an education from armed guards at USPS. She thought that she could just walk in to any USPS processing plant because she thinks she OWNS USPS. She discovered the hard way that she IS NOT A BOSS OVER USPS. She ended up facing two armed guards who advised her to LEAVE the premises, or be escorted away. OBVIOUSLY SHE ISN’T QUITE AS IMPORTANT AS SHE THINKS SHE IS.!!!!!

  22. CW, oldsailor85+++
    Found this buried news. Helpful?

    NSA surveillance exposed by Snowden ruled unlawful.

    A National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program has been ruled unlawful, seven years after it was exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

    The surveillance of millions of Americans’ telephone records first came to light in 2013.

    Now, the US Court of Appeals has ruled intelligence leaders who publicly defended the program lied. And Mr Snowden has said he feels vindicated by the ruling.

    FBI worried that Ring doorbells are spying on police Microsoft bars facial recognition sales to police

    He currently lives in exile in Moscow but, last year, expressed his wish to return to the US, where he faces espionage charges over his decision to go public.

    “I never imagined that I would live to see our courts condemn the NSA’s activities as unlawful and in the same ruling credit me for exposing them,” Mr Snowden said. “And yet that day has arrived,” he added.

    Top US intelligence officials had publicly insisted the NSA had never knowingly collected data from private phone records, until Mr Snowden exposed evidence to the contrary in 2013.

    Following the revelation, officials said the NSA’s surveillance program had played a crucial role in fighting domestic terrorism, including the convictions of Basaaly Saeed Moalin, Ahmed Nasir Taalil Mohamud, Mohamed Mohamud, and Issa Doreh, of San Diego, for providing aid to al-Shabab militants in Somalia.

    But, on Wednesday, the Court of Appeals said the claims were “inconsistent with the contents of the classified records” and the program had violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The ruling will not affect the 2013 convictions.

    “Today’s ruling is a victory for our privacy rights,” the American Civil Liberties Union said in a statement. “It makes plain that the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records violated the Constitution.

  23. hapnHal……
    …………correct me if I am wrong, but it would seem that Snowden would have all charges against him dropped……..it sounds as though the charges against him will remain even though they are founded upon illegal activity of the NSA.

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