Obama pardons echo Clinton Holder pardon of Marc Rich?, Last months of Obama administration ugly?, Who is going to pardon Obama?

Obama pardons echo Clinton Holder pardon of Marc Rich?, Last months of Obama administration ugly?, Who is going to pardon Obama?

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Mutual Bank fire whistleblower Kenneth J Conner after he
challenged the appraisal on the land purchased by Rita Rezko, just
prior to the land sale to Obama?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells


The following was written by Debra J. Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle and reported at the Greensboro News Record on May 22, 2013.
“Obama may use power to pardon sparingly, if at all”

“Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder gave Washington a preview of how the last few months of the Obama administration are going to look, and they’re going to be ugly.

Holder knows ugly. He was, after all, deputy attorney general when President Bill Clinton issued his infamous 140 out-the-door pardons to unworthies such as Marc Rich, who fled to Switzerland after federal prosecutors issued a 51-count indictment against him in 1983 for tax evasion, racketeering and illegal trading with Iran. Even though Rich was a fugitive from federal prosecution, Holder issued a “neutral, leaning towards favorable” opinion on the pardon; Rich’s attorney also used to be Clinton’s attorney.”

Will Obama pardon Blagojevich?

Was a deal struck just before Blagojevich was arrested in 2008?


From Citizen Wells May 21, 2013.

One has to wonder that if Obama appears to be in jeopardy if Blagojevich or even Rezko will talk.

Don’t believe Obama can be touched?

From WND May 19, 2013.


“The faux stone columns from his Denver acceptance speech are crumbling, the fireworks have fizzled and the unadulterated adulation of Barack Obama is a sour feeling of disillusion, as a new poll reveals half of America wants him impeached, including a stunning one in four Democrats.

“It may be early in the process for members of Congress to start planning for impeachment of Barack Obama, but the American public is building a serious appetite for it,” said Fritz Wenzel, of Wenzel Strategies, which did the telephone poll Thursday. It has a margin of error of 4.36 percent.

“Half or nearly half of those surveyed said they believed Obama should be impeached for the trifecta of scandals now consuming Washington.””


Who is going to pardon Obama?

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  1. IRS’ Lerner Went After Christian Coalition While at FEC

    The woman who ran the IRS tax-exemption office — which now is accused of improperly targeting conservative groups — presided over a lengthy investigation of the Christian Coalition when she headed the enforcement office at the Federal Election Commission.

    According to The Weekly Standard, some of the same techniques and procedures used by Lois Lerner in the FEC investigation of the coalition in the late 1990s were later used by IRS employees under Lerner to gather information from tea party and other conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

    The FEC investigation cost the coalition hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend itself against allegations that it was coordinating issue-advocacy expenditures with a number of candidates running for federal offices. The nonprofit group was required to produce large numbers of documents, lists of donors, its legislative agenda, and even details about prayer meetings, the Standard reported this week.

    Some conservative groups were asked by the IRS to do the same thing.

    James Bopp Jr., lead counsel for the Christian Coalition at the time, told the Standard, “We felt we were being singled out, because when you handle a case with 81 depositions you have a pretty good argument you’re getting special treatment. Eighty-one depositions! Eighty-one! From [coalition head] Ralph Reed’s former part-time secretary to [former President] George H.W. Bush. It was mind-blowing.”

    The Christian Coalition ultimately was absolved of any wrongdoing, according to the Standard, because the FEC failed to produce proof to support the allegations.


  2. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I commented a few weeks ago the answer to this question:

    “Who is going to pardon Obama?”

    Hillary will after she beats Santorum.

    But I have a couple comments about different subjects:

    How can someone say they did nothing wrong and then plead the fifth?

    I thought you took the fifth so as NOT to incriminate yourself.

    If you did nothing wrong, how can you incriminate yourself?

    Just wondering in the world of UP is Down.

  3. May 22, 2013

    “Mike Zullo Answers YOUR Questions! Part I”


  4. Hi I.B.,

    Missed you. Hope all is well with job and family.

  5. Interested Bystander

    I believe I am a compassionate guy, but for the life of me……………

    How can you be convicted of first degree murder, and give an interview stating that you’d prefer death because you couldn’t fathom living in prison for the rest of their life

    and then

    Get up in court and say that you want to live out a long healthy life in prison so she can educate?

    I mean come on, the whole story you told was a LIE, and then you go on television and say one thing and then tell the court something completely opposite of what you said in the TV interview.

    Jodi is worthless and shouldn’t use up good air.

    A couple other thoughts:

    I can’t understand why the female lawyer (who I think is kind of HOT) asked the questions of all of the witnesses except for Jodi.

    My opinion is that having the old perverted fat man lawyer ask Jodi questions about oral sex and anal sex didn’t help her case. The female lawyer (did I mention I think she’s kind of hot??) should have been the one to question Jodi.

  6. Interested Bystander

    All is well William, as a matter of fact I was going to comment Monday morning about how you had to get back to reality now, after spending the weekend bar-b-queing and being with family.

    You are a better man than I having to commute so far for work.

    You gotta do what you gotta do.

    You picked a good place to spend your evenings.

  7. oldsailor80

    Would you say that it all must be COINCIDENCE that such behavior repeats itself, even when the behavior was a PRACTICE at more than one place of employment. This is in reality JUST ANOTHER female LIBERAL, demonstrating her illicit abilities.

  8. Interested Bystander

    George Zimmerman,

    I believe that this is what you do if you haven’t done anything wrong:

    My opinion, but he doesn’t waver in his account, there are a few times when George says something like, oh wait, before that this happened, and to me that is NOT the story of someone guilty of murdering someone, but the story of someone who is fighting for thier life, LITERALLY.

    And the story from Dee Dee is something she has made up 73%.

    It’s kind of like the National Enquirer, the story is “somewhat true”.

    I’m sure she talked to Trayvon that night, probably about how cool it was not having to get up in the morning for school.

    And the Geraldo report REEKS of someone desperate for ratings.

    Thanks for the link Zach.

  9. Interested Bystander

    Lastly (I think),

    How is it so easy for people to lie now days?

    People have no integrity anymore.

    Men’s “word” used to mean that he was good for whatever he said he was good for.

    Not these days.

    You can tell someone you’ll be there at a certain time, and if you show up a few hours late, no problem.

    People out and out LIE to your face, and smile at you when you KNOW they are not being truthful.

    And if YOU try to call them out on it, YOU are the bad guy.

    UP is DOWN.

    Obama lies every day and nothing is done about it.

    Case in point:

    “I was raised by a single mother”

    Stanley was married to Sr for the first two years of his life. (I’m doing this from memory so if I’m off a few months please forgive me.) I know there’s no proof that Sr and Stanley lived together, but she wasn’t “single”

    And I think she married Lolo within a year of divorcing Sr, and they DID live together except for a period when Lolo went back to Indonesia to get Stanley and Jr’s paperwork approved.

    Barack lived with Lolo from the time he was 4 until he was 8 when Stanley sent Jr back to Hawaii to live with Granny and Gramps. From the time he was 8 until he was, well forever I guess, he was raised by Stanley and Maddie.

    So for Obama to keep saying he was raised by a single mother is a complete and utter lie.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why Obama was sent back to Hawaii? I opine that it was because Jr and Lolo didn’t get along, but I’m grasping at straws on that one.

  10. Interested Bystander

    Maybe it’s just me,

    but why are tragedies used as photo ops for folks?

    I have no earthly idea why Obama went to Boston, or why he is going to Oklahoma.

    You can see the devestation on TV.

    It’s bad.

    If you really cared, you wouldn’t tie up traffic of those who need to get in and out with your 200 car “entourage”, and your flying on AF1 and the “support” planes that goes with that.

    To me it’s another elitist move on Obamas part.

    Stay out and let the people of Oklahoma clean up, and heal.

    It’s getting to the point where he thinks him going and placing his hand on someone’s shoulder “makes it all go away”.

    He’s an elitist, arrogant man.

    You think I’m on some “list” somewhere?

  11. Interested Bystander

    OK, stepping off my soap box.

    I’m out till next week, or when I feel like commenting again.

    Carry on

  12. Earlier this evening I watched a documentary on the Military Ch. about the influence of the occult on the Hitler regime. As I have probably said before, World War II has always had a profound effect on me, because it was being waged when I was only eight years old. Even earlier I remember asking my mother if there had always been war, since that was the news every day.

    The program tonight showed newsreel pics of Hitler in all of his glory with his mesmerizing, diabolical effect on the masses and exultation of self, etc., not unlike what we have seen here the last five years.

    He thought he and the Nazis were invincible and that the Third Reich would last a thousand years. Actually it lasted only twelve years. His arrogance and that of his advisors came to a grinding halt because they were blind to the military capabilities of the U.S. and its allies.

    What does this have to do with the present situation? My point is that Obama and his cohorts are vulnerable regardless of how deceitful and self-assured they are. What goes up WILL come down eventually. We are seeing the beginning of cracks in the armor.

  13. Alan Dershowitz: Lois Lerner Waived Her Fifth Amendment Right By Making Statement, “She’s In Trouble. She Can Be Held In Contempt” By Congress…


    “You can’t simply make statements about a subject and then plead the Fifth in response to questions about the very same subject,” the renowned Harvard Law professor said.

    “Once you open the door to an area of inquiry, you have waived your Fifth Amendment right . . . you’ve waived your self-incrimination right on that subject matter.”

    Looks like she has a fool for a lawyer….and it’s not herself either!

  14. CabbyAz….you mentioned the military capabilities of the US and its allies putting an end to Hitler’s terror, however, if it happens here…..who is going to come in to save the day for America? Right now it seems like the entire world is in turmoil, at war or on fire, so who will have the time or even the inclination to bother saving the US from a totalitarian gvmt.? This is what concerns me, especially when Obama is reducing our military power and nuclear weapons so that we can’t even protect ourselves. It appears he’s doing this purposely to put us at the mercy of our enemies. Do we have any allies left who aren’t fighting for their own existence right now?

  15. Thistle,
    You are definitely right about none coming to the defense of our country if things ever get as bad as Hitler’s Germany, but the point of my comparison was to show that no matter how evil and cunning a dictator is – no matter how secure they consider themselves to be – their arrogance can eventually bring them down.

    Fortunately conditions are not yet nearly as severe as in Germany in 1940-45, so I was not comparing us with Germans at that point in history. In fact, our involvement over there was to rescue other countries which Hitler had conquered and to render the German military incapable of conquest. In other words, our purpose was not to rescue Germany, except to rid it of the Nazi scourge which was threatening the entire free world.

  16. IB, from what I’ve read about Obama’s early life, his mom didn’t like the capitalist views of the successful businessman she married, Lolo, and wanted little Barry to only be exposed to the communist views she and her parents espoused. So, she sent him back to the commies in Hawaii.

  17. oldsailor80

    Margie O……….
    I think that I would tend to agree with you,but this makes me wonder why she even married Lolo Soetoro in the first place.

  18. oldsailor80

    You and I were both on earth during WW2,and I am sure that you like me can remember the old Movietone newsreels. I learned much of what I know from the Movietone reels. Then in all probability your family like mine had the radio turned on to listen to people like Walter Winchell, and the other war commentators. Collectively it wasn’t long before we had a pretty good idea of what was going on both in Europe,and the Far East. We learned pretty quickly about Hitler,Mussolini,and Tojo. I recall that in grade school we all received a little monthly thing called Current Events which was a little one page news thing which was heavily edited,but nonetheless was still quite informative. Our local newspapers told a lot of it as well. I remember there was a daily map which always reflected where the fighting was going on. One of my grade school teachers was constantly on my case to do better at my schoolwork instead of pursuing my daydreams. Somehow she must have been successful. I made it the rest of the way through grade school and high school. Believe it or not the County Public School system used a number of UNLICENSED teachers. Many of them were FARMERS WIVES. There was a severe shortage of qualified teachers during the war years. All in all I think that they done an excellent job.

  19. oldsailor80

    You are right when you say that Hitler’s Germany became a living HELL for most of the civilians. Sadly these people were brainwashed to believe that enduring the hardships of Hitler’s war somehow made them better people. Many went to their graves believing that the NEW WORLD ORDER was JUST AROUND THE CORNER,and when Hitler brought it to Germany all Germany would live in a wonderous UTOPIA………nobody would ever have an unserved want.” YA VEE ISS DER MASTER RACE”. Vee are der Arian Supermen. Look where the Supermen are NOW. Hitler never put much stock in MASS PRODUCTION. He learned all about MASS PRODUCTION………..the HARD WAY. Eventually the US became really skilled at getting the war materials out the door,and into the hands of our soldiers. We even demonstrated to Hitler that we could BUILD ships faster than his U boats could sink them. Instead the Uboats themselves were sunk……one after the other. Most of the sunken German UBOATS are now classed as tombs, and it is expected that divers will leave them alone.

  20. oldsailor80

    Cabby Az…….
    To this day the Mossad is still actively hunting for the Nazis who escaped their date with the gallows. The pursuit of these people still goes on in spite of the fact that most have already passed away. Israel will NEVER forget. They know exactly what is at stake. Obviously our young people do NOT KNOW WHAT THEY STAND TO LOSE. Many of our youngsters think that Marxists and Socialists are C-O-O-L. Some even fraternise with Muslims, and embrace Islam. Many even marry into Muslim families, then in rather short order discover the error of their choice,the HARD WAY. No I do not think that we are in the same plain as we were in the late thirties, we now have a society on our hands, which has for a large part become MORALLY CORRUPT.

  21. Good morning CW et al.,

    Today, the Boy Scout Council will vote whether or not to allow “gays” into the scouts. It should be announced at 5 CT.

    Should this pass, I hope every Scout Quits.

  22. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al.

  23. I most certainly will be pulling one young man out of the scouts.

  24. Ray,

    As a former scout myself and past scout master, both of my sons grew up in the scouts. I hope most all will do the same as you and pull them.

    They have lost their minds! They are worried more about corporate funds than anything. I say their greatest financial loss will be “dues” when a mass exodus happens. Among other things of course.

  25. Observer — Fox News is reporting that Rep. Issa is seriously considering recalling Lois Lerner. In making her defiant opening statement, that she had “done nothing wrong,” she waived her right to use the 5th Amendment, as Alan Dershowitz points out. She can’t have it both ways. If she has done nothing wrong, she must testify or be in contempt of Congress.

  26. cabbyaz — Not many know of the Nazi connection to neo-pagan religions and use of the occult. I know a rabbi who has studied this. He told me that Hitler and the Nazis had entered into a covenant with the demonic realm that for “the blood of the Jews,” Europe would be delivered into his hands. The demons, however, never keep their end of the bargain.

    I understand, too, there have been several books written on Hitler and the Nazi use of the so-called “black arts.” I sometimes think that the black stone of the Kaaba in Mecca connects with this as well. The pilgrimage to Mecca required in Islam is to get “plugged in” to this darkness. The black stone goes back to Arabic pagan religions.

  27. Top IRS Official’s Attorney from Firm with Close Ties to White House

    This goes to the conversation old sailor and I had yesterday. She obviously screwed up her 5th amendment privilege, so what are they scheming here?

  28. OldSailor,
    Yes, you and I are of the same vintage, and I certainly do remember the newsreels that showed in the theaters before and/or after the special features. Also, we would gather around the radio to hear FDR speak, etc., and get the latest news from the front.

    Do you remember the newsboys that would be on the street corners yelling, “Extra, Extra, Read all about it” ? I well remember the Sun. morning when a boy was at the corner announcing that Pearl Harbor had been attacked. I was seven at the time, and one never forgets stuff like that. We were plunged into war immediately, and very dark days lay ahead.

    Your speaking of the continued search by the Massad for Nazi war criminals reminds me of the amazing capture of the notorious Nazi, Adolph Eichmann, who had been hiding out in South America a number of years ago. He was brought to Israel for trial. There was a TV documentary about it all. He could run but he couldn’t hide forever.

  29. Dean M.,
    According to the documentary last night, many of the Nazi top brass were much more into the occult than I had ever heard. They believed that their triumph over their enemies would be assured by supernatural evil powers. This was all very revealing, although I had somewhat heard of it before.

    Hitler was so sold on it that he was deceived into thinking they couldn’t lose. We all know how that turned out, although the terrible holocaust that the Nazis were responsible for was certainly demonically inspired. Thank God for His intervention; otherwise, we would all be speaking German if we survived at all.

  30. oldsailor80

    CabbyAZ……….Re 10:52 AM
    ………and not long after his capture,was the all to familiar “KA THUNK” at which point Adolph Eichman had finally received his JUST DUE!

  31. Whistleblower
  32. oldsailor80

    ……….Regarding Mr.Shulman and his 118 visits to the WH. There is only one conclusion which can be logically reached here………Mr.Shulman is in all probability a sexual deviant. As he talks he reflects all of the classic indicators of HOMOSEXUALITY. This includes his body language,in addition to the verbal indicators. It is probable that the only BUSINESS involved with his WH visits is the sort of business which is usually approached from the REAR,and all parties who are stockholders in that business receive their dividends through the “BACK DOOR”, if you will.

  33. “Nazis – The Occult Conspiracy”

  34. William,
    If the Boy Scouts votes to admit gays, it will indeed be a dark day for America. This entire matter is far more serious than many realize.

    About sixty years ago my cousin had twin boys, who were my pride and joy.
    I can remember pushing them in a double baby buggy and hoping that everyone would want to see these cute guys. Tears well up as I write, and the following is something I seldom speak of.

    When the twins graduated from high school, one joined the Marines and the other the Army. (both well over six feet) The Marine married his sweetheart soon after but the other couldn’t seem to “find himself” and went from one thing to another. At one point he was employed as a counsellor at a youth camp for awhile during the summer.

    It wasn’t until we heard that he had attempted suicide several times that we found out he was really gay. He finally succeeded in taking his own life, and it wasn’t until later that his mother, who had been in denial, found in his room letters from men all over the country. We were heartbroken, of course.

    My point in relating this is because of the horrendous thoughts we later had about his serving as a counsellor at a youth camp. I hope to God that he did not lead any boys astray, but so often gays want to indoctrinate others, especially young boys, in this perverse, destructive practice. You watch, if gays are admitted to the Boy Scouts, there will be those who work their way subtly into places of leadership.

  35. oldsailor80

    Mr.Shulman’s defiant,and outright imbecilic replies seems to suggest the possibility that he was stoned at the hearings. There should be mandatory drug tests immediately prior to such events. He reflected a certain manner which is contradictory to normal human behavior,and strongly suggests drug usage. His repeated “what did you say”,and blank expression all suggest a drugged individual. Then he compounded that by his completely ridiculous replies. He needs to be placed in special drying out detention,and re interviewed at the end of the dry out period,again UNDER OATH. If he again refuses to answer let him receive a little SLAMMER TIME for CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS. This would also serve to deprive him of his obvious NEED of male sexual attention.

  36. oldsailor80 | May 23, 2013 at 11:14 am |
    ……….Regarding Mr.Shulman and his 118 visits to the WH. There is only one conclusion which can be logically reached here………Mr.Shulman is in all probability a sexual deviant.
    Oldsailor, thinking back upon his “performance” (that’s about all I can call it), I do believe you are probably right but hadn’t thought about it before. Personally I have another vendetta against him unrelated to the present scandal, but won’t go into it here and now.

  37. oldsailor80

    As I recall we also used the oath………”On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to obey the Scout rules, and remain “mentally awake,and MORALLY STRAIGHT”. Pretty good for not having said the oath or remembering the commandments for nearly 70 years. HAR HAR.

  38. Honor First (10:45 AM)

    Honor, I’ve been thinking a lot about the theory you posted yesterday re.
    Lerner’s taking the Fifth after making a statement. It certainly seems to have been such a legal blunder that one does have to wonder……

    Here’s a commenter at the Breitbart site who agrees with your theory:

    “Her opening comments are the worst possible thing she could have done, which makes me think it was by design. I think it is a clear signal…..”I’m willing to plea”. Just my read.”

    But another commenter says, “I think it is a clear signal that even these high powered law firms hire incompetent people, just like Oblamo does, and is.”

    I personally will have to await to see how this plays out. Either of the above comments could end up being true, imho.

  39. oldsailor80

    I can sympathise with the situation which you described. It is a sad testimonial. Today we are witnessing an explosion of sexual deviation within our midst. I personally believe that today it is largely a product of a combination of four primary factors…. breakdown of societal moral values, drugs, failure of parental guidance,and the omission of Christianity. Perhaps there are other influencing factors as well, but I personally see the listed facts as primary,but not in any particular order that I listed them.

  40. cabbyaz | May 23, 2013 at 11:56 am |

    Interesting comments there. Some scheme is going on with Lerner, for sure.
    I tend to doubt incompetence. I would think it is leaning more towards a plea.
    What did you think of my theory on why they broke the story with a planted question, just several days before the IG report was due to come out?

    Apparently IRS counsel, and WH staff were involved in coming up with the planted question. I think it was done to give Obama a “time” reference as to when he actually found out about the scandal. Nothing else makes sense.

  41. Have you heard former U.S. Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey’s opinion re. the appointment of a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal?

    He was on Megyn Kelly’s program yesterday and explained that a special prosecutor would be under the control of DOJ – the administrative branch, and he didn’t advise it. I have wondered the same thing all along. (Do we want Holder’s fingerprints all over it?)

    Imho, let Congress investigate, and if necessary there should be a special congressional committee appointed to consolidate the efforts of the various committees.

  42. William,

    I guess I am just an “angry old white guy”. Everything these days p!$$es me off. And this one is just about at the top of my list.

    We have been raising two grandsons of my wife’s brother for the last four years. They are now 8 and 14. I do not cherish the thought of trying to explain to the eight year old why I am pulling him. I have threatened to pull him several times over the last year for lying. His biggest lie has been hiding clean clothes, rather than take the time to hang them up.

    In a world that is trying to normalize guys taking it up the @$$, I guess I can deal with the small stuff.

    Coaching Little League and select ball is about the only thing at this point that keeps me from totally flipping my wig.

  43. oldsailor80

    I have a really tough time believing that LERNER is that stupid. I personally think that there IS an underlying reason, which seems to indicate “ORDERS from ABOVE. I believe that she already knows that she is a sacrificial LAMB. She has a date with the BUS under which she will WILLINGLY PLUNGE…….all in support of the BASTARD.

  44. oldsailor80

    A special prosecutor DOESN’T necessarily have to answer to the DOJ. Such a prosecutor can be selected by Congress,and answer to them as well. An inspector general can go only so far…..whereas a Congressional prosecutor can go as far as NECESSARY. He would also work in conjunction with a Congressional Grand Jury. Needless to say which I would do.

  45. HonorFirst | May 23, 2013 at 12:16 pm |
    What did you think of my theory on why they broke the story with a planted question, just several days before the IG report was due to come out?

    Apparently IRS counsel, and WH staff were involved in coming up with the planted question. I think it was done to give Obama a “time” reference as to when he actually found out about the scandal. Nothing else makes sense.
    That is a very good observation! There is something very fishy about all of it. They are all devoid of the truth and full of TRICKS. Full-blown Chicago thuggery has been imported into D.C. and now we have a big mess, to say the least.

    Have to say, that I’m not a bit impressed with the caliber of W.H. operatives as they expose themselves on TV from time to time. They may not be inherently stupid, but their arrogance and over self-confidence impairs good judgment and makes them often appear foolish and brash.

  46. coldwarvet2

    I’m in your court on the special prosecutor…
    Just my opinion, but I see all these crises, and each one individually, as the loose thread which only has to be pulled, and ever so slightly…
    A special prosecutor from the DOJ would be the equivalent of you being investigated and prosecuted by your parents…just not a valid thought.
    Congress, with it’s vast resources, is more than capable of investigating wrong doing on it’s own.. The problem, as with the Arpaio investigation, is what to do with the information once you have it…

  47. oldsailor80

    I sympathise with what you have said. It hasn’t been that long ago that I too sometimes sat and watched the little leagers play ball. It was something that EVERY PARENT should have involved themselves in. It was really something to behold the INTENSITY that the little guys reflected. It was really heartwarming.

  48. oldsailor80

    I tend to agree with that. Having the goods is one thing. Delivering it to the correct destination might prove to be something requiring a special act of congress, if you will or perhaps even, the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions as guards along the route, and some Seals for personal security of the MESSENGER.

  49. oldsailor80


  50. Cabby @ 11:25,

    Your cousin’s son most likely was recruited (and I don’t mean in the army) at some point. So sorry to hear that he took his own life. In days of yore, that would be called child abuse. Now it is openly practiced and celebrated. I witnessed myself in Portland OR. during Gay Pride Week, older men with very young partners,(some looked no older than 15 or 16). It broke my heart. Shortly after that, the Sandusky scandal broke, and I wondered “What’s the difference”? One act is being celebrated and the other condemned.

  51. HonorFirst | May 23, 2013 at 12:33 pm |

    Hey, SueQ…check this out
    I tried! It said “video no longer available”. I’ll try again.

  52. SueQ says, “Shortly after that, the Sandusky scandal broke, and I wondered “What’s the difference”? One act is being celebrated and the other condemned.
    How true! How true! ” Woe unto them who call evil, good……..”
    Yes, we felt that my cousin’s son was “recruited” while in the Army because he showed no signs until after leaving the service. This was almost forty years ago, but it still pains me deeply to think about it. What is it like today? Much, much worse.

  53. ColdWarVet says, “A special prosecutor from the DOJ would be the equivalent of you being investigated and prosecuted by your parents…just not a valid thought.

    That is a good analogy! Maybe under past administrations the risk wouldn’t have been prevalent, but with this corrupt DOJ……. Well, fill in the dots.
    Also, a special prosecutor could succumb to pressure to drag the whole thing out for years. With as many legal friends that this regime seems to have now in D.C. it would almost require a preliminary investigation of the special prosecutor to determine before being appointed if he were capable of being honest, fair, and unbiased. Strange times they are. Congress should not abrogate its responsibility at this crucial time.

  54. May 23, 2013

    “Team Obama Dumps Unseen Obama Prom Pictures To Humanize Scandal-Ridden Obama”

    “Freeper NotYourAverageDhimmi: There’s a 100% chance that the prom pictures were intentionally leaked by Obama’s handlers to humanize him in the face of the ongoing scandals. It will work on braindead lemmings which is sadly the majority of Americans.”


  55. HonorFirst

    Gordo, call me cynical, but as soon as thoses photos downloaded, I instantly started looking for the obvious, photoshopped discrepancies. When I realized what I was doing, I started laughing. We have reached a point, where there is absolutely nothing credible to Obama. (AND THERE ISN’T)

    I have decided to leave the picture tampering to the experts. I am currently too busy languishing in all the webs coming apart.

  56. This appears to be an authentic article about Adam Kokesh who has been arrested for planning the armed march on D.C. July 4th.


  57. Thanks Cabby,

    Adam Kodesh is a BAD dude. Really bad. Don’t support him or listen to AJ.

  58. Meant to say Kokesh.

  59. waiting on the Boy Scout vote.. Nothing yet.

  60. As for the murder of the English Soldier, I think Every Western Country should BAN anyone coming from those Muslim infested Countries and simply let them kill each other. Not a single penny from any Western Country either. Starve the Bastards.

  61. Additionally,

    I am getting sick and tired of politicians and the media saying something was an “untruth”!!! It’s a dam LIE, call it what it is

  62. Damm,

    BoyScouts Council just voted to allow Gay’s in Scouts….

    Gay Organization said their not done, they also want Gay Adult leaders accepted as wells.

    How pathetic.

  63. It’s a dark day for America (Boy Scouts vote). The vocal, militant gay movement declares that they will monitor the various groups, and you can be sure that there will be a testing of the new policy by deliberating introducing new members to see if they are discriminated against. That’s the way this organized movement forces its way in and cements its position.
    This is indeed very sad.

  64. Cabby,

    It would be good if someone started another organization and allowed all the Scouts to transfer over, leaving nothing but the rainbow gays for boyscouts.

  65. oldsailor80

    If the laws are written to support the SEXUAL DEVIANTS it will effect any organisation including any contemplated new organisation in that it will be illegal to discriminate against them. As I said earlier it would be far better to simply shut down ALL scouting organisations within the US. Very sad day indeed. Now the QUEER scout masters can force a scout to allow him to rape the child legally as many times as he wishes. Where have we seen this before? You can rest assured that NOW IT WILL HAPPEN. I am convinced that our alleged society is in a state of deterioration, and based upon what I have read about the Roman Empire is a carbon copy of it’s deterioration. I would also suspect that our alleged society is already PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN. There will be NO FIX, unless GOD intervenes.

  66. oldsailor80

    If you watched the Senate hearings today regarding our broken tax system you will have watched Tim Cook,(Apple CEO)and others tell the Michigan MORON exactly why they will not bring European profit money into the US, which was generated out of the US. I also watched Msssssssssss,McCaskill make a horse’s a$$ out of herself.( She was accompanied by a person who was seated behind her and to her left who looked as though(IT) might be something from the WWF. Perhaps one of Msssssssssss.McCaskill’s “(VERY CLOSE)” friends……I heard from a neighbor that the person’s name is BUTCH. Neither McCaskill or LEVIN could figure out why Apple will not bring their European profits into the US which is what both think Apple should do………..yeah so that it can be taxed at 35%. Both Levin and McCaskill clearly demonstrated their STUPIDITY. Michigan is a classic example of Levin’s tax views,and practices. Believe it or not he was involved in WRITING the STUPID corporate tax laws. They are so damn dumb they can’t even see that it is their own tax policy which is in part the primary reason why many companies have left the US. If the IGNORAMUSES would reduce the corporate tax rate to somewhere around 20% many of those who are contemplating moving to another country, might just re consider,and remain in the US in spite of the now INSANE cost of labor,and healthcare. Ireland seems to be the best country to consider relocating to.

  67. William,
    I would not be surprised if another organization will emerge. After all, there are loads of parents who do not want their boys subjected to such stuff, and why should they?

    As you have alluded, there are so many unwanted ramifications that are going to emerge. Why should all of the good values imparted by the Boy Scouts all of these years now be mired down in unwanted and unnecessary gobbledegook just to satisfy a radical, militant section of society that wants to force a sexual agenda? This truly makes me sick.

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