Barrister Michael Shrimpton March 9, 2014, Obama’s daddy Putin and the Ukraine – Here we go again, Snowden CIA report, Obama born in Mombasa Kenya, Obama should resign

Barrister Michael Shrimpton March 9, 2014, Obama’s daddy Putin and the Ukraine – Here we go again, Snowden CIA report, Obama born in Mombasa Kenya, Obama should resign

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND

“Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya”...Barrister Michael Shrimpton

From Barrister Michael Shrimpton at Veterans Today March 9, 2014.

“Obama’s daddy, Putin and the Ukraine – Here we go again”

“It now seems clear that the Chinese spy Edward Snowden took with him to Moscow a copy of the CIA’s DNA report on President Barack Hussein Obama. This is the report the CIA did, on my advice, in 2007.

Since the DIA were at the same lunch it is not surprising that that those nice people the NSA got a copy. They were aware that the CIA were doing the test.

I should have patented that wine glass technique! We used it first in Britain, when an issue arose as to the paternity of a politician’s child, creating a potential security hazard , as the politician was seeing secret papers. MI5 organized that one, and were also able to use the intel to boost their budget!”

“This means that President Putin has got a hold on the Administration. It will only last as long as Obama however. The eligibility/citizenship issue has shot to the top of the blogosphere.

If it migrates to Congress or the mainstream media then Obama is in real trouble. The Russians would be well advised to move quickly, as their intel may have a use-by date on it, like the pasta sauce I bought this morning.

President Obama was clearly born in Mombasa, in 1960, probably on August 4th. He should resign. There is no way he was related to his claimed mother, and the CIA should stop sitting on that DNA report.

That nice man Dr Jerome Corsi has come up with an interesting theory on the ID of the father. I’ll let him get the kudos of course – it’s his research and he deserves the credit. I think he’s got a point, i.e. I found myself impressed by his work, with respect.”

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42 responses to “Barrister Michael Shrimpton March 9, 2014, Obama’s daddy Putin and the Ukraine – Here we go again, Snowden CIA report, Obama born in Mombasa Kenya, Obama should resign

  1. citizenwells

    I personally believe that Putin & the Russians have known about Obama’s elgibility deficiencies for years.

  2. CW,
    Interesting article by Shrimpton.
    I believe that Israel has the goods on Obama, too.

  3. CW…..
    Moreover I would add to what you said by suggesting that the Ukraine thing which might have been going on for a really long time was utilised by Soetoro to take the attention of Americans off of what is now happening with respect to his own ineligibility; the facts of which are becoming more solidified as each day passes. I personally believe that Putin might well have agreed to make his Ukraine offensive coincide with the present in the US, thus aiding Soetoro,and making Putin an instrument in his fraudulent occupation of the WHACKY HOUSE. I too agree that anyone who has the experience that Putin has with regard to his past in the KGB can find out just about anything he sets his mind on. Learning about Soetoro’s past would be the equivalent of CHILDS PLAY for him. It is extremely dangerous to UNDERESTIMATE a person like Putin. When you talk with such a person you need to know all of the answers beforehand.

  4. More about “CONSENT DECREE”…..OT
    While a consent decree might carry the FORCE OF LAW,it is NOT necessarily THE law as it applies to the Constitution. Largely it is an agreement as such founded in a court of law,and agreed to by that court….but it still is NOT THE LAW of our land. It is simply put….. a CONTRACT. …BUT if the terms of such a contract directly effect the Constitutional rights of anyone, either parties to the agreement,or the Constitutional rights of people extraneous to such an agreement then it is unenforceable, except between agreeing parties. Yet if the agreement usurps the Constitutional rights of either party then again it is UNENFORCEABLE. In my own opinion such an agreement is TOTAL MANURE, and should be looked upon,and treated as such. Perpetrators of such agreements would be LIBERALS either RNC or DNC,or both. There is not a day that passes during which we do not see an attempt by a liberal WORD TWISTER to try to make interpretations of Constitutional Law…. which NEEDS NO INTERPRETATION WHATSOEVER. Our liberal friend in New York (Mr. Shooomer) alias “CHUCKY BABY” is a classic word twister.Virtually everything he says is a radically twisted version of reality. He sounds like,and acts like a re incarnated Ted Kennedy. Of course I keep in mind that all such nut cases sound and act alike….after all they have only a ONE TRACK MIND.

  5. …….I forgot to add
    “What difference does it make”?

  6. Cabbyaz……
    I personally would not be afraid to bet that a whole lot of our alleged allies now either know for sure ,or are seriously in doubt, and they too will know for sure. Those who are in their right mind will probably be quite hesitant to sign any agreements with him.

  7. …..but “What difference does it make”?

  8. OLDSAILOR81…….Good morning my friend….

    It’s like Sun Tzu said, you know that famous Chinese learned man of long ago, who wrote, “The Art of War”, many centuries before the word America ever came into existence….He said and I quote,


    Putin is applying this principle in his world domination policy….It is apparent to you, me and the whole damn world (all except the idiots in America) that he knows all about Mr. OBAMA, ( or whatever the bastard decides to call himself) as well as he knows his own capabilities….

    In this respect, I think as Americans we can learn from Mr. Putin…never, ever, make this mistake in selecting out leader again….NEVER.

    Like you are saying my friend, “What difference does it make ?”

    Permit me to answer that question: It makes the difference between a Republic and a Dictatorship…..between chains and freedom….between having a voice, or becoming a voice in the wilderness….it’s really that simple.

  9. …….I can’t help wondering if the upper echelon of our military forces are sleeping very well lately. They might soon find themselves in a really nasty position; either fire upon American citizens ,or fire upon a scum bag who probably isn’t even a US citizen,and pretends to be POTUS. Hopefully Leavanworth has a Presidential suite. Hopefully one of Soetoro’s lavish future vacations will be a NOT SO LAVISH,extended vacation at Leavanworth.

    …..but “What difference will it make””

  10. RMINNC……
    10-4 on your last sir!

  11. John in Illinois

    Lets not forget the MEDIA involvement in all this crap…are there enough jail cells for them also?

  12. “Hopefully Leavanworth has a Presidential suite.”
    Old Sailor, that gave me a good chuckle for the day! However, I realize it is no laughing matter, in all seriousness. It is just that we have to have some levity from time to time to break the tension.

  13. CitizenWells,
    I agree with you 100%. However, I’m going to go further and state that I believe that Obama is a Marxist agent. He is a “red diaper” baby who has been raised for this purpose. That is why his past is fiction, his family a lie, his documents forged.

    The real question is why our own CIA doesn’t protect the Constitution. I suspect this is where the rabbitt hole gets very deep, at least back to WWII and the creation of the CIA. Operation paperclip led to Nov. 1963, and so it goes on.

    That’s my opinion.

  14. “Operation Paperclip:The CIA and the Nazis”


    Too often, we, who are given the opportunity to post here on you blog do not take the time to stop and give thought to all the effort that you put into this endeavor….speaking for all who post here, we are truly sorry that we are remorse in that obligation.

    For years, you have been the “steady rock” in pursuing the TRUTH. You have devoted many hours, and much toil and effort to this just cause….

    Your efforts have not gone unnoticed by those who have followed your lead, but at times, your efforts have gone unrewarded.

    Throughout the years, we have taken it for granted that you will always be here for us. This is a mistake on our part…….for this we are truly sorry and should realize that nothing in this world is permanent other than death and taxes..

    I feel I can speak for everyone who has posted here, or is currently posting here, when I say we will be forever indebted to you in more ways that we can ever repay..

    Were it not for you, and the Citizenwells blog website, many of us here would not have a means to express our angry over what is happening to our beloved country….you have given us that means….we will be forever grateful to you for that.

    Once these hard times are behind us, and our Republic is back on track, (and believe me, it will be), I for one, would like to see someone of your caliber and high standards running for federal public office where you can do the most good for your fellow man….would you please consider this and think about it in the near future…….

    Is it possible you could be drafted for such a task ? If so, I would support this endeavor with body and soul.

    Together, you, I, all who post here, and all the other patriots in this great land, will restore this government to what it was intended to be…..”the shining light on the hill” a Republic for which all the rest of the world can look up too”….. or as Andy Jackson would say, “By God, we will die trying”.

    Like the great patriot, the poor uneducated peasant who could not even read, Emiliano Zapata of Mexico, said when he tried to bring liberty, and justice to the totally corrupt nation of Mexico in the early years of the 20th century. “It is better to die on your feet , than to live on your knees”….

    With that I agree….”Viva Zapata” !

    Taking into consideration the current state of affairs putting this country back on track will be a big order, but “Old Glory” has been in trouble before, and I for one, do not believe the American people will ever let her fall for good, which would put this nation into a total state of darkness..

    It’s like the main guiding principles which Sun Tzu wrote about long ago…and perhaps the most important rule he ever applied from his book. “The Art of War”…..and make no mistake Mr. Wells , this nation of ours, America the Beautiful, is in a state of War with itself…..but the true patriot will always remember this simple rule from Sun Tzu’s book;;

    “There are more of us than there are of them”.

    And that simple principle alone “scares the living hell out of them”…knowing that we outnumber them causes them to seek a place to hide……this fact is eating at their very existence, and will eventually be the primary cause of their failure.

    But there will be no place to hide.

    Again Mr. Wells, As an old soldier and someone who has been there and over the years learned to value liberty above the simple existence of life, , I thank you for everything you have done for us, and all that you are now doing…. believe me when I say, .it will not go unnoticed in the pages of history.

    I for one, and all the other true lovers of liberty who post here and call you Citizen, We Salute You, Sir ! We are in your debt.

    God Bless you, and God Bless these United States of America.

    No response is require to this post…just knowing that we appreciate all you are doing……that in itself is enough for those of us who follow.

  16. OLDSILOR81 and CABBYAZ……

    Sorry to burst your balloon this morning my dear friends, but Leavenworth DOES NOT have a presidential suite…..
    In my last post as CO of the DB at Fort Leavenworth before retirement…… there is no Presidential Suite at that facility….and I often VISITED the BIG HOUSE ( on business), the Federal Pen of Leavenworth, which was close by…..believe me, there is no presidential suite there either…..

    If Obey goes to either, he will be in for one “Hell of a Ride”……..that Queen will be in Hog Heaven.

  17. March 6, 2014

    Lawrence Sellin:

    “The American Political System is About to Implode”

    “The Obama Administration is in a death spiral, mortally wounded by its own messianic left-wing ideology, naiveté, incompetence, lawlessness and persistent lying.
    Barack Obama aspired to be Jesus by acting like Stalin.
    For a change, let’s start being honest about the shameful condition of our political system. If the Constitution and the rule of law had been enforced, instead of the tenets of political correctness, Obama would have already resigned, been impeached or he may not have been elected at all.
    The explanation for such a radical deviation from what the Founding Fathers had envisioned is quite simple. Contrary to what John Adams wrote, The United States is no longer a republic, it is now a government of men, not a government of laws.
    Today politicians consider themselves not servants of the people, but celebrities or even royalty deserving of power, privilege and the fawning admiration of the public.”

  18. GORDO……
    thank you….I just read this post and was going to alert the readers about it but it seems you beat me too it…… you, I highly recommend it as a “now read”.

    From the lead into the article;
    “For a change, let’s start being honest about the shameful condition of our political system. If the Constitution and the rule of law had been enforced, instead of the tenets of political correctness, Obama would have already resigned, been impeached, or he may not have been elected at all”.

  19. bob strauss | March 9, 2014 at 6:49 pm |
    Thank you, Bob. It’s good to see that at least one person here was paying attention to what I was telling everyone, that the Republicans can’t win the next election without the help of concerned citizens who are willing to get involved with the election process. We can even help clean up voter lists while sitting at our own computers.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    As a volunteer, you can participate with True the Vote in a variety of ways – leading an effort in your county/area, working at the polls, registering new voters and helping in other efforts to ensure the accuracy of our elections. Are you ready to Get Involved to ensure a Free and Fair Election?

  20. citizenwells

    Thanks much RMinNC.
    You are too kind.

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  22. JONAH….

    I applaud you for your efforts to correct the wrongs of our voting system and True the Vote is only one of them…. but….and this is the Big But…….


    You know, I know, and it seems like every politician also knows,, that with every election, the voting machine are rigged long before the election starts in order to give the desired outcome…..we only fool ourselves if we think it was a fair election, but we are told to “suck it up…you lost, we won”.

    To True the Vote……there must be a concerted effort to start by “Truing the Voting Machines” or better yet, why don’t we just go back to the “PAPER BALLOT” which served this nation for many years…….this would remove all possibilities of corruption.

    and how about just following the written laws, as they are written, that are established for voting purposes, instead of making “special arrangements” to keep the polls open for days on end…so that some can voters can express their preference at least three or four times….

    These two things alone would do more to “True the Vote” than anything I can think of.

  23. CW,

    I don’t know how I would have survived these past 5 years without this blog. You’ve been a refuge from the progressive propaganda and a place of hope and wisdom. You all have been family, not always congenial, but family nonetheless. I’ve learned a lot from the good people who congregate here. We all have one desire, that is to take our country back. Wouldn’t it be fun to get together and celebrate when the usurper is finally out of the White House?

  24. citizenwells

    Huge party.

  25. RM and Jonah certainly express my sentiments, too, and I’m sure that of many others when it comes to appreciation for CW and this great blog. The past four years that I’ve had the privilege of being here would have been so much harder to take if we hadn’t had this community of like-minded patriots for sharing and encouragement.

  26. Now for a little British Humor this morning… dog says “lighten up”……

    Even this comedian knows where Obama was born……..well most everyone now knows he was born in Kenya. That is not the question any more. ….the question now is; “what in the hell are the Americans going to do about it.”

  27. citizenwells | March 10, 2014 at 12:24 pm |
    Huge party.
    I’ll bring the Obama barf bags!
    Oh yeah. If Obama is out of the White House, we won’t need them anymore.

  28. RMinNC | March 10, 2014 at 12:14 pm |
    I applaud you for your efforts to correct the wrongs of our voting system and True the Vote is only one of them…. but….and this is the Big But…….
    I agree and that’s why Missouri is trying to eliminate electronic voting machines.
    Hearing tomorrow 3/11/2014
    Please pray for us………..

    Missouri HB 1416
    Changes the laws regarding election ballots and audits

    URGENT: End Use of Electronic Voting Machines in Missouri

  29. Remember when Obama was a senator and went to Russia with a delegation that included Sen. Lugar? I believe it was a nuclear arms renegotiation (in which we give up nukes but they didn’t!) and before they left, Obama was questioned for hours about his passport by the Russian authorities. It must have been in 2007, plenty of time for the Russians to let us know what they knew about him, but they didn’t. They might have told somebody, but it wasn’t general knowledge. My theory is that they have been holding that over Obama this whole time. No wonder Putin plays with him like a kitten with a ball of yarn. I’d like to know what the Russians found out. But then again—What difference does it make???

  30. citizenwells

    Thanks Margie O.
    I was reminded of this recently & the whole Obama passport intrigue.

  31. yes, if electronic “birth certificates” are acceptable then we all know electronic voting results are bunk!!!!

  32. >>>Citizenwells,
    Huge party.<<<<

    Count me in.


  33. citizenwells

  34. citizenwells

  35. Margie O | March 10, 2014 at 2:43 pm |
    Russia Holds Obama For Suspicion Of Being a British Spy Back In 2005! Investigator In Chicago Fingers Obama For Being A British Spy As Far Back As 2004!

    When I heard this the other night it hit me like a ton of bricks! I remember the plane with the US Senator being held at the airport in Russia! I remember thanking it was crazy that they believed the Senator on the Plane was a Spy for the British!

    So, for the last 24 hours I have been looking for news articles on this! This is what I have been able thus far! I also want to ask you this… Why would Russia way back in 2005 thank that this Senator was a spy for the British? Could it happen to be that they new he had a British pass port at some point in his life. Hummmmmmm Guys it just got stranger!
    READ MORE……..

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  37. If it is true that in 1872, the united states of america went belly up and what came out of this was something called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC (with the INC hidden)…..if this is true and verifiable…then that would explain everything nicely….

    If this is true, it would tell us that our nation was sold down the river over 142 years ago, and not one damn politician has bothered to tell us the truth since that time…..throughout the years, they have assumed an untitled role of managers (and I might add, damn poor ones at that)….

    If it is true that we became an Incorporated body( much in the same manner as a company) not by choice as citizens, but by trickery and deceit, then these same fools we send to Washington should tell us that and also tell us it makes NO difference in who we send to Washington to represent us… would be nothing but a sham.

    If this is true, then as far as the Corporation is concerned, we might as well send untrained monkeys to represent us…we would get the same results as we get now…in fact, I think some monkeys would do a better job…at least a monkey hasn’t learned how to play golf yet,…that is to the best of my knowledge.

    If it is true that we lost our birthrights as citizens of the great nation of the united states of America in 1872, then all the historical documents we cherish so much in our nations capitol are not worth the paper they are written on. .And while we are at it, we might as well clarity all the democracy bulls*it that every politician has been schooled so well in.

    If it is true that we lost our nation by the Act of 1871, then just tell us…we are all big boys and girls….then as stockholders, we will make some much needed changes in the Corporation…. like the elimination of such.

    My next post will be the history of the Act of 1871….then you can decide if we are a Republic….or a Corporation.

    If we are THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITYED STATES OF AMERICA that will easily explain why Article 2. Clause 1, Section 5 of the constitution of the united states no longer has a meaning for our present form of government . This explains why we have Barack Hussain Obama, a foreign national from a country of unknown origin at this time, in control of this great nation.

    If it is true that our government has been replaced as a Corporation by the Act of 1871, then it will further explains why and how this foreign usurper, who has been placed in charge of this corporation, can so blatantly “spit on the original Constitution” and get away with it.

    It will also explain why the silent fact that not one single member of Congress since 1871 has risen in protest of this outrage….and not one single judge will rule against the corporation as being unconstitutional…(if there is such a ruling against a corporation)…..

    It very well may explain why, as citizens, we are now treated no better that cattle, with no voice, and no representation and the cards stacked against the little man…..We are expected to sit down, shut up and be good little stockholders, or pay a heavy penalty for our display of knowledge.

    If it is true the Act of 1871 has legally scrubbed, in secret, our rights provided in the original Constitution….and if this ever becomes known as the truth, then there will be hell to pay, and I certainly would not want to be one of those puppets sitting in Washington acting as a sub manager of this out of control Corporation that is determined to end the existence of the majority of the “useless feeders” in this country…….

    If it is true that the Act of 1871 which identified Washington DC and established the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as a corporation ….then all of the history books should be changed and our youth taught the truth.

    If it is true………I smell a Revolution coming…….again

    I hope I’m not boring the bloggers on here with my post…..history is a fine thing, if you apply it.


    Please take my last post out of Moderation…there is NO reason for it being there……other than it is most likely true.

  39. Thanks, Jonah! That incident has stuck with me for a while. When we primaried Richard Lugar out of the Senate in 2012, that was one thing I wanted to have him questioned about before he left. I hope the CCP has done that as part of their investigation. At the time, I remember reading that Michelle was happy when Obama got his Senate passport because that was the first time he had an American one!! I don’t where to find that info. Heaven only knows what we’re going to find out from the Sheriff and Mike Zullo. The sooner, the better.

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