Greensboro News Record lies about Obama birth certificate Clinton birther role and Trump statements, Repeats lies of Washington Post, Citizen Wells challenge to media, News Record and Post awarded 5 Orwells for lying to their readers

Greensboro News Record lies about Obama birth certificate Clinton birther role and Trump statements, Repeats lies of Washington Post, Citizen Wells challenge to media, News Record and Post awarded 5 Orwells for lying to their readers

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“#CNN says #Hillary team in 2008 never raised #birther issue. #SidBlumenthal, long-time #HRC buddy, told me in person #Obama born in #kenya”…James Asher, Twitter

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″



I delivered the Greensboro News Record when I was 12.

I have friends and family who subscribe.

The newspaper was bought by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway several years ago.

I believe that is one of the factors in the News Record becoming extremely liberal and biased.

Their front page and mid first section coverage of the Hillary campaign in Greensboro was disgusting.

The News Record today, Saturday September 17, 2016, on the front page regurgitated a Washington Post article that is full of lies.

“Trump flip-flops on Obama birthplace.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday acknowledged for the first time that President Obama was born in the United States, ending his long history of stoking unfounded doubts about the nation’s first African-American president but also seeking to falsely blame Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for starting the rumors.

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it, you know what I mean,” Trump said at his newly opened luxury hotel in Washington on Friday morning. “President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period.”

This is not the first time that Trump has accused Clinton of first raising questions about Obama’s birthplace, an assertion that has been repeatedly disproved by fact-checkers who found no evidence that Clinton or her campaign questioned Obama’s birth certificate or his citizenship.

“For five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president,” Clinton said. “His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. There is no erasing it in history.”

For years, Trump has been the most prominent backer of the so-called birther movement, which lurked in the dark corners of the Internet until Trump forced it into the mainstream. While drumming up publicity for his own possible run for the White House during the last election cycle, Trump began to aggressively question Obama’s qualifications for office. Trump never came out and said where he thinks the president was born, but he demanded to see the president’s longform birth certificate and other records. Trump also claimed to have hired investigators.

In April 2011, Obama released his longform Hawaiian birth certificate in the name of putting all of the conspiracy theories to rest, and Trump congratulated himself and said that he “accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish.”

But Trump didn’t revise his position and repeatedly questioned the validity of the document Obama released. In an October 2011 interview with CNN, Trump said that if “you check out the Internet, many people say it is not real.” In August 2012, Trump tweeted that “an ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that @BarackObama’s birth certificate is a fraud.”

Obama and his allies have repeatedly said they have never had any doubt about where the president was born. “I was pretty confident about where I was born,” Obama told reporters Friday in the Oval Office.

Days before the 2012 election, Trump posted a video online that labeled Obama “the least transparent president in the history of this country” and demanded that Obama release his college records, college applications and passport records. Trump said that if he ran for president, he would release his tax returns — something that he now refuses to do because he says several years of his returns are under audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Trump is the first nominee from a major party since 1976 to not release his returns, and he has also declined to release documentation of his wife’s immigration from Slovenia, full medical records and other documents typically shared by nominees.

When Trump launched his long-shot presidential bid in June 2015, he continued to say in interviews that he didn’t know if Obama was born in the United States, but he didn’t dwell on the issue as he once did. On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly suggested that the president might not be Christian or that he might sympathize with Islamic State terrorists. In January, Trump said on CNN that he doesn’t know where the president was born.

“Who knows? Who knows? Who cares right now,” Trump said on Jan. 6 on CNN. “We’re talking about something else, okay? I mean, I have my own theory on Obama. Someday I’ll write a book. I’ll do another book, and it will do very successfully.”
A sizable number of voters agreed with Trump. A 2010 Washington Post-ABC News poll found 20 percent saying Obama was born in another country while 77 percent said he was born in the United States.

Such attacks have caused many black voters to turn sharply against Trump, offended that he would challenge the qualifications of the country’s first black president. As Trump began to make an aggressive pitch to minority voters in August, there was renewed debate over Trump’s prominent role in the birther moment. On Labor Day, reporters aboard Trump’s plane asked him where the president was born, and Trump refused to answer.

“I don’t talk about it because if I talk about that, your whole thing will be about that,” Trump said. “So I don’t talk about it.”

Earlier this month, former Republican candidate Ben Carson — who now advises Trump on race issues — said on CNN that Trump could immediately improve his relationship with African American voters by apologizing for questioning the president’s place of birth.”

Washington Post article.

Obama has never presented a certified copy of an original birth certificate!

From Citizen Wells September 16, 2016.

“Minimally, one must be a US citizen at birth to be eligible for the presidency.

There is no mention of a birth certificate.

What passes for a birth certificate in Hawaii does not pass muster in most if not all states.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the image placed on is considered a birth certificate in Hawaii.

It does not prove US birth.


First of all it is not a certified copy of an original birth certificate.

Birth certificates did not look like that when Obama was born.

Secondly, at the time of his birth, one could be born elsewhere and have the birth recorded in Hawaii.

Family friend and Governor Abercrombie stated that he could find no birth certificate only a recordation.

Tim Adams signed an affidavit, a legal document, stating that there was no birth certificate for Obama.

Lastly, look at the bottom of the image.


It states or abstract.

Abstract: “The term abstract is subject to different meanings, but in a legal sense, it refers to an abbreviated history of an official record.”

There is apparently a notation of Obama’s birth recorded in Hawaii.

Where he was born is anyone’s guess.

However, there is extensive, compelling evidence that he was born in Kenya.

When people ask me, I honestly tell them I don’t know.

If I were a judge and had to make a ruling, in the absence of proof of US Birth, I would rule based on the vast circumstantial evidence and rule he was born in Kenya.

I defy anyone, the Clinton Campaign, Obama camp, media outlet to challenge me.

Now for the lies coming from Hillary, her campaign and the mainstream media.

From the Huffington Post September 16, 2016.

“Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump falsely claimed Friday that his opponent Hillary Clinton started the conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.”

From the NY Times September 16, 2016.

“Trump Drops False ‘Birther’ Theory, but Floats a New One: Clinton Started It”


Bettina Viviano is a respected Hollywood Producer and a friend of mine.

By early 2009 she told me her story and part of it was hanging out with the Clintons in 2008. Her story about the Clintons telling her that Obama was not eligible directly to her has not changed over the years and has been consistent in multiple interviews.

From Citizen Wells March 21, 2012.

“I consider Bettina Viviano, a Hollywood Producer, a friend and a patriot. I have not spoken to her in a while so I left her a message a few minutes ago to thank her for her work and the interview.”

“1:00:15 – The ORIGINAL BIRTHERS were Bill & Hillary Clinton. Bettina heard it DIRECTLY out of their mouths.”

“1:44:30 – I heard it out of Bill Clinton’s mouth that Obama wasn’t legitimate.””

Bill Clinton Barack Obama Not Eligible, Bettina Viviano Hollywood Producer interview, DNC Pelosi Dean Reid committed fraud, Obama stole 2008 election


So there you have it.

No proof of Obama US birth.

The Clintons were the first “birthers.”

Donald Trump, if you have any questions, I am at your service.

Don’t let them castrate you.


More evidence that the Clinton were the first birthers.

From Citizen Wells September 17, 2016.

From James Asher former Washington Bureau Chief for the McClatchy Co.

  1. says team in 2008 never raised issue., long-time buddy, told me in person born in

  2. says team in 2008 never raised ‘s birth in. Who is closer to than , who told me face-to-face.

I challenge the News Record, Washington Post or any other media outlet to dialogue/debate.

Citizen Wells

For lying to their readers, on a scale unsurpassed in “1984”, I award the Greensboro News Record and Washington Post 5 Orwells.



More here:




11 responses to “Greensboro News Record lies about Obama birth certificate Clinton birther role and Trump statements, Repeats lies of Washington Post, Citizen Wells challenge to media, News Record and Post awarded 5 Orwells for lying to their readers

  1. “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″

  2. Robert Dandrea

    All this is a distraction to avoid the real issue. According to US Sup. ct. cases Obama is not Constitutionally eligible to be president since he is not a natural born US citizen. (see my comments I posted today.) To be eligible BOTH parents must be US citizens when a candidate was born. In Minor v Happersett 1874, SCOTUS stated that a child, born in the US of TWO U.S. citizen parents was a natural born citizen. Obama if born in the US is a native born US citizen because in McCreery’s Lessee v Somerville 1824 SCOTUS stated that daughters of a non U.S. citizen father were native born citizens. (Only one parent was a citizen). A native born citizen is not eligible to be president as per the Constitution. This applies to Cruz too. Why did the DNC in 2008 fail to include the required phrase ” Constitutionally eligible” when they posted Obama’s Certification of Nomination to 49 out of 50 states? >

  3. Robert, no offense, but you are preaching to the choir.
    I am trying to get the attention of the dumbed down entertainment culture American public
    and simplistically rebuke the lies emanating from the MSM.

  4. Robert Dandrea | September 17, 2016 at 6:23 pm


    Robert Dandrea,
    Under our usurper, Obama, there is no law enforcement on many issues, especially for presidential eligibility. The corrupted DOJ, like we have now, has gone out of their way to insure the usurper, who is also aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, stays in office.

    We have been hot on the usurper’s ass since 2008 about his ineligibility, but with a corrupted RICO Regime in place in DC, they have successfully blocked every effort in the courts for the removal of the usurper. Even the main stream media has certified the usurper’s forged birth certificate as a real document, that is how corrupt this whole mess has become. It will take someone with amazing courage to inform the world of the truth about Obama, and the fraudulent democrats.

    The democrats are about to lose the pardon power of the presidency if Trump is elected, that is why they are scared to death of the “birther” issue, they all know they are guilty as hell of instilling a usurper, and if somebody actually enforces the law many crooks stand to go to jail for a long long time.
    The case has been made for eight years, we just need someone to prosecute them, even the Supreme Court is in on the usurpation!

    RICO Regime!

  5. Bob Dandrea………
    Welcome aboard! You are absolutely right, but you’re telling us something we have already known for quite some time. But at least it shows that you are one of those who knows the truth, and that makes you our kind of person. Be sure to think of God today!.

  6. Bob Dandrea………
    I along with all the others here have also long ago arrived at the conclusion that the ENTIRE federal government has become corrupt. This includes our joint chiefs, and scotus. There is NOTHING else except WE THE PEOPLE, and I am seeing a strong probability that OUR LAST HOPE has also become corrupt. Far too many of our young professionals think Obama is really C-O-O-L. It is our young people who should be carrying the burden of the truth to fruition, but it is fast becoming obvious that they are too busy pursuing the American dream to care. So therein lies the probable total collapse of the American dream.

    …………the stinking assed GOATHERDER SYMPATHISERS TESTED out one of their toys one a poor little innocent waste container sitting on 27th Ave. I have a gut feeling that this was really just a test, and when they launch the real thing it will take out a whole NEW YORK BLOCK, and kill hundreds, and perhaps even thousands. De Blasio perpetuates the problems of investigation by running his mouth far too soon. He might as well have just poured another drink and stayed in his plush office. He is a little like our VP……….whenever he opens his mouth he gets his tongue wrapped around his eyetooth, and can’t see what he is saying.

  8. ALLEGEDLY……..
    ………45% of the American people think it would be a mistake to panic, and put an unseasoned leader in office. It is plain to see that this is some more LIBERAL twisted reasoning. Instead they would have us believe that we should put a DIMWITTED, AND ILL CHRONIC LIAR in office instead. Anybody with any gray matter at all would see that the ill chronic liar is the worst possible choice.

  9. …..and HOPEFULLY the FBI will have the smarts to make a thorough exam of the attached cell phone they found with the second device. It might contain telephone numbers which could lead to the BASTARDS who were responsible.

  10. oldsailor new important thread

  11. Pingback: Lester Holt perpetuates media lie about birthers Donald Trump Hillary Clinton, Holt ignorant biased and media schill, No proof Obama natural born citizen, Obama has not provided certified copy of original birth certificate, Trump telling truth | Citizen W

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