Obama Hillary Loretta Lynch conspiracy, Clinton endorsed and not prosecuted, Trump defeat, The Donald wins and Obama and Hillary are prosecuted and Lynch is out, Obama had to win to control US Justice Department

Obama Hillary Loretta Lynch conspiracy, Clinton endorsed and not prosecuted, Trump defeat, The Donald wins and Obama and Hillary are prosecuted and Lynch is out, Obama had to win to control US Justice Department

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

Why was Tony West, who helped Obama keep his records hidden at taxpayer expense, promoted to the third highest Justice Department position?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Justice Department and White House staff yell and curse at CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson over questions about Fast and Furious?”…Citizen Wells

“By using her own computer server instead of the government’s in the four years of her tenure as secretary of state, she knowingly compromised the national security of the United States. She did this by receiving and sending at least 400 emails that contained information that under federal law was confidential, secret or top-secret, which is a felony.”…Judge Andrew Napolitano


Citizen Wells told you back in 2008 that Barack Obama had to win to control the US Justice Department and avoid prosecution.

We now have an even more complicated scenario and the stakes are higher.

If Donald Trump wins, Loretta Lynch will be gone and Obama and Hillary will likely be prosecuted.

It came as no surprise that Obama endorsed Hillary. She has to win to protect them both.

From Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch June 9, 2016.

“Klayman rips Obama over endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Says it is Proof Positive that President Has Told Attorney General to Deep Any Indictment of Clinton Over Email Scandal and Shows Just How Corrupt Obama and his Obama Justice Department Are!”

“Hillary Clinton, who has a sordid past of illegalities, crimes and cover-up, and is embroiled in an on-going criminal investigation over her illegal use of a private email server while Secretary of State, has now been endorsed by her fellow criminal, President Barack Obama, who has perpetrated numerous scandals during his presidential administration, ranging from Benghazi-gate, to IRS-gate, to Fast and Furious-gate to Illegal Immigration-gate, and a myriad of others.

This endorsement is proof positive, as boasted to by Hillary Clinton herself just yesterday, that she will never be indicted by President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch, over the FBI’s on-going investigation of her illegal use of a private email server while Secretary of State under Obama. This private email server was used not just to circumvent national security laws, but so Clinton could sell access to the State Department to enrich herself, her husband Bill Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation. In effect the private server was used to solicit bribes from foreign interests in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other terrorist and terrorist supporting Middle Eastern countries.

Our nation is being destroyed by corrupt politicians in both political parties and our justice system is corrupt to the core. By endorsing Clinton, President Obama has brazenly admitted that the fix is in, and that he and the Clintons continue to be above the law. They have little regard for the Director of the FBI, James Comey and his fine special agents, who in good faith have been conducting a bona fide criminal investigation which has yet to be completed. Not since the days of Richard Nixon has a president so defied the FBI and those honest working level servants in my alma mater, the U.S. Department of Justice, of which Attorney General Loretta Lynch, like her predecessor, is not one.”

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22 responses to “Obama Hillary Loretta Lynch conspiracy, Clinton endorsed and not prosecuted, Trump defeat, The Donald wins and Obama and Hillary are prosecuted and Lynch is out, Obama had to win to control US Justice Department

  1. citizenwells

    “The New Black Panther case was the simplest and most obvious violation of federal law I saw in my Justice Department career. Because of the corrupt nature of the dismissal, statements falsely characterizing the case and, most of all, indefensible orders for the career attorneys not to comply with lawful subpoenas investigating the dismissal, this month I resigned my position as a Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney.”

    “Based on my firsthand experiences, I believe the dismissal of the Black Panther case was motivated by a lawless hostility toward equal enforcement of the law. Others still within the department share my assessment. The department abetted wrongdoers and abandoned law-abiding citizens victimized by the New Black Panthers. The dismissal raises serious questions about the department’s enforcement neutrality in upcoming midterm elections and the subsequent 2012 presidential election.”…J. Christian Adams

  2. ……….as I have said so many times in the past “our entire Federal government has ben turned into a MEANINGLESS, USELESS, and OTHERWISE UNPRODUCTIVE SOCIAL CLUB. We might as well not even have military forces, our entire military has also become a giant WHOREHOUSE………with both male and female practitioners. The idiotic notion of America’s military leadership of placing females in combatant roles is about as TWISTED as it can possibly be. Our Military has also been transformed into a giant SOCIAL club, by the HALF WITTED military leadership which has taken over. As a result our military has become the laughing stock of the world. In addition we are now seeing classic examples of aggressive behavior by Russia, China,and Iran towards our SOCIAL “FANTASY LAND
    CRUISE SHIPS”. Twisted females join our Navy so that they can have nonstop sex at sea. This is very much in evidence when after each deployment there are many KNOCKED UP female sailors. All of this is collectively destroying the very basic “BAND OF BROTHERS” comradeship which is necessary, and once made our military the worlds top fighting forces. Now as a SOCIAL CLUB our military is LAUGHED AT, and disrespected the world over. Thanx to our UNBALANCED LEADERSHIP our military will continue to MORPH into a TWISTED, INEFFECTIVE, MORALLY DECREPIT,AND OTHERWISE USELESS GANG OF SEXUALLY ORIENTED PERSONELL, AND INCAPABLE OF ANY FORM OF COMBAT. I SUSPECT THAT SOON MANY WILL STATE THAT THEY ARE REALLY CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS TO COMBAT,AND IN REALITY CLEARLY DEMONSTRATES THEY ARE SLOWLY BEING TRANSFORMED INTO A MASS OF QUEER, AND TWISTED MALE ,FEMALE, AND TRANSGENDER COWARDS. When our enemy discovers that they are up against FEMALES, and QUEERS they will send in hand to hand combatants who will turn the battlefield into a helluva pile of dead females leading to a much larger pile of dead male soldiers. There is a TRAGIC end coming to the GRAND SOCIAL LIBERAL EXPERIMENT;( females and homosexual males in combatant roles). There was a time in the not so distant past when NEITHER were used as combatants. In fact there was a time when homosexuals were detected they were quickly removed, and either reassigned, or rewarded with SECTION 8 discharges, and we have not won a war since the grand social experiment began. Our warships have become CRUISE SHIPS, with condom dispensers every 50 feet.

  3. CW……….

    AND FURTHER………..
    …………..Christian Adams is CORRECT. He exercised the only option he had available to him………..HE RESIGNED! He was alone in the midst of a gang of Chicago type legal thugs. In truth the deliberate, ignorance of the criminal behavior of the alleged New Black Panthers, is just ONE FACET of the multi faceted CRIMINAL behavior of the DOJ……..which a severely twisted AG now heads up. The HIGH LEVEL OF CORRUPTION, AND FILTH WHICH NOW PERMEATES THE “DODGE=EM” CLUB BOGGLES MY MIND, AND CONFIRMS ONCE AGAIN THAT OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT IS NO LONGER “A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE , AND FOR THE PEOPLE” AND IS IN FACT SLOWLY PERISHING FROM THE EARTH.

  4. ………Today my prayer is one wherein I am asking God to watch over Donald Trump,as he moves forward toward the PRESIDENCY. Further I pray that Mr.Trump will FIRE, and prosecute ALL OF THE CRIMINAL BASTARDS at the DOJ, along with all of the useless POS who now lead the various departments of the Federal government as well.

  5. am I missing something? Orlando? Obama?

    Chicago Stats
    Weeks total 6/5 to 6/11
    Shot & Killed 9
    Shot & Wounded 72
    Total Shot 81
    Monthly Total 6/1 to 6/11
    Shot & Killed 21
    Shot & Wounded 120
    Total Shot 141
    Year to Date
    Shot & Killed 252
    Shot & Wounded 1418
    Total Shot 1670
    Source http://heyjackass.com/

  6. oldsoldier80


    Last night again, a lone gunman attack a GAY nightclub in Orlando Fla., At the present time, 50 have been reported killed and another 53 in the local hospitals are in critical condition……I expect the death toll to rise to over 80 before it’s all said and done…..

    Almost immediately, some in the media want to compare this to the shooting in a black church in Charleston, SC, and label it nothing but domestic terrorism and a hate crime….it is a hare crime but not in the same sense as the shooting in Charleston.

    First, it must be correctly labeled as an act of RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM within the borders our our country in the same manner the Calf shooting was, and several others….then it was also a HATE CRIME….it was a combination of both…..and the people of the United States had better wake up and smell the coffee about “radical Islam”, else there will be many more such attacks in the near future.

    I went to church this morning and of course this subject came up in out Sunday school class…..in my SS class, we have about three or four ‘tree hungers’ that cannot see the forest for the trees…..so very quickly, out of their mouths came…’WELL IT WAS JUST ANOTHER CASE OF DOMESTIC TERRORIST’….and just as quickly, out of my mouth came the truth…..

    I told them this WAS NOT domestic terrorism, but it was a plain and simple case of RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM, and they have better start identifying the problem for exactly what it was….instead of ignoring the elephant in the room…..

    It was a case of ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ because the shooter professed to that…it was also a ‘Hate Crime’ because ISIS and the other radical Islamic organizations WILL NOT tolerate in any form HOMOSEXUALITY…

    Of course, the ‘treee huggers’ tried to poo-poo my words, but the majority of members knew what I was saying was the truth. Our society has been lulled into a semi coma by the current president who REFUSED to say the words, RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST, let alone place blame on them…..in five minutes, he is suppose to speak to the nation on this shooting…..DO NOT expect much from him today…it will never happen.

    Listen closely, and strain to hear the words…RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST…..you will not hear that today…..but there will be a lot of blame placing on guns and gun owners…and everyone but those who deserve the blame…..

    God help us, because our current president won’t ! Mr. Trump will soon correct the mistakes of the past…..you can rest assured of that !

    And a final word…..NO … it was not DOMESTIC TERRORIST….it was RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM….and we, as American’s, had better start understanding the difference in the two !

  7. oldsoldier80

    Is GOD just cleaning his house ?……

    or is there more to these shooting of GAY nightclubs….news just broke of an ARREST of a man in LA with several rilfles and guns heading toward a GAY bar…….

    Is it now ‘OPEN SEASON’ on GAYS by radical Islam terrorist ?

  8. oldsoldier80

    Well…..as usual, when Obama was, or is, suppose to speak at a certain time….don’t expect that to happen…..

    He was scheduled to speak at 1:30 pm today…….it’s now 15 minutes past that time…and NO OBEY…..he just may not show…..

  9. oldsoldier80


    Make no mistake my friends, ISIS radical Islamic terrorist are in our country now, they are called “sleeper cells”….they are here, they are well trained, they are well equipped , and they are standing ready to strike on command….there is currently over 28 military Islamic training camps located within the borders of our country….and they are not training on basket weaving……they are training to kill you, me and any other American who does not profess the ISLAMIC religion(if you want to call it a religion).

    With the Syrians streaming over our borders and Obama bring them into our country with any vetting whatsoever, we had better prepare ourselves fort more of this same activity….

    I just heard over the television that the White House is calling this ATTACK’ on the gay bar as a ‘tragedy’…..duhhhhhh….a tragedy is a train wreck, an earthquake, the innocent death of a child by an accident…..these are tragedies……


    So Mr. president,…don’t come telling us this was a ‘TRAGEDY’….. that’s not enough.


    As I predicted , Obey is again blaming the gun industry and not the character and religion of the shooter…..NEVER THE BLAME OF RADICAL ISLAM……
    Now he can change real quickly and go golfing…

  10. HERE WE GO AGAIN……….
    …………. a man walked into an Orlando queer bar and opened fire with an AR15. By the time he was finally himself shot dead by a swat team, he had already shot dead at least 50 people. He was allegedly ANGERED when he witnessed a queer kiss another queer. Sickens me too, but I know that God will eventually deal with all of them, just as he did with the cities of SODOM, and GOMORA.

  11. oldsoldier80……..
    ………..like you I believe that we are indeed going to see a lot more of this sort of bullshi#. Isn’t it strange the STINKING A$$ED GOATHERDERS condemn homosexuality, yet they themselves practice sex with animals. These BASTARDS are just as sick, if not sicker than the queers. Indeed there are possibly thousands of these bastards now among us thanks to the MASTER BASTARD at the wacky house, and his sick twisted followers. Time for Trump to declare OPEN SEASON ON ALL OF THE BASTARDS wherever he finds them, by deporting them back to where they came from. I think he will indeed order them out of the country at least until their intent can be scrutinized……….but I have my doubts that we can thoroughly vet all of them. They will simply LIE about their intent. America has been invaded by filth from South of the border by the millions, and among them are the stinking a$$ed goatherders. To compound the insult upon us the MASTER BASTARD is now giving all of the illegals $15,000.00 each to spend as they please. Guess whose pockets it came from.

  12. oldsoldier80……..
    ……….I can’t help wonder what George Patton would do if he was still alive and POTUS. I think I know exactly what he would do but I dare not say it because I would be labeled a HATER, by the SLIMEY,SNOT NOSED, little YUPPIE CROWD. They think the RADICAL ISLAMIC BASTARDS are SOOOOOOOO WONDERFUUUUULLLLLL.

  13. oldsoldier80

    OLDSAILOR84……you ask “I can’t help wonder what George Patton would do if he was still alive and POTUS.”……..heres a hint !!!

    But perhaps if we followed Pershing’s guidance, then PETA would be all over our asses for cruality to animals then………


    There is only ONE way to deal with this world scourge of Islamic Terrorism…you must ATTACK whatever the terrorist, he or she believes…..and that is their ‘Radical Islam’…history gives us the way to do this……..

    In 1911, General John J. ‘Blackjack’ Pershing was in charge of the US military installation in the Philippines …he was getting a lot of complaints from the local people about ‘Islamic terrorist’ that were terrorizing and killing most of the local christain’s in the small villages in that country….

    Pershing told his troops to capture a few of the terrorist and bring them to him. Then he took the three terrorist out in the public for execution,,,,then he had his troops slaughter a pig, then in public, he ordered the firing squad members to dip their bullets in the blood of the pig….he also ordered another pig killed and both pigs were cleaned out of their guts……

    Pershing then ordered two of the terrorist shot with the bullets dipped in pigs blood….the third terrorist stood by and watched. After they were executed, he then ordered their bodies placed inside the pig that had just been emptied of all the guts inside it…then it was sown up and placed in a grave facing downward….then the gut of the two pigs were placed upon the in the open grave then covered over……

    The third terrorist was forced to watch this …then he was released back into the countryside with a warning that this would happen to every Islamic terrorist captured or killed in that country…….
    From that day, forward, General Pershing had NO problems with the Islamic people, or terrorism again in the Philippines ….

    As a military man, I learned a long time ago that you attack your opponent at his weakest point…..an ISLAMIC TERRORIST has declared openly his weakest point is his own religion and belief that he will go to heaven (his heaven) …ONLY if he has NO association with pigs, which can can VOID his train ticket…….
    So use his religion against him…..it isn’t what we, as Christians believe that counts in stopping this madness and terror….it’s what the TERRORIST believes that counts..and therein lies the way to defeat him.
    Maybe when we get a NEW Commander-in-Chief, he will understand this….as it is, the one we now have is totally ignorant to Islamic terrorism…and will not even say those words….If the problem has never been identified, then you cannot, or will not solve the problem.


  14. bob strauss

    The usurper’s Taqiyya is coming back to bite him in the ass.


    Obama’s Orlando funeral dilemma

    June 12, 2016

    What will President Obama do about the memorial service that is certain to follow the awful carnage in Orlando this morning? He has a clear pattern, but this incident does not fit in very well. More


  15. more email scandals….Hillary, now it’s Lois Lerner’s turn.
    We have a government out of control under Obama

    If you thought it was odd that two huge email scandals blew up on the national scene, and both of them had to do with women underneath Obama’s employ, then you’re about to get another shock to the system.

    Not only Lois Lerner dabbling in the targeting of conservative groups during her tenure with the IRS. . .it turns out just like Hillary she too was using a private email that was not sanctioned for official use.

    Let that settle for a second.

    Not only was the email secret, Lois Lerner was using it, with an alias no less, and was actively sending emails with this private account to make sure Tea Party organizations and the like were rebuffed in their attempts to gain tax-exempt status.

    The following was reported by Allen B West and shows just how twisted and awful liberals really are. . .

    Years into the IRS scandal the mainstream media’s long declared dead — and therefore, many have simply written off — comes this shocking new revelation. The IRS’s apparently has just “realized” — almost as if by accident — that Lois Lerner was using a secret personal email account, under a phony name, to conduct IRS business is a bombshell. Lerner, of course, is the woman behind the IRS scandal targeting conservative groups during the 2012 election, which some fear may have tipped the election and handed Obama his second term.

    This new revelation both raises more questions and significantly ups the appearance of subterfuge going on at this federal agency feared — and perhaps, rightly so — by so many Americans. And given how directly this IRS scandal has the potential to touch each of us — especially us conservatives — what we’ve just learned about Lois Lerner’s emails may be even more scary than what’s going on with Hillary Clinton’s.

    But will anyone in the mainstream media report on this? As Newscasters reports, nope — at least, not yet. That very fact may be a big reason behind what may be the most chilling part of this whole scandal: the Obama administration’s ease at covering it up. Because as shocking as the revelation of the secret email account is, what should be more shocking — and downright chilling — to every American is how successfully our current administration has been at burying what appears to be a blatant use of the IRS as a political weapon.


  16. BUT……….
    IT goes without saying that we have an extremely grave situation in America. This time it was a US CITIZEN who done the foul deed. While he is a product of Afghanistan parentage………he was born right here in America. So then what the hell was in his mind? It is simple. He WAS RAISED IN THE SPIRIT OF ISLAMIC HATRED. How many more of these people are sitting amongst us? More than likely THOUSANDS……….perhaps even more than a million. These are the so called SELF RADICALISED SLEEPERS among us. This amounts to having an enemy who has an infiltrated army right in the middle of the battlefield. This is GOING TO HAPPEN OVER AND OVER, but now we are seeing for the first time the verbal expression of outrage by the Muslim community leaders. Perhaps now these people will begin cleaning out the criminal element that dwells among them. This is the correct first step, and if these people are to be respected they MUST CONTINUE taking such steps………even if it is a member of their OWN FAMILY who is a perpetrator.

  17. ……..one of our strongest defenses lies within the Muslim Community itself. They must realise that they are NO LONGER IN THE COUNTRY OF THEIR ORIGIN…….they must REALISE that they have come to America, and this requires OBEDIENCE TO OUR CRIMINAL LAWS. When they see or suspect one of their own they have an obligation to SPEAK UP to our law enforcement. In the case of Mateen there was clear evidence that he was effected by self radicalization. He was even investigated more than once, but for some unknown reason was obviously seen as a NON THREAT. har har He should have undergone extensive psychiatric examination which the FBI could have imposed upon him. I believe that his hidden agenda could have been easily discovered, and probably neutralized. I feel for those in the night club. They were enjoying their sort of comradeship, and were not bothering others. While they are a perverse group of humanity, we do not have the right to murder such people. By virtue of their life style they lay themselves open for such attacks. I believe that this sort of attack will be done over and over by other self radicalized affiliates of the SPIRITUALLY TWISTED RADICAL ISLAM MURDERERS who are still SLEEPING. I am sure they are there.

  18. citizenwells

    Thanks hapnhal.
    I was just thinking that.

  19. off topic … Pittsburgh Penguins 2016 Stanley Cup Champions! Go Pens!!!

  20. bob strauss

  21. bob strauss

    D.W. Ulsterman On The Orlando Shooting & America’s Mad King, Barack Obama…

    As horrific as the fifty-plus lives lost in Orlando is, and will near-term continue to be, I found myself saddened but not surprised as I watched the various news reports of the tragedy.
    Another young Muslim terrorist bringing murder and mayhem to the innocent.
    And then comes the man who currently holds the title of President of the United States, and I was once again left stunned at the accusatory tone leveled against the very citizens he is sworn to protect.
    Barack Obama is now America’s Mad King, a ruler so bereft of loyalty to his own citizens as to make him appear nearly as dangerous as the Islamic radicals who would see this country destroyed.

    The president marched out to stand behind the all-too-familiar podium and read from prepared notes, (meaning his handlers, primarily Valerie Jarrett) had thought over the exact tone and tenor of his words following what is now the single deadliest mass shooting in American history.

    And what was that tone and tenor?

    To blame America for the shooting.

    Mr. Obama ignored any mention of the shooter’s motivations, merely calling it an act of “terror” and “hate” though by then even those outside the White House knew of the shooter’s links to radical Islam and his devotion to ISIS.

    The president noted, repeatedly, that the shooter used guns to carry out his heinous attack. He also pointed out it was carried out against members of Orlando’s gay community – but made no mention that anti-gay sentiment and radical Islam go hand in hand. That his administration continues to applaud itself for helping pave the path of nuclear weapons for Iran, a nation that routinely sentences people to death for the “crime” of being homosexual.

    Barack Obama has, since day one of his presidency, embraced the Muslim world, while at the very same time, pretending to embrace issues pertaining to the LBGT community – a community the vast majority of the Muslim world would see wiped out should it be given the opportunity to do so. Instead, Mr. Obama blames guns for the deaths of those in Orlando, and blames America for its continued defense of its own Second Amendment. Guns didn’t kill those poor people in Orlando, hatred did. It is a hatred that has been repeatedly emboldened and made stronger by the feckless, apologetic void of leadership that is a foundational tenet of the Obama White House.

    It is akin to someone blaming ovens, and not the Nazis, for the Holocaust.

    That is madness of a level rarely seen in the madness-infested world that is our national politics. And it is within that madness Barack Obama’s world-view so happily resides.

    I guess in that respect, there are some who are partly to blame for the tragedy that took place in Orlando this weekend. Perhaps those of you who voted for Barack Obama should check your hands for blood.

    If you think that comment too harsh, too abusive, too willing to misplace blame, I would simply urge you to go back and see how we came to this point, and finally admit to those political leaders and media figures who have been so adamant that we find it in our hearts to “accept” those who would see America laid low. One does not protect the lamb by embracing the wolf.

    Then shut up, wash your hands, and prepare to help try and make things right in 2016.



  22. citizenwells

    Thanks bob.

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