Hillary Clinton email server company employee this whole thing really is covering up some shady shit, Clinton staffer requested only 30 days of emails saved when State Dept requested, FBI has managed to recover many emails

Hillary Clinton email server company employee this whole thing really is covering up some shady shit, Clinton staffer requested only 30 days of emails saved when State Dept requested, FBI has managed to recover many emails

“I watched her on countless occasions blatantly lie to the American people and knowingly lie.”…Linda Tripp

“By July 1993, the Clintons and their associates had established
a pattern of concealment with respect to the Clintons’ involvement
with Whitewater and the Madison S&L. Because of the complexity
of the allegations of misdeeds involving these institutions, documents
and files are critical to any inquiries into the matter. Yet,
at every important turn, crucial files and documents ‘‘disappeared’’
or were withheld from scrutiny whenever questions were raised.…Senate Whitewater report June 13, 1996

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



From New York Magazine October 7, 2015.

“From showing off her fun side on Saturday Night Live, to attacking Republicans over their Benghazi obsession, to gearing up for a potential primary fight against Joe Biden, everything Hillary Clinton has done in recent days suggests that she’s ready to go on the offensive and move past the issues that plagued the first six months of her campaign. But her email scandal worsened again on Tuesday (with some help from Republicans). McClatchy reported that a second IT firm was involved in managing Clinton’s private email server when she was secretary of state. With Clinton’s authorization, Datto Inc. has agreed to give the FBI any information is has relating to her account, which could mean investigators will have another way to obtain the tens of thousands of ostensibly personal emails that Clinton’s team deleted.

The FBI is trying to determine whether classified information was improperly transmitted using Clinton’s private server. In August Clinton and Platte River Networks, the company she hired in 2013 to manage the server, turned the device over to the FBI. A source claimed last month that the FBI managed to recover many of the emails, though the server was initially said to be “wiped.”

Senator Ron Johnson, the Republican chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, revealed Datto Inc,’s involvement on Tuesday when he sent the Connecticut-based firm a letter asking it to explain how Clinton’s emails were handled, and to turn over any messages still found in its systems. Some time in 2013, Datto was hired to back up Clinton’s email to an on-site device, so there would be another server if the one controlled by Platte River Networks failed. But according to Politico, in August Platte River employees realized that Clinton’s emails were syncing to Datto’s cloud server as well, though Platte River spokesman Andy Boian said that was not in the contract and “violated the exact instruction we gave them.”

When Datto confirmed via email that Clinton’s files were syncing to its servers, a Platte River employee replied, “This is a problem.” Johnson said that at that point Platte River “directed Datto to not delete the saved data and worked with Datto to find a way to move the saved information … back to Secretary Clinton’s private server.”

Platte River had directed Datto to keep Clinton’s emails for 60 days, but Johnson claims that in late 2014 and 2015 – around the time the State Department asked for Clinton’s work-related emails – one of her staffers asked the firm to have Datto save only 30 days worth of emails. The senator’s letter cited an email in which one Platt River employee speculated “this whole thing really is covering up some shaddy (sic) shit.” That employee also asked coworkers to find the reduction request from the Clinton team. “If we have it in writing that they told us to cut the backups,” they wrote, “and that we can go public with our statement saying we have had backups since day one, then we were told to trim to 30 days, it would make us look a WHOLE LOT better.”

Platte River’s Boian told the Washington Post that despite the employee’s private speculation, the company does not think any “shaddy shit” – or rather a coverup – took place. It’s also worth noting that this information comes to us via a GOP senator a day after Clinton released an ad attacking congressional Republicans. But that wasn’t the only development in Clinton’s email saga. On Tuesday court documents revealed the State Department recently sent Clinton’s lawyer a request for any emails she may have failed to turn over, and lawyers with the conservative group Judicial Watch urged a federal judge to order Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy to tell the court who authorized Clinton’s private email server.”

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42 responses to “Hillary Clinton email server company employee this whole thing really is covering up some shady shit, Clinton staffer requested only 30 days of emails saved when State Dept requested, FBI has managed to recover many emails

  1. citizenwells

    “the Democratic Party overlooked the ethical red flags and made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil. And he delivered. With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”…Bob Herbert, NY Times February 26, 2001

  2. citizenwells

    “If the guilty and unrepentant get off easy, what type of
    prosecution is this. It’s not time to blame the Independent
    Counsel Law; blame the prosecutor who wouldn’t do his job.
    Because of Kenneth W. Starr’s complicity, the most corrupt
    administration in the history of the country continues with
    no end in sight. God save us all.”…Christopher Ruddy, NewsMax July 1, 1999

  3. citizenwells

    “Landlords will hike rents by 8% this year”

    “Some 88% of property managers raised their rent in the last 12 months and 68% predict that rental rates will continue to rise in the next year by an average of 8%, according to a survey of more than 500 of Rent.com’s property management customers, which the site says represents thousands of rental properties and hundreds of thousands of rental units. That’s nearly three times the wage increase that most employees can expect this year.”


    Supply & demand.

  4. citizenwells…..

    Whom ever the employee was that named the Clinto Cover Up by the name of …”some shady Sh*t” had it right…..

    Long before Bill Clinton went to the White House his career was like 20 mean as*ed alley cats on the prowl in Arkansas….5 of those cats were out in front of ‘Slick Willie’ looking for new ground to dig a hole and bury the bodies and sh*t he was producing…and the other 15 cats were behind Willie covering up his shady Sh*t. and dead corpse’s……

    It has always been that way with the Clinton’s. They have always thought in their small minds that they deserved more than they had earned. ..it will always be that way with these people in the future…..in their way of thinking, “they are the America royalty”…..we need no f@#*&@# kings or queens in this country…we need honest politicians that put America first and their own personal welfare second……but not one has stepped forward with that in mind.

    If anyone in America has ever felt they were “entitle”…it has been that Arkansas Trash. They have gotten to where they are today by leaving a trail of dead bodies and drugs that could be traced directly back to them….yet by use of the Clinton name only, they have escaped punishment.

    This SH*T has to stop and it has to stop now….Hillary Clinton must answer for her criminal behavior as Secretary of State and Bill / Chelsea must answer for their criminal behavior of milking America and the world with their phony scam they call “the Clinton Foundation”…..a not-for- profit organization that is aiding and helping no one but themselves.

    And when the ‘truth of the matter’ comes out, we will see Hillary has used her ‘influence’ as Secretary of State to enrich that Foundation to the tune of multi-millions of dollars for which she has pledged influence in the American government when she becomes the ‘first female’ president ….I think this is evident from where the countries where her biggest donations are coming…..most from middle eastern nations that are hostile to the good of America……

    But Hillary would sale her Momma out for a buck or two.

    Jail time alone is too easy punishment for the likes of scum like the Clintons…all of them !…If we can sanction nations, then we can sanction individual phony organizations…..I say sanction the Clinton Foundation, take all their ill-gained fortune and give it too those who really need it !

  5. October 7, 2015
    Politicizing Liberty
    By Jonathan Keiler

    When President Obama emphatically declared, in the wake of the recent Oregon shooting, that he intended to politicize his campaign to implement “common sense gun control” (which in his mind means Australian-like confiscation) my mind turned to a man most unlike Obama, the Greek philosopher Socrates. Socrates died because his fellow citizens politicized everything, and did not recognize individual liberties. So when Obama calls on Americans to politicize “gun control” he is deliberately and mischievously using the language of democracy to promote tyranny, just as Athenian “democrats” tyrannized their nation two millennia ago.

    In 399 B.C. the citizens of Athens convicted Socrates of corrupting the city-state’s youth and for impiety. For this he was sentenced to death, compelled to drink a potion of hemlock until he expired. In reality, the public “gadfly” (in his student Plato’s words) had run afoul of the state’s elites by questioning their intelligence, probity, and competence. Athens was a democracy, but not one that guaranteed individual liberty. It was in fact, a tyrannical democracy that politicized (and by extension criminalized) any activity that the elites could convince a majority of the citizenry was improper or inconvenient.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/10/politicizing_liberty.html#ixzz3ntwYKHSo
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  6. CW……….
    …………..I have said many times in the past that if a really diligent search was done in Arkansas a veritable MOUNTAIN OF CLINTON DIRT, AND prosecutable wrong doing would be uncovered. I also believe that a few bodies might be unearthed as well. Shi# cannot be hid forever……sooner or later people will begin to follow their NOSES instead of hearsay.

  7. AND NOW……..
    ………..the stinking a$$ed goatherders have the address of the man who shot Usama Bin Laden, thanks to the MORONS in the LAME STREAM MEDIA.(BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH)……HE NOW HAS A HUGE PRICE ON HIS HEAD.

  8. Obama Needs to Stop Talking Trash Mike Ford

    Trash talking without substance to back it up appears to be a common theme with President Obama. More


  9. Politicizing Liberty Jonathan Keiler Obama is neither a student of history, a Constitutional scholar, nor particularly smart. And he is not much of a grownup either. More


  10. October 7, 2015
    Russians planes bomb US-trained rebels’ arms depot
    By Rick Moran

    Once again, Russian president Vladimir Putin is flipping the U.S. the bird. His planes bombed an arms depot used to supply CIA-trained rebel militias backed by the Gulf states.


    Russian air strikes have destroyed the main weapons depots of a U.S.-trained rebel group in Syria, their commander said on Wednesday, in an expansion of Russian attacks on insurgents backed by foreign enemies of President Bashar al-Assad.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/10/russians_planes_bomb_us_trained_rebels_arms_depot.html#ixzz3nuKqkcXM
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  11. These records show that the ethics review of Bill & Hillary Clinton’s potential conflicts of interest was a joke. With huge sums of money flowing to the Clinton Foundation there is no doubt that the Clintons abused the Office of Secretary of State for their personal gain. Please SHARE!

    DISCOVERED: New Documents Raise More Questions on Clinton Conflicts of Interest
    Court Asked to Allow Discovery, Impose Legal Hold on All Clinton Email Records (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 789 pages of State…


  12. Wednesday, October 7, 2015

    The Shocking Statistics On Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens Against American Citizens
    Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Wednesday, October 7, 2015

    by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), ©2015, Chairman, CombatVeteransForCongress
    (Oct, 7, 2015) — For nearly 7 years, the Obama administration has been covering up the numbers of murders, rapes, burglaries, robberies, car-jackings, muggings, drug related crimes, kidnappings, white slavery, arsons, pedophilia, and acts of violence against American Citizens by convicted criminal Mexican illegal aliens in order to keep American Citizens in the dark about seriousness of the rampant crime wave they perpetrate in the Unites States each year.
    After completing extensive research, Fox News came up with the startling statistics cited in the below-listed article. Those statistics will continue to be covered up by the Obama administration with the help of the left-of-center liberal media establishment while Obama violates US Federal immigration laws. We encourage the recipients of this op-ed to give it wide dissemination to those in your address book who would want the occupant of the Oval Office to stop violating federal immigration laws he swore to uphold when he was twice sworn into office.
    Convicted criminal Mexican illegal aliens account for about 13.6% of all crimes committed in the United States, nearly 12% of all murder sentences, 20% of all kidnapping sentences, and 16% of all drug trafficking sentences.
    Additionally, there are about 2.1 million convicted criminal Mexican illegal aliens living in the United States who are either in prison or living free and are having their living expenses “paid for by the American taxpayer.”
    Each year, approximately 900,000 Mexican legal and illegal aliens are arrested, while another 700,000 are released from prison into communities throughout the United States. When they are released, despite the repeated request from local, county, and state law enforcement agencies for the nearly last 7 years, the Obama administration refuses to provide law enforcement authorities with the information as to which communities those convicted criminals are being released into—thus perpetrating a massive 7-year crime wave by illegal aiens.


  13. CW
    I know to well about the rise in the rent, my rent went up $115 dollars.

  14. Allen West

    Folks, this STINKS to high heaven…
    Bowe Bergdahl’s trial is here… and here’s why Obama hopes you WON’T notice
    Doggone FUBAR!


  15. AND NOW……..
    …………Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clinton says ” When you take an oath to uphold the Constitution …..that is what you DO” har har har ……YOU TELL EM SWEETIE! COMING FROM YOU THAT IS REALLY LAUGHABLE!……HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR

  16. A planned protest going viral on social media against President Obama’s visit to Roseberg, OR, on Friday suggests that many of the protesters may be armed to spite the President’s anti-gun agenda.

    Not Welcome in Umpqua: Armed Protest May Greet President’s Attempt to Exploit Tragedy

    President Barack Obama’s attempt to exploit the Umpqua Community College to further his goal of increased gun control may be met by armed local residents…


  17. CW……..
    ………the tree of GREED bears BITTER FRUIT! The more the landlords raise rents, the LESS the potential to rent the property. GREED GREED GREED. In many ways landlords are like BLOODY LIBERALS………but perhaps they are ALL ACTUALLY LIBERALS. Many are already living like kings. At least that is what I tend to believe. In many instances the properties aren’t even worth what they are trying to get without any increases. Many rental properties around here are absolute grass shacks, and rightfully should be torn down.

  18. CW………
    ………..most folks here on your blog KNOW how I feel about the WHACKEY HOUSE MORON. If he chooses to visit Roseburg he will want to be extremely careful regarding what he says to those people, because their tempers might be short fuses just waiting for something to ignite them.

  19. If Roseberg residents really want to greet Obama they should have a few good ole fashion roast pig Bar B-Q’s. Remember a bacon a day keeps the Muslims away.

  20. oldsailor83
    I agree with you about the greedy landlords,and this place is not The Ritz.

  21. ………hapnHal………..
    ……….better still present him with a PIGSKIN FOOTBALL. This way the PIG PRODUCT will be in front of him continuously. Then we will all get to see what Allah thinks about it. My best guess is that Allah don’t really much give a damn……….about much of anything. Primarily because Allah is a FICTITIOUS CHARACTER which exists only inside the heads of GOAT HERDERS. (Notice I didn’t say BRAIN…….because GOATHERDERS don’t possess a functioning brain.

  22. AND NOW……….
    ………….another SLIMEY judge has decided that it is time to lock up the an innocent confused, and ABUSED woman…….for contempt of court……in reality the victim had no idea that she had to appear in court. She doesn’t possess the intelligence to know what a subpoena is , or what it means. You don’t throw people in jail for being STUPID. You help them understand what you are talking about……or in this case WHAT THE SUBPOENA REQUIRES. I personally think that the NITWIT SNOTNOSED FEMALE judge needs a few SLAMMER DAYS to round out her own education.

  23. Trudy…….
    ………I don’t know where you are, but each municipality, county, and state have housing codes which are legally enforceable. If you have deficiencies in the quality of your rental property you need to take it up with your local housing code enforcement people. If your land lord tries to evict you as a result then you sue him/her for every nickle you can get from him. Keep in mind such people DO HAVE ASSETS, AND MONEY. Don’t be afraid to go after somebody who is trying to rip you off. That is one reason why we have criminal courts.

  24. AND NOW……..
    ………..Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Hillary compares NRA to a communist entity. I am sure that her MOUTH has gotten her into an even DEEPER HOLE. NRA has a hell of a lot of influence across a lot of various political terrain including LIBERALS.


  26. ………….and sadly there are a hell of a lot of TWISTED MORONS who LISTEN TO HER.

  27. Thank You, oldsailor83
    I live in Colorado, and I’m going to look into the information you gave me,

  28. WOW!!!!…That is some good news about McCarthy…Looks like they have the goods on him as well for him to make this abrupt turnaround.

    From all that I am hearing, Webster is a virtual unknown but a true conservative…has a great conservative voting record. He was the speaker of the Fla House before he went to D.C.

    I wish Gowdy would reconsider! Paul Ryan is great on the fiscal side.
    and I love Louie Gohmert!

  29. …………the ONLY way the RINO party will ever win an election is by getting rid of the SPLIT. Similarly the Democratic party was split for many years, and they too lost one election after another as a result. There is now only one and only one person who can unite the RINOs…..that is Newt Gingrich. He could be installed as speaker. But will anybody consider that? You have at least 40 reps who don’t do anything except scream NO to everything. Newt could overcome this split.

  30. ……in addition Allen West might be able to reunite the RINOS. But he is a LONG SHOT.

  31. AND NOW………
    ………….Muslims are complaining about Watters coming into Dearborn. Now the BASTARDS think they OWN Dearborn.

  32. Check out this scathing letter from Trey Gowdy to Elija Cummings. In it he releases some of the emails from Sydney Blumenthal to Hillary before the takedown of Gaddafi. These emails are new to the Benghazzi committee and were received AFTER they subpoenaed and interviewed Mr. Blumenthal. And, AFTER Hillary swore to a judge (under penalty of perjury) that ALL her relevant emails were turned over.

    Looks like Mr Gowdy will be very busy for awhile…and Hilliary should take the adivce of her former legal advisor…she should hire a criminal defense attorney. Buh bye Hill…it’s been nice!

    And like I said before, she will not go down without taking the big guns down with her.

    Click to access TG%20letter%20to%20EEC%2010.7.15.pdf

  33. Woman scorned?

    Ellmers recently said of McCarthy, “He has not spoken to me personally for my vote, and Jason Chaffetz has, so that’s where I am right now. At this point I will be casting a vote for Jason Chaffetz.”

    “I can’t vote for someone who doesn’t ask for my vote,” she added.

    Ellmers concluded, “I’m apparently not high on his priority list.”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/kevin-mccarthy-drops-out-of-speaker-race/#ZbamtC0obot6E79L.99

  34. Lock N’ Load With Lindsay

    BREAKING: Spencer Stone, Hero Who Stopped Train Terror Attack, Stabbed Multiple Times in CA

    BREAKING: Spencer Stone, Hero Who Stopped Train Terror Attack, Stabbed Multiple Times in CA

    The United States Air Force has confirmed to NBC News that Spencer Stone, the Airman who, along with others, stopped an AK-47 wielding terrorist on a French…
    controversialtimes.com|By Reagan Wilson


  35. oldsailor83 | October 8, 2015 at 9:40 am |

    ……….better still present him with a PIGSKIN FOOTBALL. This way the PIG PRODUCT will be in front of him continuously. Then we will all get to see what Allah thinks about it. My best guess is that Allah don’t really much give a damn……….about much of anything. Primarily because Allah is a FICTITIOUS CHARACTER which exists only inside the heads of GOAT HERDERS. (Notice I didn’t say BRAIN…….because GOATHERDERS don’t possess a functioning brain.
    They defend their cult because it allows the most sex possible, including children, and farm animals, and when they die the have virgins, and never ending sex with a never ending line of virgins. That is all they can think of, they are truly deranged.

  36. Ted Cruz

    The obligation to follow federal law doesn’t go away simply because we have a lawless president who refuses to acknowledge or follow federal law.
    EXCLUSIVE: U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law
    Some senior U.S. officials involved in the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal have privately concluded that a key sanctions relief provision – a concession to…


  37. Bob Strauss……….
    …………I think I would still say that even the alleged virgins exists only in the sick twisted heads of the stinking a$$ed GOATHERDERS.

  38. Bob Strauss………
    ………..you got it exactly right. The stinking GOATHERDERS are MINDLESS, TWISTED BASTARDS who would rape their own 90 year old mother which makes them MUFFAS.

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