Obamacare raises health care premiums 78 percent, Average premiums skyrocketed, Subsidy gap for many, Higher premium subsidies paid by taxpayers, Kay Hagan healthcare and job destroyer

Obamacare raises health care premiums 78 percent, Average premiums skyrocketed, Subsidy gap for many, Higher premium subsidies paid by taxpayers, Kay Hagan healthcare and job destroyer

“The cost of health insurance will climb from a range of $61 to $77 monthly to a range of $118 to $133 monthly, according to a memo sent from UNC President Tom Ross to the UNC Board of Governors. On an annual basis, most students will pay about $500 to $700 more in 2012-13, depending on the campus.”

“Mallette said the insurance increases are due to the health care usage of UNC system students during the past couple of years, plus federal regulations on preventive care and pharmacy services issued in March. The process is complicated, he said, by the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”…Charlotte Observer May 1, 2012


“One of the CBO’s most intriguing estimates is that by 2017 there will be 2 million fewer full-time jobs on the market than there would have been without Obamacare, and that figure could climb to 2.5 million by 2024.”…Market Watch February 4, 2014

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013


If you are thinking about voting for Kay Hagan you had better stop and reconsider.

She helped Obama pass Obamacare.

This is not just about political slogans and voting records.

Obamacare is destroying our healthcare system, raising premiums for families and students and turning full time into part time jobs.

This is not an opinion, It is a fact!

From the Washington Times October 28, 2014.

“Obamacare sends health premiums skyrocketing by as much as 78 percent”

“The Affordable Care Act was supposed to make health care more affordable, but a newly released study of insurance policies before and after Obamacare shows that average premiums have skyrocketed, for some groups by as much as 78 percent.

Average insurance premiums in the sought-after 23-year-old demographic rose most dramatically, with men in that age group seeing an average 78.2 percent price increase before factoring in government subsidies, and women having their premiums rise 44.9 percent, according to a report by HealthPocket scheduled for release Wednesday.

The study, which was shared Tuesday with The Washington Times, examined average health insurance premiums before the implementation of Obamacare in 2013 and then afterward in 2014. The research focused on people of three ages — 23, 30 and 63 — using data for nonsmoking men and women with no spouses or children.

The premium increases for 30-year-olds were almost as high as for 23-year-olds — 73.4 percent for men and 35.1 percent for women — said the study, titled “Without Subsidies Women & Men, Old & Young Average Higher Monthly Premiums with Obamacare.”

“It’s very eye-opening in terms of the transformation occurring within the individual health insurance market,” said Kev Coleman, head of research and data at HealthPocket, a nonpartisan, independently managed subsidiary of Health Insurance Innovations in Sunnyvale, California.

“I was surprised in general to see the differences in terms of the average premiums in the pre-reform and post-reform markets,” Mr. Coleman said. “It was a higher amount than I had anticipated.”

The eye-popping increases among younger insurance buyers could be a problem for Obamacare’s long-term solvency given that young people are needed to offset the higher costs associated with older policyholders.”

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From HealthPocket.








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  1. “Can we stop calling ObamaCare the Affordable Care Act now?”…Guilford College student


    “The Affordable Care Act was supposed to make health care more affordable, but a newly released study of insurance policies before and after Obamacare shows that average premiums have skyrocketed, for some groups by as much as 78 percent.

    Average insurance premiums in the sought-after 23-year-old demographic rose most dramatically, with men in that age group seeing an average 78.2 percent price increase before factoring in government subsidies, and women having their premiums rise 44.9 percent, according to a report by HealthPocket scheduled for release Wednesday”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/28/obamacare-sends-health-premiums-skyrocketing-by-as/#ixzz3HY8YnT95
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    By the way…how do you like that HOPEY and CHANGEY stuff now?

    This 78 percent increase is in appreciation for your great support of the “party of the people” in 2008 and then again in 2012…..Obama thanks you, Michael thanks you, and BO the dog thanks you..

    Want so more?……Vote Democrat on the 4th of November…they really have some good surprises in store for you.

    I’m thinking about seeing if my son will make me a bumper sticker with the words “HOPEY CHANGEY- COMING SOON” in about 4 inch high bold type.


    Something About The Way She Died
    by:Linda Jordan | Birther Report
    “When Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy, a central player in the production of Barack Obama’s controversial birth certificate died in a mysterious plane crash, those of us who are convinced that the birth certificate was forged, suspected foul play.

    Of course we were belittled. A month later, the cause of her death was released, CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIA .

    Now, a recently discovered report from a Maui Police Detective reveals that Loretta Fuddy’s heart wasn’t the problem after all. She DROWNED…. with her life jacket on !

    Riddle me this (if you can)….. The small plane you are riding in has to make an emergency ocean landing right off of Kalaupapa Peninsula in Hawaii.

    (1 Video taken by one of the passengers shows that it is a relatively smooth landing.
    (2 No one is really hurt, there are a few minor injuries.
    (3.All nine of you calmly make your way out of the aircraft and don your life jackets. You are floating in approximately 70 degree water
    (4 between 100-200 yards from shore. Within minutes, an aircraft circles overhead so you know you’ve been spotted.
    (5 The weather is clear, winds are 10-15 MPH, swells are about six feet and water occasionally splashes your face.

    For at least 25 minutes, you manage to stay in a group but after the plane starts to sink, you begin to drift apart. Two here,… two there…. One man swims ashore. You can see and hear the rescue helicopters.

    Yes it was a terrifying ordeal but you made it out safely, you are floating in a life jacket, holding on to the hand of your friend and co-worker, and help is on the way.
    Then, inexplicably, with your life jacket still on, you drown. No one else drowns, just you.

    Not only do you drown, but no one sees you drown, not even the man who has been holding your hand.

    And, once you lost consciousness or died, your friend lets go of you and you float away, out into the ocean.

    How did you drown? Why didn’t anyone see you drowning? And why did your friend let you drift away?

    Now folks…let this information sink in for just a moment……..
    The Maui Police Chief has confirmed that the cause of death for Loretta Fuddy “was based on the actual forensic examination of the decedent and [Harle’s] professional opinion based on available evidence and information.”

    The Medical Examiner found credible signs in Loretta Fuddy’s lungs and other organs that were consistent with DROWNING, made a “death by drowning” determination finding, and then someone covered up that finding by changing the cause of death to “acute cardiac arrhythmia due to hyperventilation”.



    Why was the whole world lead to believe Loretta Fuddy died from HEART FAILURE when in fact, she died from DROWNING while wearing a LIFE JACKET designed to keep her from drowning?


    Read the complete report at birtherreport.com
    Inquiring minds would like the guilty party to come forward and fess up. A complete and impartial investigation should be opened on this matter……

    There is something real FISHY about the official version coming out of the state of Hawaii.

  5. oldsailor82…..

    send me one please…lol

  6. New name coming for US= United Socialist States of America………and accompanied by 100% unemployment. All the DRUGGIES and ZEROS will love this. All private business will be shut down……..forcibly if necessary,and all private business will then become the property of USSA. All farmers will be placed under ultimatum to produce the amount that we demand from you or you will be shot. You will be supervised by the US Government. The USSA now owns every square inch of the Continent of USSA,and all property within it’s borders There will no longer be private ownership of anything in USSA.If you have a vehicle it will automatically become the property of the USSA,and you will be assessed rent of that vehicle. If you have a house you will be required to pay rent to the USSA Where have we heard all of that before?Chairman Mao stated openly that Communist China had been on the “ROAD TO NOWHERE” for over 70 years. He aluded to this while lying on his deathbed.


    President Obama on Tuesday forcefully rejected the idea of a quarantine for medical­ workers returning from Ebola-affected­ countries, arguing that such an approach would undermine the broader effort to eliminate the epidemic .

    Politicians in the United States, including the president, have come under increasing pressure to curtail the movements of medical personnel returning from Ebola-affected regions after Craig Spencer — a doctor who had been treating Ebola patients in Guinea — was diagnosed with the virus 10 days after he returned home to New York City

    Read more at http://www.trunews.com/obama-assails-ebola-quarantines-saying-based-fear-facts/#dz0cX5wY9DfY0sUS.99
    Some people just never get the message and can’t see the forest for the trees…..this is one such man.

  8. RMINNC…..
    The last person to touch Fuddy was her alleged ASSISTANT, who was probably the person who stabbed her with a drug overdose…..which produces cardiac arrest. Nothing new about that. He is probably the BASTARD who administered the drug OUT OF SIGHT of all the others. The other question is why was there TWO US Marshals on board the aircraft. BTW…some have seen fit to say that the hats I saw with the US Marshals insignia is available on the open market. If that is the case the people who manufactured the FMS caps can be arrested and fined $100,000.00 each for copying a Federal LOGO which is ILLEGAL. There might be some caps which resemble the FMS caps, but they cannot SAY US Marshal, or US MARSHAL’S SERVICE. I invite everyone to look up the Federal logo copying laws. The hat that I saw closeup clearly said US Marshal. I personally believe that they were there to make sure that it all went according to the choreography from the WACKEY HOUSE.
    By the way Mae West life jackets are designed to keep a person’s face out of the water should the occupant be unconcious. She was allegedly wearing a Mae West life jacket, which had been inflated for her by her assistant. Death by drowning while wearing a Mae West is virtually impossible, unless the life jacket somehow loses it’s pressure. All of the Skyraider pilots which we hauled out of the Sea of Japan, were wearing the very same life jacket. None of them drowned as a result.

  9. I call the little syringe administered cocktail a JIM MCDOUGAL special. Works best when administered at the stroke of midnight. In McDougal’s case it only required a half hour. But hell Fuddy wasn’t in the water much longer. Pretty similar.BTW a person who has passed because of cardiac arithmia, the condition cannot be detected after death. So a death certificate which stated death by cardiac arithmia would be INNACURATE. If it said cardiac arrest it would be accurate. For the death to be attributed to drowning,is a real stretch of the imagination, yet there IS a remote possibility of that…..very remote!

  10. OLDSAILOR82……

    How did the water get into her lungs and cause drowning as reported by the forensic examiner and medical doctor…..I do not believe she dies from cardiac arrest…..she died from drowning.

    If the Maui police and the doctor making that official report are to be believed then the only other explanation for her untimely death is that….. her head was held under the water until she could not breath anymore…..I call that murder.

  11. …….BTW Jim McDougal was found DEAD in his cell at 12:30AM…..approximately 30 minutes after his ALLEGED DOCTOR gave him a shot for his heart condition. But NOBODY,even close relatives had ever heard of him having any heart conditions for which a shot was periodically required. The shot was a special silencer straight from the Clints.You don’t need a Phd to figure that one out!

  12. ……..In all probability the pathologist was instructed to use that on the death certificate…….the rest of the sentence from the person giving him the instructions was probably “if you wish to remain alive”. That is how the communists inspired people to do great things also…..they ended every sentence with the words “YOU WILL BE SHOT” This is of course speculation as is virtually everything else surrounding Fuddy’s death. If her life jacket lost pressure she could have then submerged but why would a alleged devoted assistant let go of her to begin with. He was wearing a Mae Weast himself, which would have supported both. If he was on the up and up he would have been doing all possible to keep her from drowning. Yes I believe that she was MURDERED DELIBERATELY. She had defied a Court issued SUBPOENA ,and I would suspect that the trip to the lepper colony was just what the WACKEY HOUSE had hoped for. Just as I believe that the BASTARD murdered his own grandmother,or had her murdered. It came out later that the state of Hawaii was NOT GOING TO CERTIFY HIM. They had learned something which compelled that action,and it is entirely possible that what they learned came from his own grandmother. He sure made sudden tracks all the way to the Hawaii Statehouse,in less than 8 hours.

  13. …….and still later we learned that the had been certified,but the COE had been reworded to exclude all references to the Constitution. That is still available on the internet, and bears the signature of Mr.Schattz who was then second in command of the Hawaii DNC.


    Here is the exact type of LIFEVEST Fuddy was wearing……..

    The aviation inflatable infant life vest, pictured above, has a buoyancy of 89 Newtons. A large adult can get away with 70 Newtons.

    Combine 89 Newtons with Loretta Fuddy’s substantial weight and it now makes sense that no one saw her struggling to keep her head out of the water.

    At least one other passenger was also wearing an infant life vest. When I interviewed that person about it, I was told that they had no trouble floating or keeping their head out of the water. They also confirmed they were with Fuddy in the water for the first 20 to 25 minutes. and did not see her display any signs of distress.

  15. BTW…it is not difficult to inject a lot of seawater into an already dead person to make it look like drowning. All you do is hold one nostril closed tightly and, use an old rubberball syringe filled with seawater,and start squirting. The lungs will fill up quickly,only takes a minute or so. you make sure that the mouth is slightly opened when squirting the lungs. When the pathologist sees the seawater in the lungs …..VOILA DEATH BY DROWNING….END OF STORY!

  16. RMINNC……
    YET I tend to think that there is significant reason to believe that she might have actually drowned (FORCIBLY). Drowning vs death from drug overdose. Certainly there would be no evidence of drugs in her system,so that is indeed plausible that she could have been forcibly drowned. It would end with a CLEAN Death Certificate. But I believe that the person who we all saw in the photograph was either the actual murderer,or was assisting with her murder. As I stated earlier nobody has ever drowned while wearing an inflated Mae West life preserver. They often die from exposure,or from the body becoming too cold to survive,……as is the case in water that is close to freezing. As I understand it the water temperature where Fuddy was immersed was near 65 degrees F. Certainly that water temperature would not be life threatening.


    Hawaii Revised Statute HRS 841-347 states; “As soon as any coroner or deputy coroner has notice of the death of any person within the coroner’s or deputy coroner’s jurisdiction as the result of violence, or as the result of any accident, or by suicide, or suddenly when in apparent health, or when unattended by a physician, or in prison, or in a suspicious or unusual manner, or within twenty four hours after admission to a hospital or institution, the coroner or deputy coroner shall forthwith inquire into and make a complete investigation of the cause of the death”.

    Without question, Loretta Fuddy’s death certainly qualified under this statute.

    The plane crash was, or may have been, an accident. The Medical Examiner ruled Fuddy’s manner of death an accident. It was sudden, it was unusual, particularly given that she was the only one who died, and that she drowned with a life vest on.

    It was suspicious, given her connection to the posting of Obama’s forged birth certificate and the fact she had recently been named in an affidavit concerning the forged document.

    It was unattended by a physician, and she was in apparent good health.

    The Maui Police Department never interviewed Keith Yamamoto,46 the only eye witness to Loretta Fuddy’s death.

    Not only that, Fuddy’s death was not investigated even though Hawaii law mandates it !

    During a Coroner’s Investigation, witnesses can be subpoenaed, are sworn under oath, interviewed, and evidence is collected by the police and stored for safekeeping until the inquest and any resulting trial, if there is one, are completed.

    On the morning of Fuddy’s autopsy, MPD Detective Winfrey, who is also a Deputy Coroner, took into possession five articles of Fuddy’s clothing from the Molokai Hospital morgue for “safekeeping”.

    That number corresponds to the five articles of clothing Dr. Harle notes Fuddy was wearing when she was brought into the morgue.Winfrey also interviewed three witnesses. So it appears that an investigation was in progress. But there it ends……. or was ended.

    The Maui Police Chief stated that HRS 841-3, does not apply in this case, “HRS 841-3 does not statutorily apply, and thus no sworn statements [from witnesses Phillip Hollstein, Jacob and Rosa Key] were taken.” (Chief of Police Tivoli Faaumu, September 11, 2014)


    Does your read of HRS 841-3 give you the impression it does not apply to Loretta Fuddy’s death?

    Or…. is Faaumu implying that the MPD has no jurisdiction over the crash and thus they did not have to comply with HRS 841-3? …or

    Did someone ORDER the case closed knowing a full investigation would revile the actual cause of death was drowning and not cardiac arrest?

    I vote for option three.

  18. The Mae West life preservers that was worn by Navy pilots was nearly twice the length of the one which is in the picture. That one is allegedly for an INFANT. If she was given such a life preserver, it would follow that when inflated it could conceivable strangle an adult. The Mae West life preservers worn by Navy pilots was during the Korean war,were approximately 20″ in length, and when inflated were designed to keep the occupants face OUT OF THE WATER. I know that one of the ADULT size life preservers WILL support TWO ADULTS. The AD Skyraiders somwetimes carried a gunner as well, often the aircraft was ditched before the gunner could get into a life preserver,in which case if he survived the ditching as did a few,they sometimes hung onto the pilot, but most of the time they were out of the water within minutes after ditching. There was at least one instance when the pilot was still in the aircraft and it was sinking fast. There was a small boat very close to the bird and a first class petty officer jumped onto the upside wing,and grabbed the pilot by the tie of his Mae West,cut the retaining harness,and dragged the pilot out just as the plane disappeared. He kept the pilot from being pulled under from the airplane.The petty officer was awarded a special commendation from COMNAVPAC, and UDT for his heroism in saving Lt.jg Martin Schrader,who had a number of related injuries to the ditching. It had been only his second trip delivering napalm on the heads and bodies of the North Koreans. When you took a round from ground fire through your engine oil cooler, you had received a one way ticket to either crash landing or ditching in the Sea of Japan. All pilots had instructions to fly the bird as far as possible, and then turn on the special locator communicators which allowed an exact position to be seen on shipboard radar. Long story short we only lost ONE pilot,out of many his airplane came apart because he hit the water to hard. It went down in seconds. We all felt really sickened. We could not get to him in time. A few of these planes set down in relatively shallow water. A Navy salvage ship retrieved a couple of the ADs,parts of which was the drowned pilots bird.


    “Mark how fleeting and paltry is the estate of man- yesterday in embryo, tomorrow a mummy or ashes. So for the hairsbreadth of time assigned to thee, live rationally, and part with life cheerfully, as drops the ripe olive, extolling the season that bore it and the tree that matured it.”

    Marcus Antoninus Aurelius
    Roman Emperor 161AD-180AD

  20. Science Daily October 29, 2014.

    “Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have sequenced the genome of enterovirus D68 sampled from patients treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Nationwide, the virus has spread rapidly in recent months and caused severe respiratory illness in young children, with some patients requiring hospitalization.

    “Having the DNA sequence of this virus enables additional research,” said senior author Gregory A. Storch, MD, the Ruth L. Siteman Professor of Pediatrics. “It can be used to create better diagnostic tests. It also may help us understand why this epidemic seems to be producing severe and unusual disease, and why it’s spreading more extensively than in the past.””

    “”The CDC has published some additional genomes from Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky,” said first author Kristine M. Wylie, PhD, research instructor in pediatrics. “The Missouri genomes, including ours, are all very similar, but the Illinois and Kentucky genomes are different from the Missouri types, suggesting there are some distinct strains circulating in the U.S. right now.””


    “why it’s spreading more extensively than in the past.”

    Barack Obama

  21. …….In addition to what you are saying there was a special job reassignment,and subsequent huge pay increase which went to the US Marshal Chief,at Hawaii. Also a bit strange!

  22. OLDSAILOR82…….

    It didn’t strangler the other person that also wore the “infant” version……

  23. CW……..
    Which seems to imply that geography might play a huge role in the spread of the enterovirus68.

  24. CITIZENWELLS…….About the D68 virus…you said;

    “why it’s spreading more extensively than in the past.”

    Barack Obama


  25. I believe I said it was “conceivable”. But why the hell didn’t the aircraft have any adult size life preservers on board?After all most of the passengers,and certainly the pilot ,and co pilots are NOT INFANTS. It would seem that there would be such a legal requirement for the airplane to even operate inter island passenger service even if it was only a chartered aircraft. I would not be afraid to bet that there was a lot of gross violations of the laws, and most are basic common sense. But what person would put all infant size life preservers on an airplane which was carrying all adults? sounds almost moronic.

  26. I have to agree with your last post, old friend……

  27. RMinNC,
    I left you a message at the end of the prior thread, FWIW.

  28. VIDEO: Obama in Wisconsin: ‘You Can Only Vote Once; This Isn’t Chicago!’



    It has been said by “experts” on the EBOLA problem that each case treated here in the US would cost IN EXCESS of 500,000 dollars….that’s a low end estimate…..not the 200,000 to 300,000 stated in the State Department document above…..



    The first tier. The federal government is considering a plan to designate top tier hospitals for the treatment of potential Ebola cases. According to the article, such a move would limit the number of health care workers who must become experts at taking care of patients with highly contagious and deadly diseases.

    The second tier. Other hospitals must still be able to identify potential Ebola cases for transfer to top tier hospitals for treatment.

    The third tier. “every other hospital in the United States” and they would have basis triage readiness. “Those folks would be transporters. 1-2-3 process”


    The article went on to say, “Doctor Jeffery Engel, Executive Director of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiology, based in Atlanta said, “for the top tier, we need hospitals with robust bottom lines. They are NOT going to get reimbursed for any of this. They are NOT going to be able to bill the patient’s insurance for the “buddy system” and all the personal protective equipment their going to need”….PLEASE READ AND ABSORE THIS PARAGRAPH……NO REIMBURSEMENT FOR ANY OF THIS TREATMENT IS HOW I’m READING IT.

    Second tier hospitals would be located around the five major points of entry into America- New York City, Newark, New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington. These second tier hospitals would be “able to take a person directly from the airport and triage them safely” before transferring them to first-tier hospitals.

    The third tier would be every hospital in the US and they would have the ability to screen, test and transfer. Engel said, “If a patient walks in and says, ” don’t feel well. I have a fever” Engels said these third tier hospitals should be ready to ask the patient about their travel history….

    Just who in the hell is going to pay the astronomical bill that will be coming for this, which is estimated at a low of $500,000 dollars PER PATIENT and the cost could go to three times that amount, when they start bring those Ebola cases over from Africa by the planeload?….and dumping them in God knows what state?…and not telling the public where they are located.

    All this fancy talk sounds like a receipt for another disaster to me.

    The article reads to me like our government is INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy the already overburdened medical system in America. by FORCING the TOP hospitals in America that will be designated as top-tier to absorb the cost of treatment…or maybe pass the cost on to the public by jacking their prices up for everyone else……

    What is crystal clear to me from reading this article is:

    The article was printed on page 16a, on October 24, 2014, Charlotte Observer

    Just one more observation…….Not too many people who read this far left paper ever gets to page 16a of the rag sheet…I guess that’s why the Editor buried it on that page along with mundane car ads…..hoping no one would read it.

  30. CABBYAZ……

    I got you message from the last thread…….the article I have posted above fits well with what you have said….


  31. OK……. so what really happens when Obama starts bring planeloads of African Ebola patients to America’s shores…..this valid study gives us some idea:


    In the Black Book Ebola Readiness Survey (an official report by the feds) released in August, some medical staff said they believed they would stay away from work to shun Ebola patients admitted to their hospitals.

    Among isolation care doctors and nurses, 14 percent said they’d call in sick, and one in four critical care and emergency staff said the same. Among the isolation care staff, 17 percent said they wouldn’t work near Ebola patients; half of critical care and emergency staff said the same.

    “I think that’s a very valid concern,” said Dr. Melinda Moore, a scientist at Pardee RAND graduate school who has worked as a global health expert for the CDC. “It’s been described in literature and studies.”

    She said training on safe Ebola treatment and education for health care workers is the antidote.

    Adalja, a member of the Public Health Committee of the Infectious Disease Society of America, called the survey findings troubling and contended they show that many medical staffers “are not confident in the infection control procedures at their hospital.”

    Dr. Kenneth Anderson, who leads the research and education affiliate of the American Hospital Association, confidently pointed to the professionalism of most health care workers in the AIDS, H1N1 flu and other past American epidemics as an indication “our staff will step up.”

    But Nelson, of Johns Hopkins, pointed to the “huge problem” in Africa, where health care workers have walked off the job. “I think that could be a problem in the United States, because a lot of the population is really terrified,” he said.


    Shortages abound, beginning with the fact there are only FOUR specialized containment care facilities set up to isolate and treat patients with Ebola and other very dangerous diseases. In any sizable outbreak, those dozen or so beds would fill up very quickly.

    Appropriate equipment could be in short supply for mid-size and smaller hospitals, and even some larger ones. CDC estimates from 2008, the most recent available national figures, put the average number of protective suits with powered air-purifying respirators per hospital at 10. The average hospital had six mechanical ventilators, which could be needed for Ebola patients with breathing problems.

    A recent nationwide survey of state public health departments suggests not all are ready to ramp up quickly. The 2013 National Health Security Preparedness Index, carried out by CDC in partnership with the Association for State and Territorial Health Officials, ranks state health departments on a scale of 1 to 10 on numerous emergency measures. In the category of “surge management,” the average score was 5.8.(THAT’S BARELY HALF)

    Dr. Amesh Adalja, a member of the Public Health Committee of the Infectious Disease Society of America, says some emergency departments are so consumed by the typical number of patients that a surge of any kind can overwhelm them. With an Ebola outbreak, he said, “they’re not just getting a surge of patients, they’re getting a surge of patients with special needs.”

    The AP review found evidence that the federal emergency public health network, which is designed to step in to prevent shortages of medicine and medical supplies while local response capacity ramps up, is failing to perform as planned.

    Since 2007, Ebola has been identified as a potential threat requiring priority attention under the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise, which coordinates the development, stockpiling and dispensing of drugs during a massive disease outbreak or to protect against chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear agents.

    The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has spent nearly $500 million on Ebola research since 2003. At least another $269 million has been spent on Ebola research under a Defense Department chemical and biological defense program. Some of that funding was spent on vaccine research and better diagnostic testing.

    But in October 2011, the Government Accountability Office reported that an anticipated budget for drug acquisitions still had not been produced. Without clear guidance about government funding, pharmaceutical and other medical companies might not want to invest millions of dollars to develop vaccines that are less lucrative than other drugs they could make, the report underscored.

    The GAO issued another critical report in December 2013, faulting the program for its “almost 10-year efforts and the continuing lack of available countermeasures.”

    None of that stopped a top federal preparedness official from telling Congress in February that the program is “a model for innovative governance and accountable decision-making.”

    In fact, the feds’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority did not fund its first investment in an experimental Ebola treatment until this year because that program only supports potential treatments in a later phase of development. HHS said a relatively modest $25 million has gone to study ZMapp, an experimental drug in short supply that has been provided to numerous infected Ebola patients. Lurie acknowledged Wednesday that funding limitations had contributed to some of the delay in vaccine development.

    Given that there is no Ebola vaccine, the government does not have a stockpile of disease-specific drugs on hand, as it has had for pandemic flu.

    Also, as of last week, there were no national emergency stockpiles of the waterproof gowns, surgical hoods, full face shields, boot covers or other gear that the CDC recommends for treating Ebola patients. CDC’s $6.2 billion Strategic National Stockpile had just a small quantity of older model gowns on hand, since most were sent to the states during the 2009 swine flu pandemic and had not been replenished, said Greg Burel, director of the agency’s stockpile division. Last Thursday, the agency placed an order to purchase a limited amount of Ebola-specific personal protective equipment, but Burel would not say how much was ordered, or when the goods would be available for distribution.

    If the U.S. sustains a major Ebola outbreak, the mechanism for confirming individual patient test results also could be quickly overwhelmed, though the testing situation suddenly is improving. For years, spending on diagnostic research has lagged under the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a Defense Department chemical and biological defense program. The CDC noted in August that the agency and the military had “the only U.S. laboratories capable of conducting diagnostic testing to confirm that a patient has Ebola and not some other illness.” As of Friday, though, the CDC said there were 23 additional labs that have the expanded diagnostic technology, primarily local and state health departments.

    AP national investigative reporters Holbrook Mohr in Jackson, Mississippi; Michael Kunzelman in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and David B. Caruso in New York contributed to this story
    The AP National Investigative Team can be reached at investigate(at)ap.org
    Folks, it’s quite clear by this valid article from the Associated Press plus the post I made from the Charlotte Observer that if Obama continues in his threat to bring Ebola patients from Africa to America for treatment….we are going to be in for one hell of a $htstorm of problems which could bring our government to her knees…..

    My question is: Is Congress going to let this happen? Knowing that such a move could easily destroy our nation.

  32. I’ve got a better idea, why don’t we send the usurper back to Africa, he can treat the Ebola patients over there.

  33. Muslim Tries To Have Sex With Donkey But It Kills Him…

    The bizarre story of a man who died after trying to have sex with a donkey is circulating all over Middle Eastern news sites….


  34. No one will be able to deny that voting fraud exists once they see this.

    Make sure you check your ballots carefully before locking in those votes!

    Do you plan on voting in the upcoming elections?

    Watch: Alarming Video Gives Clear Proof Of Voting Machines Stealing Votes From Republicans
    It also shows the voter trying to select Republican…


  35. With this….I will leave you for the night….

    “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape
    finding oneself in the ranks of the insane”
    Marcus Aurelius

    Good night All….and God Bless

  36. CW, RM, and All,

    To me, the reason that Obola wants foreigners brought here for treatment is pretty obvious: The few cases we’ve had in the U.S. have been contained.

    It’s just not spreading fast enough for his taste….

  37. It is fast becoming obvious that the CHICKENSHI# remark is going to cost the LIBS DEARLY. Jews usually vote democratic. I telephoned a friend tonight and he told me that he was in close contact with others at the synagog and they are all really,really steamed at the BASTARD. Does anyone know specifically who uttered the chickenmanure remarks.?

  38. I would dearly love to watch the perpetrators receive a military learning session off the butt of a rifle rammed into their slimey mouths.That teaches RESPECT! It also makes dentists rich replacing the lost,and broken teeth. The person, or persons who done the badmouthing now need to lose their jobs.

  39. Oldsailor82 – Slowly I’m seeing my Jewish friends are turning against the Dems too. Even my most liberal leaning, Obama voting Jewish friends are for isolation of people coming here from Ebola impacted countries. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they will one day change their voting habits. We’ll see. I keep hoping.

  40. Does anyone know specifically who uttered the chickenmanure remarks.?
    Old Sailor, on tonight’s news (Fox) I’ve heard several denials. The State Dept. denies it and also the Press Secretary says it didn’t happen. Ha! Whom do we believe? Regardless of who said it, Soetoro has created the climate for such. We know that from his behavior towards Netanyahu on multiple occasions. It was allegedly said by “a W.H. official.”

  41. “EAST LYME, Conn. (WTNH) — Parents with children attending Niantic Center Elementary School are being warned after a student there tested positive for two different illnesses. That child has both viral meningitis and Enterovirus D68, and doctors say the EV D68 may have caused the meningitis.”


  42. I’d take a wager that it was either Barry Soetoro or Valarie Jarred…that said the ‘chicken $hit word!

  43. GINGER…..

    R I G H T on both counts……they both most likely used it….$hit attracts $hit…the law of attraction applies to both.

  44. Good morning all…….

    Wise wisdom for a wise old man


    After the November 4 election, please call your Congressman/or Senator (it may be hard, but hang in there) and give him this message. It’s in three parts. Part one is contained in this post.:

    “Thank you for taking my call. I’d like you to pass on the following message to the Congressperson. I want to pass on three challenges”:

    “Dear Congressperson:

    Challenge One:
    1.Be consequential:
    ◦Whatever you’ve been doing—in Congress—stop doing it.
    Where is the sanity in trying to improve upon failure?

    ◦Whatever legislation you’ve been working on—stop working on it.

    ◦Whatever you’ve been doing because “that’s the way we do things around here”—stop doing those things.

    ◦Whatever Committee assignments you’ve received—give them back.

    ◦Whatever you’ve been ordered to do by the Leadership, don’t do it.

    ◦Whatever your Whip tells you to vote for, don’t vote for it.

    ◦Whenever you find yourself in the Capitol building, leave immediately. There is nothing consequential you can do there.

    ◦Whenever you find yourself compromising, don’t compromise—
    be sustained in the knowledge one cannot compromise with wrong.

    ◦Ask yourself, what do you have to lose?
    Truly, is being just another cog in a malfunctioning machine your aspiration?

    ◦Now, having given up your role as a cog, you can make a difference—you can be of enormous consequence in directly battling the Left in its “century-long war against America.”

    ◦Be consequential………or be gone..

    Challenge Two in the next post
    coming from canadafreepress.com


    In an alarming development, an aggressive mosquito capable of transmitting the deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever and other serious diseases was reportedly found in San Diego, California, for the first time this week.

    Many of the viruses the mosquito can spread are endemic to Central America and Mexico.

    Known as yellow fever mosquitoes, or by its scientific name the Aedes aegypti, the insects were found in offices at San Diego’s 32nd Street Naval Station, the Los Angeles Times reported.

    The same kind of mosquitoes were found Oct. 7 and Oct. 8 in the Los Angeles-area counties of Commerce and Pico Rivera.

    WND reported just this week that an Obama administration plan to facilitate the immigration of up to 100,000 Haitians to the U.S. without a visa is fraught with medical risks, particularly the spread of diseases endemic to Haiti, including viruses transmitted by the mosquito.

    Aside from dengue fever, the mosquito can transmit diseases such as chikungunya, which brings paralyzing joint pain, and yellow fever, which has been ravaging not only Africa but Latin America and Central America.

    The insects’ presence in Latin America means the mosquitoes or their eggs could have been transported to the U.S. in baggage, clothing, food or liquids carried by illegal aliens crossing the border.

    The female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time, with the future progeny usually deposited in clusters. Eggs are usually laid on the surface of stagnant water and can hatch in as little as an inch of standing water.

    Besides the stream of illegal aliens arriving from Central America, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, announced it plans to expedite a program to reunite Haitians already living in the U.S. with family members abroad.

    According to the Associated Press, about 100,000 Haitians have already been approved to arrive in the U.S. under the reunification program but are waiting in Haiti for visas.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/deadly-central-american-mosquito-found-in-san-diego/#4fYAreo26JQksqvl.99

    “With more than one-third of the world’s population (2.3 BILLION) living in areas at risk for infection, dengue virus is a leading cause of illness and death in the tropics and subtropics. As many as 400 MILLION PEOPLE ARE INFECTED YEARLY. Dengue is caused by any one of four related viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. There are NOT YET VACCINES TO PREVENT INFECTION WITH DUNGUE VIRUS and the most effective protective measures are those that avoid mosquito bites. When infected, early recognition and prompt supportive treatment can substantially lower the risk of medical complications and death.

    Dengue has emerged as a worldwide problem only since the 1950s. Although dengue rarely occurs in the continental United States, it is endemic in Puerto Rico and in many popular tourist destinations in Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands

    taken from WND 10-31-14
    Will the 100,000 Haitian’s bring this with them as mosquito eggs in their clothing and baggage ?….only time will tell.

    But one thing we know for sure…….America is under attack from within.

    And everyone is on an extended vacation in Washington.

    Military personnel and civilians who work in the Pentagon could be targeted by the Islamic State group or other terrorists, the building’s internal security agency is warning employees in a new memo distributed late last week
    Read more at http://www.trunews.com/pentagon-warns-employees-islamic-state-threats/#DT4RWFETEJr3S1XW.99
    Perhaps it would have been a good idea for someone to have thought about this before we let all those damn Islamic radicals bastards into this country……..duhhhhhhh !

    Ignorance is curable……….Stupidity is forever…….

  48. “Doctors Mystified by Paralysis in Dozens of Children”

    “More than 50 children in 23 states have had mysterious episodes of paralysis to their arms or legs, according to data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The cause is not known, although some doctors suspect the cases may be linked to infection with enterovirus 68, a respiratory virus that has sickened thousands of children in recent months.”

    “More than 100 similar cases have been brought to the attention of the C.D.C. But only half fit the agency’s strict definition: a case of sudden-onset limb weakness since August in a patient younger than 21 who has certain spinal cord lesions.”


  49. deju va…..the Gulf of Tonkin… redux……

    it’s all political…but real people get killed after the acting is over.

  50. CITIZENWELLS…. and SUEK…. and ALL……..

    Please wrap your minds around the contents of these official links posted and noted below and tell me if I have missed anything…….to me, it sure looks like the United States government is up to it’s eyeballs in this EBOLA problem….if the contents of this post are true, we have a crime against humanity on our hands.
    Please read the links, absorb what you read, then tell us what you think is going on here….I have my own opinion, but I would like to hear from others on this.

    On the right side of the page, you’ll see;
    Original Assignee The Government of the US as Represented by the Secretary of the Dept. of health

    Here we have PROOF that the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE sponsored EBOLA TRIALS!
    They PURPOSELY infected people.. “12 PEOPLE” with EBOLA! beginning in January 9, 2014.. They closed the trial in JULY 2014..

    Then came the first reports of Ebola infection in Africa http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-28755033 March 2014..

    If I’m missing something, please tell me but it looks like the US government,, at the worst, released Ebola !…and at it’s best it got away from them !!!


  52. And the Left wants us to believe there is no voter fraud.

    Racialist Hispanic Group La Raza Caught Pushing Illegal Alien Vote Turnout

    Racialist Hispanic group La Raza (English meaning: “The Race”) is promoting voter fraud and the illegal alien vote by latching on and promoting a list of states…


  53. citizenwells | October 30, 2014 at 10:45 am |

    “Reid warns of Obama impeachment if Republicans take Senate”

    Gee Harry, why don’t you just come out and admit you’re covering up for the usurper, and his illegal actions.

    Harry Reid obviously knows the usurper is guilty of impeachable offenses, and his statement says as long as democrats are in control they won’t prosecute the usurper, so it looks like he’s admitting to treason to the Constitution, for not acting when he should to remove a proven usurper.

  54. Senate Study Shows Horrible Economic Figures During Obama Administration
    “Figures outline weak job markets, smaller paychecks, sluggish economic growth, and troubles on ‘Main Street’…”

    Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/senate-study-shows-horrible-economic-figures-obama-administration/#Zac4HXxZ0JOREtkA.99

  55. Massive vote fraud lawsuit filed in Maryland October 30, 2014 The Democrat mantra that vote fraud “doesn’t exist” is once again contradicted by the facts. More


  56. Dem state senator’s husband busted while stealing GOP lawn signs October 30, 2014 The Democrats have become the win-by-cheating party, More


  57. October 30, 2014
    A Party of One
    By Douglas Herz

    In today’s era of hyperpartisan, uber-racialized, 24/7/365 campaign-mode politics, Barack Hussein Obama has so alienated the electorate with his politicized, racialized, and disorganized policies that few in America support or even understand them. Let’s review a partial list.


    The Obama CDC responded to the Ebola crisis in the most inept and haphazard manner, first assuring Americans there was no danger and then engaging in multiple backtrackings. It appears that the Ebola crisis is to Obama a special case of immigration reform that must be supported under all circumstances (per his October 2 statement that “no force on earth” can stop it), and thus allowing Ebola to enter America through open borders is more important even than the health and lives of American citizens.


    Obama’s flaccid response to ISIS without a clear understanding of mission or strategy and his childlike efforts at coalition building have confused everyone. How America can fight a war while refusing to define the enemy (e.g. radical Islam), while at the same time engaging in one of the largest reductions in military forces since the end of the Vietnam War, taxes all logic or common sense.

    Illegal Immigration

    With cheerleading from the Obama administration, a flood of illegal immigrants, estimated at over 400 thousand, crossed into America from Mexico this past summer to be dispersed throughout the country. DOJ mandates require that they be educated at taxpayer expense at public schools regardless of health or immunization information required of other students. Many are now, predictably, skipping their deportation hearings and according to some experts creating a wave of disease and even deaths throughout America, while liberals play at NIMBY games. How this humanitarian crisis helps America is unknown, but it has certainly allowed Obama and his supporters to score cheap political points with the open borders crowd.


    Not a single responsible politician in America now supports ObamaCare, the passage of which, it turns out, was based on a hyperpoliticized web of lies and deceptions. Its unaffordable premiums and deductibles are scheduled to rise (after the election, by design), and when more than a dozen states are required to cancel healthcare policies not in compliance with Obamacare in coming months it will force hundreds of thousands of Americans out of their current healthcare plans.

    Due to these and other policies Obama is so toxic today that even having voted for him is considered a political liability. Having moved far to the left of the electorate, his supporters, and even the Democratic Party, Obama’s bright promise in 2008 to fundamentally transform the country now takes the form of horrifying threats to bypass Congress on healthcare, the environment, immigration, appointees, and other issues.

    Today, through his radical, politicized, incomprehensible approach to current issues and his secretive dictatorial plotting on issues to come, Barack Hussein Obama has become his own party, a Party of One. God help us.


  58. Obama and the Safety of our Blood Supply Eileen F. Toplansky

    With the burgeoning host of diseases now entering the U.S., courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama, a witch’s brew of problems faces the blood supply quality More


  59. Obama’s not cool anymore.
    Millennials are jumping off the Obama bandwagon in droves | American Action News
    Millennial support for Democrats drops by 20% in past 4 years in key states….

  60. Obama’s not cool anymore.

    Millennials are jumping off the Obama bandwagon in droves

    Millennial support for Democrats drops by 20% in past 4 years in key states….


  61. MESA and IIIT: Islamists Infiltrating Academia
    Cinnamon Stillwell

    Muslim “scholarly” organizations continue to wage jihad in American academia. More



  63. RMinNC (12:pm)
    The clinical trials government site speaks only of a handful of people studied. I can’t see that as any close to proof that this began the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Trials like that by the CDC would be most likely conducted on volunteers here in this country. That’s just my take on that part of your comment.

    The other part re. a patent on Ebola – I did a quick research on why governments want to hold such on a virus.

    This is a quote from the following site:
    While it is true that the CDC was given a patent in 2010 for the Ebola Bundibugyo virus (EboBun), the strain that is currently spreading is Zaire Ebola (EBOV).

    David Sanders, professor of biological sciences at Purdue University and a leading Ebola researcher, told Newsmax Health that it is not uncommon for the government to patent microbes developed in their labs.

    “The CDC does hold some patents on life forms, but it generally does this for the common good, so a commercial company can’t come along and patent it,” Sanders said. “The CDC lets researchers work with the strain without fees.” Sanders and some other experts have dismissed claims that the government would profit “in the billions” from a pandemic.


    Here is another site that has input:
    RM, this is not to say that Ebola is not being used for nefarious purposes by the Soetoro regime, but it doesn’t seem that your trail leads to anything substantive that could hold up as proof. Just my opinion, as always.

  64. Since Ebola has been developed in the laboratory, if the gov’t wanted to really start a firestorm, why doesn’t it release it all over the place? That wouldn’t produce the desired results – at least not now. What are the desired results? Panic, for one thing…..further distrust in authority…..more racial divides…..increased government control……a slow, steady, increasing erosion of the economy…..

  65. P.S. BTW, RM, thanks, as always, for your challenging posts to keep us all thinking.

  66. CABBYAZ…..
    “BTW, RM, thanks, as always, for your challenging posts to keep us all thinking.”

    That’s what we are all here for……someone has to ask the hard questions….that someone is everyone who post here at Citizenwells….


    Campaign workers telling illegals it’s Ok for them to vote……in my state of North Carolina……

    I’m going to be one highly pissed -off citizen if my vote is cancelled out by a stinking illegal from God knows where that can’t even speak English……

    I hope someone is preparing the charges on these dudes in this video….a little jail time may help them get it straight the next time…..

    The only thing lower than a crooked politician who accepts the illegal votes is a campaign manager who goes out looking for them.

  68. RMinNC | October 30, 2014 at 5:04 pm |


    Campaign workers telling illegals it’s Ok for them to vote……in my state of North Carolina……
    Makes it clear what the usurpers amnesty is all about, bring em in, tell them to vote democrat, or get deported. Arrest the usurper!!!!!

  69. Recently I posted about the S African goats we bought that had to be quarantined in NY before they were delivered to us. See the excellent letter recently written by a Veterinarian. Perhaps the CDC should talk to the USDA

    Lewiston Idaho veterinarian’s Letter to the Editor re: Ebola, Nails it!
    The present Ebola crisis in the world is frightening. I have submitted the following letter to the editor of the Lewiston Morning Tribune:

    Editor, Lewiston Morning Tribune:

    If I wish to import a horse into the United States from Liberia or any African country other than Morocco, the horse needs to undergo a 60 day quarantine period at a USDA approved quarantine facility prior to mingling with the general population of horses in this country. Africa has a disease called African Horse Sickness that does not exist in the US; this is the way we have kept it out of this country. African Horse Sickness does not cause disease in people, only horses; our government has determined that it would be devastating to the US horse industry if it were to come here.

    The United States (and virtually all other countries) require a myriad of tests and often quarantine prior to bringing in a foreign animal.

    I can’t legally cross state lines in the United States with a horse or cow without a health certificate signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian stating that the animal has been inspected and found free of infectious disease. In most cases blood tests are also required. In fact I can’t legally cross the Snake River and ride my horse in Idaho without a health certificate and a negative blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia.

    I’m not complaining; the United States of America, the States of Idaho and Washington as well as the other 48 states take the health of our livestock very seriously, and we have a very good record at keeping foreign animal diseases out of our country. I am happy to do my part to maintain biosecurity in our animal population.

    If I am a resident of Liberia incubating Ebola, to enter the United States all I need to do is present a valid visa, and lie when asked if I have been exposed to Ebola. Within hours (no quarantine required) I can be walking the streets of any city in the United States.

    I feel very fortunate to live in a country that values our animals so highly.

    David A. Rustebakke, DVM

  70. Here’s one for you…

    CDC admits droplets from a sneeze could spread Ebola



  71. CW……..OT Question
    It is starting to look bad for NC. Kay Hagan might win! I am thinking if she loses it is going to be by an extremely thin margin. Like everyone around here I am praying hard that she loses. Recently I discovered that Franklin Graham is a DEMOCRAT.

  72. HapnHal……
    My wife who is a retired RN said long ago that in spite of what the CDC says a SNEEZE ejects tiny droplets of BODY FLUIDS,and as such it is entirely possible to communicate the virus in that way. You might remember that the talking heads all said that that wasn’t possible………….I say to the HARE BRAINED morons that it is time to RE-EVALUATE what was said regarding sneezing. Anyone who happens to be downwind from an infected person who sneezes does indeed have a chance of being infected. I will take my wife’s word long before I listen to a LAWYER trying to talk about HEALTHCARE.

  73. oldsailor.
    Just watched another Hagan ad lie about Tillis impact on Medicare.
    My next article will be about the impact of Obamacare on consumer spending.
    Some of the biggest Obama lies. Much underreported.
    The Tillis campaign could have done a better job of highlighting this.



    I get sick just watching all these BRAVE policemen doing their job.

  76. RMinNC,
    That video is disturbing. He was retreating when they opened fire. No attempt to wound, no attempt to use the dog or capture. It’s just hard to watch. I don’t know if it was purposeful, or just nerves, but it seems wrong.


    would you buy anything this person is selling?

  78. PETE…

    it is wrong and it’s MURDER anyway you cut the pie !!!

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