Vermont Supreme Court Obama eligibility, October 18, 2013, H. Brooke Paige appeal, VT justices rule case is moot, Obama already president???

Vermont Supreme Court Obama eligibility, October 18, 2013, H. Brooke Paige appeal, VT justices rule case is moot, Obama already president???

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Barack Obama, show me the college loans.”…Citizen Wells

“It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial
department to say what the law is. Those who apply the rule to
particular cases, must of necessity expound and interpret that
rule. If two laws conflict with each other, the courts must
decide on the operation of each.”

“If then the courts are to regard the constitution; and the
constitution is superior to any ordinary act of the legislature;
the constitution, and not such ordinary act, must govern the
case to which they both apply.”
“The judicial power of the United States is extended to all
cases arising under the constitution. Could it be the intention
of those who gave this power, to say that, in using it, the
constitution should not be looked into? That a case arising
under the constitution should be decided without examining the
instrument under which it arises?  This is too extravagant to
be maintained.”

“Why does a judge swear to discharge his duties agreeably to the
constitution of the United States, if that constitution forms no
rule for his government? if it is closed upon him, and cannot be
inspected by him?”… Marbury versus Madison

I received the email from H. Brooke Paige last night.

“VT Sup Court ruled today. Interesting decision that will allow us to
proceed to SCOTUS.”

Instead of expediting this case the lower court and VT Supreme Court dragged their feet thus making their decisions after the election.

In essence, the case is moot because Obama is already president and cannot run again.

“BURGESS, J. Plaintiff H. Brooke Paige appeals a decision by the Washington Superior Court, Civil Division, granting a motion to dismiss by the State and its Secretary of State James Condos.[1]
Plaintiff contends the trial court erred in dismissing the suit on jurisdictional grounds because injury to his life, liberty, and property confers standing, as do Vermont election statutes, 17 V.S.A. §§ 2603 and 2617. Plaintiff
also asserts that the past presidential election does not render his case moot because this Court can still provide declaratory relief. We disagree, and dismiss the appeal as moot.”

“¶ 6. The central question now before this Court on appeal is whether the mootness doctrine bars review of plaintiff’s case. Plaintiff argues this case is not moot because the Court can provide relief by declaring that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen, and asserts that a controversy continues through plaintiff’s efforts to safeguard his life, liberty and property. Plaintiff also contends that this case satisfies two exceptions to the mootness doctrine. First, plaintiff anticipates that a situation involving an ineligible presidential candidate is capable of repetition yet evades review because President Obama may run for a third term if Congress repeals the Twenty-Second Amendment, or other presidential candidates not born of two U.S. citizens are likely to run
for president in the future. Second, plaintiff asserts that he suffers negative collateral consequences as a result of Barack Obama’s presidency that impact his life, liberty, and property.

¶ 7. The case is moot. Neither exception advocated by plaintiff applies here. Accordingly, this Court need not address plaintiff’s other arguments on standing or the merits.”

“¶ 9. Recognized principles of mootness apply to the present case because it no longer involves a live controversy. Plaintiff has no legally cognizable interest in the outcome. Barack Obama’s name was on the ballot, and he is now the President of the United States. President Obama is also unable to seek re-election.
U.S. Const. amend. XXII. The issuance of an advisory opinion assessing the merits of plaintiff’s argument about the meaning of “natural born Citizen” is beyond this Court’s constitutional prerogative. See In re Keystone
Dev. Corp., 2009 VT 13, ¶ 7, 186 Vt. 523, 973 A.2d 1179 (mem.) (explaining that this Court lacks authority to render an advisory opinion).”

Vermont Supreme Court Ruling.


50 responses to “Vermont Supreme Court Obama eligibility, October 18, 2013, H. Brooke Paige appeal, VT justices rule case is moot, Obama already president???

  1. OT…but…

    Bombshell: Obamacare Website Company Was Fired by Canadian Government for Poor Performance

    See more at:

  2. Observer….good article….

    My first two questions if I were sitting on the House panel that is reviewing this Obamacare mess would be directed to Msssssssss Sebilus and those questions would be under oath; (1) is your husband involved in this deal in any way? question..(2) .how much money are you or anyone in this adminsteration getting under the table for this faulty contract costing our government mega millions in wasted money and putting the health of the people of this nation at risk….one more question (3) Do you think you should be fired for this unworkable now, or in the future, mess you have brought upon this government?…..then let the fireworks begin !

    It’s like I said last night….if IDIOTS and crooks put “OBAMACARE” TOGETHER…it will take a SUPER IDIOT and a SUPER CROOK to fix it…time to call in the man who INVENTED the INTERNET…….

    Paging the Right Honorable Mr. Albert Gore…your party in Washington D.C. is in serious trouble and needs you assistance please contact what was known once as the White House and ask for BO…if the phone lines are not jammed……..possible large contract pending.

    Lord please help our country…we are in a lot of trouble. The crazies have completely took over everything but the sewage systems of America….I guess thats next!…They will surely have enough “experts” to run that department without any hitches.

  3. Good Morning CW…

    Thanks for the repost of my post that was in moderation…What I said in the write was true of every country in the world today…therein lies the most pressing problem of every country to solve…….and soon, very soon.



    I implied that Secretary Sebelus would be testifying next week at the congressional House panel on the mess she has created…I was wrong…..Msssssss Sebelus doesn’t have any time to attend “no stinking hearings” on her mess next week…reason; SHE WILL BE PARTYING !


    “We have some breaking news, an official from the Department of Health and Human Services confirming to CNN that the glitch-filled Obamacare website will be coming down this weekend for maintenance,” said CNN. “Now, this comes on the same day that new problems with the rollout were exposed.

    “And an official from the Health and Human Services Department says Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will not be available to answer questions at a congressional hearing next week on what went wrong.

    “Although I can tell you: At this moment, we have just found out that this Health and Human Services secretary, I’m looking here at my BlackBerry actually, has the time to appear at the inaugural Kennedy forum gala, the night before, in Boston. So she’ll be in Boston at a gala but unable to testify on the Obamacare rollout in Washington the next day.”
    I suspect the Real, real reason will be that she will have a head about the size of a pumpkin after the PARTY on Tuesday night..and .not be in an mood to hear any ill comments or platitudes about the great job she is doing with OBAMACARE.
    Her boss has all the trust in her work and thats all that matters to her….
    like the old saying, “Monkey see, monkey do”.

  5. CW…..

    Who every is editing this site, don’t like what I write…

    I’m in moderation again….HELP!

  6. Good morning CW et. al,

    Listening to the ridiculous argument over whether or not stores such as Macy, JC Penny’s, ect. I don’t see the big deal? If a business believes it can make money on a particular day, so be it. I have never work anywhere during my life that we were not open 365 days a week running 24 hours.

  7. RMinNC,

    It’s getting close to Halloween, you have ghost in your pc.. LOL.. 🙂 It’s possessed… BOO

  8. From the Burlington Free Press.

    “A claim by former U.S. Senate candidate from Vermont H. Brooke Paige that Barack Obama is unqualified to be president because he is not a “natural born citizen” was deemed moot Friday by the Vermont Supreme Court.

    Paige, upon learning of the court’s decision, said Friday afternoon he will seek an appeal of the ruling before the U.S. Supreme Court”

    “Paige, in an interview Friday, said the high court’s decision was “as positive a ruling as I could have anticipated.”

    “They ruled they did not have the authority to make a decision as to the constitutional question,” he said. “Only one court has the authority to do that, and it’s the U.S. Supreme Court.””

  9. From the Brattleboro Reformer.

    “In the end, the Supreme Court declined to issue an opinion on Paige’s standard for what constitutes a natural-born citizen.

    Such an opinion would have no impact, “since a ruling by this court would bind no other state or federal presidential election authority,” the decision says. “Whatever the merit of his argument, plaintiff’s cure in the form of declaratory relief is futile and so beyond this court’s constitutional jurisdiction.””

  10. The street agitators/shake down artists are now at the highest realms in this country:

    JPMorgan Said to Have Reached $13 Billion U.S. Accord

    The pact, which isn’t yet final, doesn’t include a release of potential criminal liability for the bank, the person said, at the insistence of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who told JPMorgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon during talks that such a release wouldn’t be forthcoming as part of any deal.

  11. CW@ 3:19

    “Only one court has the authority to do that, and it’s the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    Clarence Thomas said something like “We’re avoiding that.”

    So practically everyone at all levels of government is holding their breath, (not willing to do a thing), turning blue, waiting for his term to end, hoping by then they can take a deep breath. By then it will be to late. To darn late.

  12. SueQ,
    Last night I watched a National Geo program about the Roman Empire, including its conquests and subsequent life in the Empire. As it was late, I was dozing a bit “in and out” but caught a statement that got me in such a way that I had to reach for the computer to jot it down.

    What I wrote explains somewhat the reason for that which you discuss at 6:12 pm.

    Here was my “memo”:
    From Nat Geo program 10/18/13 “When Rome Ruled”

    Governors from conquered lands found that things were so good for them personally under Roman rule that there was no incentive to overthrow the Roman yoke.

    I am wondering if this mentality hasn’t affected our elected leaders. As much as some of them may not like Obama rule, they don’t want to upset the benefits that they receive from government “service”; hence, they are willing to betray the American people by not effectively resisting the tyranny of the Obama regime. They are selling their birthright and ours for pottage.

  13. P.S. Hard-headed fools they are! They are so short-sighted as to believe that they will survive? They need to check history re. what happens when a communist takeover occurs. Spineless betrayers are the first to “go.”

  14. James, thanks for posting that article – very enlightening but not surprising; so, in fact, there is even less to boast about O’care by its proponents, although we are not likely to hear a confession from them.

  15. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    cabbyaz – Remember these immortal words by George Washington –
    “The last act of ANY government is to loot the treasury.”

  16. Good morning Zach, et al.

  17. I came across this at Conservative Tree House. Many of you have already listened to Yuri Bezmenov, an x-KGB agent. But this is a condensed version… less than 10 minutes.


  18. For a little laugh, visit

    You may not get the point at first (I didn’t), but read the second comment.

  19. Sueq………
    No it won’t be too late to pursue prosecution of the GOVERNMENT SLIME. It is going to go ON even if he has already left office……sooner or later the charges WILL STICK, and he will be prosecuted, and even if AFTER the FACT,he can still be IMPRISONED or WORSE. Only the SNOTNOSED LITTLE OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS THINK HE IS INNOCENT, along with his HALFWITTED,and illiterate American slaves……of course they only believe this because Soetoro gives them a FREE LIVING…..”YOALL” F— YO MAMA


  21. Sueq……
    ……..but I think you are right about it being too late…….too late to change the downward spiral of American morality. Morality in the US is fast becoming an entity of the past,and as we watch the decay continues. Believe it or not I personally know of a person who goes to church every Sunday without fail…..but Monday through Saturday,he is a practicing DEVIATE. You CANNOT be a DEVIATE, and be a Christian simultaneously.

  22. ……I do NOT LOOK UPON HIM AS A FRIEND, nor do I have any respect for him. Of coures that is only how I feel personally. Other people seem to ADMIRE him……which is all well and good,but you can rest assurred that I do not share the views of all the others.

  23. RMINNC………
    I think that the first words to Mssssssssssssssssssssss.Sibelious should be the now famous expression…….YOU’RE FIRED!

  24. The mess that we have is the EXACT result fo putting people in charge of something who haven’t the slightest idea what they are doing. As I have said MANY times in the past….for Christ’s sake look at the blank stare of these people… is the first indication of a person who DOESN’T GET IT,OR EVEN HAS THE SLIGHTEST IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. ONLY ANOTHER NUMBSKULL WOULD EITHER APPOINT,SUCH A PERSON,OR HIRE SUCH A PERSON TO TAKE A LEADERSHIP ROLE, OF THE MAGNITUDE WHICH SHE WAS APPOINTED TO ADMINISTER.

  25. Mssssssssssssssssssssss.Simple is NOT A LEADER, she is a carbon copy of the Kathleen in New Orleans whose INEBRIATED state led to a lot of people dying from the invasion of Katrina. Certainly we don’t need another Kathleen whose INEPTITUDE is clearly written upon her face,and now clearly known to all. ……..unfortunately at an EXTREME COST TO THE TAXPAYERS.

  26. Sadly our Federal Government is now RIDDLED with such people, yet they are being paid huge salaries to accomplish ….NOTHING. I might suggest that about 50 million Americans should converge upon Washington DC, ARMED with heavy duty BROOMS……to clean out the mess from ALL the FEDERAL DEPARTMENTS.

  27. October 20, 2013

    Colin Flaherty:

    “Black mob pounces on young white couple”

    “Editors and readers of the New York Daily News want us to know that race had nothing to do with the ten black people who stopped a car and beat a young white couple in Brooklyn.

    All the while yelling racial epithets.

    “It’s not just a black and white thing,” reported the Daily News. “It’s stupid teenagers thinking they can do whatever they want.”

    The attack happened Monday, Oct. 14, six days before it appeared in print in the Daily News.

    A group of 10 black youths – one of them a 12-year-old girl – pummeled a husband and wife in Brooklyn after peppering the couple with racial slurs, authorities said.

    “Get those crackers!” some of them screamed, according to court papers. “Get that white whore!”

    The confrontation erupted about 7 p.m. Monday, as the marauding group crossed Avenue U at E. 58th St. near Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin.

    Ronald Russo, 30, and his wife, Alanna, apparently had the green light and the husband honked at the group to get out of the way. The rowdy kids started kicking the car, according to the criminal complaint. Ronald Russo got out to check on potential damage to his vehicle.

    And that’s when all hell broke loose.

    Ronald Russo was dragged to the ground. Then he was punched and kicked in the head. He felt more blows all over his body, investigators said. He suffered a fractured nose, a broken septum, a blood clot and abrasions to his shoulder. He was treated and released from Beth Israel Medical Center.”

  28. Sometime ago I was going back through CW’s archives and found this post by commenter “littleleers” on October 25, 2008. I printed it out and just ran across it this morning. This was written before O was voted into office the first time and is so prophetic!
    littleleers October 25, 2008
    ………..Yes, our constitution
    created the three branches of government, but even now the three
    branches’ responsibilities are becoming more blurred. They are beginning
    to congeal into ONE ENTITY!!!!! Be afraid people, VERY afraid.

    Check your facts before voting, DO NOT ignore Obama’s long history and background of associating with radicals and domestic terrorists. It matters!!! There will be no real checks and balances if he ascends. The few moderate democrats and republicans that remain will not be able to restrain any evil that ensues.
    We are seeing the last sentence fulfilled before our very eyes today.


    “littleleers | October 25, 2008 at 12:32 pm |

    Thank you for this article! Is there some way that you could get your article as “link” on Drudge?”

    I am a 57 year old Jewish woman and Obama and his followers are frightening. My husband and I
    just visited the Holocaust Museum in D.C. and
    learned about the rise of Hitler and the conditions that opened the way to his reign of terror. The World At War Series DVDS narrated by Laurence Olivier is a must see for all. Two episodes address the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party. It was VERY insidious in the beginning.

    There are far too many parallels such as our floundering economy and the idolization of Obama. Many Obama supportors are like sheeple and they DO NOT
    know past history. We are SO vulnerable now
    to the rise of a tyrant. Yes, our constitution
    created the three branches of government, but even now the three branches’ responsibilities are
    becoming more blurred. They are beginning
    to congeal into ONE ENTITY!!!!! Be afraid
    people, VERY afraid.

    Check your facts before voting. DO NOT ignore
    Obama’s long history and background of associating with radicals and domestic terrorists. It matters!!!! There will be no real
    checks and balances if he ascends. The few
    moderate democrats and republicans that remain will not
    be able to restrain any evil that ensues.”

  30. Thanks GORDO


    Remember the House steno that went on her rampage at the mic last week at the budget vote?…It many not have been what you thought it was….this video says it could have been

    Someone is playing games on the floor of the house or seeing if his experiment would really work… would be interesting if the last man who talked to her could be identified….

    OK guys…what do you think?

    No normal working (lower level) person would just get up so calmly from her desk , got to the mic and make a foll out of herself like that…without a hell of a lot of influence……I CALL IT MIND CONTROL…..YOU MAY HAVE A DIFFERENT WORD FOR IT.

    Maybe this is what that has happened to the Speaker of the House, the Chief Justice and all those other weak minded people in Washington….

    We might as well get use to it folks…the FUTURE is here and this is the MATRIX……


  32. GORDO | October 20, 2013 at 2:17 pm |

    October 20, 2013

    Colin Flaherty:

    “Black mob pounces on young white couple”

    GORDO…Good article

    This is the attitude that is being fostered and ENCOURAGED by our president, his DOJ , and all the other black leaders in America today…they have gived the black youth a FREE PASS for any and all aggressions they make against “whitey”…then the justice system will just say…”well boys will be boys”….I say, “boys ( of any color ) that are not under control and have respect for OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY will soon be in prison”

    It’s never a “racial incident” when it’s balck on white….but let one white boy or man “stand his ground” and the whold damn world comes down on his head……the media is largely responsible the ignoring the black on white crime too…..and the “reversed racism” that is going on…and they know it too.

    They better watch out that they don’t take this “get whitey” game over the line… know, white people can fight too…..

  33. RMINNC………….
    Lets see what happens when one of the media “DO GOODERS” gets the living HELL beat out of him. It isn’t if it is only ….WHEN. Sooner or later it will happen…….boy will HOLY HELL hit the fan then.

  34. Nothing would give me a greater satisfaction than seeing Msssssssssssssssssss.Christine Mathews get her head reshaped, by a MOB of stinking black punks. My next choice is Harriet Reid. Soetoro, Reid, and Mathews, are the three personalities who disgust me the most. I pray that they all are rewarded with LOTS OF LUMPS.

  35. BYE BYE have a great Sunday……Godbless!

  36. October 20, 2013

    “Another Cut & Paste Job: Media Forced To Admit Forging Documents Easy”

    “If Obama had two other brothers they’d look like this:”

  37. From Zero Hedge:

  38. CW


  39. CW,

    Is that one of those itsy bitsy, fuel saving, two passenger, low carbon footprint cars going over the cliff? Well then…… so be it!

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