Ted Cruz Vermont eligibility lawsuit update, February 19, 2016, Plaintiff H. Brooke Paige, Cruz not natural born citizen, Cruz born in Canada in 1970, Canadian Citizenship Act of 1976 Cruz born a Canadian Citizen AND a British Subject

Ted Cruz Vermont eligibility lawsuit update, February 19, 2016, Plaintiff H. Brooke Paige, Cruz not natural born citizen, Cruz born in Canada in 1970, Canadian Citizenship Act of 1976 Cruz born a Canadian Citizen AND a British Subject

“To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a “natural born” citizen. Even having two US parents wouldn’t suffice. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive.”…Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law Professor

“Ted Cruz wrote the forward for U.S. Constitution for Dummies which clearly reveals that he is not a natural born citizen.”…IL ballot challenger Bill Graham

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND



Just in from Mr. H. Brooke Paige, plaintiff in the Vermont Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio eligibility challenge:

“UPDATE – Paige v. State of Vermont, et al (Secretary of State, Jim Condos,
Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz and Marco Antonio Rubio)

Citizen Wells,

February 18, 2016 – All parties, the Vermont State Defendants, Cruz and
Rubio,  have responded each   with their own Motions to Dismiss, the first
effort of a disingenuous and desperate lawyer who wants to shield his
client from having to face the music.

It is exciting to have defendants who, because of their divergent
political leanings refuse to cooperate in developing a unified strategy to
extinguish the humble, tenacious plaintiff. Unfortunately, the attorneys
for Rubio and Cruz seem amazingly unfamiliar with the “natural born
citizen(ship)” subject matter – regurgitating the tripe and drivel
regularly posted on “obot” websites; while Daloz, the state’s Asst. A/G,
appears to be doing a “cut and paste” job from his 2012 effort. Truly sad
to see such vacuous “work product” for these high priced “Blackstone
Lawyers.” (Thomas Jefferson complained that “many a law student finds
Blackstone’s writings – a smattering of everything, and his indolence
easily persuades him that if he understands Blackstone , he is a master of
the whole body of law.”)

I have filed separate Opposition Briefs for each of the defendants’
Motions to Dismiss as each develops a differing approach to defend their
favorites particular “flavor” of natural born citizenship.

•       Vermont Assistant Attorney General Todd Daloz offering “born in country
with at least one citizen parent” to defend the democratic darling, Mr.

•       “K’ Street Mouthpiece (D.C.) Brady Toensing, representing Rubio, arguing
that “native birth” (14th Amendment citizenship) alone is sufficient to
qualify his “son of Cuban parents” to serve as President.

•       Lastly, Gregory D. Cote, Esq., the Beantown Lawyer (“Redacted”) makes a
valiant attempt to convince anyone who will give him “the time of day”
that his Canadian Citizen client, Cruz,   is somehow more than merely a
“citizen of the United States” a condition granted to him by Congress, not
by his birth circumstances alone the condition necessary to be a Natural
born citizen (i.e. born in country to two citizen parents – Vattel, 1758).

Further it has come to light that since Cruz was born in Canada in 1970,
prior to the Canadian “Citizenship Act of 1976,” he was born a “Canadian
Citizen AND a “British Subject”  having “the right of abode” whereby he
could moved to the “British Isles” and gotten a job and taken up permanent
residence without needing to take any further action .

The Vermont Primary Election is held on Town Meeting Day, March  1st, and,
since the defendants have argued that the issues are not “ripe” until the
passing of the election,  our next move will be to ask the court to
prevent the Secretary of State from releasing the results of that election
until the court determines the qualification of candidates Cruz and Rubio
AND  whether their names appearing on the ballot has cause damage to the
other candidates, sufficient to alter the results of the election.”


79 responses to “Ted Cruz Vermont eligibility lawsuit update, February 19, 2016, Plaintiff H. Brooke Paige, Cruz not natural born citizen, Cruz born in Canada in 1970, Canadian Citizenship Act of 1976 Cruz born a Canadian Citizen AND a British Subject

  1. “Aside from being wrong on the definition of natural born citizen, this article is blatantly inaccurate:

    New Hampshire did not rule that Cruz is a natural born citizen.

    It omitted the opinion of constitutional expert Laurence Tribe of Harvard:

    “Cruz says this is all settled law, but Harvard’s Laurence Tribe disagrees.

    “It clearly is not settled law,” Tribe said in recent an interview.”

    “That’s because Tribe says Cruz is a constitutional “originalist,” who believes the document should be followed to the letter. Tribe says jurists who share such a view might well conclude that Cruz is not eligible to be president — because he was not born in America.

    According to Tribe, this shows that Cruz is trying to have it both ways.”


  2. Plaintiff Paige needs to stress that the Constitution requirement for president states “EXCEPT A”. Everyone debates on the term of words “natural born citizen” written in the Constitution Article II, but no one brings up the two preceding words “except a”.

    The word “except” preceding the term is the preposition to modify and substantiate the exclusion of other variations of citizenship from the term “natural born citizen”. The left needs to stop this dishonest idiotic parsing. Natural born citizen is the definition.!!!!


    Jim Hoft Feb 18th, 2016 8:36 pm 156 Comments
    cruz canada flag

    Two New York voters sued to boot Ted Cruz from the state ballots over questions about his citizenship.
    The New York Post reported:

    Two New York voters are suing the state’s Board of Elections to have Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz booted from the ballot over questions about his citizenship.

    The issue has been trumpeted by Cruz’s foe, Donald Trump, though the pair who are suing say they are not aligned with the billionaire businessman.

    “Notwithstanding the bluster of Mr. Trump … my issue is there is a constitutional problem that has arisen, and it has to be addressed,” said Manhasset, LI, resident William Gallo, who filed the lawsuit with Manhattanite Barry Korman.

    The pair cites an article of the US Constitution that says, “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president.”

    Gallo, 85, a Republican, has not yet chosen a candidate to back.

    “It’s got nothing to do with Mr. Cruz as far as whether he’s a good conservative or not a good conservative,” Gallo said. Instead, Gallo said, he wants the court to settle the constitutional question so that “people can go to the polls feeling they have an answer.”

    Korman, 81, of West 96th Street, declined to comment. But his lawyer, Roger Bernstein, said Korman is an independent who wants to resolve the matter before the New York State primary in April.

    A conservative in Illinois who initially filed a ballot challenge will have his case heard in court tomorrow.
    CNN reported:

    A judge in Illinois on Friday will hear a lawsuit challenging Ted Cruz’s eligibility to serve as president, putting questions about the Texas senator’s status back into the news the day before the South Carolina primary.

    Lawrence Joyce, an Illinois voter who has objected to Cruz’s placement on the Illinois primary ballot next month, will have his case heard in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago.


  4. dualer | February 19, 2016 at 12:42 pm |

    MARCH 4, 2016 11AM

    CASE # 15022044


    I went to the link you provided and got an error message.

  5. I have believed what you said previously, but wonder about this: “In general, Canadian citizens ***who acquired citizenship of another country automatically lost Canadian citizenship*** (dual citizenship was not recognized).”

    Your thoughts?

  6. Dennis Parker…….
    You are exactly right. This has been my conclusion as well for many months.

    ……..has been threatening radio and tv stations throughout SC with potential termination of their FCC licenses if they carry any ads of Trump. First of all they are NOT THE FCC, and it is ONLY THE FCC who can legally terminate a station license. The MORONS who are running the Cruz campaign, apparently think that they are the SUPREME COURT. Their STUPIDITY,and obvious arrogance SCREAMS for a CIVIL CLASS ACTION against all of the members of the Cruz campaign. This one can be made to STICK!……BIG TIME…….by the MILLIONS of dollars!

    ……….is made it is called EXTORTION, which is a FELONY.

  9. “An Illinois judge on Friday said she would decide next month whether she had jurisdiction over a voter’s complaint that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz should not be on the state’s primary ballot because he was born in Canada.

    Lawrence Joyce, a lawyer and pharmacist, filed a complaint in January with the Illinois State Board of Elections saying that under the U.S. Constitution, the Texas senator cannot run for president since he is not a “natural born” citizen. Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta of a Cuban father and an American mother.

    The Board rejected Joyce’s complaint – saying Cruz became a natural-born citizen at the moment of his birth because of his mother’s citizenship – so he petitioned the Cook County Circuit Court to review that decision.

    Circuit Court Judge Maureen Ward Kirby said she was not sure she had jurisdiction, and set a March 1 hearing for arguments on whether to dismiss the complaint.”


  10. CW……….
    ………….I believe that any court in Illinois will find Cruz eligible. It is all a SHAM. The courts are aligned together to defeat the Constitutional requirements for POTUS. This most likely will occur wherever there is a lawsuit, ….potentially in all 50 states as well. It is the US Courts judges who are corrupt…….all 127 of them. Until the courts can be repaired a Martian will be eligible for POTUS, or even Putin. The corrupt judges must be severely punished for their treasonous behavior. Perhaps the possibility of LIFE IN PRISON might make them think a second time before going against the Constitution. Their treasonous behavior MUST COME TO AN END, or America is DOOMED.

  11. ………..Young, childish, female judges are oriented to LIBERAL application of our Constitutional law. This is INTERPRETATION of Constitutional law…….wherein they can twist, reword, bend, or stretch the law to fit the situation. When the judges do this we might as well not even have courts, because in reality they too are supporting CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR of POLITICIANS.

  12. It’s as plain as the nose on your face and arguments are not necessary….
    Cruz was a CANADIAN CITIZEN until 18 years ago….that was 1998. His mother was a CANADIAN citizen/ and AMERICAN by birth. His father was a Canadian citizen/and CUBAN by birth…..

    There is no way in HELL Cruz can claim “NATURAL-BORN Citizenship….unless the courts just WILL NOT look at the evidence….we have the same exact happenings now that happened 8 years ago…..

    Has everyone so soon forgot that Obama said he was born in Kenya to an American mother and a Kenya father when Kenya was a British colony…..that made him a Citizen of the British Crown..

    Here is why every court in America will REFUSE to tackle this case. To look at the CRUZ situation now in any court…will EXPOSE OBAMA as a USURPER and make him guilty as sin …..which will cause a whole lot of people to go to jail……

    Don’t expect anything positive to come out of any court case against CRUZ or RUBIO, or any other damn non-citizen……the fix is in to protect OBAMA…..it has been since 8 years ago. That’s why he is so bold in breaking every damn l;aw in the constitution.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s very clear to me.,,,else these two aliens now running as Republicans wouldn’t be attempting to copy OBAMA’;s feat of ignorance and bravado……

    So don’t build your hopes up only to have them dashed to the ground by a deaf court.

  13. Linda Taylor, see Mario Apuzzo blog for his opinion on Canadian law affecting US Citizenship.

  14. SCOTUS cases:- McCreery’s Lessee v Somerville (1824) stated daughters of a non US citizen father were native born citizens.(like Cruz and Obama).
    US v Wong Kim Ark (1898) that Ark born in the US was a native born citizen since his parents, residing in the US, were not US citizens. (like Rubio)
    They are not natural born citizens and not Constitutionally eligible.

  15. oldsoldier79……..
    ………I often wish Guiliani was running. He knows exactly what tactics was necessary to clean out the New York Mafia, and it will require the same tactics he used to clean out the Chicago MOB. If I remember correctly he began with the crooked New York judges who were on the Mafia payroll. One at a time he began nailing their a$$es, and putting them away. In addition he signed on some real badass prosecutors, after which the undercover investigations began. The undercover agents were never known to anybody except Guillianl. It required a hell of a lot of work,but Guilliani proved he could do it ……BY DOING IT! The judicial breakdown we now have is pretty much comparable to what New York was in the 1950s. After a couple of Mafia families, and their crooked judges were finally behind bars the rest decided to close up shop and return to Sicily, where they originated. Of course that was only the New York Mob. We still have Mafia families all across America. I also believe that all of the families have the sanction of the Catholic church.

  16. CW……….
    ……….I am seeing a number of new names on this blog. This tells me that it is now being accessed by a lot more people………which is GREAT, because the more readers you have the more resounding your messages become. That also means that a lot more people are reading the REAL facts, and becoming more enlightened by the TRUTH. This seems to say that maybe there is HOPE, after all.

  17. oldsailor, always glad to get more input.
    What you see in terms of comments is the tip of the iceberg on readership, here & sites linking here.
    Also, a lot of “comments” are dismissed as spam.
    I chose quality over quantity years ago.




    and he’s dumber than a door knob !

  20. oldsailor83 | February 19, 2016 at 6:57 pm |

    ………….I believe that any court in Illinois will find Cruz eligible. It is all a SHAM. The courts are aligned together to defeat the Constitutional requirements for POTUS. This most likely will occur wherever there is a lawsuit, ….potentially in all 50 states as well. It is the US Courts judges who are corrupt…….all 127 of them. Until the courts can be repaired a Martian will be eligible for POTUS, or even Putin. The corrupt judges must be severely punished for their treasonous behavior. Perhaps the possibility of LIFE IN PRISON might make them think a second time before going against the Constitution. Their treasonous behavior MUST COME TO AN END, or America is DOOMED.

    Maybe if Trump is elected, and we get a, SERIOUS!, Attorney General, that will seriously take on these RICO criminals, traitors, and usurpers, we will see the return to Constitutional law, and order.

  21. THIS PISSES ME OFF… Go to this site and you will read where the truth has come out about Barry’s name and his school records


  22. AND NOW……….
    ………..Jeb Bush has terminated his campaign. This was easy to see……..Jeb simply cannot compete. Trump has once again TRUMPED another state. I pray that Mr.Trump will begin to lay out specific policies that he plans too utilize should he be elected

  23. All you need to know is that “Birthers” were right in 2008, and 2012, and they are right now, in 2016, Obama, Cruz, and Rubio are not eligible to be President, they are not natural born Citizens, and should never have been on the ballot.

    There is a national awakening taking place, as ineligible usurpers and candidates, try to explain how they acquired their natural born Citizen status, to be eligible to run for President. Now is the time for the country to come together, and answer this eligibility question once and for all, the time for games is over!!!


    ……….Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Clint looks CHEAP, sounds CHEAP……….IS CHEAP. She sounds as raucous as a CARNIVAL BARKER………..we all know about carnival barkers……”.WORDTWISTERS EXTRAORDINAIRE” her only qualification for POTUS is having once been the wife of a POTUS. Clint equates with Soetoro……….perhaps even WORSE!

    ………….will be taxed at even a higher rate if Clint wins……..this translates to even worse unemployment as the overtaxed manufacturers leave America……ONE BY ONE. Liberal scum will happily spend everyone’s money. Big government = increasing unemployment.

  26. BUT………
    ………….at this point what difference does it make?

  27. BERNIE……….
    ………..is actually STUMPING for CLINT! In reality he is hiding this fact. All he is there for is to guarantee Clint the delagates he won, which will guarantee her the LIBERAL nomination. You don’t need any smarts to see through this FARCE!

  28. …..AND NOW……..
    ………..another LOSER has endorsed RUBIO………..Romney has just endorsed Rubio! Republican party NOW GRABBING AT STRAWS.

  29. Ginger…
    Yes, he should be impeached but with the Rinos we have in DC. don’t hold your breath.

  30. If we can actually get Mr. Trump elected, because of so many evil people working hard to stop him, things will change for the better. I can bet that a lot of the scumbags in office will be resigning, retiring what ever they call it. I can not wait for the games to begin! There is a lot of people out there that is not a part of the corruption but know what others are doing like miss. Bitch at the IRS. It is getting closer to the time where we can finally clean house.

  31. Bill G: It’s “Linda Starr” not “Linda Taylor”. I quote from Mario Apuzzo’s blog all the time…but it would save me time I don’t have right now if you would post the specific link.

    OldSoldier79: Re: your statement “Cruz was a CANADIAN CITIZEN until 18 years ago….that was 1998. His mother was a CANADIAN citizen/ and AMERICAN by birth. His father was a Canadian citizen/and CUBAN by birth…..”

    (1) If he actually was a Canadian citizen, the (a) why did it end at age 18 and (b) why did he go to the trouble of renouncing it in his 40’s?

    (2) Breitbart found his mother’s Delaware birth certificate and she never became a Canadian citizen; his father didn’t either.

    (3) My question still stands: Since he automatically “acquired” U.S. citizenship by birth, then that Canadian law I quoted above says his “Canadian” citizenship would have instantly ceased to exist since they didn’t allow for dual citizenship.

    The latter was really my question which I asked above…

    PS: I’ved been reading Citizen Wells for many years and he is on my own bloglist…however, I rarely comment here (since, actually, I don’t have that much interesting to say, which is why my own blog is a “curation-style” blog.


    Please change my name on your website to:…oldsoldier80
    Today is by birthday……thanks. !

    LINDA STARR…..I will have a response to your above post later today.

  33. Happy B-day oldsolgier80

  34. Sorry about that oldsoldier80 .I guess I wasn’t watching what letter I pressed.

  35. oldsoldier80……..
    …………welcome to the 80s club! Happy B day sir.

  36. History lesson.


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  37. oldsoldier80,
    Happy Birthday!

  38. Thanks Bob…I never expected to live this long…but my wife and I are now shooting for 90 !

  39. thanks OLDSAILOR83…..

    I guess we are in a special grouping now…do you know of any other 80’s on here .

  40. NO problem TRUDY…I have been an old slogger too……thanks

    OLDSAILOR83…..thanks my friend….CW isn’t accepting my new age yet…guess he wants to see my CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE (you know, the one with the foot print on it)….do you think I can use one like Obama has ? lol


  42. Got an abstract from HI confirming your birth.

  43. oldsoldier80……..
    ………….only when your grandmother testifies that she was at the hospital when you was born! har har

  44. oldsoldier80………
    …………Kentucky has a huge population of both Celtics……..Scotch and Irish alike.

  45. Just had a thought:

    Perhaps you should post a copy of your BC here.

  46. ………..and there are many whiskey stills in the hills to prove it!

  47. ………..yeah it only needs to be a Certification of Live Birth!

  48. citizenwells…..

    sorry i didn’t know Loretta Fuddy….how about one from Kenya ?

  49. thanks it worked…Kenya thanks you too !

  50. DEVELOPING: Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy…

    (by Kris Zane, WCJ) In two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    According to one of the criminal charges, Hillary Clinton was found to be working with ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmood, in attempting to overthrow the current leader of Egypt, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out all the details about the traitor in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, and his Muslim Brotherhood collaborator, Hillary Rodham Clinton:


  51. The question asked here was where will we find another John J Pershing ?

    Well, I was never a general, but I was an ‘old war horse’ with a many years of Infantry training/combat, who has been put out to pasture for a few years…but I will be most honored to accept the challenge this post ask for !!

    Somebody better step up to the plate real soon, otherwise the whole damn world will be in serious feces…and not just the Philippine people !

  52. After the 2016 democrap caucus with Bernie and Hilliary in contention:

    Democrat vote count in Nevada is DOWN 33% from 2008 when hope and change began.

  53. Birth announcement from paper will suffice.
    O’Reilly said so.

  54. citizenwells | February 22, 2016 at 4:26 pm |

    Birth announcement from paper will suffice.
    O’Reilly said so.

    What a jerk!

    Did “Oh Really” got to Harvard?

    There seems to be a conspiracy coming out of that “esteemed institution” to obfuscate A2, S1, C5, natural born Citizen, and call Obama ,Cruz, and Rubio NBC. I’m convinced it’s criminal, possibly part of RICO.

  55. oldsoldier80
    “Happy Birthday”

  56. Saw this posted on Facebook, thought I would share the irony.



    The old electoral rules are out the window.

    Like Alexander, Trump has cut through the Gordian Knot of electoral protocol.


    Get ready to indict, try, and hang the Traitors. Or maybe we should use the guillotines they bought to use on us. The FEMA camps will make great holding cells for the traitors and illegals while we decide their disposition.”

  57. Thanks GINGER…now shooting for 90 !

  58. An Explanation is not needed…..


    I couldn’t agree with you more !

  60. CW….

    Well my wife is vouching for my birth…is that good enough….and by the way , thanks for the b/d wishes ….love this site !

  61. Did she attend Harvard?

  62. Why the Marine Corps Hymn Contains the Verse “To the Shores of Tripoli”


  63. Interested Bystander


    Happy birthday.

  64. Thanks IB…..

    CW……sorry she was a Yankee attending Michigan State…immigrated to the south land.

  65. I couldn’t have said it any better Joe…….

    I just have one question : why is this bastard still the president of this great country ?



  68. Happy birthday oldsoldier80!
    I hope your day is filled with friends, family and love. ….a little chocolate would be good too.

  69. AND NOW………..
    ………..Soetoro using FBI to vent his anger against Apple, because they refuse to compromise all of their customers’ I PHONE SECURITY. The court has ORDERED Cook to COMPLY. He only needs to take the REST OF Apple to Ireland and tell the BASTARD to go to hell.This now confirms that FBI will never indict the WITCH either. We now see confirmation that FBI is in Soetoro’s hip pocket just as is the DOJ. I have long thought this to be the case. NOW IT APPEARS to be a FACT. When American Apple leaves which I think it eventually will, another 50,000 workers will be out of a job. The I PHONE is a LEGAL product just as is your TV set. Perhaps your TV set will soon be ordered confiscated, by the DIZZY JUDGES because it might carry a terrorists message, or perhaps even your computer system for the same reason. The CHEAP SNOT NOSED FEMALE JUDGES NEED TO FACE REALITY, and themselves do what the courts are supposed to do…….THEY ARE TOTALLY TWISTED, and are in no way upholding our Constitutional law. Instead they are hot for Soetoro, and would do anything if they thought he would breed with them. We should NOTE that everybody raised hell when they discovered that NSA was listening in on their private telephones, so I would expect the same people to support Cook in fighting the BASTARD.

  70. THOUGHT……….


  72. oldsoldier80 Enjoy reading your comments. Happy Birthday

  73. Bob Strauss: The New York filing has to be filed in State/Federal Court, not the elections board as, per Illinois Elections Board, they do not have the legal standing to determine natural born status eligibility. The Illinois lawsuit was filed with the Elections Board and the re-filed in State Court where it is now going to be heard.

    So for anyone else reading this, if you want to file a lawsuit file it in State/Federal Court period.

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