Obama ICE immigration policies killed CA deputies killing and paralyzing US children from D68, Illegal aliens bring crime disease and economic ruin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio statistics

Obama ICE immigration policies killed CA deputies killing and paralyzing US children from D68, Illegal aliens bring crime disease and economic ruin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio statistics

“Sooner or later someone in the US will come in contact with Ebola contagion & go undetected. They will then infect many others.”…Citizen Wells

“Barack Obama is endangering the children of the US and now our troops. Where is the outrage?”…Citizen Wells

“You can see that these doctors, who are highly trained people, got themselves infected,”
“So sending troops into an area, if they’re dealing one-on-one with a patient, they’re not going to be able to protect themselves very well. It’s not easy to [prevent transmission], because you get tired and you get careless and you make some simple mistakes. All it takes is one virus particle.”…Dr. Lee Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons


The flow of illegal aliens into this country is not only burdening our infrastructure, it is killing people.

It is killing and paralyzing children.

From The Examiner October 27, 2014.

“Sheriff Arpaio: Criminal alien cop-killer in California was once my prisoner ”

“In reaction to news that the killer of two Sacramento, California, sheriff’s deputies is an illegal alien who had been deported twice, Fox News Channel invited Arizona’s controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio to appear on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Monday afternoon. Arpaio, the veteran sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, that’s considered one of most active in the nation, reported that the prime suspect in the killing of two cops is not only an illegal aliens whom he jailed twice and twice turned him over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE), but that the suspect has used several identities.

Sheriff Arpaio has a whole collection of Bracamonte mug shots having arrested him four times.
Courtesy of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
When first arrested, California authorities said the suspect’s name was Marcello Marquez. After fingerprinting and other processing it was discovered that the killer’s real name is Luis Bracamonte, who was supposedly deported two times by ICE, according to a breaking story in the Examiner..

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), Sheriff Arpaio is familiar with Bracamonte having arrested him in the past. “[T]he controversy surrounding an illegal alien who has been charged with killing two California sheriff’s deputies and wounding another has taken on fresh urgency as Sheriff Joe Arpaio [revealed] the details of his prior four arrests by Maricopa County local law enforcement” said a department spokesman.

Sheriff Arpaio during his FNC appearance told news anchor Neil Cavuto that the “history surrounding this one illegal alien exposes the inherent dishonesty and ineptitude surrounding the federal government approach to illegal immigration.””

““I am calling for a congressional hearing,” Arpaio said, “to find out why illegal aliens arrested by my deputies and other police officers for often serious crimes are handed over to ICE, only to end up back in my jail, arrested again on more charges. Either ICE is letting these individuals go out the back door, free to commit more crimes, or is the border so open that even though they’re being deported they turn around and immediately return?”

Arpaio released his statistics for the past 9 months: “[Of] the approximately 4,000 ICE detainers [sic]placing on incoming criminal offenders arrested by local police and Sheriff’s deputies in Maricopa County, a stunning 1,382, translating to 38% of the total, were repeat offenders. Nor were these necessarily minor crimes, but encompass the full range of criminal offenses, including kidnapping, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, child molestation, sexual abuse, conspiracy, dangerous drugs, and more.””

Read more:


From WDTN News 2 October 27, 2014.

“Girl paralyzed after complications with Enterovirus D68”

“A Piqua girl is continuing to battle complications that stem from catching Enterovirus D68.

Madison Grigsby, 8, was like any other happy and healthy child up until September 22. That is the day her mother said changed her life forever.

“She was home when she collapsed,” said Erin Carey, Madison’s mother. “She was actually getting ready to get in the shower.”

The young girl was taken to Dayton Children’s where she was diagnosed with EV-D68.

But as her body was fighting the disease, another illness started attacking her spinal cord. It has left Madison paralyzed in her legs and feet.

“Basically, what it did to her body was it attacked her body to the point where her body couldn’t fight it off anymore which caused her to have transverse myelitis from it,” said Carey.

Madison was relocated to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where she is undergoing rehab for transverse myelitis.”

Read more:




23 responses to “Obama ICE immigration policies killed CA deputies killing and paralyzing US children from D68, Illegal aliens bring crime disease and economic ruin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio statistics

  1. “In an exclusive interview with WND, Arpaio explained being re-elected as sheriff is just too important, especially with the illegal immigration crisis and certain, “sensitive investigations” still in play.

    “I would have had to resign the day I announced I was going to run for governor,” he said. “But I’m not about to abandon my troops. We have a number of highly sensitive investigations ongoing and we have a brand new headquarters building. I still have the Justice Department after me. So, I’m not giving this job up to someone else. I’m sticking around.”

    Arpaio also told Rusty Humphries of the Washington Times recently one of those “sensitive” projects was his continued investigation into Barack Obama’s allegedly forged birth certificate.”


  2. IB….
    I left you a message at CW’s last post…..


    It appears that the black communities and voters all across America are disillusioned with Obama and his drowning democrat following…. …..

    For this reason, the Democrats WILL NOT turn out the black vote in this election. If the democrats have any hope whatsoever of winning an Senate seats, they MUST get that black vote…….it is absolutely crucial.

    I’m afraid this election, they will not get that black support for Obama’s agenda, Obama’s wonder tonic isn’t going to sale this year….for that reason, I predict a RUNAWAY REPUBLICAN VICTORY.

    If I am reading the signs correctly, I expect the Republicans to take 55 or 56 seats….that is if they can keep the democrats from stuffing the ballot box….
    which I’m also sure that thought is in many of their minds right now.

    One way or the other, we will all know how things will go one week from tonight. We will breath new life into America or we will all “go down with the ship”

    I for one, am optimistic and think Americans have had enough of that phony HOPE and CHANGE crap….we want some MEAT and POTATO’s instead.


    I told you they has this in mind……..the proof is in the pudding

  5. wrong link

  6. 2008 is when HOPEY CHANGEY should have been defeated. The liberal left BADMOUTHED BUSH and a hell of a lot of people BOUGHT THEIR BULLSHI#. Then you saw the bullshi# go on and get worse,yet everybody went back for seconds. Must have tasted pretty good. How is it tasting NOW!

  7. IB, I also left you a message on the prior thread.

  8. RMinNC says, “I for one, am optimistic and think Americans have had enough of that phony HOPE and CHANGE crap….we want some MEAT and POTATO’s instead.”
    RM, I share your optimism – but cautiously so. We will know a week from tonight. When I see the poll numbers, most of them don’t add up to even 90%. Are there that many undecided? Or, are they afraid to admit they aren’t voting for the Dem?

    Couple that with the disinclination of Dems to go to the polls, because they are sick of Obama, and we could have a pleasantly surprising election. Of course, there will always be voter fraud to deal with.

  9. This is absolutely reprehensible!

    That nasty term should be reserved for the W.H. if anyone.

    Senior Obama official: Israeli PM Netanyahu is ‘chickenshit’


  10. This is absolutely reprehensible!

    That nasty term should be reserved for the W.H. if anyone.

    Senior Obama official: Israeli PM Netanyahu is ‘chickensh…t’


  11. ……….a pendulum swings to and fro.At the end of each stroke there is what is known as the moment of inertia,which is precisely when inertia overcomes mass and the pendulum reverses itself. Watching the nitwits in DC do their thing is tatamount to watching a comic opera.If it wasn’t for the extremely serious ramifications of what is going on I would find it all really laughable. Everybody seems to want somebody else to take the bull by the horns,and they will all just stand and WATCH the battle. Yet they will indeed have a lot of armchair quarterbacking to offer. When the real battle begins the armchair quarterbacks will be nowhere to be found. Instead they will be doing battle with the liberals for places to hide. While we know that men fall in battle,conversely it will be more men who will ultimately win the battle,as well as the WAR! When you sit on your hands and watch the battle you accomplish NOTHING,and as a spectator you do not have the right to stand among those who achieved the victory.But the victory eventually benefits even those who sit on their hands,and do nothing to help.Sad to say! Many TAKE but pathetically few say THANK YOU when they TAKE.
    Our alleged society has become one of TAKERS. They do not care where it comes from,or who worked like hell to make it possible. Instead,like vultures they constantly soar overhead looking for carcasses to pick clean……..and/or whatever else they can find. Political vultures are constantly looking for carrion that they can feed upon,or turn into controversy for someone else. ………..and so goes the pendulum…..TICK,TOCK,TICK TOCK!

  12. CabbyAZ…….
    ……….the CHILDISH piece of human crap at the WACKEY HOUSE says a lot of stuff…….now it is time for him/her to say it to Netanyahu’s face. In all probability the SLIMEY LITTLE DEVIATE will not have the courage to say it to Netanyahu’s face.He she/would probably feel the butt of a rifle rammed into his twisted mouth.

  13. CabbyAZ……
    ………and it won’t be until that happens that our sick,twisted so called leader will ever learn anything, and frankly I would give Netanyahu a 5 minute standing applause,after he extracted the teeth of the little WACKEY HOUSE DEVIATE, with a rifle butt.

  14. If our middle age,and young people can’t see the truth now, it is unlikely that they will EVER see the truth…..and it speaks directly to their own level of intelligence. When we have people who are appointed to high level positions at the WACKEY HOUSE, they should have a correspondingly appropriate intelligence quotient. Today we see people in high places with extremely low intelligence quotients…..yet they are alleged phds, etc. In my lifetime I have done business with several UNINTELLIGENT Phds, they seem to be a DIME A DOZEN, and are among the most moronic people I have ever seen,or heard.

  15. Classic example………..
    Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint. “Business does not create jobs”. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Warren runs her a very close second.

  16. Hey I know, lets shut down ALL American business. If it doesn’t create jobs then why put all of that capital into producing something. So everybody can go to Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint, and have her snap her fingers,and voila….. a job materialises right before our eyes,out of thin air. Question…….exactly what does a job look like! Just curious!


    Good night All…………God Bless!

  18. oldsailor82
    When and if HELL breaks lose and all the armchair quarterbacks are no where to be seen, like hiding, We can get them when they come out! A lot of DEMANDS should be made for a lot of TRAITORS to resign or step down or be forced out of any position they hold!
    I am wondering if the Republicans gain both houses do they have the POWER to abolish the IRS?

    Please God protect our troops that are being sent into the land of the dead…Africa

  19. Good morning Citizenwells…….


    “The State Department has quietly made plans to bring Ebola-infected doctors and medical aides to the U.S. for treatment, according to an internal department document that argued the only way to get other countries to send medical teams to West Africa is to promise that the U.S. will be the world’s medical backstop.

    Some countries “are implicitly or explicitly waiting for medevac assurances” before they will agree to send their own medical teams to join U.S. and U.N. aid workers on the ground, the State Department argues in the undated four-page memo, which was reviewed by The Washington Times”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/28/state-department-plans-to-bring-foreign-ebola-pati/#ixzz3HXR04u9b
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter
    I said over two weeks ago this was the PLAN of Obama all along….now it’s out in the open and official……

    I also said when I showed last week a MILITARY plane being equipped to handle 12 EBOLA patients at a time being developed by the Pentagon……I said then the Pentagon doesn’t develop anything they don’t intend to use……

    They now intend to prove it.

    The American people are being played like a well-tuned-fiddle……money OUT, EBOLA in…..this must stop and stop now !!!…..The American people must rise up against this stupid move…….

    Why can’t those ‘tree hugging do- gooder” doctors who thrive on going to Africa just to catch that killer disease go back to their OWN countries for treatment instead of bringing them to America to spread the disease more quickly among our citizens?

    If the doctors are from France. let France take care of them…if they are from Italy, let Italy take care of them,,,, let them go back to their country of origin.

    Is it not enough that America is going bankrupt trying to fight everyone else’s wars they have no intentions of winning? Do we have to be the “world de facto doctor also” for every outbreak of disease throughout this planet?

    Do we also have to add to our misery by funding and being the ‘catch all” for every strange and incurable disease in the world?, not to mention all the money (we don’t have and must borrow from China) that is being spent curing someone else’s medical problems?

    I don’t see Russia or China stepping up to the plate asking that EBOLA patients be brought into their country for treatment. they are much too smart for that.

    Where does this madness stop? When our country is like all the other third world dictator “republics”? Or when the majority of Americans are dead or drying because an in-mature idiot (whom everyone knows as Obama) decided he would “save the world”?

    Is that his motivation? or is he intentionally destroying the country he hates?

    Write your Congressman/woman and demand this be stopped….if not by choice, then stop the outflow of money to support this mad medical scheme …

    Congress does still have that power…or they did last week. I hope Obama hasn’t stripped them of that duty also ….if they no longer have the “power of the purse” then;

    They are no better than POTTED PLANTS sitting in Washington decorating the Emperor’s décor.

    I have now spoken my thoughts for this morning……..

  20. Obama’s federal government can leave U.S. veterans to purposely die waiting on VA care lists so the head honcho’s can get their bonus bucks. But, we can spend tons of wasted money for a plan that is totally inefficient to haul patients across the ocean??????????????????? And the military is going to go along with this while their “brothers in arms are left to rot???
    Coup time!!!

  21. Agree…..DSP2……..Agree

    The military services are not what they were many years ago……today, they exist only to do the bidding of “the ONE”…..right or wrong.

    I feel for the poor “dog-faced soldier” in today’s army….they are ask to do things they are not trained to do….they are told NOT to win any engagements or battles but to win hearts and minds instead…….they are being used just like a kid who is moving toy soldiers around helter- skelter all over a game board

    I’m sure Patton, Bradley. Ike, and McAuthur are rolling over in their graves over the amateurish conduct of todays “armchair” generals we have in our modern military ……..you can also throw Pershing in that group too.

    Generals today are nothing but “POTTEN PLANTS” and every veteran of WWII, Korea, or Vietnam, knows this to be true.

    Any general or admiral who will not stand up for the men who have served and received wounds under his command are not worthy of command.

    I say “to hell” with any General or Admiral who doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to unlawful orders coming from the man/child.

  22. RMinNC,
    Couldn’t agree more about the Ebola situation. If one steps back and forgets about the prior crimes and excesses of Soetoro, (if one can), and logically evaluates what is happening now and planned for the future, one can’t help but conclude that Soetoro wants Ebola to come to this country.

    For what reason? Well, it may be one of several, BUT in any event it could ultimately lead to the destruction of America – either by chilling productivity, generating more distrust of government, creating huge expenses at a minimum of $500K per patient, and/or bringing outright death to many of our citizens. This piece of humanity is a devilish fiend.

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