Sean Hannity calls Obamacare hotline, October 21, 2013, down for next 42 hours, Glitches continue, Higher premiums deductibles glitches portend failure

Sean Hannity calls Obamacare hotline, October 21, 2013, down for next 42 hours, Glitches continue, Higher premiums deductibles glitches portend failure

“The study says 27-year-old men in Nebraska will see a whopping 279 percent increase in premiums and 27-year-old women in Nebraska will get an also-shocking 227 percent increase in rates.”…

“Every day, new questions about the president’s health care law arise, but candid explanations are nowhere to be found,”
“This decision continues a troubling pattern of this administration seeking to avoid accountability and stonewall the public.”…John Boehner

“…and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”…Margaret Thatcher


I listened to the following Sean Hannity Radio Show segment live.

Higher premiums, deductibles and glitches, and of course the authors, portend failure for Obamacare.

From The Blaze October 21, 2013.

“Fox News and conservative radio talk show host Sean Hannity called the Obamacare hotline on-air Monday afternoon — and things quickly got awkward.

Hannity, who first had to navigate through the automated menu, was eventually connected with representative Erling Davis.

“You are on the radio, you are on the Sean Hannity radio show,” the radio host informed Davis. “You’re on the radio. Is that OK with you? You have to say yes if you want to be on.”

“It’s OK, sir,” Davis replies.

“How is the call volume today?” Hannity then asked. “Because the president gave out your phone number today. Did you know that?”

“I did not know that, sir,” she says.

Hannity then explained to Davis that he is having problems enrolling in President Obama’s signature health care program using the website.

“Right now from what I heard our system is down for the next like 42 hours,” Davis said. “So no one is able to get in, but if they call us we can help them fill out an application as long as they went online to create an account first.”

“Well that’s the point, I can’t get online to create an account, so how would I be able to create the account if the website is down for the next 42 hours?” Hannity asked.

“You would have to wait until those 42 hours is up,” Davis replied.”

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  1. “Like a TV pitchman, the president urged viewers to call the government’s toll-free number for health insurance, acknowledging that “the wait times probably might go up a little bit now.””

    “He offered no new information about how many people have managed to enroll since the online exchanges opened on Oct. 1. And he did not address questions about who, if anyone, might be held responsible for the failure.”

    “The White House refusal to provide enrollment data stands in contrast to the administration’s insistence that states submit detailed weekly reports on the number and characteristics of people who sign up for insurance through state-run exchanges.”

    “Over the weekend, the administration announced a “tech surge” that would bring in “the best and the brightest from both inside and outside government” to fix the Web site. But on Monday, White House officials declined to answer questions about the contractors who designed or to provide the names of the “experts from some of America’s top private-sector tech companies” that the president said have offered to help the government fix the site.”

  2. Regarding from above:

    “Over the weekend, the administration announced a “tech surge” that would bring in “the best and the brightest from both inside and outside government” to fix the Web site.”

    In the 70’s I had the privilege of hearing a presentation by
    Frederick Brooks, who was involved in the IBM OS/360 project. Mr. Brooks had written a book, “The Mythical Man Month” about project management.

    From the book:

    “when schedule slippage is recognized, the natural (and traditional) response is to add manpower. Like dousing a fire with gasoline, this makes matters worse, much worse. More fire requires more gasoline, and thus begins a regenerative cycle which “ends in disaster.”


    The second fallacious thought mode is expressed in the very unit of effort used in estimating and scheduling: the man-month. Cost does indeed vary as the product of the number of men and the number of months. Progress does not. Hence the man-month as a unit for measuring the size of a job is a dangerous and deceptive myth. It implies that men and months are interchangeable.

    Men and months are interchangeable commodities only when a task can be partitioned among manyworkers with no communication among them (Fig. 2.1). This is true of reaping wheat or picking cotton; it is not even approximately true of systems programming.”

  3. Brooks Law:

    “Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.”

  4. Citizenwells,
    I am old enough to remember IBM’s OS problems. Brooks law applies to programming, it’s not about manpower, but individual brainpower.

  5. CW, in other words, it appears to me that “too many cooks can spoil the broth.” A bunch of hi-techies added at this point could and probably would complicate the process?


    OBAMACARE is a dead issue….it just REFUSES to lie down and accept it’s rightful position……America will be still arguing the merits/demerits of this total failure…long after the “O” has left the building….well… lets hope he leaves the building, either on his own… or by force.

    PS…. I did not intend to drag you into that dog fight yesterday…..but this old dog soldier don’t take kindly to “put down” comments, or redicule from anyone…no one should….I try to maintain civility with everyone on here and in return I expect the same……..but when this other person brought you into the street brawl by saying “CW will be the first to know if there is anything to be alarmed over”…that comment made my gears turn…and I wonder , “how will CW know anymore about the situation that I, or any one else. Does he have an inside track?… that was the origin of my comment about the “crystal ball”…I hope this didn’t offend you…it certainly wasn’t my intent….

    I try real hard not to throw rock on here until someone throws them at me first…then of course, I will respond with a sound volley….I am proud to say that I have a lot of good friends on here and I have enriched my thinking about things greatly from their association and from the excellent articles and insight you have brought to the floor….for that I thank you.

    I finished a book about some of my experiences a few weeks ago and some of my church members have reviewed it after I ask for their critical evaluations…the main comments they made was; “Mac, it’s a great write, but you need to go deeper, much deeper in your thoughts. You have a great story inside that needs to be told…so back up and tell the whole story…not just the pleasant half of it….tell it all”…I have thought much about those evaluations from my friends since they were made, and I think I will be taking their advice.

    The book was not written for publication to begin with. I wrote it as a history so that my family and those who follow me in this CLAN of Irish rebels will have knowledge of their background and the stock they came from…the revisions will not change this. It will still be an unpublished book….but, I may let trusted friends read the final cut.

    Starting tomorrow, I will be devoting a great deal of time to these revisions and filling in the blank spots of that book. I will not get to post on here as I have been doing until I complete my mission. However, I will come back often and read the comments of my friends…that’s important to me. Please do not scrub my place or take me off your active rolls…

    After I finish the book to my satisfaction, I will be back with “sound and fury”, most likely signifying nothing, I guess….but at least you will know of my return. In the meantime, I will miss posting here, and the friendship and discussions we have shared…but at this time, I consider the revision of my book a top priority….my age is quickly catching up along with my prior sins….I would hate to leave an incomplete history of just who the hell I was and have my future generations scratching their heads trying to figure out the “blank spots” in my life.

    In the meantime, I wish everyone who post here, including those I seem to rub the wrong way, all the happiness in the world, hang in there and keep fighting the good fight, even though you have the hobnail boot around your throat, always keep in mind the old saying in Latin, which goes, “Illigitimus Non Corborandum”,,,translated to English that means, “Don’t let the Bastards Grind You Down”….and I leave them with this very last important message….”keep your powder dry boys…you damn well may well need it soon”..
    the Col

    I thank you for the opportunity to have posted here Citizenwells…being retired now, I often visit to a lot of blogs, but yours has always my favorite.

  7. Thornton Parsons

    RMinNC, your mission is noble and for all the right reasons. I wish you Godspeed and good luck that your work can be completed so we can see and hear you again. You never can tell how your endeavor may affect your posterity three or four generations from now . . . that someone who never knew you, your blood flowing through their veins, can find the courage of their ancestors. It’s an awesome undertaking.

  8. Since I do not intend to “go black” until tomorrow..I will keep up the good fight this am with this excellent video by Bret Hume…it tells the sorry story of the march of the doomed Republican Party……share it

  9. RMinNC,

    I have also thought that I should reduce my time on the net, as I often feel I have nothing to contribute. But I’ve never thought that way about YOU….. or SueK either. You both add so much to this blog. I hope neither of you leave us.

    This, also is my favorite place to “roost”.

  10. Cell phones, “cook your brain”. Studies, radiation exposure, 1000x above normal.. Now the no.# 1 cause of cancer. Video.

  11. SueQ
    I so agree with you! I love both RMinNC and SueK …as a matter of fact I love every one on this blog. Mr. Wells has made me aware of a lot of things and I thank him for that.

  12. Sueq……
    Like you, I regard Suek as a FRIEND, with whom I have confided in many times. I personally look upon her as a grand lady,and a very intelligent person. In addition I very much enjoy her presence among us. Sometimes we make a statement, which for some unknown reason doesn’t come out right, and sounds like it means something else. I believe that you especiall know all to well that I to have a problem in that regard. I think that it happens because we try to reply TOO QUICKLY to a comment,and in so doing we don’t choose our words very well. As a result it could even sound offensive., even though it was never intended to be as such.

  13. From another “Irish Rebel,” I will miss RMinNC very much. Please don´t stay away too long or too completely. This is my favourute blog, too i come visiting a few times every day from my perch in sunny Southern Spain. Fukushima IS dangerous. Read ( and watch on YouTube) Arnie Gunderson, the scientist

  14. Philo-Publius

    Federal judge suddenly green-lights lawsuit that could stop Obamacare in its tracks

    * Small-business plaintiffs say the government is treating all 50 states the same even though Congress allowed them to opt out – and 36 did
    * The IRS is granting insurance subsidies to taxpayers in the ‘refusenik’ states, even though the text of the Obamacare law doesn’t allow it
    * A federal judge denied the government’s motion to dismiss the case on Tuesday
    * He also refused, however, to issue an injunction barring the Obama administration from implementing the law while the case moves forward

  15. oldsailor81 | October 22, 2013 at 2:43 pm |

    “Sometimes we make a statement, which for some unknown reason doesn’t come out right, and sounds like it means something else…..I think that it happens because we try to reply TOO QUICKLY to a comment,and in so doing we don’t choose our words very well. As a result it could even sound offensive., even though it was never intended to be as such.”

    I have done this SO many times, oldsailor. You are so right!

  16. Everyone’s concentrating on this roll out tech failure….at least it’s keeping the subjected from entering into the hell where one sees the warning “abandon all hope ye who enter here”, but what about the connected technology that is supposed to keep track of each individual’s medical files and the codes that doctors will have to attach to each visit and treatment?? Who will even keep these files up to date? The same failures? Even now an awful lot of people are finding that their files aren’t being kept up to date or there are errors; sometimes wrongly filed in another’s; changes to medications not corrected; same last names of patients being confused in filing, etc. If these errors get enshrined in gov. files at a distance which will be the universal ones referenced for emergencies, etc., how will these be corrected over time and kept from becoming permanent? There will be more terrible instances of wrongful treatment; miscoding for wrongful charges. Already doctors are meant to treat patients for only past complaints due to codes they are made to use and so patients must make multiple apptmts in order for doctors not to break the law in order to treat newer complaints. With all of these delays built into this system I still say that emergency rooms will become really overcrowded because people will see them as the only means for treatment once illness becomes worse and their inability to be seen in these clinics. What a mess….and people are forced to pay soooo much more in order to get sicker and die earlier!!

  17. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    oldsailor commented:

    “In my own simple way I personally believe that Suek was simply saying that she would be informing CW early on if she found anything amiss relative to our atmospheric radiation level,that is to say if there was a sudden and unexplained increase. She is employed by the state of Massachussetts, in the capacity,of keeping tabs on this very thing as well as other such occurrences,like spills of toxic materials,etc.”

    I may be overstepping because I guess I haven’t read the whole “exchange” between SueK and RMinNC, but I know I read the beginning of the “spat” and I took SueK’s comment to mean what oldsailor analyzed.

    When the incident in Japan first happened she also kept us informed, not sure what she does specifically, and it’s really none of any of our business, but she seems to be pretty well informed as far as environmental things are concerned, to include weather.

    But anyway, I think maybe BOTH took it the wrong way and being free thinking people came to educated (but wrong) conclusion as far as what was trying to be conveyed.

    RMinNC, Sir, you go and take care of what you feel you need to do. Just know you will be missed, and not forgotten.

    At least stop by and give us updates every now and again.

    SueK, please don’t let a small misunderstanding prevent you from contributing.

    We are human after all.

  18. IB.
    Well put.

  19. UPDATE: And reader Charles Vandegriffe, a former computer engineer, added this:

    I had a 54 year career in technology. Obamacare will never be implemented. Why? This is an integrated system involving many players with different systems, hardware and programming language which I bet includes COBOL. This system has not gone through System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which includes many levels of testing prior to migration to production. It appears that the potential users of the system have not been involved in addition every time a law is changed, they will have to open up the system and make program addition and/changes. Every time you do this you are doing this you are asking for trouble as on the fly updates should be tested with associated programs and don’t forget this is an integrated system. Adding people will not solve the problem. So what’s the answer –shut down this system and start over with the right people and establish priorities of the functions that will bring the most benefit to the people. Maybe we can get a return on our investment (ROI). I will stop now but there is much more to say about implementing the largest integrated system. The government is trying to eat the whole cake in one bit instead of taking one bite at a time.

  20. Interested Bystander

    I could care less who this tech company is, what I want to know is whose district he is in so we can FIRE the Representative and Senators who LOBBIED to have this firm do this constructing.

    This has PORK SPENDING written all over it.

    You can’t tell me that of the millions of government employees, we don’t have people smart enough to create a website?

    We have to “contract” it out.

    We all know that’s how Perot got all his money. As far as I know ALL of Perot’s money was government money

    The Representative whose district this company is in (because you can’t tell me that this wasn’t some “favor”) AND the two Senators ought to be called home by their State, and hog tied and feathered, hung upside down from the town square, and whipped once for each time the system failed to do what it was supposed too.

    The ACA is a disaster, and the future ain’t lookin good either.

    “We got to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”, keeps echoing in my head.

  21. Interested Bystander


    Thanks CW.

    I’m humbled.

  22. To all my friends…….

    I just couldn’t resist one last post for today….tomorrow I will start revising my book…my wife says…make it a tell all….maybe she’s looking for blackmail material…hummmm…. hadn’t thought of that.

    But I thought you might be interested in why Patty wasn’t at work today…

    I thought I would leave you with a smile on your faces 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Goodnight and God Bless you all…I’ll be back.

  23. RMinNC | October 22, 2013 at 10:59 am |

    …….”….it just REFUSES to lie down and accept it’s rightful position……”


    I quite remember those words told to me to a certain extent. I was 19 years old in college and she was 44. Talk about scared…. LOL true story 🙂

  24. Sorry,

    Had to break up the tension of friends.. But it really did happen.. No, don’t ask.

  25. But she was HOT… geezz, good thing my wife doesn’t read about this.. LOL

  26. RMinNC,

    My friend, and I love ya, I don’t know if you are aware of this, but SueK was employed with the CDC as a Scientist and is also a Radiation Scientist. She has warned and written many Scientific papers and documents pertaining to a wide range topics, most especially against the H1N1 vaccines, swine flu – and she personally has connected the organizations (WHO) and reasoning’s, finances from nations, and hazards associated with many of the things happening today and history associated with the topics she speaks of as a Scientist.

    Just my opinion my friend.

  27. RMinNC,

    As a friend, allow me to say it this way Major. What was the reason Gen. Custer lost the battle at the Little Big Horn? His arrogance. He underestimated those that could actually help him, in that sense. You are better than Gen. Custer, I know that, and so does everyone else here. SueK is a friend and certainly someone you can trust standing beside you and ours. She doesn’t post most simply because of work schedules, but what she does know and writes about, is factual and based on real Scientific knowledge and experience.

    Just trying to simplify this and break the bread with you on this topic my friend. SueK is a Scientist. Just ask her to break things down in English and she will… 🙂 If you have any personal questions, email her! Trust me, she will respond, and with facts.

  28. I.B.,

    I now know your new Avatar……….

    In order to make you “Younger” than you actually are, and quit your damn griping over everything, and holidays upcoming, Ebenezer Scrooge seems to be quite the fit for you…..

    I don’t want to hear any sniffling…..It fits… 🙂

  29. I.B.,

    Was visited by 3 Spirits, the first was a Republican, the second was a Democrat, and the 3rd, was Obama….. Every else can fill in the blanks… LOL 🙂

    I like your new avatar I.B… PINNED! its you..

  30. I read that the firm hired by Obama and his minions to set up the Obamacare website was a Canadian firm, CGI, that was also fired by the Canadian government for screwing up one of their projects. Obama apparently wanted this firm because they were familiar with the socialized medicine of Canada and Obama wants a single-payer system. I still think it wasn’t meant to work efficiently, because nothing Obama does is smart or efficient.

  31. Madeleine7……….
    Glad to have you among us. I believe that we probably have one of the most robust,and lively blogs in existence…..thanks to the person who makes it happen Citizen Wells.
    During the latter portion of my Navy enlistment, I had the pleasure of taking liberty at the port of Cadiz. My ship spent a week there. In that time I managed to learn a little about the Spanish culture,and visit a few places which interested me. I very much enjoyed my visit ashore in Cadiz. I can understand as well wyhy anyone would enjoy a week in Spain. I also visited Portugal.I had an equally pleasant vist there as well. At least I never heard people yelling vulgarities and youth gangs attacking people.Hopefully both Spain and Portugal still are a class act. I wish you great returns.

  32. IB………..
    I would bet a dollar to a donut,that you also remember who it was who said “We have to pass this bill to learn what is in it”. These words were utterred by the most OBNOXIOUS person that I have ever heard BABBLE her INSANE crapola, and watched the idiotic expressions on that persons face. It WAS THEN,and still is very clear to me that virtually all of the people who surround her are similarly afflicted. You need only listen to there incessant BABBLE,and look into their faces to realise that they ALL are about two bricks shy of a full load.

  33. IB……….
    I sympathise with you in your obvious anger toward what has been pulled on you and all of us. When an A–hole politician publically states that he is going to make life a lot better for everyone, it is time to get really SUSPICOUS, because he is probably going to try to steal everything that you have spent your life earning. I personally believe that the portion of ALLEGED American citizens who put Soetoro in office,are not really representative of an American, rather they are the ILLITERATE, and otherwise undereducated WORSTS who are closer to the CRIMINAL CULTURE than anything you could imagine. I would also agree that you and ALL Americans have a right to COMPLAIN about what is going on. Unfortunately verbal complaints are NOT GOING TO CUT IT where the BASTARD is concerned.

  34. BYE BYE…………..Have a great day all. Godbless!

  35. “we have summarized the new normal’s investing mantra into 14 words…”

  36. SueK
    I need help with your expertise.

    Can a dental x-ray machine cause a health problem in the neck or any other part of the body? I am talking about the kind the dentist use to take x-rays of the mouth. One that looked really old. The dentist took dozens and dozens of x-rays and when I expressed concern for radiation exposure I was told it was no more then spending fifteen minutes in the sun.
    The concern that I have is I am experiencing Thyroid and Limp Node problems. I have eleven dental implants in my mouth. The older larger ones.
    btw….The old machine was replaced with a new one.

  37. Hi Ginger,

    Dental X-rays produce a miniscule amount of radiation and are usually not harmful. Each state certifies medical and dental X-ray machines annually, so even if the machine looked old, it had to be given the OK for use. If it failed the inspection, it would have to be junked and would not be in service.

    You might want to contact your primary care physician in order to have a thyroid screening; the lymph nodes are more of a concern, but it may all be related to the thyroid. I’m not a doc and can’t say for sure, but please have it checked with your physician; they will usually start with a blood test to check the thyroid then, go from there.

    Good luck!

  38. Ginger | October 23, 2013 at 9:32 am |

    Dentists have always been warned to be judicious when exposing patients to radiation. The type of radiation equipment and the collimation (used to direct the radiation beam to a particular area and to reduce “scatter”) is an important consideration. The use of a leaded apron and a thyroid shield is also appropriate. Age and length of time to radiation exposure are probably the most important factors when considering thyroid exposure.

    The general consensus has been that necessary dental exposure far outweighs any risks involved.

    You mention thyroid and lymph node issues. There are many thyroid conditions unrelated to radiaiton exposure.

  39. SueK….
    The new Nurse P that examined my neck and throat felt an enlargement and they did blood work. I was told the Thyroid was ok…but…. the Ultra sound came back with the findings of Goiter. I looked up Goiter and it says a swelling of the neck resulting from enlargement of the Thyroid gland. Get this the test was almost two weeks ago and no call from my doctors office. (Happens all the time) So I went to the hospital and got my own results but ha ha I can not read nor understand the CD that I was given. Any way I had enough of that doctor so I am seeing one who I hope cares more about my health. This doctor delivered two of my grand children.

    I feel the need to get this out of the way so when I no longer have a doctor I can survive better. Other then these two concerns I seem to be pretty healthy beings I am approaching 70 years old. UCK!

    btw….Every one I got this article off a friends Face Book and one of the things it said to lower Cholesterol HDL is Honey and Cinnamon and it really works. My Cholesterol was getting high and the doc wanted to put me on that nasty medicine so I started my weekly intake of biscuits and toast with Honey and Cinnamon and low and behold my doctor was amazed when my HDL came back at 99…… He said what ever you are doing keep it up. 🙂

    Gotta go to Sams Club and fill my pantry.

    Thanks SueK

  40. This is not to minimize your concerns. Your doctor would be the one to order appropriate testing..i.e. thyroid panel, scan, ultrasound, etc.
    I worked in Nuclear Medicine for years, where our radiation exposure was monitored continuously. I handled radioactive I 131 in both diagnostic and therapeutic doses regularly. The thyroid gland has a certain affinity for any form of Iodine. And, I too have had numerous dental exrays. So far, I have not experienced any issues to the exposure i Have received.

  41. Ginger, I, too had read that cinnamon helped with Hdl and with keeping blood sugars down in type 2 diabetics. My husband, who has type 2 diabetes has been taking cinnamon for years now. It does help. However, be wary if you have normal blood sugars. I started taking the cinnamon thinking if it helps with the HDL, why not? Lo and behold, after the third day of taking 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon daily, I had a serious drop in blood sugar. My sugars are normal and I am not a frequent eater, so I unintentionally put myself at risk. Thank goodness I knew the symptoms of low blood sugar and immediately filled myself up with some carbs. Just be careful to eat apprpriately while taking the cinnamon

  42. William re 11:12PM
    Your comment regarding Custer is one that I find interesting because everything that I have read about Custer,reflected the fact that he was allegedly a vain, and arrogant person. In addition the Winchester lever action rifle was available to him during the Indian wars. Yet he clung to the 45-70 trapdoor Springfields. One round at a time. Hell even bolt action rifles are faster to reload than the old TRAPDOOR Springfields. It was allegedly his arrogance which was the reson why the Winchester Rifles were not in the hands of his troops at Little Bighorn. Had they been equipped with Winchester rifles the battle might well have ended very differently,yet it is my personal feeling that even with Winchesters the outcome might have been the same. The Indians leaders knew a lot about TACTICS. All that I have read about the battle suggests that Custer was OUTFLANKED. The warriors literally came from ALL directions. Thhhe soldiers had no where to go.,and not enough firepower to fend off repeated attacks. I have read that first he would be attacked by a small force which drew fire,then quickly retreated. ,but each time they managed to kill a few soldiers. Then another group from another direction would attack,and do the same thing. On a repeated basis this sort of warfare becomes very telling on defensive forces. When you are surrounded you are literally pinned down. A famous Marine General made a statement which seems to fit well……At the battle of Chosin Reservoir,he was totally surrounded by North Korean soldiers. When somebody said RETREAT he said HELL NO we are going to attack in another direction. har har.

  43. Honor First……….

    One of my favorite breakfasts is a couple slices of toast with cinnamon, and a dish of mandarin oranges. I do this sometimes a couple of times a week,but most often only once each week. I like variety in meals. Some mornings I fry up a sausage burger and put it on an English muffin with a slice of American cheese……VOILA……..MICKEY DEE HOMEBREW.

  44. Honor First……….
    Not too long ago my doctor scheduled a test to determine if my arteries were plugging up. I forget what it was called. They ran this thing up and down my neck, and they thought the machine was not working right. So they went and got another machine,and repeated the DOPPLER test. Once again they couldn’t read anything. They all stood their with dumb expressions on their faces. They had expected such a stupid looking 81 year old to have everything in the book wrong,and boy did they get a rude awakening. The doctor told me that there was no build up whatsoever in my arteries. I remarked to him “If you had eaten as much SOS as I have it is probable that you too would have a clean system.. I always thought that the SOS tasted like some sort of solvent Maybe the Navy knows something nobody else knows. Maybe they even use a little Navy special boiler compound in their meals. That is what boiler compound is for ……TO KEEP THE BOILER TUBES CLEAN INSIDE. hAR HAR

  45. Honor First……….
    ……yet even today I whip up a batch of SOS. I don’t really know why, but it seems to fill in the holes in my menu for the week. Chipped beef is getting difficult to find ,and has become rather expensive. I tried beef jerkey. Beef jerkey creates an awful taste in the end dish. It only took one try with that. I still buy dried chipped beef from a place in Pennsylvania. I get it literally overnight, and it is packed really well. It is made like and tastes exactly like the stuff that Armour supplied to the US Navy ,as well as the rest of the military services as well.

  46. BTW………I meant to tell you what Navy Boiler compound is…….it is PURE concentrated oxalic acid. It is produced from (BELIEVE IT OR NOT) SPINACH JUICE. Har har, now I know why Popeye ate so much spinach. Maybe there is some truth to the merrits of spinach.

  47. Hey Air Force Brat………….
    A retired AF non com, once told me that the AF also used the oxalic acid to clean the turbine buckets of jet engines. He said the AF experimented with about everything imagineable, even groun walnut shells which was fed through running engine ( comparable to a shot of castor oil in human beings).har har

  48. Philo-Publius

    Rush just said “We are living the movie Idiocracy…we are right in the middle of it.”

    I feel vindicated as I have been telling folks this for years.

  49. Philo-Publius

    Under cover boss or should I say dictator?

  50. Philo Publius……….
    Do you suppose we could call it LALA LAND,or perhaps FANTASY LAND. Of course we must keep in mind that to live in LALA LAND,or FANTASY LAND you MUST BELIEVE that UP IS DOWN. har har

  51. Philo Publius…….
    A lot of people like to verbally assail Rush,even when he tells the unedited truth. The OBOTS can’t stand to hear what Rush has to say. Damn few of them even listen to his radio show, yet they think that they know all there is to know about EVERYTHING. They only call in to his show so that they can spew a little of their BULLSHI# over the air. Rush allows a certain number of them because for the most part he has the ability to turn their invective around 180 degrees and verbally RAM IT RIGHT BACK DOWN THEIR THROATS.

  52. Hi Honor,

    You’re a lot more experienced with Nuclear Medicine than I am; appreciate your posts and it’s nice to hear from another ‘Nuke’ :).


  53. Haven’t seen much in the media about this. Statue of Christ, erected in Syria. Entitled, “I have Come to Save the World”. The sculpture is taller then the Rio de Janeiro, “Christ the Redeemer”. Would be nice if someone in the media might do a fly-by to really take-in the magnificence of the work.

  54. Suek……
    If you will can you send me the New Hampshire pictures again? Something occurred when I tried to open the file and everything disappeared.

  55. James…….
    Building such a statue would take a lot of time and materials. I am surprised that raving foaming at the mouth Chechen jihadists didn’t blow it up long ago.

  56. oldsailor – yep, that’s what most of the comments had said when I had come across the article. Just the other day I discovered for some reason I could add a link here at Cw’s site. So thought about this occurance in Syria no less. A magnificient work. Considering the origins, definately unexpected. God, works in mysterious ways.

  57. Whow…what I was typing disappeared. I didn’t even hit Post Comment. ???

    Thank You Honor First for your wise advice. As for as a Thyroid Shield they never used it except the apron.. What does the Thyroid shield look like?

    The Honey and Cinnamon I mix together in a clear catchup container. I cut some of the tip off so the Honey and Cinnamon can come out as I squeeze the container. I spread my Smart Balance Olive Oil on the toasted bread and squeeze some of the mixture over it. I do not have it every day maybe three times a week. Thanks for the warning and I will be careful with my blood sugars.

  58. There are now basically two camps on the ObamaCare website fiasco.
    1)There is a camp that says that the site was built to crash and cause denial of service attacks on itself because the regime didn’t want people to see that insurance premiums are skyrocketing.
    2)There is another camp of IT guys that says that the entire website is a Potemkin Village – that it is just a front-end facade with a data entry form, and that there is no real code underneath the facade to actually sell people insurance on an “exchange”. The forms are just collecting data to use later against the subscriber.

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