US v Michael Flynn dismissed May 7, 2020 by Timothy Shea US attorney, “the citizen’s safety lies in the prosecutor who … seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes”

US v Michael Flynn dismissed May 7, 2020 by Timothy Shea US attorney, “the citizen’s safety lies in the prosecutor who … seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes”

“Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they call ‘The Resistance’ and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive branch.” …Attorney General Barr

And I’ve now found a witness who says the original 302 did in fact say that Flynn was honest with the agents.”...Attorney Sidney Powell

“Instead of doing so, the government has continued to defy its
constitutional, ethical and legal obligations to this Court and to the defense, and to hide evidence that it knows exonerates Mr. Flynn. As is the essence of the problem here, instead of protecting its citizens, the “government” is protecting its own criminal conduct and operatives.”…Attorney Sidney Powell October 23, 2019


From US v Michael Flynn


The United States of America hereby moves to dismiss with prejudice the criminal information filed against Michael T. Flynn pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 48(a). The Government has determined, pursuant to the Principles of Federal Prosecution and based on an extensive review and careful consideration of the circumstances, that continued prosecution of this case would not serve the interests of justice.”

“After a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information appended to the defendant’s supplemental pleadings, ECF Nos. 181, 188-190,1
the Government has concluded that the interview of Mr. Flynn was
untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn—a no longer justifiably predicated investigation that the FBI had, in the Bureau’s own words, prepared to close because it had yielded an “absence of any derogatory information.” Ex. 1 at 4, FBI FD-1057 “Closing Communication” Jan. 4, 2017 (emphases added). The Government is not persuaded that the January 24, 2017 interview was conducted with a legitimate investigative
basis and therefore does not believe Mr. Flynn’s statements were material even if untrue. Moreover, we not believe that the Government can prove either the relevant false statements or their materiality beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“The advocacy function of a prosecutor includes seeking exoneration and confessing error to correct an erroneous conviction.” Warney v. Monroe Cty.., 587 F.3d 113, 125 (2d Cir. 2009). So in the final analysis, irrespective of Mr. Flynn’s plea, “prosecutors have a duty to do justice.” Darui, 614 F. Supp. 2d at 37; see also Marshall v. Jerrico, Inc., 446 U.S. 238, 249
(1980) (“Prosecutors are also public officials; they too must serve the public interest.”) (citation omitted). Federal prosecutors possess “immense power to strike at citizens, not with mere individual strength, but with all the force of government itself.” Robert H. Jackson, The Federal Prosecutor, 24 Judicature 18, 18 (1940) (address delivered at the Second Annual Conference of
United States Attorneys, April 1, 1940). For that reason, “the citizen’s safety lies in the prosecutor who … seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes, and who approaches [the] task with humility.” Id. Based on a careful assessment of the balance of proof, the equities, and the federal interest served by continued prosecution of false statements that were not “material” to any bona fide investigation, the Government has concluded that the
evidence is insufficient to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The Government therefore moves to dismiss the criminal information under Rule 48(a). ”

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30 responses to “US v Michael Flynn dismissed May 7, 2020 by Timothy Shea US attorney, “the citizen’s safety lies in the prosecutor who … seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes”

  1. Patrick Fitzgerald has been representing Comey.
    Stay tuned.

  2. SueK.
    Waves of lawsuits linked to revelations in court & Durham Barr investigations.

  3. “On January 4, 2017, FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok learned that “RAZOR’s
    closure” had not been timely executed, and the counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn
    was, unexpectedly, still formally open. Ex. 7 at 1-2. Mr. Strzok immediately relayed the
    “serendipitously good” news to Lisa Page, the Special Counsel to FBI Deputy Director Andrew
    McCabe, remarking that “our utter incompetence actually helps us.” Id. at 1. Ms. Page reacted
    with surprise and relief. Id. Mr. Strzok, moreover, instructed agents to “keep it open for now” at
    the behest of “the 7th Floor.” Id. Mr. Strzok indicated that there was a “[n]eed to decide what to
    do with him.” Id. Other internal FBI messages from that afternoon reflect apparently related
    conversations about a potential “interview.” See id. at 2 (“i heard pete say, ‘Andy and [redacted]
    will interview.…”). As of January 4, 2017, then, the FBI kept open its counterintelligence
    investigation into Mr. Flynn based solely on his calls with Kislyak—the only new information to
    arise since the FBI’s determination to close the case. See Ex. 3 at 2; Ex. 5 at 5. ”

    Powerful from a US attorney in court filed doc.

  4. oldsailor88

    ………glad to see that the charges against Flynn were dropped. Sadly dropping the charges doesn’t pay the over 6 million dollars in legal representation fees, nor does it wipe away the indelible stain which will remain on his personal, and military records forever. He will be forced to file a lawsuit against the DOJ, and the US Army to have his records expunged of the phony charges. This will cost big time. Hopefully President Trump will order the upper echelon of the Army to completely expunge his record, and restore him to where he was before all of their bullsh-t destroyed over thirty years of an IMPECCABLE military record. Fifty million dollars should be extracted from each of the BASTARDS one by one who were involved. Each of them should be reduced financially to absolute ZEROS. ……..yet somehow I have serious doubts that any of the POS will ever be prosecuted.

  5. oldsailor88

    …… the position which Flynn held it would have been routine for him to occasionally either telephone Kislayak, or even visit him at the Russian embassy. I am still praying that each of the POS who tried to put him in prison will be held accountable in CRIMINAL COURT.

  6. oldsailor88

    …………the particular people who were behind the Flynn fiasco need to be made public EXAMPLES of as to what happens to people in government who think they can do their dirt to people and get away with it.

  7. oldsailor88

    …………the LUNATIC PATHOLOGICAL LIAR “ATOM SNIFF” (aka Marty Feldman’s double) is once again RAGING his insane rhetoric. He along with Chucky Baby, and Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz IMPORTANT have brought real contempt towards Democrats

  8. oldsailor+
    Well is this news?

    Michelle Obama’s Longtime Secret Service Agent Speaks Out as She Says He’s ‘More Like a Brother’

  9. oldsailor88

    …………..if the SS agent is the SHE, and is referring to Michael, then I would thank her for her candor……..but at the same time I would be advising her that a well know entertainer was murdered for making a reference regarding Michael.

  10. oldsailor88

    ……… don’t need a Phd to figure out who gave the order for the HIT. I personally believe that the order was given by a person who has NEVER BEEN, and to this day, and moment STILL IS NOT A US CITIZEN. !!!!

  11. oldsailor88

    ………..this LOST VILLAGE IDIOT FROM KENYA, was elected by Americans to lead our country for 8 years. Obviously we have a hell of a lot of IDIOTS in America as well.

  12. oldsailor88


  13. oldsailor88


  14. oldsailor88

    AND NOW……..
    ……….the inventor of THE EXPRESSION “BOP BOP A LOO BOP…TUTTI FRUTTI” (Little Richard) is dead at 87. Hearing his name harkens up the days of American Bandstand, and before. And in those days we watched in disgust the wild gyrations of the high school age youngsters. I consider myself very lucky to have already passed the era beforehand. Instead I was an airplane nut. Anything relating to airplanes was my forte, and I spent many hours visiting a aircraft repair facility to observe work in progress as it was being done. Today a kid with a love for such devices wouldn’t get inside the gate. REALLY SAD !!!! I was lucky ……I had a mentor who allowed me to watch what was being done, and he explained most of what was being done, and why. To me this was akin to being at a university which taught Aviation Maintenance.

  15. oldsailor++
    More news?
    Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Redfield have both entered a quarantine after meeting with White House staffers who have contracted the coronavirus.

    A few members of the White House coronavirus task force, including FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, are already quarantining after spending time with staff members who have the coronavirus. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both announced on Saturday that they would be entering quarantine as well

  16. R.I.P., Richard Wayne Penniman, a/k/a Little Richard.

    He influenced so many musicians (including me) over the decades and his influence will be felt for years to come.

    Richard was a musical pioneer and truly one of a kind.

  17. oldsailor88

    ……….Little Richard made a lot of money with his …….MUSIC? It wasn’t Bach, or Strauss, but commanded the attention of MILLIONS of young people.

  18. Suek……..

    Back in 1957/58 I remember going to the Fresno Memorial auditorium on Friday nights, to see Little Richard. He was on tour and would rotate with other rock music bands. The music was great and the place was packed. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. One person even jumped off of the balcony (said he could fly because he saw a good looking girl dancing) and landed on the dance floor. RIP Richard
    I hear you knocking…..

  19. Hi hapnHal,

    You were so lucky to be able to see him! I was just a little sprout at the time and never got to see him live. I did, however, see many of the musicians and bands he influenced.

    They just don’t make them like that anymore. Today’s garbage music and ‘performers’ can’t hold a candle to him, or any of the other *real* musicians who came from that era.

    I raise a strawberry to the memory of Little Richard :).

  20. Hi OS88,

    Nope, the kids weren’t listening to the classics. Remember, we were coming off the generation of big bands and crooners, many of whom my parents saw live. The young’uns wanted something different, so they gravitated to anything new: Little Richard, Elvis, Buddy Holly, etc. Each generation wants music to call their own; many of us had Woodstock and it all changed from there.

    I listen to the classics on the Boston classical station, WCRB. Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D Major’ is one of my favorites however, I’ve been a rock musician since 1968 and will always be one.
    As you age tastes change, but the legends remain.

    It’s just sad that we’re seeing the musical pioneers leave us one by one. Their music will live on.

    Time for a dish of Tutti Fruitti ice cream topped with a strawberry…

  21. SueK
    Wow! I really like your comment.
    I’ve been a rock musician since 1968 and will always be one.
    As you age tastes change, but the legends remain.
    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s era and guess what.
    I had a rock band and would play three and four nights a week and even went on tour in California. Many good times, even recorded a few records and got a song into a movie. One of the band members moved on and he was trying to get on the Ed Sullivan show. If you got onto the Sullivan show you had it made, But he didn’t quite make it. Sullivan had his pets: Beatles. Presley, Joplin, James Brown etc.
    You are right the music today has changed. To me RAP is CRAP and is NOT real music. RAP needs to go.

  22. oldsailor88

    …………back in my younger years I remember that Lil Richard had some concerts at some well known New York entertainment centers. In nearly every concert some punks with knives done many thousands of dollars worth of damage to the theater chairs, severely damaged rest room stools, and some of the walls along the isles. As a result some of the Centers Like Radio City would not book any of Little Richards concerts. Sadly with the young people came the irresponsible punks, and youth gang members.

  23. oldsailor88

    ………….in 1955 my wife was living at our apartment in Brooklyn NY. I had finally wangelled a swap to a ship which was returning to the East coast. The ship ended up at Boston as the Com 1 reserve training ship. Every weekend I could go home to the apartment in Brooklyn. While we were in New York we attended a Nat King Cole concert at Radio City. We had a really great time. I think Nat Cole was also a great performer.

  24. oldsailor88

    ……….Ray Charles also played Radio City a number of times.

  25. oldsailor88

    ………while I was watching Steve Hilton, they told a story about the serious psychological damage that is happening to a large percentage of Americans allegedly resultant of the extended quarantine being imposed upon them. These are people who have never had to deal with being placed under such restrictive conditions. Lately we have been seeing some folks, particularly in Michigan rebelling against being closed in. There seems to be a lot of doubt in their minds that the national quarantine has had any effect against Covid 19. I guess when their families bury them it will pretty well answer whether or not a quarantine was justified or not. Around where I live many folks are paying very little attention to Social distancing, or wearing a mask when among others. I guess these people will have to learn the hard way. So far Indiana has had somewhere around 2700 deaths……give, or take. In truth we are in a war that could potentially create more casualties in 24 hours than an infantryman could do on a battlefield in the same period of time. TIME WILL ultimately TELL THE TRUTH. !!!!

  26. oldsailor88

    AND NOW………..
    ………..TESLA threatens to leave California………..California replies ” don’t let the door hit your rear end”. Toyota says it will be cutting back. California assembly plant could see massive lay offs at Toyota. Wondering if California will tell Toyota the same thing it said to TESLA. OHHHHH WELLLLLL !!!!!

  27. hapnHal, Wow…you really had a great career in music! That must’ve been pretty exciting; it’s a tough business. Times were special back then and much simpler, weren’t they?

    Now, we have the POTUS under fire daily, and good people like Michael Flynn being railroaded regularly. What a mess; time to go back to simpler times but with the current political climate, that may not be possible.

    I agree with your comment about (c)Rap. It’s not music. The only thing it’s done for me is that it has honed my skills in diving for the ‘off’ switch whenever I hear it. Very good for your daily cardiovascular exercise :).

  28. oldsailor88

    VIEW POINT.……..
    ……….Americans now want China to be paid back for having allegedly wreaked havoc upon the world by concealing the truth about the COVID 19 virus. This brings to mind the question; what do the accusers expect to get out of a reprisal act against China? The end result could be the loss of thousands of our military people, and their equipment. Is such a reprisal worth the lives of so many people? YES China might be an enemy, but it is virtually impossible to send the Corona virus back to them. As for declaring WAR against China,……..forget it because we undoubtedly would lose a huge percentage of our civilian population by so doing……..and this would not mitigate the pandemic one iota. We need to FIRST…..DEFEAT the Corona Virus, then there will be time to hold the Chinese Communist leadership responsible for the worldwide propagation of the pandemic. But keep in mind the spread world wide was the result of travelers leaving China early on. A large percentage of these travelers were NOT Chinese. In truth it was they who spread the virus. The Chinese might have CONCEALED the truth regarding the volatility, and highly communicable nature of the virus. W.H.O. also concealed the truth. They have subsequently been defunded by America. As for China probably ignoring them at this point, and recovering American businesses. However I would expect little return from such an effort. They CHOSE to close up in America, and reopen in China. Now is the time for our government to SUBSIDIZE start up businesses which show potential for success in the marketplace. Entrepreneurs should be given a break with low cost start up loans. No matter how you proceed you are OUT ON A LIMB. ONLY DEVOTION, AND SKILL in the respective business sectors will produce WINNERS.

  29. oldsailor88

    ………..I am afraid that America IS NO LONGER what it was during WW2, or even during the 1950s. I am not sure about where America stands anymore. Everytime we have an invasion from South of the border, our vernacular, and general way of life seems to change. UP becomes DOWN, left becomes right, etc. Further the media says one thing then contradicts it in 24 hours with ANOTHER LOAD OF BS.
    ……………I WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF A FOREIGN COUNTRY INVADED America IN THE SAME WE INVADED EUROPE AT NORMANDY. WOULD EVERYBODY DROP TO THEIR KNEES AND BOW TO THE INVADERS, AND/OR GREET THEM WITH OPEN ARMS. I HAVE A GUT FEELING IT PROBABLY WOULD BE A LOT OF BOTH. I personally believe that America is already LOST. The LOST VILLAGE IDIOT FROM KENYA, along with the morons among us saw to that. Looks as though a few people are beginning to believe that in truth he was the HEAD HONCHO ALL THE TIME. All the loads of BS from DOJ, FBI, and our alleged INTELLIGENCE entities had their origin at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave……..between 2008 and 2016. All of which came from a NON US CITIZEN who was sitting in the OVAL office PRETENDING to be POTUS.

  30. oldsailor88

    …………to compound injury upon insult…..I have read that Michael aka Michelle might become Joe Malarkey’s running partner for VP. Our young people seem to think both Lil Barry, and Michael are REALLY C-O-O-L.

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