Obamacare Progress and Performance Report, Administration claims Obamacare achieved private sector effectiveness, Obama: team operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness

Obamacare Progress and Performance Report, Administration claims Obamacare achieved private sector effectiveness, Obama: team operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness

“If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.”…Barack Obama

“millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.”…NBC News October 29, 2013

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right. The obvious, the silly, and the true had got to be defended. Truisms are true, hold on to that! The solid world exists, its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall towards the earth’s centre. With the feeling that he was speaking to O’Brien, and also that he was setting forth an important axiom, he wrote:

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984”



From Zero Hedge December 4, 2013.
“In 4 Short Weeks, The Administration Claims Obamacare Has Achieved ‘Private Sector Effectiveness'”

“As we noted last month, President Obama sat down for an interview with Chuck Todd on November 7 and said:

You know, one of the lessons — learned from this whole process on the website — is that probably the biggest gap between the private sector and the federal government is when it comes to I.T. … Well, the reason is is that when it comes to my campaign, I’m not constrained by a bunch of federal procurement rules, right? …When we buy I.T. services generally, it is so bureaucratic and so cumbersome that a whole bunch of it doesn’t work or it ends up being way over cost.
Well, this week we learned that the gap’s been closed. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) told us so. In its official, December 1 “Progress and Performance Report” on the Obamacare website, HHS not only announced that it had “met the goal of having a system that will work smoothly for the vast majority of users,” but wrote that “the team is operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness.” That sure was quick.

Sarcasm aside, we found it hard to read HHS’s eight page document without cringing. Needless to say, it’s not a genuine “progress and performance” report. It’s not even close.

Consider that shortly after accepting his position as website czar in October, Jeffrey Zientz let us know that he’s working from a list of problems on a “punch list,” which included over 100 issues according to an anonymous spokesperson. Zientz added that the system’s failure to deliver accurate reports to insurance companies was at the top of the list. This seems a reasonable prioritization, right? If the exchange can’t deliver the necessary information to insurance companies, the whole process collapses. But HHS’s report doesn’t even mention this critical problem.

And how about measures to protect website users’ personal information, which are widely reported to be full of holes? Again, not a word.

You won’t find expense figures, either, which is unfortunate in light of Bloomberg’s analysis showing that the largest 10 contractors were already paid an astounding $1 billion. Considering the administration’s private sector aspirations, the absence of any information on the website’s soaring costs seems a conspicuous omission.

Instead of checking off accomplishments against what still needs fixing, while revealing the taxpayers’ bill, HHS’s report combines vacuous “achievements” such as “2X a day standup war room meetings” with unverifiable statistics for response times, capacity, error rates, uptime and software fixes. The report reads like a baseball team’s declaration of success on its spring training goals of learning each others’ names, knowing which base is which and memorizing the infield fly rule. We don’t doubt there’s been some improvement in the metrics, but it’s unlikely that the last two months’ progress gets the website to much better than inadequate, from its earlier status of epically inadequate.

Worse still, HHS seems to think we take their propaganda seriously. Displaying #AskJPM-like ignorance of how the administration is perceived, they act as if we believe what we’re told. On the contrary, there seems only a shrinking minority of loyalists who still trust the official narratives, as shown by Obama’s plummeting approval ratings. Those who weren’t predisposed to disbelieve empty rhetoric probably tuned out at “you can keep your plan if you like it.””

“Reviewing these facts, I suppose HHS could support their claim to “private sector velocity and effectiveness” with some semantic tricks. If you interpret that phrase as referring to the principle contractors’ adeptness at winning huge, no-bid contracts through personal connections, donations, fund raising and lobbying, then it all adds up.”

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78 responses to “Obamacare Progress and Performance Report, Administration claims Obamacare achieved private sector effectiveness, Obama: team operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness

  1. Good morning William, et al.

  2. Unemployment initial claims.

    “In the week ending November 30, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 298,000, a decrease of 23,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 321,000.”

    “The total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending November 16 was 4,096,901, an increase of 183,227 from the previous week.”


    13 states had increases.

    0 states had decreases.

    New math?

    OrMath i.e. Orwell math.

  3. CitizenWells,
    Looks like the economy is getting even worse now. The lies are getting bigger. The bigger the lie, larger the facts deviate, the worse the ‘economic recovery’.


  4. From the mouth of a big lib.

    Turley: Obama’s “Become The Very Danger The Constitution Was Designed To Avoid”

  5. From >>> October 25, 2011

    “Meet Poppa Birther – Professor Jonathan Turley – the FOMB – by Teo Bear – of Birthers.org”
    “The Far Left dominated Main Stream Media says Birthers are Racists. The Media Conveniently Forgets the Constitutional Challenge to John McCain’s Eligibility in early 2008. Meet Poppa Birther. Read What Poppa Birther and the Far Left Hypocrites in the Major Media Won’t Talk About Now.”


  6. Rush is talking about Turley’s remarks against Obama now.

  7. WATCH: Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School says President Obama has “Become the Very Danger the Constitution Was Designed to Avoid”


  8. Listening to Rush now. Thanks Philo.

  9. Amazing! Unbelievably Irresponsible!

    CONFIRMED: Obama WH Turned Down Offer to Build O-Care Website for Free – Blew a $1 Billion Instead (Updated)


  10. Trey Gowdy to liberal law prof: If Obama can ignore parts of ObamaCare, could he ignore election laws too?

  11. Philo Publius…….
    We all know that the LIBERAL LUNATICS think all laws must be INTERPRETED to fit the situation…….so yes it is quite probable that Soetoro would sign an EXECUTIVE order which would INVALIDATE any election results if it appearred that either he or his party was losing an election, and after doing so would DECLARE himself the winner. Just exactly what Chavez done.

  12. ……..and I would further BET that no Americans would even say a word! har har…. America the land of DUMMIES and COWARDS.

  13. Uber President Danger to Individual Liberty

    Congressman Steve King (R) – Iowa – explores Obama impeachment with Constitution experts during judiciary hearing. If the president is willfully and repeatedly violating the Constitution, this is a clear case for impeachment. If the People come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they.

  14. Jonah………..
    You can rest assured that neither Soetoro,or any of his GOON squad will EVER ADMIT THE TRUTH, regarding any of his BULLSHI#,or his BS which is FORTHCOMING.ie ( Lies that are not yet articulated from his mouth, but will be told SOON.) He lives a life of fantasy ,and lies, and is the ICON of the LIBERALS.

  15. Barberick………
    I haven’t seen your handle in any past comments……and I would extend my hope that you will offer comments and visit with us regularly.

  16. Jonah @3:08

    “If the People come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they.”

    That is a stunning statement.

  17. No statutes of limitation here!
    Former Clinton Associate Admits To Being a Hitman For Hillary


  18. December 5, 2013

    “Princeton University To Perform “Ballad For Trayvon Martin”…”

    “Via Star Ledger:

    “Ballad for Trayvon Martin for Orchestra and Jazz Quartet,” written in honor of the 17-year-old who was shot in 2012 in Sanford, Fla., by neighborhood watch coordinator George Zimmerman, will receive its world premiere tomorrow.

    The Princeton University Orchestra and the University Concert Jazz Ensemble will perform the work on a program that also includes Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, Beethoven’s “Egmont” overture and a world premiere of “Teatro di Strada” by David Sanford. Conducted by Michael Pratt, with senior J.J. Warshaw leading the Beethoven, the concert will take place in the Richardson Auditorium and will be repeated Friday.”

    December 5, 2013

    “Milwaukee Man Victim of Knockout Game Attack…”

    “(PennLive) – With his blackened eyes and broken nose, Tim Bessette may just be the country’s latest victim of an urban crime wave known as the “knockout game.” Speaking from his hospital bed in Milwaukee this week, the 53-year-old says he’s lucky to be alive.

    He remembers getting off the bus, walking down the street and encountering four youths. The next thing Bessette knew, he was sucker-punched in the nose. The world went black, and Bessette woke up on the pavement. And as he did, he heard the youths running away, joking and laughing.

    “It was just like the lights went out,” he told Milwaukee media of his Dec. 2 attack. Bessette has given a full description of his assailants to Milwaukee police. No arrests have been made.”


  19. SueQ,
    “If the People come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they.”
    I gasped when I heard those words and his following words that warn about the danger of a president who ignores the laws and tries to impose obligations on people that the Legislature did not approve.

    I didn’t get the name of the gentleman who made that statement. Anyone know who he is? At 8:30 into the video.

  20. Philo-Publius

    I wasn’t able to listen to the video but Jonah says in his post…Congressman Steve King (R).

  21. Philo-Publius

    Sorry Jonah, I thought SueQ was asking.

  22. Jonah,

    Michael Cannon, Cato Institute

  23. Thanks Sue.

  24. Barberick | December 5, 2013 at 3:07 pm |
    The lies are starting to come out slowly. Let’s hope this is the beginning…
    Barberick, oldsailor, Philo,
    I hope and pray that these hearings are the beginning of the end and that BO’s house of cards comes crumbling down.

    I saw this questionnaire somewhere the other day but can’t remember where. Any comments?

    Why has Congress done nothing to impeach Obama when they have sufficient reason?
    A. They are so stupid that they don’t even realize that he has violated the Constitution time and time again.
    B. They don’t want political reprisal from the White House.
    C. They are afraid that the “Chicago way” has come to the White House and they fear for their lives.
    D. They are concerned that disgruntled blacks will riot.
    E. They are spineless cowards.
    F. They have been blackmailed
    G. They have been bribed.
    H. All of the above.
    I. None of the above
    J. Other?

  25. Jonah.
    I think it’s C, G, alot of E, and some F, and J. J is the intelligence apparatus (NSA, CIA) and the Bankers.


  26. John in Illinois

    Nelson Madella has passed away. All flags at half mast around the world, 24 hr news reporting, accolades from D’s and R’s.
    What was done when Margaret Thatcher died? Winston Churchill’s bust returned?
    Taking bets on how long Obama will be compared to Mandella?

  27. Philo-Publius

    It didn’t take Obama long to find a mike and make a speech. I’m sure he welcomed the diversion away from Obama Care.

  28. Air Force Brat

    Jonah — it’s definitely “E”. Well, maybe a smidgen of “J” as well, in that they love their cushy jobs and the accompanying perks a hell of a lot more than they ever loved this country.

    I don’t think anyone has threatened, bribed, blackmailed, or intimidated any of them. They will, however, use that idea as a convenient excuse for doing absolutely nothing, should anyone ever try to hold them accountable.

  29. Air Force Brat……….
    How about a little of “EXPECTANCY”, I am certain that many within the alleged administration are TOTALLY COMPLICIT in the evil scheme because they all think that they will be rewarded with high,and big paying positions….har har the only special positions that they all will receive is a “HORIZONTAL POSITION” with a hole in their body. They all know that being complicit has married them to the project,and ALL will GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP RATHER THAN FACE PROSECUTION,/AND POSSIBLE IMPRISONMENT.

  30. Sadly the notion regarding the eligibility of Soetoro is still being rejected by all of the Soetoro GOON squad,which BTW is comprised of virtually ALL of Congress, as well as the DOJ,and the Senate is at the top of the pile. So since the corruption is in the entirety of the FED, there is no longer any peaceful options. Even the elective process has become prey. That leaves only one remaining body…..we the people……and I am beginning to doubt the idea that the American people will ever stand up and do what is outlined by Abraham Lincoln,and in the Declaration of Independence. Far too many Americans want SOMEBODY ELSE to clean up the mess that they themselves made…….and in all probability damn few would even have the courage to act anyway.

  31. Air Force Brat

    Oldsailor @8:45 p.m. — you’re definitely right. One gets the feeling, in light of some of the things said at the hearing, that a very big boil is about to be lanced. And when that happens, I just don’t think it’s going to go well for those who are complicit in giving the American people the finger.

  32. ………..and Turley is absolutely right when he suggested that if the POTUS refuses to be constrained by the Constitution then it is reasonable that the American people would draw the same conclusions. If there is NO PREVAILING law then the government would be totally unsuccessful in imposing MARTIAL LAW either. In fact if enough people are really steamed and hell bent upon vengeance then it is likely that the very person who attempts to impose MARTIAL LAW will have it shoved right up his/her ANUS.

  33. AFB…………
    …………..i have prayed that when the shoe drops that it will happen to Harriet Reid first,Mssssssssssssss.Pelosi, next, then the original gang of 14 who originally hijacked the Democratic party. Two have subsequently died, but many have taken their places……to the point that the their are hundreds of parasites now feeding on the HOST…..the American people, yet I have yet to see anybody stand up and say, or DO a damn thing about it. So the addage that you REAP WHAT YOU SOW, becomes a reality.

  34. ……….I entertain very special thoughts of reprisal against Soetoro himself,but I will not describe them here,because in any wordform it could be seen as a veiled threat against him. Of course we now have to be watchful for the “THOUGHT POLICE”, even thinking hostile thoughts can get you locked up forever. When the BRAKES are finally applied there will be one hell of a HUNTING PARTY,and the VERMIN in DC will be the HUNTED.

  35. …..G’NITE ALL , Have a great day tomorrow……Godbless!

  36. Nelson Mandela brought his county together where Obama whines and accuses everyone of racism, and polarizes the nation.

  37. Tina | December 5, 2013 at 10:16 pm |

    Tina, you’re a genius; that statement is 1000% correct!

  38. Mandela went to prison & became president.
    Let’s hope for the opposite for BO.

  39. SueK on December 5, 2013 at 11:05 pm
    Tina | December 5, 2013 at 10:16 pm |

    Tina, you’re a genius; that statement is 1000% correct!


    Thank you, but just stating the truth. By the way, on another topic, I couldn’t be more happy about the downfall of liberal propaganda commentator Martin Bashir. What goes around comes around.

  40. citizenwells on December 6, 2013 at 7:15 am
    Mandela went to prison & became president.
    Let’s hope for the opposite for BO.


    Ha! Yes. 100% agree.

  41. “The unemployment rate declined from 7.3 percent to 7.0 percent in November, and total
    nonfarm payroll employment rose by 203,000, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    reported today.”

    “The labor force participation rate changed little (63.0 percent) in November.”


  42. News networks going 24/7 coverage on Mandela and shutting out any negative news on Obamacare. I admire Mandella, but would like other news too. Millions in America are facing a major storm.

  43. Semper Fi Fund.org
    2011 Christmas Lights
    Thank You Troops and Veterans!


  44. Liberal Nightmare: 462 Examples Of Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking & Corruption – The Free Patriot


  45. Your comment is awaiting moderation ?????? Am I the only one who sees the u-tube I posted 10:07am?

  46. Ginger.
    You used a different email address.

  47. Congressman Steve King (R) – Iowa – explores Obama’s impeachment with Constitution experts during judiciary hearing. If the president is willfully and repeatedly violating the Constitution, this is a clear case for impeachment. If the People come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws, then they will conclude that neither are they.

  48. bob strauss | December 6, 2013 at 1:20 pm |

    North Carolina Passes Law to Ban Islamic Law


    My wish list:

    +That Virginia would join those five states.

  49. Well,well,well, Mssssssssssss.Christine Noballs has finally made a horse’s ass of herself to the first magnitude. She has always been a complete NITWIT,but now she has went over the edge. She has once again shown the world her HALFWIT reasoning, TWISTED WORDS, and probable DEVIATE nature. You didn’t need to even watch very closely Mssss.Christine was very definitely feeling something up her leg. I believe the best way to describe the OBVIOUS is that her feeling up her leg equates with a 7 dollar bill. Perhaps it is now time for MSNBC to resurrect itself by by firing Msssssss.Christine as well..It would not surprise me if MOVE ON.ORG hasn’t already signed a contract with Bashir.

  50. I personally think that Move ON is the only place where Bashir would have even a half a chance of becoming once again employed. He will fit in perfectly with the TWISTED DEVIATES who are already employed there.

  51. Names and Photos of Congressmen Who Have been Briefed on Obama’s Felony ID Fraud


  52. I personally believe that the honchos at MOVE ON would “get on their knees” to have Christine to anchor a TWISTED show.

  53. oldsailor81 | December 6, 2013 at 2:20 pm |

    I personally think that Move ON is the only place where Bashir would have even a half a chance of becoming once again employed. He will fit in perfectly with the TWISTED DEVIATES who are already employed there.
    oldsailor81, There is always Al Jazeera. He would fit right in there.

  54. Bob Strauss……….
    As each day passes I say a silent prayer in which I ask for JUST ONE of the UPPERECHELON to take an active role in advising his /her immediate subordinates as to the truth regarding the (alleged) CINC. Just one is all that it will take to start the ball rolling. But the probability exists that NONE of the upper echelon have the courage to even hiccup out loud, let alone pass along the truth. But I can’t help wonder if they EVEN KNOW the truth themselves. If they DON’T then I would have to say that they would be seen as COLOSSAL MORONS.

  55. ……..and probably couldn’t fight their way out of a WET PAPER BAG.

  56. Bob Strauss……….

    “10-4” on your 2:28 PM words.

  57. Bob @ 2:20,

    Of all congressmen who were briefed, how many have left or are not seeking reelection? I know Bachman is leaving, correct? Maybe she at least has a conscience… but who knows.

    Thanks for the post.

  58. Sueq………
    You have my email addy will you send me a open frame? Thanks

  59. Testing 123

  60. oldsailor81, Sorry, I was off reading Zullo’s affidavit. I was hoping at least some of our representatives would speak up, due to misprision of felony law, but so far nobody has rocked the boat. If they ever take up action against the usurper, it would remedy many of the problems we face, being led by an illegal government.

  61. SueQ | December 6, 2013 at 3:44 pm
    SueQ, I don’t know how many reps are heading for the hills, but based on their performance at abiding by their oaths of office, they should all resign.

    We have an illegal, usurper, president, two phony Supreme Court Justices, countless czars, theft of trillions of dollars, a department of homeland security preparing to wage war against American citizens, the ruining of our medical system, crony capitalism, and the destruction of our military, not to mention the biggest liar ever to claim public office.

    Yes there may be a few reps worth keeping, but most of them are worthless moochers, there solely to campaign for their jobs, so they can continue to be worthless.

  62. Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit – Laugh Right


  63. Bombshell: 23% Wouldn’t Have Voted For Obama If They Knew He Was Lying


  64. Bob Strauss……….
    Bob; Based upon the nearly three year serch that three of us conducted it is abpou 90%probable that the USURPER isn’t even legally maried to MOOCH either. You are required to have a certified copy of a LEGALLY VALID BC in most states in order to obtain a legally issued marriage license, from a county clerk. Then there is also no evidence of such a document having ever been issued in Illinois to Barry Soetoro. I am about 99% certain that he is in fact still LEGALLY Barry Soetoro. He was never able to have his name legally changed back Obama because he would have had to file a Name Change Petition in a Superior Court. The Petition must be accompanied by a certified copy of a legally valid BC.

  65. name changes cannot be done in a lawyers office like a lot of OBOTS seem to think. If and when the name change is adjudicated,and if the request is granted it immediately becomes PUBLIC INFORMATION,and the PI databases pick it up immediately. The search which we conducted was thorough and included all of the US PI databases,as well as the archives of all the Superior courts in the US. There has never been a petition for mane change filed by Barry Soetoro,anywhere in the US. I am convinced that he is still legally Barry Soetoro. As such he cannot be legally married to MOOCH either…her surname would not be Obama it would be Soetoro if she was legally married to him.

  66. G’nite all…..have a great day today! Godbless

  67. Good morning CW, et al

    Teen playing ‘knockout game’ gets shot twice by victim


  68. Good Morning CW, William, et al –

  69. Good morning William, Zach, et al.

  70. December 7, 2013

    “Democrat Candidate Calls On Congress To Investigate Obama ID Fraud”

    “Democratic candidate for Michigan governorship Mark McFarlin appeared on Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate Blog Talk Radio show to discuss his recent comments questioning Obama’s birth certificate.”
    BlogTalk link for “wheresobamasbirthcertificate”:

    [120 minutes]


    Audio excerpt:

    (December 6)

  71. December 7, 2013

    “CCP Researcher Unloads: Multiple Counts Of Document Fraud”

    “Gillar said he is in contact with the Cold Case Posse almost daily and never has there been so much enthusiasm and confidence as there is right now regarding the Obama document fraud investigation. He said there’s extreme reason for hope right now and that it’s not just about the birth certificate it’s about multiple counts of document fraud.

    Gillar also confirmed that when Obama was purportedly born on August 4, 1961, health departments were still using the 1960 vital statistics coding manual which clearly would have required the term “negro” to be used as the race of Barack Obama Sr., not African. Gillar next pointed out that if someone listed their race as black or Afro-American, or colored, they were to be reported as negro according to the manual. Gillar added that many agencies are lying for Obama and there are going to be a lot of people going to jail over this.”


    “Cold Case Posse volunteer researcher and internet radio host Mark Gillar called in to the WOBC radio show and reported the following:”

    (December 6)

  72. There Isn’t anyone I know I am willing to support in 2016 until they start to tell the truth about Obama. It is time people step up to the plate. Anyone who lies or continues to remain silent with the American people does not deserve my vote.

  73. “Bateman On Guns – It’s Time We Talk About Guns – Esquire”

    “1. The only guns permitted will be the following:

    a. Smoothbore or Rifled muzzle-loading blackpowder muskets. No 7-11 in history has ever been held up with one of these.
    b. Double-barrel breech-loading shotguns. Hunting with these is valid.
    c. Bolt-action rifles with a magazine capacity no greater than five rounds. Like I said, hunting is valid. But if you cannot bring down a defenseless deer in under five rounds, then you have no fking reason to be holding a killing tool in the first place.
    2. We will pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers. That is because I am willing to wait until you die, hopefully of natural causes. Guns, except for the three approved categories, cannot be inherited. When you die your weapons must be turned into the local police department, which will then destroy them. (Weapons of historical significance will be de-milled, but may be preserved.)”



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