Obamacare website company choice reflection of Obama experience and government vs private sector performance, Obamacare website company fired by Canadians

Obamacare website company choice reflection of Obama experience and government vs private sector performance, Obamacare website company fired by Canadians

“The study says 27-year-old men in Nebraska will see a whopping 279 percent increase in premiums and 27-year-old women in Nebraska will get an also-shocking 227 percent increase in rates.”…Watchdog.org

“If you’ve got health insurance we’re going to work with you to lower your premiums by $2,500 per family per year. We will not wait 20 years from now to do it, or 10 years from now to do it. We will do it by the end of my first term as president.”…Barack Obama

“…and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”…Margaret Thatcher



Barack Obama has no real experience in the  world of business.

Is anyone surprised at the failure and cost of the Obamacare website?

As Rush Limbaugh has stated, Obama is incompetent.

From Gateway Pundit October 18, 2013.
“Bombshell: Obamacare Website Company Was Fired by Canadian Government for Poor Performance”

“Oh well. It only cost $634 million.
The Canadian government fired the parent company of CGI Federal, the prime contractor for the problem-plagued Obamacare health exchange websites, last year for poor performance.

So it only makes sense that the Obama Administration would be working with them.
Heck, it’s not their money.”

“Canadian provincial health officials last year fired the parent company of CGI Federal, the prime contractor for the problem-plagued Obamacare health exchange websites, the Washington Examiner has learned.

CGI Federal’s parent company, Montreal-based CGI Group, was officially terminated in September 2012 by an Ontario government health agency after the firm missed three years of deadlines and failed to deliver the province’s flagship online medical registry.”

“Oh… And the company used 10 year-old technology to build the Obamacare website.
USA Today reported, via Guy Benson:”

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From Zero Hedge October 20, 2013.

“While some have proclaimed the 36,000 enrollment in The Affordable Care Act “a good start,” the online marketplaces that Obamacare has become more infamous for have been plagued with problems in the brief two weeks since launch. Politico provides 25 of the most telling and colorful comments made about the “glitches” the online exchanges have faced…”

“1. “I hope they are working day and night to get this done. When they get it fixed, I hope they fire some people that were in charge of making sure that this thing was supposed to work.” —former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner,” Oct. 14

2. “A thousand Social Security numbers being sent to the wrong people is not a glitch!” — CNBC contributor Carol Roth on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Oct. 12

3. “How can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn’t work?” — House Speaker John Boehner, Oct. 10

4. “Despite the widespread belief that the administration was not ready for the health law’s Oct. 1 launch, top officials and lead IT contractors looked us in the eye and assured us all systems were a go. Instead, here we are 10 days later, and delays and technical failures have reached epidemic proportions.” — Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) in a statement, Oct. 10

5. “We’re going to do a challenge. I’m going to try and download every movie ever made and you are going to try to sign up for Obamacare — and we’ll see which happens first.” — Jon Stewart to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on “The Daily Show,” Oct. 7

6. “It’s a new rule: If something doesn’t work, you get rid of it! If the post office is late today, let’s get rid of the post office! If the plane is late an hour, get rid of airplanes! It’s ridiculous!” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Oct. 12

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57 responses to “Obamacare website company choice reflection of Obama experience and government vs private sector performance, Obamacare website company fired by Canadians

  1. Good morning.

  2. CW…..
    If I had anything to do with it my first words to Sebelius would be “YOU’RE FIRED.” You only need to look at the BLANK STARE on her face to realise that she has an equally vacant belfrey.

  3. I am waiting for the people who sign up to start feeling the full weight of the FEDERAL COMIC OPERA. It will give me a great deal of pleasure to hear them WHINE. Especially when the WHINES,and WIMPERS are coming from a LIBERAL NUT CASE. HAR HAR

  4. Good morning OLDSAILOR81….my friend in Indiania

    This is RMin NC, your oldsoldier friend in NC calling this a.m. with a question?
    What is going on with the Navy now days?…I read in my local paper this morning that the Navy has it’s tit in the wringer again with grafts and dirty kickbacks….

    Personally, I think they should be looking much much higher for those things, don’t you….

    Hinda like at Presidential Cabinet Level, maybe?

  5. RMINNC…….
    I read about the crapola that is going on,and it sickens me, PARTICULARLY when it involves our OFFICERS. I would perhaps forgive a junior officer,because there is always the potential of him being FRAMED by others who dislike him, but when it involves senior officers there is absolutely NO empathy from me. A senior officer whose conduct deteriorates to a corrupt position is a person who should immediately be disenfranchised as an officer and then PROSECUTED to the letter of the law. He/she needs to spend a lengthy vacation at Leavanworth.

  6. RMINNC…..
    ……..then to discover that one of the perpetrators is the CO of an AEGIS destroyer, both angers me totally,and frustrates me because I am unable to comprehend how such a BASTARD ever was allowed to become an officer in the first place.

  7. GORDO…..you said at 5:21a.m.

    ““If Obama had two other brothers they’d look like this:”

    I will have to disagree with you brother on that call for the following reasons:

    1. The ear on these two mug photos are not big enough, and do not stick out like airplane wings sitting on a runway ready for takeoff.

    2. There are no flies on the ears, forehead, eyes, or lips of these two upstanding looking gentlemen. Flies seem to be the trademark of the original Obama clan…..
    Would you settle for a CLOSE FIRST COUSIN RATING.?

  8. …….excuse me, I said “the CO of a Aegis destroyer………I should have said is the “EX CO” of an Aegis destroyer.

  9. …….but it still PI$$es me off….big time.

  10. OLDSAILOR81….

    I agree with you entirely…..

    The INTEGRITY of any military service decays from the top down……not from below upward…..

    It suspect these senior officers were only looking and seeing what their superiors were doing and they were looking and seeing what their commanders were getting away with and they just said, “to hell with it”…if everyone from the president down can be taking some “cream from the top”….then so can I…..

    I saw this happen many many time as a young officer…it demoralizes the junior officers to look and see this happen…soon it destorys the fabric of the service…..

    I’m glad to see you have the same opinions as i.

  11. RMINNC……
    Do you suppose that the reason for the FLIES orbiting Soetoro’s head could be that they are CARRIER BASED flies,and think that the extended ears are the flightdeck of their carrier. But somehow I still lean toward the notion that flies know what is inside of his head……”SHI# for BRAINS.” Obviously the odor is coming out his ears,and nostrils. The flies are thusly attracted to those locations. You know I can see that happening ONCE, but when it KEEPS on happening there is an underlying reason.

  12. October 20, 2013

    “Senator: Obama opened U.S. to Iran missile danger
    Charges president’s move meant to ‘disarm America'”

    “In an attempt to “disarm America,” President Obama has canceled a defense system, placing the U.S. home front in danger of a missile attack, including one that could be launched from Iran, charged the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    In a radio interview today, Sen. James Inhofe R-Okla., warned that Iran is using Western talks to stall the international community while it assembles a nuclear weapon and delivery system.

    “Way back in 2007, our unclassified intelligence said Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon and a delivery system by 2015. That was way back in 2007. That’s a year and a half from now and they are right on the road to making that a reality,” Inhofe said.””

    Paul Wade’s comment at WND:

    “Well Mr. Inhofe,

    Why have you kept you mouth shut with a usurper in the White House? Why was he allowed to usurp that office with obvious knowledge he was not constitutionally eligible run for it?

    It sure looks like (C)ongress is “in the game” with Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama in his takeover of our nation. Am I right, or wrong?

    Is he an American citizen or an Indonesian citizen? If he’s an American citizen, when did he become a naturalized citizen which? He certainly can’t be a natural born American citizen.”

    Posted at CW on February 3, 2011 at 11:28 pm:


    [Article no longer viewable at “The Post & Email”.]

    From >>> Februaru 3, 2011

    “Constituent’s Meeting with Senatorial Staff Leaves Much to be Desired”

    “I had a meeting with Senator James Inhofe’s State Director, John Collison, and Brian Hackler, Field Representative, regarding the corruption in our federal government on Monday, January 31, 2011.

    I was laughed at when I asked for an investigation and the desire to know if the standing commander-in-chief was a natural born Citizen and was truly eligible to hold the office of the president.

    … and was told very succinctly that this was a non-issue and that there is not one Senator or Congressman that was going to investigate the eligibility issue of the president. John said, “The people have spoken and Obama would complete his term as president.””


  13. RMINNC……
    Boy doesn’t the notion that our POTUS attracts flies just make you shiver in envy? har har

  14. Pardon my typos this am…fingers are not quite ready for work yet…

    I’m only on my 2nd cup of coffee with IRISH CREAM…I do not drink coffee without that……my wife says, I’m a” tee-toller”, but only with coffee…..

    She says that IRISH CREAM seems to get all gears moving in the mroning….I agree with her on that.

    Hell Oldsailor81….., at our age, we should drink whatever we want… whenever we want it…thats the way I feel, don’t you? That was my grandfather’s attitude and he lived to be 99 and died of a broken heart….His dear wife, “Sweet Anne” died the year before……I think it is this fresh Mountain air in the South that keeps the clan going so long.

    I guess my wife has a lot to look forward too, I’m not so sure this makes her happy or not….haven’t stopped to think about that subject yet…just kidding of course….

    Old age seems to run in my family if we don’t get killed of in wars. Anyway…that’s the reason my fingers are not ready for this yet….lol

  15. One thing is very clear…..as long as the 127 Federal Judges stand as they do Nothing will ever be allowed to get past them,and the state level Supreme courts will toss anything that even smells like Soetoro. So there you are . We need to get the BASTARDS out that are PROTECTING Soetoro,and we need to find a way to do this very soon.

  16. OLDSAILOR81….

    FLIES have one purpose in life…. TO multiply in numbers and agrivate the living hell out of humans….They CANNOT do that with out proper NUTRITION…

    The flies MAIN MENU consist of “EL CRAPO”…be that human, or animal…they seem to like both kinds, but if they really want to harass the human species…they choose them as a “prime meas”l……

    The solution to the damn FLY PROBLEM is to clean up the EL CRAPO we have floating on the surface through our country…the stink is so bad, ….I can smell the oder of it from Washington DC all the way down here into the Carolinas….and the darn wind is blowing out to sea from that direction…..I can imagine what the people of New York have to endure…

    Bottom line is…. if we went to get rid of the FLIES in this world, but, we have to get rid of the EL CRAPO first..

    By the way…have you ever read Mark Twain’s book entitled, “Letters from Earth”. He wrote in in the later part of the 1800’s and the book was ban from publication until 1909……church people didn’t like it…..

    It is a collection of some of his short works that are critical about everything…especially the damn government….In his book he has a collection of writings aboput the GREAT FLOOD and everything that NOAH took aboad his homemade ship….his description of the two FLIES he too aboard to keep man and beast piss*d off will keep you in stiches as you read. it……I often go back to read his stuff jsu to keep my sense of humor….

    Now that my kind of man……as Davis Crockett said before he went down at the at the Alamo…”Travis, I think we need more men !”..

    Today, .I say, your right Davie, , we need more men like old Sam Clements.

    Can you tell….my IRISH CREAM is kicking in? .

    Wife wants me to go to the bank for her…and get her some of my money….I would rather do that than argue with her all day….hehe…

    just kidding again…be back soon….

  17. OLDSAILOR81…

    I’m back from my short visit to the bank….in your last post you write, “.One thing is very clear…..as long as the 127 Federal Judges stand as they do Nothing will ever be allowed to get past them,and the state level Supreme courts will toss anything that even smells like Soetoro. So there you are . We need to get the BASTARDS out that are PROTECTING Soetoro,and we need to find a way to do this very soon.
    That’s some of that EL CRAPO Mark Twain and I were writting about….especially all those lib judges ! Take that SOUR CREAM right from the top.


    There’s a photo at beforeit’snew.com this am of Mt. Rushmore that was taken by a visitor with no experience other than aim and shoot with a camera….the photo will leave you breathless…..

    The visitor SWORE the photo had not been photo shopped….i take him at his world…..

    I think George is crying for our country…and what he first built and perhaps he can see what s in store for our future…….damn I hope he’s wrong, but I sure won’t bet against him on this one…..go to ….brforeit’snews and evaluate for yourself….it’s scary.
    The viral photo below shows Mt. Rushmore on the first day that it reopened after the US government shutdown courtesy of Tea Party Command Center. The photograph IS NOT photoshopped according to the person who had taken it. Is this another sign of the ‘end of America’? Our founding fathers wouldn’t possibly be happy about what has happened to America. Right Wing News says: “UNBELIEVABLE: Obama Says Americans Aren’t Allowed To Look At Mt. Rushmore During Government Shutdown. People have been joking that Obama would cover up Mt. Rushmore, but they didn’t really believe it. Well, when you’re dealing with a President whose contempt for the American people knows no bounds, you never really know how far his temper tantrums will go.”

    THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP GEORGE….but some of us didn’t need it, we already knew in which direction our nation was going…we too are crying along with you.

    But God bless you for the warning !!!


    Now this is REAL scary stuff…stuff you don’t hear on the mainstream media…..perhaps this is what GEORGE was crying for….he is is a better position to know than we are when this damn thing blows again.

    Pay close attention to the part where they talk about the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE (that’s us) …….indoor or underground living for no less than 4 months…..casualities of 2 BILLION and all kinds of mean and nasty stuff…..I don’t think our old world is ready for this folks…

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch or listen to this morning, but if it’s unavoidable….I would rather know it in advance….I’m sure you would too.

    Watch it if you dare….these are expert scientist talking here….not talking head politicians or media blow-heart shields………….

    I think… me and the good Lord have some talking to do…….

  20. Something tells me we have been down this road before………

  21. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC & OLDSAILOR81 – Directions to DC from NC – Drive north till you SMELL it and then left till you STEP in it!
    PS – Did you listen to the Obamacare “Big Lie” just now?

  22. Hello.

    You have reached Obamacare. There is no one here to take your call right now. If you feel that you have reached this number by mistake, please check the number and dial again. If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911. Otherwise hang on, and your call will be taken in the order it was received. Your estimated wait time is……………..well, I’m not sure……..could be months, could be years, who knows? But it’s a wonderful product and well worth the wait. 🙂

  23. BILL…

    No I didn’t …what did I miss…I was too busy getiing the run down on the new Deprtment of Homeland Secretary for ‘O’….his name is Jeh Johnson…just another one of those communist hanging around Bummer’s coattails……

    This factual stuff that Johnson has said should impress us….

    In a March 2013 speech, Johnson asserted that the President “alone” has the power to deploy troops and take military action – completely ignoring the role of Congress as enshrined in the Constitution

    Johnson said, “Let’s not lose sight of the reality that in this country we have…entrusted the President with awesome powers and responsibilities as Commander in Chief; he controls the nuclear arsenal and he alone has the authority to use it; he alone has the constitutional authority, with certain limits, to deploy thousands of men and women in the U.S. military into hostilities on the other side of the world.“

    Not only does Johnson believe Obama should have dictatorial power to enter this country into a war, solely on his authority, his views on drone strikes are something right out Stalinist Russia.

    Again Johnson played a central role in the approval of drone strikes against American citizens abroad and potentially on U.S. soil. He helped justify Obama’s decision to execute New Mexico-born Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen in 2011. Obama and Johnson also murdered An-Awlaaki’s 16 year old son. In other words, Johnson believes in the right of government to murder its own citizens without the due process of law.
    The loop is almost closed folks…a pure and true dictatorship is at our doorstep….and the FEMA camps have ordered rations of bread and beans for all of the hardheaded conservative loyal citizens who refuse to accept this “transformed government”

    There is little doubt that I’m somewhere in that group..

  24. RE: Fukushima

    If, if, if, possible, possible., might, might…

    Is a catastrophe possible? Anything is. Is this Armageddon right now? No. Do they have a problem in Japan? Yes. Are we monitoring air, water, food, etc., closely for any signs of radiation coming from Fukushima? Yes, we are; I do it myself daily. The radiation we (and stations all over the country) detect is that which is normally found on Earth and if there’s something unusual, it may have come from nuclear tests 50 years ago or perhaps some isotopes with long half lives still orbiting the globe from Chernobyl.

    Please, let’s put this in perspective. The fearmongering is counterproductive. If anything out of the ordinary is detected, Mr. Wells will be among the first to know.

  25. Philo-Publius

    Americans Sign Petition to Support “Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State”

    These dumbed down idiots have no clue what they are asking for.

  26. Gordo,

    I, like so many concerned American Citizens, long ago, contacted and expressed our concerns pertaining to Obama. My reps simply refused to meet, listen and failed to return calls. The staff that did return calls questioned the reasoning of meeting, then refused.

    If you want to talk about Global warming, you’re in.

  27. SueK,

    I had a couple of questions pertaining to a few shots, but I simply don’t have the time to ask now as I am at lunch break. Perhaps tonight.

  28. Thornton Parsons

    Let the reins of government then be braced and held with a steady hand, and every violation of the constitution be reprehended. If defective, let it be amended, but not suffered to be trampled upon whilst it has an existence.

    GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to Henry Lee, Oct. 31, 1786

  29. In the radiological training which all of us who attended the 1954 H Bomb tests at Eniwetok were required to complete was a lot of technical stuff pertaining to NORMAL atmospheric conditions. In most places in the US there is a normal atmospheric radiation level which is measurable. It generally averages about 12 milliroentgens. You only need to hold a geiger counter sensor over your head for a moment or two. If there was a radiation level which caused the geiger counter to show a hundred milliroentgen then I would be making a lot of tracks getting the hell away from it. Such an sudden increase can only come from a atmospheric release from a nuclear power plant unless somebody drops a nuclear weapon. Anybody who is so stupid as to launch a nuclear weapon against the US would receive such a nuclear barrage in return that that country would literally CEASE TO EXIST as a functioning country.. Just ONE of our BOOMER subs carries enough nuclear capabiliyt to blow up the entire earth.,as told to me by a retired MISSILE TECH.

  30. OK, William.

    I have your e-mail and will shoot you one tonight so as not to chew up CW’s bandwith. We can discuss any questions you have ‘off the blog.’

  31. Thornton Parsons……….
    ……..the last few words is what really bothers me……”whilst it has an existence”……we KNOW that there are many OVEREDUCATED SNOTNOSED WORDSMITHS who would absolutely love to see the Constitution eliminated as the law of the land…..some of the snotnoses think that SHARIA LAW SHOULD prevail in America. Others think America should be a Socialist society,just like France,and Great Britain. If Socialism is so damn great why the hell are so many people still leaving Britain,and France and coming to America?

  32. Sorry I”ve been out of the loop for awhile…just noticed a comment I have to respond to….

    I t seems like I have managed to pull at least one person’s chain about the nuclear situation in Japan…I make no apologizes for that post…the FACTS are the FACTS…

    If a certain person WHO POST on here wants to call that post I made “fearmongerling”..so be it…but that will not change the reality of the situation…

    I did not ask that person to read my post… and I don’t recall asking for her opinion or anyone else’s opinion…I placed the article on here “for information only”. What you choose to do with that information is your business…what I choose to do with it is my business. I personally did not konw the severity of the situation in Japan until I watched the video…I’m sure many on here did not either,. I can’t speak for others who post on here but I hate to be “blindsided”..

    The complaintant’s only suggestion seems to be to monitor your drinking water, food, and air…drink lots of “bottled water”…then everything will be fine.

    But the FACTS are the FACTS lady …I made no predictions…I only stated the article as it came from the SCIENTIFIC WORLD…..

    Some people can walk around forever with their heads in the sand, or elsewhere,…and never see the danger that surrounds them every moment of every day…

    As for me, I prefer to know what I’m facing…..and I do not believe as Chicken Little does that “the sly is falling”….without a lot of outside help from the “damn human race”, as Mr. Twain would have said….But if you thought, or took my comments in that way…that’s your problem…deal with it..

    As for all this “monitoring” you say is happening…who is the “we” you quoted…I am not at this time monitoring anything..not my water, my food, or my air…apparent you are one of the very few who has that capability….most Americans are dumb as door knobs about that kind of stuff…and wouldn’t know if they are taking in 50 rads or 5000 rads…but I’m sure our government will tell us, won’t they? Oh, I forgot, we do have FEMA out there looking out for the best interest of the American citizens,,,, After the fact, of course.

    As I said before to this certain person, if you don’t like what I write…no one is making you read it….and no one, least of all me will ask for your comments….your remakes forced this response from me…..I did not ask that you or anyone else agree with the SCIENTIST, or me, I stated things as they were presented…how you took them may have been something different….that’s not my problem.

    And believe me, I do respond when confronted…like it or not.. I always try real hard not to walk on anyone else who post. or belittle them who post here .. I would expect the same in return…..but most people who post regularly on here knows that this old dog soldier, don’t back off from a street brawl. For some reason, I seem to rub your fur the wrong way….Sorry bout that.

    .BUT TO CALL MY COMMENTS which are based in FACT to be …”fearmongering”…that’s a little bit over the top don’t you think, especially when they are FACTs. When your “comment”s were based in your own personal opinion and something other than fact. .I will try to remember that if we ever have to put on the gas masks…… maybe not today, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow…but like the man said….IT’S A DAMN TICKING TIME BOMB” ” this old mud ball planet is confronting now…and it won’t do any good to try and ignore it, or marginalize it ..It won’t go away that easy. The “ticking time bomb” was his comment, .not mine…..but I happen to think he is correct,…. but I will consider your position and personal remarks too…..

    Personally, I do not need for that learned man to draw me a map.

    P.S. Please take notice too that I never comment on anything you post..Personally, I don’t care what you post…but I do like FACTS….THAT I WILL READ….otherwise, I pass right on by..

    But I’m glad to see that my post are still read…and you have a nice day now.

  33. please excuse the noticable typos….

  34. P.S.

    I forgot to comment on this from the the “fearmongering” post,

    “If anything out of the ordinary is detected, Mr. Wells will be among the first to know”.

    In my hurry to finish, I fail to comment here….but pray tell how is Mr. Wells to become “among the first to know”?…..is there something special about Mr. Wells that we did not know….does have an inside track…..or a crystal ball?

  35. I just read where Superman rescued another blabbing female behind him while he was giving a speech somewhere…he sure knows how to play the obat crowd….looks good on tv too…

    Do we give him a medal for heroism, or just a second award of the Nobel Peace Prize for his heroic efforts?

    God….I hate phonies.

  36. RM,

    I have said this before: Ask Mr. Wells for my e-mail so that we can discuss these matters via e-mail. You refused to ask for my e-mail.

    Don’t throw venomous barbs if you’re not willing to have a reasonable discussion with a trained scientist who, contrary to what you may think, knows what she’s talking about.

  37. Air Force Brat

    I’d trust Wells any day of the week over infowars.com-type sites, that’s for damned sure. Wells is under no obligation to divulge anything about his contacts to anyone, but I’d think it’s safe to assume that they’re of a much higher caliber than Alex Jones and his ilk. It’s also safe to assume that if Wells’ contacts receive information on “anything out of the ordinary”, they would contact him.

  38. The only thing I have to say is , I do not take lightly the things I write…I do not write them to be belittled, rediclued, and treated as a child without any knowledge….you on the other hand seem to be the only one, or you say you are, who has the “inside track” on practically everything….I was not aware that you were a “scientist”….and really don’t care what your position in life is….

    I do not want your email and have no reason to discuss anything with you…..but as I said in my terse response……I will respond to remarks that is an attempt to redicule my intelligence, or my post…if you choose to do that…you may expect a fury return..To differ with what I say is one thing…to redicule is another.

    As I said, I do not walk on you….I ask that you do not walk on me…is that too much to asK? I do not comment on your post…you are not required to comment on mine. But if I do every comment on your post…it will be in a nice way..or I will not say anything.

    I try to live my life by that old Chinese proverb that says; “He who lives in a glass house, should not go around throwing rocks”

  39. Air Force Brat…

    If your comment was directed to what seems to be going on now….for what it’s worth…the information DID NOT COME FROM ALEX JONES….it came from beforeit’snews……

  40. It’s sad when people believe just about anything they read without having it verified. There’s a lot of garbage on the Web and unfortunately, some cannot discern fact from fiction.

    A lot of sites are up for entertainment purposes and some are up just to get peoples’ adrenaline flowing; there may be some truth to them but often times, they rely on strictly on conspiracy theories.

    That’s sad.

  41. I’m sure that last remark was for me…so I will respond…..

    To that I will agree….it’s very sad…..but facts are facts…and neither you, or I , or anyone else can change them….if you know something FACTUAL to counter the comments that those recognized scientist made, I sure would appreciate your sources.

    If your comment, “There’s a lot of garbage on the Web and unfortunately, some cannot discern fact from fiction” is directed to me.. i ASSUME YOU CLASSIFY ME AS ONE OF THOSE UNFORTUNATE’s who cannot discern between fact and fiction…but until you come up with something better, .I will stick with that SCIENTIST I saw on the video…that is until you can prove something different…..

    We can keep this up all night if you want to …but for what purpose…I shall not respond to any more of your comments without something SOLID and FACTUAL….have a nice evening.

  42. I’m off net for an hour…the FIVE is more interesting…but


  43. Air Force Brat.
    I try.

  44. Air Force Brat

    The world waves a fond farewell as Jim Jones boards a plane bound for Guyana . . .

  45. Air Force Brat

    Uh-oh — CW, of course you know that “Jim Jones” in no way refers to you, never has, and never will. Please feel free to delete it if it seems incendiary.

  46. Figures. Props Behind Obama at Rose Garden Today Included Only 3 Obamacare Registrants

    It’s worse than we thought.
    The human props behind Barack Obama today during his Rose Garden speech included only three Obamacare registrants.
    The Daily Caller reported:

    Of the 13 people who flanked President Obama during his speech defending Obamacare in the Rose Garden Monday, just three had successfully registered for the new Obamacare exchanges.

    A list of the people who joined Obama on stage provided by the White House included people who have or “will” benefit from Obamacare, small business owners, representatives from “partner organizations,” and new registrants.

    The three people who were able to register included: Janice Baker, who introduced the president and as of last week was the only person to have successfully enrolled in health care coverage through Delaware’s state exchange; David Hall, an IT consultant who signed up for health care through the DC Health Link; and Zohre Abolfazli, who was able to register through healthcare.gov last night and still needs to shop for her “best plan.”


    And Obama told people today that they could sign up “the old fashioned way”…they could telephone via 800 number. Ha! Hannity called one of those “navigators” via phone and she was honest and nice and read off the script they were told to read….that they should tell people to wait 42 hours and try the website again!1

  47. OBAMACARE is a PRIME example of THE PETER PRINCIPLE…as far as that goes…the whole damn government is !!!

    THE PETER PRINCIPLE says that everyone RISES TO their level of INCOMPETENCE (skills)…..THIS IS A FACT, not fiction.

    As for me…I’m just a retired old army grunt officer…so I guess I have risen to my level of incompetence (skills)…….but I’m a happy incompetent soul.

  48. OBAMACARE is being called “glitches” by it’s author, Obama…….I call it “terminal cancer”…let’s see who wins this one !

  49. What scares the living hell out of me is the FACT that all those IDIOTS who came up with this OBAMACARE EL CRAPO (that’s a polite word for what I mean) are the same IDIOTS who are walking around Washington with their finger on the NUCLEAR button…….and just itching to use it !

    And before I receive flack for that….I do not mean that as a fearmongerling statement…only FACT.


  51. i know it’s early in the evening, but I have some things to do so I will leave you with what may very well be a our real America……


    I hope I have upset too many peoples way of looking at things today by my comments…..but I wouldn’t change a single one of them.thatks for the stimulating discussions today….

    Have a nice evening everyone…out of here

  52. Sorry…I’m back but I just have correct some typos in the caption to that last video before someone on here gets their panties in a jam…the post should have read;

    I hope I HAVEN’T upset to many people with my way of looking at things today, but if I have, I wouldn’t change a thing….thanks for the stimulating discussions…

  53. Wow, this thread has been a misogynist’s dream today.

  54. Thornton Parsons

    OldSailor, I think that George Washington and other Founding Fathers knew of the frailties of mankind, and they witnessed first-hand tyranny from a king. They were precognitive that a few would once again try to dominate the many, and the few would prevail. Those are the dangerous few who will try to eliminate the Constitution. Congress is where the buck is supposed to stop; but with today’s Congress, it’s payola. We’ve been sold out by our protectors.

  55. October 21, 2013

    “Bill O’Reilly Talks Thin-Skinned Obama & Birther Issue; Obama In Nixon Territory…

    O’Reilly opened his Fox News show tonight saying Obama is on a mission to destroy conservatives and those that question Socialist Obama’s birth certificate. Referencing IRS-Gate O’Reilly stated Obama is in Richard Nixon territory using the federal government to harm his political opponents. Brit Hume dodges…”


    Comments at ORYR:

    far left lib nut job: “Bret hume, herman munster, dodges. The GOP has NO SPINE !!!”

    bob68: “They have no spine is correct, but they also can never let the biggest fraud in history, in which they are complicit, be widely and fairly discussed and acted on.

    To do so would mean prison orange for many in both parties, along with the usurper himself.

    Congress is going to keep on protecting Obama from impeachment or investigation to protect themselves…..and hope to run out the clock on this nightmare with Obama going away to…….somewhere far away, (Kenya maybe?)…..and members of Congress never being held accountable for the crimes they committed.”


  56. Wow. Good for Bill. People like John McCain have sold their soul to the devil. McCain wants sanctions off of Iran and goes along with Obama on almost everything. He use to be a hero. Now he is as bad as zero.

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