Obama Kenyan born & not US citizen, Barrister Michael Shrimpton interview, March 7, 2014, Mombasa Kenya, Ukraine unrest, Tom Clancy death, Obama usurpation of presidency

Obama Kenyan born & not US citizen, Barrister Michael Shrimpton interview, March 7, 2014, Mombasa Kenya, Ukraine unrest, Tom Clancy death, Obama usurpation of presidency

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND

“Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya”...Barrister Michael Shrimpton

From the Birther Report March 7, 2014.

“Stunning: Birther Report Interviews British Intel Advisor; Obama Not Even U.S. Citizen”

“Exclusive:  BirtherReport.com Interviews British
Attorney Claiming Knowledge That Obama was Born in Kenya”

“BirtherReport.com and The Post & Email can report that an exclusive interview was conducted on Friday evening with Barrister Michael Shrimpton, who first appeared in a video released on February 26, 2014 stating unequivocally that Barack Hussein Obama “was born in Mombasa, Kenya.””

“Topics discussed during the two-hour interview include the meaning of the U.S. Constitution’s Article II “natural born Citizen” clause; the parties and heads of state who allegedly have seen proof of Obama’s foreign birth; Shrimpton’s contacts with international intelligence service personnel; how DNA tests are conducted to determine familial relationships; what is really driving the unrest in Ukraine; the death of novelist Tom Clancy; and the actions Shrimpton believes should be taken as a result of Obama’s usurpation of the presidency.

“He’s not a U.S. citizen,” Shrimpton told BirtherReport and this writer in a riveting session conducted over Skype.

Audio of the interview will be available shortly in which Shrimpton explains why he believes the video of his declaration on Obama’s birthplace was released last week and by whom, among other stunning revelations.”

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  1. John in Illinois

    This could be great. Just one question though. Why has Shrimpton been sitting on this info since 2007 ?

  2. John in Illinois

    The timing seems a little funny also since the CCP will be releasing their stuff fairly soon. Remember right before Corsi was releasing his book and Donald Trump was questioning the BC , Obama released the FORGERY.

  3. citizenwells

    He has not been sitting on it.
    He claims to have informed those running for POTUS in 2008.
    He has also notified Israel Insider in 2008.
    He probably believed that informing so many would be sufficient.
    He is a Brit not a US citizen.

  4. oldsailor81

    ……….and Clint brings to the WACKEY HOUSE another performance of exactly what we are seeing now,….of course “what difference will it make” to Clint. In many ways under Clint as potus the US could even become a socialist state even quicker than. When I look at Clint I see 23 people who died under very suspicious circumstances, all of whom were MORE than casual acquaintances of Clint. Obviously they knew TOO MUCH!

  5. oldsailor81

    I offer my promise that if Msssssssss.Clint is oficially placed on the ballot by the DNC I will not rest until I have brought forth and posted on CW every detail of the Arkansas connection,including the DRUG DEALING, and the Whitewater BULLSHI#. There are VOLUMES of information which has subsequently come out which tells her SORDID,and SLIMEY story very well, and even a person having only half a brain can see through it all.

  6. Hi John,

    I agree with CW; the ‘appropriate’ parties had the info. Shrimpton stated that these facts would be all that would be required to stop any Presidential bid plus, he never thought Obama would get that far, anyway.

    My opinion (and it’s just that): The walls are closing in. Perhaps this vid was resurrected in order to coincide with Sheriff Joe, Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse’s release of what they have from their 2+ year investigation, hopefully coming this month. The perfect storm. The full monty. All proof presented in a way it can not be ignored. Supposedly, ‘major media’ is onboard with the CCP’s investigation and criminal complaint, according to Carl Gallups.

    Let’s keep praying, but please pray like you’ve never prayed before. This is our one and only shot; all the ducks have to be in order. This is the most important event of our lifetime; it’s unlikely we’ll get another chance.

  7. oldsailor81

    I personally believe that Shrimpton has NOTHING to GAIN,or lose by once again passing along what he has known since 2007. Unfortunately he passed it along to the WRONG PEOPLE, and it fell upon DELIBERATELY DEAF ears,and totally BLIND EYES. I fear that this will once again occur.

  8. oldsailor81

    As long as there are people in the Senate like Harriet Reid, and others like Mr. Bonehead,it is doubtful that our (ALLEGED) government will take any meaningful action to correct the TOTAL MESS that has been created by our “SO ACADEMICALLY, and MENTALLY SUPERIOR” leaders who were elected by total MORONS. Anybody who thought that it was necessary to “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA” has to be themselves in question…..after all our country survived HELL ON EARTH for over 200 years. Only a MORON with an intelligence quotient of less than zero would think such crap.

  9. citizenwells

    Over my dead body.

  10. oldsailor81

    I am hopeful that everyone who posts on CW will add the line “What difference does it make?” at the bottom of every post.


  11. John in Illinois

    Shrimpton passing the info to the WRONG people is an understatement. Did all these people hope to blackmail O ? I have to believe Putin knows for sure. The TV media and radio media immediately go beserk if the subject is mentioned. I know personally on a local radio show with chat that I am ridiculed anytime I bring up the subject of either NBC or forged BC, why? Half the population has to know about the fraud.

  12. oldsailor81

    Me too!
    HEY “CLINT”………….

  13. oldsailor81

    John in Illinois…….
    I guess it would be safe to say that in all probability the WRONG HALF of the population are aware of the fact that Soetoro is most likely not even a CITIZEN of the US,and yet they voted for such a person to take charge of the country,and FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE IT. Well we are seeing the outcome,and it causes me to question the mental status of those who might have known ,but nonetheless chose to cast their vote to support such a person.


  14. John in Illinois

    you right


  15. oldsailor81

    I know that the SLIMEY,SLITHERING, ODOROUS OBOTS pop in to CW very often just to see if they can create dissent among us. The simple fact that they even waste their time in so doing tells me that we need to have a GLARING BILLBOARD which confronts them everytime they pop in which says in very large,bold type,……………….”WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”

  16. John in Illinois

    These OBOTS are all over the internet. Just read the comment sections on any of the news sites, they are easy to figure out. Didn’t Snowden talk about DARPA being involved and of course “Organizing for America” and ACORN …..seems to me they are the equivalent of traitors within our borders (as if we had borders) As Savage says “Borders Language Culture” and I think we are losing all of these.

  17. John in Illinois


  18. oldsailor81

    It is a real personal joy to be back with people who KNOW the difference between UP and DOWN, and are not afraid to say so. WE may lose a battle,or two, but we will ultimately WIN THE WAR!


  19. oldsailor81

    John in Illinois……
    Here is one additional morsel for you. Are you aware that the NSA is the exact equivalent of the NAZI GESTAPO, and we only need to look at NAZI history to see exactly what is coming.


  20. John in Illinois

    And its a pleasure to hear your take on matters that count.

    Please watch this Brit tell all of America what is wrong with us as a nation….and he’s absolutely right in his assessment.

    This is perhaps one of the greatest speech’s I have even heard given in less than 15 minutes…..It is addressed to all Americans ….and given by a person not of this land, but by a British citizen who knows the price of freedom and liberty…..

    Why does it always take a foreigner to identify exactly what’s wrong with this country and also to know what the correct course of action to fix it….

    If America ever gives up on the “natural-born” status clause in our Constitution ( which I hope it never does), this Brit has my vote for whatever office he would like to run for,

    Freedom and Liberty is spelled the same in England as it is in America…and has the same effect on those who seek it. The last thing Daniel said to end his speech at the CPAC 2014 was a quote from one of our Revolutionary War Hero’s….Dr. Warner when he said….”As Americans act worthy of yourselves”…….

    That phrase should be engraved in every school house in America…and spoke at the beginning of every school day by every school child……

    As a nation, if you don’t know where you have been, you will not know where you are currently at…and you damn sure won’t know where you are heading in the future.

  22. If you can’t spell R E S P E C T correctly…..you shouldn’t be carrying a Nuclear football……and acting like the president of the United States…..instead you should be:

    R E M A N D E D back into the third grade for remedial studies. P E R I O D.

  23. citizenwells

    Ukraine mobilizes for war.

  24. citizenwells

    “Ukraine’s Military Mobilizes, Prepares For Combat: Trucks, APCs, SAMs, Tanks Rolling Out”

    “Earlier today, photos were distributed showing the latest military convoy reinforcements heading into the Crimea, accompanies by a Police car demonstrating Moscow license plate numbers, most likely providing further support to the pro-Russian forces in the peninsula.”


  25. citizenwells

    “However, the Ukrainians, having already been mobilized for over a week, finally appear set to seize back the offensive:

    The first clip below captured the 80th Airborne Regiment out of Lviv moving out, direction mainland, preparing to repel foreign attack.”



    Those boys are not leaving the post garrison on their annual picnic…..their loaded for bear and will b looking for action……each of those armored personnel carrier will hold between 15 and 20 combat ready airborne troops.

    Looks like the “game” may be on !


    A 102 year old man has owned the same car for 78 years….it’s a 1928 Rolls Royce…..priceless….

  28. bob strauss

  29. bob strauss


  30. John in Illinois

    Beck does a great job exposing O’s made-up life story. Why will he NOT talk about the Selective Service form, forged BC, or Natural Born Citizen issue????? It’s the ELEPHANT in the room Glenn!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. bob strauss

    John in Illinois,
    Beck needs to start with, “lie number one”, that, “the usurper is a US Citizen”. Once that fact is disclosed, everything will come into true focus.

    Nothing done by this government, since the usurper first emerged as president, has been Constitutionally legal. Everything was presided over by, an unqualified for office, fraudster.

  32. John in Illinois

    Carl Cameron of Foxnews was talking about CPAC and possible presidential candidates. When Ted Cruz was mentioned he said Cruz was NOT eligible according to the CONSTITUTION ???????? hmmmmm


  33. bob strauss

    Corruption on the level of Chicago.
    Gov’t Admits Selling Discount Fuel to Google Execs


  34. John in Illinois

    How about Rep Cummings (Oversight Committee Fame) and his DAUGHTER trying to implant “news-minders” in the media?

  35. John in Illinois

    Obama gives Ukraine $1 billion .Guess what they will probably use it for??…Buying oil energy from Putin !!…..and you and I are paying for that

  36. Thornton Parsons

    It seems that Obama’s inability to spell respect is probably because he is unfamiliar with it. But, at this point, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

  37. bob strauss

    We don’t trust you, Mister usurper!!!!!!
    Obama Threatens Several Governors: “I Do Not Trust You”


  38. One thing we have learned from this usurper named “Obama”, is that no experience is needed to become president.

  39. RMinNC | March 8, 2014 at 3:50 pm |

    Brits aren’t the only ones with this message:

    Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore

  40. Reverand Wrights daughter, “found guilty” of embellizing 16 million in healthcare funds. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/03/chickens-come-home-to-roost-rev-jeremiah-wrights-daughter-convicted-on-11-counts-of-fraud

  41. Bob Strauss……Re 9:00PM
    Bob I think that the attending governors should have used the response “What difference does it make?…..followed by “We don’t trust you either! I see a number of governors who don’t have any gonads either, otherwise they would have made it clear to the POTUS that in truth it is 180 degrees around …”.WE DON’T TRUST YOU!” But they failed to state that fact.

  42. Rosemary Woodhouse

    This thread makes me smile.


  43. Rosemary Woodhouse

    oldsailor81- Absolutely!

  44. With regard to CPAC I thought Rand Paul came out on top of it, but Sarah Palin came close to him. It seemed as though her poetry might have been lifted from a restroom wall…..har har. That remark was not intended to degrade Sarah Palin,it was only a joke. Here is the truth as I see it….First look into Sarah Palin’s face, then look into the faces of Mssssssssss. Lerner,and Msssssssssss. Pelosi. Palin has the look of a WAR EAGLE, and the other two have BLANK EXPRESSIONLESS FACES. Palin reflects solid character, the other reflect zero character.

  45. Rosemary Woodhouse……
    Nice to see you back. It is always a real pleasure to exchange views with INTELLIGENT people. Hopefully you will stick around. The next few weeks hold a great deal of promise……given the prospect of Arpaio, and Zullo laying their cards on the table. The strength of their evidence coupled by that which Shrimpton has re submitted, along with evidence produced by Orly Taitz, and others will hopefully be carefully examined in Vermont,as well as Alabama. If discovery is allowed at either court, Soetoro could be looking at a real disaster…..one from which he cannot possibly recover,and in all probability could land him in PRISON. I have the impression that Shrimpton was able to access the Kenyan protectorate records at Islington, which includes birth records in Kenya during the 1960s,and has found incontrovertible proof of the birth record of Soetoro, and I pray that is the case. Let him try to lie about that one!…..of course……..

    “What difference does it make”?

  46. RMINNC……
    You are right again sir. The Brit said it the way it needed to be said. Now will what he had to say be absorbed into the cranial mass of our alleged society? ……Personally I am NOT GOING to hold my breath as I wait for it to soak in. But then……….
    ” What difference does it make”?

  47. oldsailor81

    Regarding Mr.Shrimpton…….
    I have long ago came to the same conclusions which Mr.Shrimpton points out,and it is these conclusions from which I have extrapolated the view that Soetoro CANNOT be LEGALLY MARRIED to Michelle Robinson. I followed this up by looking in all the US public information databases (with the assistance of trained court legal researchers) for evidence of the alleged legally executed marriage, and legally adjudicated name change.Such information automatically becomes public information, and is accessible in ALL of the US databases. Given the facts at hand ,and the evolving facts firmly shows legal conflict, which would prevent a marriage from occurring. If Soetoro had no birth certificate to use, …..In addition he has never filed a petition for legal name change. The US government made available funds to Barry Soetoro. Obviously this name was ACCEPTED as his LEGAL name by the US government. So if his legal name is still Soetoro how the hell can Michelle’s surname legally be Obama? It would be interesting to see what names he used in applying for a SS number in Hawaii. He applied for a US Social Security number as Obama which was before his application to Occidental in which he allegedly used the name Barry Soetoro to receive EDUCATIONAL financial assistance. It would be a FRAUDULENTLY ISSUED SS number if it was issued to Mr. Ob-oe!…..of course,…..”WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE”?

  48. oldsailor81

    BYE BYE all….sleep tight,and I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!

  49. bob strauss | March 8, 2014 at 8:30 pm |
    Vast Number of Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens Caught Voting
    I attended a presentation given by True the Vote a few weeks ago and I learned that apparently the Democrats can commit voter fraud all they want and the Republicans can’t do a damn thing about it because of something called the 1982 New Jersey Consent Decree. The Republicans may not be able to take back the Senate or probably never win another presidential election. Shocking, isn’t it? But hardly anyone in the media talks about it. Do we wonder why? These links are redundant but you get the picture………




    What can we do to ensure elections are free and fair? Share this with every one you know……..


    Old Jeff said that just right….the first step in solving a problem is too recognize there is one….

    “America is not the greatest country in the world any more”

    Next question is… why not?
    The answer to that question is because of all those fu*cking liberals have taken her down…a little at a time, until she is now on her knees and sinking fast….

    Yet, … those same people who took this great country down are now beating their chest trying to convenience our youth that America is still the greatest country in the world, although 49% are on Food Stamps, over 60% are in poverty, and we seem to have a knack of getting involved in every conflict, big or little that comes along, yet we never seem to be able to win one…

    They are getting a lot of help in this effort from the governmental propaganda machines called NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, every damn print newspaper in the country, our congress, and our courts…did I miss anyone?

    And now our Constitution has no meaning any more….it may as well be used as butt paper…the last three presidents had that feeling. We don’t teach patriotism any more in our schools and it is now become a crime to wear a t-shirt with an American flag on it too school during Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) because we don’t want to offend the illegals who are pooching off our generosity.

    If anyone should bother to ask, what has become of our country ?…the answer is obvious. collectively, we went to sleep and have not awaken since World War Two….There was a time in this country when sacrifice was a shared thing, by every citizen, great and small….not any more.

    In the short time since that great war, football, baseball, and basketball became more important that our national anthem…..We would rather hear “50cents” and SnopDog rap there crap than to hear Kate Smith sing “while storm cloud gather”…It has become more fashionable to listen to the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson talk down the white people than to listen to the Reverend Billy Graham talk up God…

    Sacrifices are now expected only from the poor and disadvantaged and the rich are rewarded…and the illegals are treated better that the illegals in this nation of laws….If you do not have two or three jobs to support your family, then you are a slacker….that is if you can still find a full time job….flipping burgers is the recommended governmental approach to working….an education is only talked about…not provided by the educational system of our country any more….

    On a worldwide scale, America use to be “Number one” in math, science and many other subjects….now we are lucky if we rank in the top fifty…

    No Jeff had it right…but no one wants to hear it…We are not the greatest nation in the world anymore.

    In fact if we don’t come to our collective senses soon as a people, we won’t even be in the same category as Cuba in the very near future, then where will the people of the world be who are looking for that “shining lite on the hill” to look up too?

    The answer to that question also has a simple answer; The freedom loving people of the world will “be down the toilet” and will be in the firm clutches of the few evil men, with a George Soro’s mentality, who think the answer to all of humanity’s problems can be controlled by “the few,the elite” who really don’t give a damn about humanity, or their problems. They only seek to control…not to comfort.

    When that happens, and it will, if there is not a worldwide awakening, you can then expect the mass exterminations of people to begin….taking the world population down from 6.5 billion people to a mere 6 million……if that happens then it’s “game over” and Satan has won.

    That is the stark reality of what our future looks like…”Accept it, or Change it”. The choice our to make, not theirs….Remember our greatest weapon is: “there are more of us than there are of them”…..and that fact along scares the “living hell out of “them”.

    My lecture is over for the day….

    Now I will get off my soap box for a while and go to church…I need some help from the big man this morning.

    Have a good day folks and God Bless.

  51. Good Morning Patriots~

    Hold Steady. Godspeed.

  52. Jonah…….
    While I certainly agree that the LIBERAL left has tried everything even remotely imagineable to rig elections, I would be very hesitant to agree that the ALLEGED CONSENT DECREE is a LEGALLY valid instrument. Perhaps in the minds of the participants it is valid but the overriding force is US ELECTION LAW, which the liberal left thinks is to be INTERPRETED any way they want. In reality the only thing that is broken is the MENTALITY of those who try to CIRCUMVENT existing laws with such agreements (CONSENT DECREE). This is what the Democratic party is noted for and goes clear back to and includes FDR……who himself loved to TWIST WORDS, and make them sound like something else. Hubert Humphrey was another champion word twister (LIAR). The only thing he ever got right was when he told Muriel as they boarded a train back to Minnesota “We have arrived at the END OF THE LINE”. He was also a known Mafia consort. Such a “CONSENT DECREE,” does NOT in any way SUPERCEDE existing federal election laws….at least NOT IN THE COURTROOM. Nor does “ANY DECREE” override existing laws.I would offer the view that if a candidate knowingly uses such a DECREE TO THROW an election he has engaged in election fraud. However NO CONSENT DECREE can SUPERCEDE existing state or federal law,nor can it ADD TO, OR TAKE AWAY FROM any law which has been signed into law by Congress, or a state legislature. What such a decree implies is quite the opposite. It would say that the instrument authorises the candidates of both parties to practice illegal election fraud against the voters. Which again is FRAUD….pure and simple.
    I am in no way criticising you, rather I am simply stating FACTS which I have learned about over a period of my lifetime. Yes anybody can cut agreements with anybody else if they wish,but unless their agreement is signed into law by Congress,or a State legislature, the agreement is largely NOTHING but a statement of “fraudulant election behavior”. If a candidate is found to have knowingly perpetrated such behavior he should be vigorously prosecuted. Further if a candidate believes that he is bound by such a decree he should not be even trying to run for office, simply because he has to be an extremely WEAK MINDED PERSON to follow such a decree to begin with. The Constitution dictates the law of the land…. not a DECREE as such.

  53. CW,
    RE, Barrister Shrimpton comments.
    Why has Orly Taitz been silent on this Issue (I believe)
    I’m sure she is well aware of your posts on this matter.
    Something missing here…or it doesn’t matter?

  54. John in Illinois

    I thought this Shrimpton guy was going to give an interview with post and e-mail person. I sure hope its posted soon? If you go to that site there is an article about him but you have to subscribe ?

  55. NBC_Vic_Hern

    oldsailer and everyone….

    This is a 56 minute video showing Stephen Pidgeon being interviewed.
    I didn’t view it all, but managed to locate the part about Obama changing
    his name in Canada.
    The meat is about minute 17. (Slide the video dot on the red line)
    You will want to start about minute 16 to get some background
    that was part of that Computer Company exec’s revelation about that Russian couple’s dinner party in 1992(?). The hostess starts talking
    about this young black man named Barack being groomed to be
    America’s first communist President.
    I don’t believe this was posted here before.
    My apologies if it was.
    Hoping the URL gets you there.

  56. NBC_Vic_Hern

    That’s NOT the right video. But it is part of a grouping about Obama.

  57. NBC_Vic_Hern

    We’ll try this.

  58. Old Sailor,
    We are so glad that you are feeling better and able to post once again. I agree with you completely about election laws trumping a decree signed by Repubs not to challenge Dem fraud. Personally, I think the GOP is hiding behind the decree as an excuse for the party, to avoid a fight that they’d rather not have. For the most part they are a bunch of willy-nillys.

    Anyway, we have already heard of many cases of election fraud being prosecuted since 2012. Not enough, however.

  59. oldsailor81 | March 9, 2014 at 11:50 am |
    NO CONSENT DECREE can SUPERCEDE existing state or federal law,nor can it ADD TO, OR TAKE AWAY FROM any law which has been signed into law by Congress, or a state legislature……..If a candidate is found to have knowingly perpetrated such behavior he should be vigorously prosecuted.
    The election laws have been broken time and time again but the prosecutors don’t prosecute the offenders. The Democrat prosecuting attorney in the City of St. Louis has NEVER prosecuted anyone for voter fraud! No wonder the Dems win year after year. Case in point…..
    Top 10 facts proving election was rigged
    Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/top-10-facts-proving-election-was-rigged/#EDJI3tPdvp1DMmZp.99

    Why aren’t these criminals being prosecuted? oldsailor, you’re not foolish enough to think Eric Holder is going to prosecute them? This administration has violated the Constitution and neglected to enforce the law time and time again! And because of the lawsuit that resulted in the 1982 New Jersey Consent Decree, the Republican Party made an agreement 30 years ago with the Democrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vote fraud. Pardon the expression, but, we’re screwed.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~
    In 1981, during the gubernatorial election in New Jersey (NJ), a lawsuit was brought against the RNC, the NJ Republican State Committee (RSC), and three individuals (John A. Kelly, Ronald Kaufman, and Alex Hurtado), accusing them of violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA), 42 U.S.C. §§ 1971, 1973, and the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.

    The lawsuit was brought by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the NJ Democratic State Committee (DSC), and two individuals (Virginia L. Peggins and Lynette Monroe).

    The lawsuit alleged that:

    The RNC and RSC targeted minority voters in New Jersey in an effort to intimidate them.

    The RNC created a voter challenge list by mailing sample ballots to individuals in precincts with a high percentage of racial or ethnic minority registered voters. Then the RNC put the names of individuals whose postcards were returned as undeliverable on a list of voters to challenge at the polls.

    The RNC enlisted the help of off-duty sheriffs and police officers with “National Ballot Security Task Force” armbands, to intimidate voters by standing at polling places in minority precincts during voting. Some of the officers allegedly wore firearms in a visible manner.

    To settle the lawsuit, in 1982 — while Ronald Reagan was President (1981-1989) — the RNC and RSC entered into an agreement or Consent Decree, which is national in scope, limiting the RNC’s ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance. The following is what the RNC and RSC, in the Consent Decree, agreed they would do:

    [I]n the future, in all states and territories of the United States:

    (a) comply with all applicable state and federal laws protecting the rights of duly qualified citizens to vote for the candidate(s) of their choice;

    (b) in the event that they produce or place any signs which are part of ballot security activities, cause said signs to disclose that they are authorized or sponsored by the party committees and any other committees participating with the party committees;

    (c) refrain from giving any directions to or permitting their agents or employees to remove or deface any lawfully printed and placed campaign materials or signs;

    (d) refrain from giving any directions to or permitting their employees to campaign within restricted polling areas or to interrogate prospective voters as to their qualifications to vote prior to their entry to a polling place;

    (e) refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose;

    (f) refrain from having private personnel deputized as law enforcement personnel in connection with ballot security activities.

    The RNC also agreed that the RNC, its agents, servants, and employees would be bound by the Decree, “whether acting directly or indirectly through other party committees.”

    As modified in 1987, the Consent Decree defined “ballot security activities” to mean “ballot integrity, ballot security or other efforts to prevent or remedy vote fraud.”

    Since 1982, that Consent Decree has been renewed every year by the original judge, Carter appointee District Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise, now 88 years old. Long retired, Debevoise comes back yearly for the sole purpose of renewing his 1982 order for another year.


  60. From >>> June 1, 2011

    At YouTube:

    “Guest: Tom Fife

    Topic: An American businessman’s amazing story while visiting Moscow in 1992”

    Article: “The First Time I Heard of Barack””


  61. Obama Surgeon General Nominee Wants Doctors to Ask Patients About Guns in Home – Include Info in Obamacare Database

    Another radical activist is rewarded for his organizing skills.

    Vivek was the co-founder and president of “Doctors for America,” which began as “Doctors for Obama in 2008.”

    Vivek also wants doctors to ask patients, including children, if there are any firearms in their home. This would be included on their file that would be shared with several government agencies under Obamacare.


  62. Update: A SHIFT IN PLAN by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 9, 2014) — The Post & Email has decided not to air any portions of the interview conducted with Barrister Michael Shrimpton… what gives?

  63. Isn’t it kind of a DEAD giveaway that something BIG, very BIG is about to happen in late March…..Consider the following:

    1. Obama is going to Saudi Arabia……why Saudi Arabia ?….
    Answer:… because of his MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD connections….where he will feel safe if he finds he is no longer welcome in America…….the problem is: America has NO extradiction arrangements with Saudi Arabia…..if Obey decides it’s safer to stay in that country, we will most likely not even get Air Force One back, let alone Obey…

    2. At the same time Obey is going to Saudi Arabia… the second half of this UNIVERSE SHATTERING TEAM, .Muchelle, will be going on an extended VISIT to China with the 2 girls, her Mom, and assorted others…..

    Now isn’t that strange !…..

    Does Muchelle also have plans to stay in China, which also has no extradiction agreements with America, if things go “south” for her husband ? If so, she will most likely take Air Force Two…so we are out another command and control plane…..

    I don’t know how anyone else feels about this subject, but this sudden and “no reason” departure plans for everyone the
    get out of Dodge City” at the same time and go to countries that are not exactly friendly with America has the smell of Dead Fish and ‘THE CHICKENS GOING HOME TO ROOST”…..

    I personally think they are running in fear of disclosure of what is coming from the CCP expose. If the news is truly as bad and “UNIVERSE SHATTERING” as Mike Zullo has stated, then the major media sources who have shielded this Usurper will not be able to keep the truth from the people and they will be forced to report the truth…..by now, they will be seen, along with all the politicians, political parties, and judges who have covered for this traitor as being “cut from the same fabric”.

    A sure sign that my predictions are correct will be if Valerie Jarrett has a seat on either the plane going to Saudi Arabian or the one going to China….

    Maybe I’m wrong…but then again….maybe I’m right on target. .

    Either way, the pot is about to boil over, and it appears the Obama’s don’t want to be around when that happens.

    p.s. Another DEAD giveaway will be if they try to take all the household furnishings in the White House in the same manner the last Democratic president did….remember the U-Hauls that were backed up to the front door when Slick Willie left?….I do.

    Now that was real tacky…Arkansas style.

  64. Observer | March 9, 2014 at 2:01 pm |


    A ‘no’ will get you on some sort of gub’mint list, and a ‘yes’ will get you on another.

    If they have the babalones to ask this question, the best answer would be ‘My firearms status has not changed.’

    This dude is local to me, so I looked him up; no patient reviews, nothing. Looks like he’s just another Obama tool…

  65. RM,

    Good thinkin’. If what you say is true, they can run, but they can’t hide when the excrement hits the turbine. I believe that will happen very soon. I think that the delays are all for a reason: Make ’em sweat a little. If they have an idea what Sheriff Joe, Mike Zullo and the CCP have and that it’s gonna come out, they’re in full panic mode.

    To hell with extradition; can you say ‘SEALs?’

  66. citizenwells

    “”This is our land,” Yatsenyuk told a crowd gathered at the Kiev statue to Shevchenko. “Our fathers and grandfathers have spilled their blood for this land. And we won’t budge a single centimeter from Ukrainian land. Let Russia and its president know this.””


  67. oldsailor81

    The probability exists that the perps will not be prosecuted until enough people get PI$$ED off enough to rise up and clean out the SLIME themselves…..at which point there will probably be NO TRIALS only heavily decorated live oak trees. That is when the Alleged Consent Decree will come to a screeching end, because the parties to the agreement will no longer be alive, and hopefully all who do survive have the ability to read the HANDWRITING ON THE WALL.

  68. oldsailor81

    I think you have it nailed pretty good sir. I am praying that the crapola is dumped squarely on the WACKEY HOUSE.

  69. oldsailor81

    Yes a judge though retired can do a lot of things……EXCEPT CHANGE EXISTING LAW, OR CIRCUMVENT IT. When a judge or anyone else for that matter does that he becomes a CRIMINAL. Sadly the judge that you have mentioned should have been prosecuted LONG AGO for failing to support Constitutional law which he has sworn to do. When push comes to shove he might become one of the decorations on the live oak tree. In addition his DECREE is total BULLSHI#. Once again I refer you to our Constitution. Regardless of what people might think of me I stand with our Consttution, and I don’t really give a damn what others think of me for so doing. I have PAID MY DUES…..long ago! No offense to you Jonah….just saying it like I see it.

  70. NBC_Vic_Hern

    If in fact Bari to Saudi Arabia and Muchelle to China, be aware of an
    attempt to flush the USA in a parting fit of rage, with some EMP.
    We really need trusted people in the military to pay attention to any
    such move to launch something, and stop it. Rumors are they did just
    that recently with one or two of those missing nukes, of which
    one may still be missing I haven’t heard.

  71. SueK and Oldsailor81……..

    As Holmes would have said, “ELEMENTARY WATSON, elementary”.

  72. oldsailor81

    Do you suppose that Soetoro’s GOOD BUDDY in the SOVIETSKY, has perpetrated the action against Ukraine to get the attention of the American public off of what might be coming from Arpaio,and Zullo. Nothing quite like a good crisis. ….Can’t allow it to go to waste. Where have we heard that before? har har

  73. oldsailor81

    BTW…..Judges do NOT WRITE LAW, or REVISE LAWS …..THEY ENFORCE the law of our land. They have NO POWER TO WRITE LAW.

  74. Good evening,

    SueQ, sorry I haven’t got back to your email, but you are correct.

  75. The Birther Report will be releasing the Shrimpton interview; Sharon Rondeau will not.

  76. OLDSAILOR81…….

    I just saw a video that it is being reported there are 300 “BLACKWATER” agents were in the Ukraine….You remember the private civilian security firm from Virginia called BLACKWATER that caused all those problems in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria and all over the middle east….THEIR SPECIALITY IS CREATING FALSE FLAGS…..that may be a false flag that Obey tried to do on the Ukraine…….

    Now for a REAL SHOCKER…..this will be the best 32 minutes you have spent watching a video…this lady knows what she is talking about. She was a lawyer working for the World Bank in investigating fraud and corruption within that world banking outfit…and now she is telling the world about the “international bankers and their ability to keep the world in conflict.


  77. It is March. I am worried Zullo and Joe are giving us a song and dance. Hope I am wrong, but they keep pushing things back. Just saying.

  78. One of the most famous lines in the financial world of money is the quote from Baron Nathan Rothschild, who made a significant fortune buying into the “panic” following the Battle of Waterloo by out foxing the foxes…He got his information from private sources about the outcome of that battle before the official sources did. and guess who profited the most? It wasn’t the government of England or France…..if you said the Banksters….BINGO !

    Rothschild is credited with saying, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if that blood is your own.” These past weeks have seen the streets of Ukraine filling with blood, so who stands to benefit?

    As the lady in the last video I posted said quite well ; “All wars are Bankster’s wars”….the coming war in the Ukraine will be no different.

    So who benefits from the Ukraine….certainly not the people of the Ukraine…

  79. bob strauss

    oldsailor81 | March 8, 2014 at 10:54 pm |

    Bob Strauss……Re 9:00PM
    Bob I think that the attending governors should have used the response “What difference does it make?…..followed by “We don’t trust you either! I see a number of governors who don’t have any gonads either, otherwise they would have made it clear to the POTUS that in truth it is 180 degrees around …”.WE DON’T TRUST YOU!” But they failed to state that fact.
    I think the only reason the Governors didn’t respond to the usurper’s remarks, was out of respect for the office of the President, but since the usurper doesn’t know how to spell “respect” he doesn’t deserve any.

  80. bob strauss

    Jonah | March 9, 2014 at 5:34 am |
    Thank you Jonah.

  81. Pic of Putin (far left) and Reagan, 1988.

    If this one doesn’t get a roaring laugh…then you have no sense of humor.

    At an international medical convention, a doctor from France says: “In France , our medical procedures are so advanced that we can cut off a man’s testicles; sew them into another man, and after only 6 weeks he is now ready for work.”

    A German doctor then commented: “Dos is goot !”… but nothing compared to what we can do in Germany. We take part of the brain out of one person’s head and then we put it into another person’s head, and in only 4 weeks time, he is now looking and ready for work.”

    A Russian doctor then spoke up saying: “Comrades, that is child’s play in Russia. In my country we can take out half of the beating heart from one
    person; and put it into another person’s chest, and in 2 weeks time, he is now looking for work.”

    Finally, the U.S. doctor spoke up : “My colleagues, you are all way behind the power curve in medical procedure. In the United States ,about 5 years ago, we grabbed an idiot from Kenya, Africa with no brains, no heart, and no balls’.

    “We made him President of the United States, and now the whole damn country is looking for work” !.

  83. Now We know why Muchelle NEVER go’s to an Arab Country with OBAMA..

    I found these comments very interesting…remember that she IS NOT going with him to Saudi Arabia…last year she came home when Obey went ob over to Jordan, etc…well now we know why….reprinted from another source:

    “If you check President Obama’s last trip over-seas, his wife left just after their visit to France. She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country.
    Think about it.

    Why is Michelle returning to the states when ‘official’ trips to foreign countries generally include the attendance of the “First Lady.”

    Here’s one thought on the matter.

    While in a Blockbuster renting videos, I came across a vide called “Obama”. There were two men standing next to me and we talked about President Obama.

    These guys were Arabs, so I asked them why they thought Michelle Obama headed home following the President’s recent visit to France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband. They told me
    she could not go to Saudi Arabia , Turkey or Iraq
    I said “Why not,(?) Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Dubai .”

    They said that Obama is a Muslim and therefore he is not allowed to bring his wife into countries that adhere to Sharia Law.

    Two points of interest here:

    1) I thought it interesting that two American Arabs at Blockbuster believe that our President is a Muslim, who follows a strict Islamic creed.

    2) They also said that’s the reason he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia . It was a signal to the Muslim world, acknowledging his religion.

    For further consideration, here is a response from Dr. Jim Murk,
    a Middle Eastern Scholar and expert on Islam.

    This is his explanation of what the Arab American’s were saying.

    “An orthodox Muslim man would never take his wife on a politically oriented trip to any nation which practices Sharia law, particularly Saudi Arabia where
    the Wahhabi sect is dominant. This is true and it is why Obama left Michelle in Europe . She will stay home when he visits Arab countries. He knows Muslim protocol; this includes, bowing to the Saudi King. Obama is regarded as a Muslim in the Arab world, because he was born to a Muslim father; he acknowledged his Muslim faith with George Stephanopoulus…but Stephanopoulus quickly corrected him …remember?.

    Note that he downplays his involvement with Christianity (after touting it in the election campaign, by not publicly joining a Christian church in DC. And
    occasionally attending the chapel for services at Camp David
    He also played down the fact that America is a Christian country and said, unbelievably, that it was one of the largest Muslim nations in the world, which is nonsense. He has publicly taken the side of the Palestinians
    in the conflict with Israel and he ignored the National Day of Prayer, something no other President has ever done. He conceals his true faith to the detriment of the American people.”

    — Jim Murk, Doctor of Philosophy in
    Middle Eastern Culture & Religion.
    ————————————————————————————————-So Now we know why Muchelle is going to China where the Buddhist are and will NEVER go to a Muslim country with him, and Obey is going the other way to Saudi Arabia where his Muslim friends are…in particular, the Muslim Brotherhood……

    Now, if Obey isn’t a Muslim, there isn’t a cow in Texas !

  84. bob strauss

    RMinNC | March 9, 2014 at 3:01 pm |
    Now that was real tacky…Arkansas style.
    I read, when the Clintons got done loading the bench from the Lincoln bedroom, and were getting ready to leave, they left their DOG, they had been using as a prop, since they no longer needed to fool the public, into believing there was a streak of normalcy in their family.

  85. BOB STRUSS….

    Yea Bob, life’s a real bitch with those Clinton’s…….never can tell which one is on top !

  86. bob strauss

    Teresa (@pcanarchist) | March 9, 2014 at 2:41 pm |
    Good question.
    Like all of this information, the truth plays out very slowly.

  87. bob strauss

    citizenwells | March 9, 2014 at 3:19 pm |

    “”This is our land,” Yatsenyuk told a crowd gathered at the Kiev statue to Shevchenko. “Our fathers and grandfathers have spilled their blood for this land. And we won’t budge a single centimeter from Ukrainian land. Let Russia and its president know this.””
    The same can be said about America.

    Arrest the usurper!!!!!!!!!

  88. oldsailor81

    It is really a SICKENING state of affairs when a Brit is FORCED to tell us what the hell is wrong with us. If this is in fact the truth then our alleged society is ALREADY FINISHED. Frankly I agree 100% with his assessment. When we reach a point where we have lost 100% of our ability to perceive, reason,and to use simple logic we are in serious trouble……Particularly if 175,000,000,out of 330,000,000, can’t even spell respect, like the leader they chose…..but oh I nearly forgot, he is now allowing 47,000,000 of them to live off of the backs of the taxpayers…..free of charge. So really they don’t need to know how to spell “respect”.Hope that really pi$$es off those who are forced to work three jobs just to make ends meet, because they are helping to supply a FREE living to a lot of people who REFUSE to work.

  89. oldsailor81

    …….but I hasten to add that there are a hell of a lot of those people who are drawing unemployment out of no fault of their own. In no way do I chastise those people. It is the SLIME who are like ticks on a dog’s rear end, that angers me to no end. They do NOTHING except suck the blood of others. They are parasites…..and as each day passes their numbers increase to the next higher exponent. They are the same people who held their outstretched arms towards the sky as Soetoro spoke and chanted “THE MESSIAH has arrived, the Messiah has arrived, OH BOO HOO the Messiah has arrived…..and now they get FREE EVERYTHING….but “What difference does it make”?

  90. oldsailor81

    ……perhaps that is what FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE INCLUDES, along with SPREADING THE WEALTH AROUND. For those who voted for Soetoro, how do you like this really great leadership now, and do you still have your health insurance? Or are you now signed up for Soetorocare?……hope you have really deep pockets. Do you work TWO jobs ,or THREE.? Do you really enjoy your 18 hour workday?

  91. Good nite all,
    Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray to Lord my soul to take…..Bless all of those at CW blog too Lord.

  92. RMinNC | March 9, 2014 at 8:42 pm |
    Now We know why Muchelle NEVER go’s to an Arab Country with OBAMA..
    I was thinking about that very thing this morning but didn’t have the time to research it. This was something publicized in the very beginning when he did not take M to Saudi Arabia. Doesn’t it beat all? Certainly proves his Muslim affiliation.

  93. RMinNC,

    I listened to the cast that you posted. Then, at the end, I clicked on this one just to see what it was. It is long, but it will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, as did the one you posted.

    It is all about gold. The “Golden Rule”, he who has the gold makes the rules. I don’t know if you ever listen to Ann Barnhardt, but she preaches getting our of the markets, as well. She went on a tax protest after closing her trading firm.

  94. Found this post on Free Republic….Interesting if true it’s a double wow!

    Here is my connection of the dots I know of. Two females named Stanley Ann Dunham and Loretta Fuddy were together in Indonesia attending a cult gathering by a Muslim named Muhammed Subuh. Stanley Ann had a tryst with Subuh resulting in a pregnancy. Stanley Ann was then shunned by Subuh and his family and had to leave Indonesia. Subuh at that age had as close if not closer resemblance to Obama that I have seen as compared to other men talked about. She went back to Hawaii to make a new start but she was pregnant. Stanley Ann’s parents were concerned as to how to reconcile a dark skinned father and possible dark skinned child. Fortunately there was a communist student link to a dark skinned Kenyon named Obama. Obama agreed to get involved but he couldn’t marry Stanley Ann in Hawaii because he already had a wife in Kenya and Hawaii would not sanction another marriage. Stanley Ann and Obama went to Kenya for marriage where the child ObamaII was born. Kenya would not allow immediate air travel for a new born baby and as such Stanley Ann’s return was delayed a few days. Stanley Ann’s return was not to Hawaii but to Seattle to go to school but also to meet up with her old cult friend Loretta Fuddy. Fuddy at this time had become the international cults Seattle top representative in that area. In the meantime Stanley Ann was busy getting an Hawaiian divorce from Obama. Suffice for this narrative now but there are more dots to be connected in the Obama saga.

  95. Well, I guess it is obvious what I have been up to these last hours. This one has some good stuff in it as well. Just past the one hour mark Jim talks about a few things that are really worth listening to.

  96. Good morning CW, et. al,

  97. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al.

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