Flynn supplemental sentencing memorandum January 22, 2020, “Mr. Flynn told the government the truth about every question it asked him”

Flynn supplemental sentencing memorandum January 22, 2020, “Mr. Flynn told the government the truth about every question it asked him”

“John Adams was right: “facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” The government tried to manufacture facts in the Rafiekian case and they thought they could strongarm Mr. Flynn into helping them through perjury. But they underestimated the will and courage
of Michael T. Flynn, a man that bravely and selflessly spent his life protecting his fellowAmericans. In considering the whole story of this man and his sacrifices, the Court should impose no more than a sentence of probation.”...Attorney Sidney Powell motion January 22, 2020

“And I’ve now found a witness who says the original 302 did in fact say that Flynn was honest with the agents.”...Attorney Sidney Powell

“Instead of doing so, the government has continued to defy its
constitutional, ethical and legal obligations to this Court and to the defense, and to hide evidence that it knows exonerates Mr. Flynn. As is the essence of the problem here, instead of protecting its citizens, the “government” is protecting its own criminal conduct and operatives.”…Attorney Sidney Powell October 23, 2019


From the General Michael Flynn supplemental sentencing memorandum January 22, 2020.

“This Court should swiftly reject the government’s brazen attempt to punish Mr. Flynn for refusing to compose rather than sing. 1 The reversal of its sentencing position is not only unjust, itis unlawful. If left unchecked, it will send a dangerous message to cooperators – give testimony consistent with the government’s theory of the case, regardless of veracity, or pay the price with
your freedom.

The government also continues its campaign to hold Mr. Flynn responsible for false statements in a FARA filing. It ignores the facts in its possession as well as the decision of another court. Any misstatements in the March 2017 FARA filing at issue were not the fault of Mr. Flynn. He gave his lawyers complete and accurate documents and information. Moreover, he did his part
to make sure any FARA filing was accurate. The FARA statements listed in the Statement of Offense (ECF No. 4) are either not false or not attributable to Mr. Flynn.2

Mr. Flynn dedicated his life to serving his country. While the defendants in other cases cited by the government were working to benefit themselves, Mr. Flynn wrote a blank check on his life and put himself in harm’s way for more than five years in foreign deployments and thirtythree years of service to protect all Americans. He has touched the lives of countless people in the
process, many of whom wrote letters to the Court on his behalf. For the reasons set forth in this supplemental memorandum and Mr. Flynn’s initial sentencing brief (ECF No. 50), Mr. Flynn should receive a sentence, if any, 3 of probation and community service.”

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30 responses to “Flynn supplemental sentencing memorandum January 22, 2020, “Mr. Flynn told the government the truth about every question it asked him”

  1. The FBI clearly has records pertaining to Seth Rich, and it has withheld those
    records in bad faith.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019

  2. Had flu all week.
    Feel like hell.

  3. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. Bob Strauss,
    …………you need to check out the qualifying requirements for a person to run for President of Kenya.

  5. Bob Strauss………
    …………in KENYA.the very first qualification on the list is” THE CANDIDATE MUST BE A CITIZEN OF KENYA BY BIRTH”. Since Lil Barry intends to run for the Kenyan presidency he had to be “BORN IN KENYA” Time to expunge the Obama US PRESIDENCY..

  6. oldsailor85++
    need to check out the qualifying requirements for a person to run for President of Kenya???
    and how about this.
    Crazy Bernie Sanders needs to check out the requirements for running for President of
    Russia. Putin can run for only two terms which ends in March. He needs a replacement, who better than Crazy Bernie.

  7. CW………
    ……..back in October I received a flu shot. While I have no proof that it is working, I can only say that so far I haven’t had any flu. I wish that there was a shot that would work against peripheral neuropathy in the lower legs, feet, and hands. It gets really painful at certain times of day. I hope that someday there will be a way to at least control this nerve illness. Flu shots are what they are, and you are betting on which strain of the virus will predominate. Then we have pneumonia, norovirus, and now Chinese virus. God help us when vaccines no longer work. HUMANITY ITSELF is little more than a virus when compared with the enormity of the earth. I guess it would be conjecture to even think that one day mother nature might concoct her own antivirus. (one that kills humans by the millions with one dose.)

  8. A “Pro-Life Hero”? Trump Becomes First President To Speak At ‘March For Life’

  9. CW……..
    …………Trump knows exactly where to appear to strengthen his base. Certainly the March for life is such a place. I believe that his image with women will substantially improve…..thus adding more strength to his voter roles. Trump is not a dummy by any definition of the word.

  10. AND TODAY………
    ………… once again we see tiny little ATOM (pencil neck) SNIFF foaming at the mouth, and raving his psychotic, and otherwise IRRATIONAL BULLSH-T. Then we see OLD PLUNGER FACE (SHOOMER) with his nose supported spectacles which makes him look like an idiot fresh out of a funny farm. Sadly the Chief Justice has to sit through all of the DEMOCRATIC MANURE SHOVELING. I have a feeling that the tide will return it all to their stinking feet. When I look at SHOOMER, a toilet plunger comes to mind. Of course we all know what toilet plungers are for. har har har

  11. AND TONIGHT………
    …………I saw a photograph of “BUGGY” Atom Sniff. This photograph cracked me up big time…….I laughed till I nearly fell out of my chair. His facial countenance even puts Marty Feldman to shame. His eyeballs were close to popping out of his head.

  12. Lindsey Graham Attacks, Then Protects Bidens – Will Oppose Any Attempts To Call As Impeachment Witnesses

    Time to nail the bastard.

  13. AND TODAY………..
    ………..the Whitehouse will begin laying out it’s defense case. I am betting that there will be a lot more people watching the Whitehouse presentation than those who watched the Schiff HARANGUES.!!

  14. AND………
    ………….it is beginning to look as though Mr. (BUNGWURST) Weinstein will soon be flushed down the toilet. He was, /and is a VERY CLOSE friend of the Clintons. Confirms much of what we have suspected the Clintons of over a long period of time.

  15. Saw an interesting statement by crowdstrike: (remember the conversation with Ukraine President and Seth Rich)

    What is interesting is that Q posted payment information from the DNC to Crowdstrike. This demonstrates payments to Crowdstrike on 5/5/2016. That’s interesting because Wikileaks has emails to 5/24/2016 at 1707 hours.

    So WHY did the DNC hire Crowdstrike BEFORE the HACK occurred?

    That means Crowdstrike, Mueller, the DNC are all lying about the Russians, because emails were still being stolen AFTER the DNC was paying Crowdstrike!

    So…..why did they really hire Crowdstrike and what was Crowdstrike doing? Seth Rich was killed in July 10 of 2016, 12 days before the release by wikileaks of the first information which had emails almost completely through May of 2016.

    I have noticed that nobody has asked why the DNC was paying Crowdstrike BEFORE the hack occurred.

  16. Thanks Pete

  17. Pete………..
    …………I have thought for a very long time that Crowdstrike was really a DNC arm which assisted ANYTHING that either the Clintons or other DEMOCRATS wanted to COVERTLY do. This would also reach to MURDER if so commanded. (Seth Rich)…….and the Podestas.

  18. Oldsailor87,
    Tried to believe that maybe it was giant misunderstanding, and that they really did just have great malware. However, if they were paying Crowdstrike before the outside hack, there Falconware is junk. Little hard to explain that… So, I have to go with your theory. They are obviously a covert group working with the DNC.

  19. CW,
    It’s interesting that the FBI was so tied to crowdstrike. Not just former FBI, but that they used their cybersecurity services. That’s the same FBI that ran through 4 illegal FISA warrants. The same FBI that changed the 302 to prosecute Flynn. The same FBI that has a ‘team’ dedicated right now into investigating Trump. The same FBI that found Hillary had done nothing wrong by sending every state department email to a Chinese government linked company.

    Somebody needs to remind me why we have an FBI again.


  20. Pete……….
    …………I also have a gut feeling that Wrey is not totally on the up and up either. It appears that he is indeed sympathetic toward Comey McCabe, Strozk, and Page………not to mention the POS who altered the wording on the Flynn indictment.

  21. AND……….
    ………..many folks still wonder why Lil Barry Soetoro attracted flies continuously. Flies have the ability to recognize FECES when they SEE IT, AND SMELL IT. Since they orbit his head, it would seem that what is INSIDE his head is attracting the flies……..CRAP FOR BRAINS!!!!!

  22. AND……….
    ……….hopefully he will run for President of Kenya in 2021. Even though this is being called FAKE NEWS, the thought is great………all of the FLIES IN AMERICA WOULD END UP IN Kenya……..WHEN THE LOST VILLAGE IDIOT FINALLY FINDS HIS WAY HOME.

  23. CW
    Nothing surprises me anymore?
    Sunday surprise?

    The Democrat Party and their colleagues in the liberal mainstream media want to impeach President Trump for not sending lethal aid to the Ukraine quick enough.

    President Trump waited 55 days before release taxpayer-funded US aid to the Ukrainian government in 2019. Democrats want you to believe this was a crime or misdemeanor.BUT NOW THERE’S THIS…

    Those same Democrats on the House Impeachment Team VOTED AGAINST the aid package to the Ukraine last year! Three of the House Impeachment Managers voted AGAINST Aid to Ukraine.

    Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) all voted against the bill that included the aid to Ukraine.And Jerrold Nadler voted against the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 that included aid to Ukraine.

  24. hapnHal……..

  25. hapnHal………..
    …………It is more than clear that the raging lunatics are also TWO FACED PIECES OF CRAP. These are the sort of people you NEVER take your eyes off of………..because the minute you do one of them will SNEAK UP behind you and cut your throat. They are BASTARDS in EVERY MEANING of the word. I often refer to them as SNEAKS. More often than not you can smell them before you can see them.

  26. hapnHal…….
    ………..the helicopter crash happened near Calabasas in LA county. four others were also killed.

  27. oldsailor85++
    Crash update……
    Kobe and eight others including Kobe’s
    13 year old daughter. A real shocker.

  28. hapnHal……..
    ………….a crash of an aircraft where people are killed is always heart breaking. One minute they are joking ,and enjoying themselves, and in just a few seconds they are gone forever.

  29. AND TONIGHT………
    ……….we were treated to about 10 minutes of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. BOXER’S INSANITY. She has asserted that it is the GAO who makes all the laws that are on the books today. REAL TWISTED FRUITCAKE.

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