Boston bombing Saudi Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi to be deported on national security grounds, No involvement?, You don’t arrest their citizens you deport them

Boston bombing Saudi Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi to be deported on national security grounds, No involvement?, You don’t arrest their citizens you deport them

“Israeli personnel do single out small numbers of passengers for extensive searches and screening, based on profiling methods that have so far been rejected in the United States, subjectingArabs and, in some cases, other foreign nationals to an extensive screening”…Washington Post November 27, 2010

“Saudi Arabia, which gave us 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers, will soon get the coveted “trusted traveler” status from the Department of Homeland Security.”…NY post March 21, 2013

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”…Barack Obama

From Breitbart April 17, 2013.

“Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project revealed on Hannity’s Wednesday evening cable show that an official at ICE told him the Saudi national first questioned by authorities about the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday is set to be deported.”

“”Remember the Saudi that they had arrested or at least initially detained?” Emerson asked. “It was determined that he had no involvement and they made a statement about it to that effect? Well, I just learned from my own sources he’s now going to be deported on national security grounds Tuesday,” Emerson said, later adding, “This is the way things are done with Saudi Arabia. You don’t arrest their citizens. You deport them, because they don’t want them to be embarrassed.”

It is not known if this individual is a material witness, but questions remain as to whether or not the Saudi National, who was on a student visa, gave authorities any information to lead them to the suspects they are looking at now.”

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  1. Every year on April 18th, I can’t help but remember this poem from my school days. How timely it is now, echoing the threats of an overpowering government………

    The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
    by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Listen my children and you shall hear
    Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
    On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
    Hardly a man is now alive
    Who remembers that famous day and year………

    So through the night rode Paul Revere;
    And so through the night went his cry of alarm
    To every Middlesex village and farm,
    A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
    A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
    And a word that shall echo for evermore!
    For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
    Through all our history, to the last,
    In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
    The people will waken and listen to hear
    The hurrying hoof-beats of that steed,
    And the midnight message of Paul Revere.

    Do you sometimes feel like a Paul Revere, warning citizens of imminent danger? But this time they won’t listen! How do we get them to realize what’s happening to our country? That we are again facing a tyrannical government that is eroding our Constitutional rights. The precious rights that our forefathers courageously battled for, and won, with “a cry of defiance, and not of fear”. I pray that, “in the hour of darkness and peril and need, the people will waken and listen to hear” our warning and seek to restore our country through adherence to the United States Constitution.
    Jesus,Son of David, have mercy on us. Amen

  2. Good morning CW et al.,

    Yes, I find it quite odd they are deporting a college student here on a legal visa to study at the university for no apparent reason. Isn’t that what this administration has been promoting? Bringing them over? So why the conflict of interest?

  3. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al.

  4. On another note,

    I was reading an article whereby Col. Allen West has had a complaint filed against him for threatening the left radicals for harassing his wife. I certainly understand his frustrations and I personally would have zero tolerance of such, but is also a good reason I’m not a politician. That’s just the way the left operates.

    However, when Allen West was confronted with facts pertaining to Obama’s exposure of being a fraud and Usurper, Allen West feared his ambitions of running for future political office and possible damaging of his reputation – than he did conducting himself with moral and legal obligation to himself, country and its citizens. That is beyond selfish.

    Now, the left will and has continued its attacks on him, his reputation and integrity even though he is out of office with the goal to destroy his reputation and credibility by damaging him before he runs for any future office. He should have stuck by his principles, honor, and integrity and simply done what is right in the first place – knowing the left socialist and communist were going to attack him (and all others) no matter what.

    I trust no politician that fears ridicule or the media.

  5. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Drudge has high quality pictures of bombing suspects. Go to Drudge and click on” MYSTERY PHOTOS ROCK INTERNET…”

  6. “Sheriff Terry Maketa Rips Obama: Your Puppets Will Be Removed; Legacy Based On Lie After Lie”

    “Via Sheriff Maketa’s Facebook page:

    “I have been asked by many, what can I do to help? I will ask that you do not lay down, do not go silent; that is what they hope for and expect. Do not let them convert you to sheep. Evil prospers when good people do nothing. Do not let evil prosper. I will not quit and please don’t you give up and quit.”

  7. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | April 18, 2013 at 8:09 am |

    Drudge has high quality pictures of bombing suspects. Go to Drudge and click on” MYSTERY PHOTOS ROCK INTERNET…”
    Those two look awfully serious/down to “business” at a fun event! And they could pass as Middle Eastern in appearance if there is anything to these images.

  8. citizenwells

    Unemployment initial claims up.
    15 states with increases more than 1,000.

    April 18 2013


    In the week ending April 13, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 352,000, an increase of 4,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 348,000. The 4-week moving average was 361,250, an increase of 2,750 from the previous week’s revised average of 358,500.


    State Supplied Comment

    Layoffs in the transportation, educational services, and public administration industries.

    Layoffs in the textile, business service, industrial and commercial machinery, electronic, freight transportation and warehousing, furniture and fixtures industries.

    Layoffs in the manufacturing, communications, service, and transportation industries.

    Layoffs in the manufacturing industry.

    No comment.

    Layoffs in the educational service, transportation and warehousing, accommodation and food service, and trade industries.

    No comment.

    Layoffs in the administrative support service, manufacturing, trade, and professional and technical service industries.

    Layoffs in the manufacturing, construction, and administrative support service industries.

    No comment.

    Layoffs in the manufacturing and service industries.

    No comment.

    No comment.

    No comment.

    No comment.


    I’m mad as hell, everybody else should also be too, and I’m not going to take much more of this crap.

    This morning, I learned the SAUDI ARABIAN national who was taken into custody and questioned about the Boston bombing will now be DEPORTED back to his country next TUESDAY.

    All of this comes AFTER Mr. Obama had a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia last night…….hummmm any connection here?

    Does anyone beside me smell a rotten fish here? I refer you back to a comment CW made at the beginning of this article:

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”…Barack Obama

    If this individual had any connection whatsoever with the Boston bombing, as it sure appears he did, who are the real criminals here? Of course the bomber is, that’s a given, but how about the man who is sending him back to his country without any PUNISHMENT or justice being served?

    Don’t the people who were killed and maimed at Boston have any say so in this matter?

    p.s.- I predicted if a Saudi Arabian man had anything to do with this bombing…America would never know about it….when will the people of this country wake up to what is now happening around them almost on a daily basis?

    Again I refer you back to what Mr. Obama said; “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”…Barack Obama

    Also…since the Senate handed Mr.Obama a huge defeat about his proposed gun grab bill yesterday…and he called that vote “shameful”….I will now predict America will shall soon see a bigger and better “false flag” coming at us!

    Any takers on this?

  10. citizenwells

    With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies.

  11. CW…..

    Let the people say AMEN

  12. RMINNC………….
    Now you know what has angered me for a very long time…….”I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Well Mr.Soetoro the TRADE WINDS ARE ABOUT TO ARRIVE,and you might want to consider MAKING SAIL very soon, in an Easterly direction.

  13. Jonah…… AMEN…… I agree

    and…… What Scott said….. Lets ROLL

  14. The SNOTNOSED CHILD OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS think Soetoro is C-O-O-L. Many of them think he is great for standing with the MUSLIMS …NOW. To that I say to those little CREEPS “They are no better than Soetoro.” Then we were forced to watch the little snotnosed black WELFARE females, with their arms outstreched towards the sky and chanting the MESSIAH has arrived,the Messiah has arrived, blah,blah blah. Now Obama will pay my mortgage,buy my gasoline,and provide me and ALL of my illegitamate BASTARD kids with free food FOREVER, along with FREE medical care. Does that PISS you off too! It pissed me off a long time ago. But our CHILD WORDSMITHS think UP IS DOWN so they ALL will CONTINUE TO RECEIVE ALL OF THE GOODIES,and FREEBIES FROM SOETORO for as long as we allow the BASTARD to ILLEGALLY OCCUPY the WH. Nothing will change until WE THE PEOPLE CHANGE IT. The Federal Government is our ELECTED people who are supposed to be REPRESENTING US. To hear the CHILD WORDSMITHS tell it the Constitution is ARCHIAC,and that it is now a MEANINGLESS piece of scrap paper. That is what these kids were taught at the UNIVERSITIES,and a very big percentage of these kids BOUGHT EVERY WORD OF THE ALLEGED TEACHING…. HOOK LINE AND SINKER! Fortunately there was a few who did NOT BUY THE BULLSHI#. Perhaps 10 or so out of every hundred. These who “bought the crap” in school WILL INDEED STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS, when the political winds shift in an ugly direction,and they will think it is ALL JUST A VIDEO GAME! FANTASYLAND seems to have become the new home of a hell of a lot of our recent college grads.

  15. Mr. Bill,
    Other headlines at Drudge, don’t ya love that the Left are having a hissy fit?




    Bloomberg RAGES…

    Feinstein Fumes…

    Biden Wipes Away Tears…

    Cuomo Complains…

    Reid Mocks: ‘Imagined Tyranny’…

  16. CW,

    VW at Chattanooga will announce 500 layoffs tonight in the news. Just to add to your list here

  17. John in Illinois

    Obamas at Boston Memorial service…..anyone else feel the hypocracy …wow

  18. Beck’s site doesn’t come out and say he’s a democrat. They leave it for the photo to say it.


    All you say at 10:14am is soooooooooo true and on top of that, “We The Tax Paying People” are paying for all this worhtless peices of trash living off the rest of America that is still working….

    All the democrats want to do is trash and do away with the Constitution because that is the LAST LINE OF DEFENSE before a total communist take over of America….

    And those idiots in Congress are not smart enough to figure that out….and 9 out of 10 Americans believe everything ” Pravda of the USA” ( lame stream media) tells them.

    Lord please help us in our hour of need.

  20. RMinNC | April 18, 2013 at 9:22 am |

    Morning, RM,

    Still very strange here in Boston today; the day has been made stranger by barky and Sasquatch here for a ‘prayer service.’ HA!

    The Saudi national who was investigated (and saw his Revere apartment cleaned out by the authorities) is known to have ties to AlQaeda.

    Sure, deport him so that he can be on the next plane back to the U.S….

  21. Scrubba dub dub.

    The photos of the ‘people of interest’ have been scrubbed from Drudge. See this NY Post article before it, too, disappears:

  22. “Sheriff Terry Maketa Rips Obama: Your Puppets Will Be Removed; Legacy Based On Lie After Lie”
    bob68’s comment at ORYR:

    “Notice the Sheriff slams Obama on an “allowable” issue…..guns, and not on the only issue that really matters and the one that could fix much of what is wrong with every other issue….Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud?

    Even the brave have their limits with very few exceptions. The “issues” are allowed to distract from the only issue that matters, and calling the imposter “president” continues the legitimization of his illegitimate regime.

    The Sheriff mentions “the next election” as if he expects it to be fair and to fix what Obama has destroyed.

    That is an optimism I do not share. The truth can fix America, nothing else……and time is running out.”
    “Audio: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Lead Investigator Mike Zullo:

    New Evidence Is So Damning To Obama Document; Felonious Evidence Looking To Be Turned Over To New Entity; Most People Have No Idea About Investigation Due To Media Blackout & Disinformation Campaign; Obama Birth Registration Was Late-Filing?”

  23. Good morning SueK…..hope you are doing OK today.

    Yep….just like Barky said;
    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”…Barack Obama

    Seems like he is living up to that promise….

    If that Saudi national was one of the real bombers ( and all indications are he was)…by all means DEPORT the bastard so he can go back to the land of “‘sand, oil, and extremist” and show other Islamic wing-nuts over there how to properly make a “pressure cooker” bomb that will kill off more of those cursed, stupid American Christian Infidels !!!

    This would make sense to me if I were supporting the Islamic Brotherhood movement….but I’m not…and I’m not buying into Barky’s bullsh*t either….and neither are the people who blog here on CW’s site.

  24. Hi RM,

    Doing OK, thanks; things are still not right here. People are feeling very uneasy; there’s a ‘quiet’ to the city today, perhaps because the investigation is moving too slowly for impatient Bostonians…

    IMO, the authorities don’t ‘clean out’ an apartment if they don’t have a good reason to do so; they took out a lot of stuff. This guy’s being deported for a reason…

    Of course barky’s in on it and to have him show his lying face at a prayer service for the victims is the ultimate insult.

  25. SueK,

    Rush just said the two people reported by the New York Post were merely innocent bystanders…..track team members. Then he quickly moved to another subject. I don’t believe that! I simply don’t!

    Please keep us informed as I believe your local news is less likely to be influenced by higher-ups than the MSM and even (unfortunately) the BIG TALK SHOW HOSTS. This was very personal to Bostonians, and my gut tells me they won’t take it lightly.

    Bless you.


    Peek: Obama Skip-Tracer Al Hendershot Raided By FBI:
    Computer Filled With Obama-Fraud Evidence Taken For Days

    Al Hendershot posted the following on the ORYR Facebook wall a few days ago:

    4 days ago the FBI took my computer and I got it back yesterday. They said that they were investigating the Exposed website, but I think that there was some more stuff that they were looking for because they said that I was not in any trouble for what I was reporting on for my blog… […]

    Today Al provided a statement and the related FBI documentation: ( fbi docs also embedded below )

    On April 10, 2013 the FBI showed up at my front door. When I answered the door they told me who they were and that they wanted to speak to me about activities with / about the exposed website that was posting information about Muller, Holder, and Obama.

    Well, obviously, I have nothing to hide so I gave them my computer. I was also handcuffed while they were talking to me.

    Two days later I get a phone call from the FBI telling me that I am not in trouble and that I have nothing to worry about in connection to my activities with others and what I am writing about in my blog On the 12th I go by the FBI office with a witness, just in case, to pick up my property and again they tell me, “that I am not in trouble and that I have nothing to worry about in connection to my activities with others and what I am writing about in my blog”

    When they were at my house they, the FBI secured my personal information as well such as my SSN and other personal information. I have no doubt they investigated me out thoroughly and also investigated at what my activities have been in connection to the Obama fraud evidence and others as well.

    Later on in the day I received some phone calls from people that I have been working with on the Obama issue. They, the people that I spoke with said that my activities with the “Cold Case Posse” and my postings on Obama in The Obama Hustle along with the evidence that I have collected on him and his family probably had something to do with my visit from the FBI.

    I have not heard of any others being visited by the Feds as it pertains to the exposed website. In my discussions on Friday we came to the conclusion that this is very interesting in that there must be some people that are worried over what information might be available against the anointed and protected one from his lies being exposed.

    I will not be deterred. I will not be harassed. I am not afraid. I will give my life for my country and for what I believe in. “FREEDOM”.

    We are in a fight for our nation from an individual and others who want to destroy the United States of America and transform this great nation into a melting pot and Socialistic paradise for radicals and illegal aliens so they can stay in power.

    GOD Bless America and those patriots in this fight against the evil ones that want to enslave us, kill GOD, and kill our babies.
    – Al Hendershot @ The Obama Hustle.
    Can, or should, we deduct from this report by Al Hendershot that the FBI is working “hand and glove” to suppress any information that would EXPOSE Obama and his criminal activities? It sure looks that way too me.

    You be the Judge….

  27. citizenwells

    Rush Limbaugh on Obama:

    “If you live by the lie, you die by the lie.”

  28. RMinNC,

    I read that article yesterday and some comments saying they believed it may be a good thing, as if the FBI was merely gathering data to support claims pertaining to Obama in order to assist exposing him. Like you, I don’t buy it – at all!

    As I posted a couple of days ago, Lord Monckton stated this:

    “I [Lord Monckton] recently asked an influential Republican congressman why neither he nor his party would do anything at all about Barry Soetero’s obviously bogus “birth certificate” on the White House website.

    He replied: “Look what the left have done to your reputation because you spoke the truth about the non-problem of global warming. We know the president and his ‘birth certificate’ are fake. But – to put it bluntly – my reputation matters to me. And that goes for all of us.”

    Two key points stand out for me. 1) We know the president and his ‘birth certificate’ are fake. (Plural) 2) And that goes for all of us. (also plural in the sense to represent the whole, all of them).

    Fast forward to current investigation reports and updates from Arz. Detective Mike Zullo whereby they have interested persons in congress that have reviewed their damaging evidence and have promised to move forward with it, and Detective Zullo is careful to whom he will hand over all the evidence in the case over too, coupled with your above article of FBI, I get a different picture of what is about to happen.

    Perhaps I’m being skeptical, but the larger picture to me is “Clean up” time of evidence. They already know, so why get evidence?

  29. I wonder if Lord Monckton still has close reliable friends in MI6 or SO1?

    Wouldn’t that be nice.

  30. CW,

    Agreed. I wonder how long this biggest fraudulent scam ever committed in the known history of mankind in any civilization can be expected to last?

    The Romans or Egyptians could not come up with some crap like this.


    This just don’t come off as “fact finding mission” for the FBI…too me it comes off as a “fact suppression mission”……

    Maybe we are already in a complete and total “dictatorship” and the American people just haven’t been told yet?

    If the FBI, all other federal forces, and the courts are already in Obama’s pocket…the only legal force left for the people will be the local sheriffs…of which most will cave if the feds shout “boo”.

    What do you think?

  32. RMinNC,

    Major, I think it’s troubling that the more apparent progress appears of exposing this massive fraud, the more interested politicians become when in fact, they already know – and we know they know!

    I will respond more when I get back from work this evening. I was eating lunch at the apartment and have to head back to work.

    Take care,

  33. My guess? Limbaugh and Obama will both die by the lie.

    Don’t know why I continue to listen to him (Rush)……bad habbit I guess.

    He and other “super stars” started off well but have betrayed our Constitution and our country.

  34. Floyd Brown:

    “Evidence Of Criminal Activity Inside Of Congress”

    “Last year, Congress passed the STOCK Act with great fanfare. I’ve written about it before because it had the potential to enhance government transparency. The law had the power to stop insider trading by congressmen.

    Actions (Still) Speak Louder Than Words

    So now the ban on insider trading still exists, but with limited disclosure that no one will likely ever know about. The disclosure might as well not exist at all.

    Last year, with great pomp and circumstance, Congress passed legislation to clean up a dirty cesspool of insider trading by Washington insiders. Then, the week before we actually get to see the disclosures, they circled back, gutted the bill, and kept the cloak of secrecy as tight as ever.”

  35. far far far left lib nut job

    well there are two side to every coin, suppose he is innocent, then someone here kills him? Probably is innocent and he wants out to avoid being killed, or beaten, or falsely accused. Have to look at both sides of this issue. WE have sent saudi citizens to gitmo, btw. Aren’t we holding a blind chef, shake, or sheik in jail too ?

  36. This above video is well produced and has some instances of past acts that were brought to light (after the fact) that some may be unaware of…It is a youtube video so take what you want and disregard the rest.

    If the “acts” or false flags reported in this video are all true then many of the things we grew up believing about government (not just the USA) and the war on terrorism need be reevaluated by anyone seeking the truth.

    For those who can not view the video it is basically about government actions from Rome until the present that have attempted to ferment unrest and support for wars.

    Many people know of some of these acts and believe them true with the available info…others maybe not so much.

    Whatever side you find yourself on the video is worth seeing.

  37. far far far left lib nut job | April 18, 2013 at 3:07 pm |

    He is not ‘self-deporting;’ he is BEING deported. There is no ‘other side’ to this issue.

  38. SueQ | April 18, 2013 at 12:30 pm |

    Hi Sue,

    No one can tell us that they don’t have someone fingered, or don’t know who it is. Not buying that! If the dumbass national media gets hold of the info that’s already been obtained, the suspects will flee; whatever they’ve got, they’re keeping it under wraps.

    I believe that the local media here wants this guy (or guys) caught as much as the residents do; this has gone far beyond just a tragic news story. We’ve all been affected.

    Switching gears for a minute, this is what may have happened at the fertilizer factory in West, TX: There was a small fire in the facility and they tried to extinguish it. The problem was that one of the chemicals contained in the building was ammonium nitrate. There are certain chemicals which are water reactive and in this case, ammonium nitrate requires *flooding* quantities of water to put out a fire involving it. It seems as though only a ‘water jet’ was used to try to extinguish it and that wasn’t enough water. It exploded. A friend just outside Dallas felt her house shake, more than 50 miles away from the blast! Another tragedy to deal with and I pray for the victims and those still lost.

    Bless you back; I’ll check in as I can.

  39. RMinNC,

    I’m having a bit of trouble with so called facts in the video. At 2:56, there is a map of Israel that wipes out much of the country and declares it “Israeil occupied”. This is exactly what Obama did on his website not to long ago.

    Don’t be a tool.

  40. The FBI has just announced a presser at 5:00 PM (EDT) today in Boston.

  41. Like I said before the video SueQ…….I understand your concerns…..

    it’s a youtube thingee….take what you want, question the rest…..judge for yourself……

    but remember the Northwoods project in your evaluation…that’s a proven fact.

  42. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    At 5:00 PM the biggest “ratings race” in history will be between Fox – MSNBC and LiveCNN. Who bombed Boston?

  43. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)


  44. Leo Patrick Haffey


    Glad to see that you are reporting this.

  45. Those pictures linked by Drudge….new headline: “I didn’t do it”

    Teen: I Am Not the Boston Marathon Bomber

    “The teenage boy authorities once investigated as possibly being connected to the Boston Marathon bombing told ABC News today he was shocked to see his face pop up on television and all over social media.

    Salah Barhoun, 17, said he went to the police yesterday to clear his name after he found himself tagged in pictures online. He had just gone to watch the race, he said, but soon after the explosions, he was singled out by internet sleuths as looking suspicious. Federal authorities passed around images of Barhoun, attempting to learn more information about him, sources told ABC News.

    Today The New York Post ran a story featuring a picture of Barhoun and another man circled in red, but said it was unclear if they were the same as two potential suspects spotted by law enforcement Wednesday.

    PHOTO: Salah Barhoun, 17, said he went to the police yesterday to clear his name after he found himself tagged in pictures online in connection to the Boston Marathon bombing.

    PHOTO: Salah Barhoun, 17, said he went to the police yesterday to clear his name after he found himself tagged in pictures online in connection to the Boston Marathon bombing.

    PHOTOS: Terror at the Boston Marathon

    When he saw the front page story, with the headline “Bag Men,” Barhoun said, “It’s the worst feeling that I can possibly feel… I’m only 17.”


  46. More of that Putin promised “flexibility”….emphasized as coming by chief toady Biden: didn’t get what he wanted so…..

    Biden: ‘The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions’ for Guns

    along with the other treason toady:

    Pelosi: Tougher gun controls ‘inevitable’

    These people live in their own self created universe…..delusion!

  47. FBI suspects are different from images that had been on Drudge

  48. citizenwells

  49. Interested Bystander

    Background checks for all backpack purchases, no doubt about it.

    If it saves one life…………………

    And BAN all backpacks that carry more than 30 pounds, who needs to carry anything that weighs more than 30 pounds in a backpack.

    I can hear Obama now, and Boxer and Feinstein and McCain and Graham.

  50. Did the teenager in the blue jacket say who the other guy with him was? The guy with the white baseball cap? He was the one who had the pack with the suspicious bulge. They seemed to be together. Just wondering if anything was said about him.

  51. I think those two the FBI are targeting are long gone. Probably back to the ME.

  52. IB…..
    and don’t forget old drunk JOE….

  53. I.B.,

    Don’t forget banning “SPOON’s”, as we know it’s the lethal weapon that causes Heart disease, diabetes, blindness and obesity. It kills [da spoon] roughly 39.8 million, or 1 in 6, from health risks related to being overweight every year.

    It will begin with Blooming idiot (Bloomberg) regulating the size of the spoon from a teaspoon to a maximum containment size of less than .10 (one tenth) of a fluid ounce, to prevent people from getting fat.

    Go figure.

  54. P.S.,

    Did anyone else watch dipwit Rubio attempting to pass off his illegal immigration crap? Or just me?

    Remind me to stay away from liberals, evidently its contagious as hell. Rubio’s been hangin out with them as proof.

  55. There is another image that is not getting any prominence. It is the image of a man in a red t-shirt.

    I continue to think that someone is lying about the other “suspicious packages”, in that I think that the original information was correct and the denial about them is something of a cover-up. I am thinking that the other three bombs did not have time to go off and that they were dealt with as stated not long afterwards.

    The two young men that were fingered I do think were innocent by-standers who just happen to have sports bags with them. The boy in the blue did not have a backpack and his bag is the wrong colour.

    Looking at the images of the 2 men that has been released I note that one of them has a light coloured bag. Emphasis has been placed on the other black bag and the image of the light coloured bag is a bit of a tease especially when it seems to be in a slightly wrong location. Interesting.

    However, the clearest image of all is of the man in the doorway who was setting down his package. He had on a light coloured hat.

    There are other images that have done the rounds, and I have not heard of those people being excluded, only the young man in blue.

  56. Interested Bystander


    I want to LIVE, no more spoons for me.

    Rubio thinks he can run for President also.

    Just more proof that BOTH sides are in on “it”.

    I think anyone that committed murder or rape or aggravated assault or kidnapping or robbery with a weapon or domestic violence ought to be forgiven also, if they can prove that they have redeemed themselves and have lived within the “community” for a certain amount of time.

    Oh wait, no I don’t.

    Forget that last part, been around too many libs lately I guess.

  57. Interested Bystander


    May I be the first to welcome you.

    It’s great seeing your comments again.

    I hope you stick around.

    And not that I agree with you 100%, but you always put up a good argument with links most of the time, and I respect your right to have your views.

    Can you link the photo of the man placing the bag down?

    I don’t believe I’ve seen that.

  58. I.B.,


  59. I.B.,

    Perhaps I set my bars too high for basic common sense expectations for an elected Republican official. I expect junk science, bogus ghost economics, 2nd grade rhetoric debating capabilities, Socialist and Communist style religions from the liberals, they never surprise me.

    However, what the hell are Rubio and other Republicans thinking with this illegal immigration policy I listened to last night? I mean, at least my common sense kick in immediately listening to him.

    For example; Rubio stated that their path cannot be completed until they met several criteria’s, one of which was paying taxes like all other Americans. My response: Well guess what Rubio and Rino’s, once these 12 -15 million illegals making minimum wage start paying federal taxes, they claim the EIC (Earned Income Credit) and although may pay $1,400 into it, they will get back $7,000. The only taxes they will pay are the same thing they already pay which is Sales Tax. And that helps us how?

    And, not to let the bird crap hit us directly in the eye, he claimed that they [illegal Aliens] will not be eligible to receive any Federal benefits such as Obamacare, food-stamps, welfare, ect. My response: How the hell is that going to be prevented? Just last week Congress turned down a bill that would reject illegal aliens from receiving Obamacare! The liberals tore the Republicans a new one, claiming they were insensitive to medical needs of immigrants and their children, which they back off from. Nothing about them not eligible for State Insurance and programs at all!

    Our boarders will be protected over a 5 year plan is what he said. And if not, Congress will appoint (create) a new government oversight program to review it. My response: Wow, nothing like a Congressional threat of a new government program to oversee another one sometime down the road. We need more of those…

    To add to the beat, although Rubio and the Republicans claim these 12-15 million illegals are not eligible for government benefits, did they forget they will produce children whom under our current laws will in fact be eligible? And that cost is what?

    Lastly, the next generation of 12-15 million illegal immigrants children….will not be voting Republican.

  60. Hi William,
    Lately I’ve been in more of a lurking mode and am also fatigued from the big tax push, but I agree about the Rubio immigration plan. Four RINOs
    hatching this grand scheme with Chuck Schumer, et al, is enough for me.
    Also, the fact that Bummer likes it…….

    You mentioned the Earned Income Cr. being available to the immigrants. Also, there is the famous Child Tax Cr. at $1,000 per kid, and those can also be refundable, as is the EIC. Unless there is something in this concoction to prohibit it, there will probably be more of U.S. money going OUT to the immigrants than coming IN to the U.S. coffers.

    No question that this benefits the Dems when it comes to votes, as you have pointed out, and this is their primary reason for so enthusiastically supporting it.

  61. More re. immigration bill:
    DeMint vs. Rubio
    Nearly four years ago, in June 2009, then senator Jim DeMint endorsed Marco Rubio, an unknown, 38-year-old attorney, in Florida’s Republican Senate primary. It was huge news.
    These days, however, that relationship is fraying, at least politically.

    DeMint is now president of the Heritage Foundation and he’s battling Rubio’s push for comprehensive immigration reform. And the fight is only beginning. In a new post on the Heritage website, DeMint rails against the Gang of Eight’s bill, saying it has a “significant cost” for taxpayers.

  62. Hi ya Cabby,

    I was going to mention you as the Expert in this tax code area as you can certainly point out more benefits that I can see. But you’re right, there is nothing stopping them from claiming anything and more will in fact be going out than coming in. Now Multiply that by the millions of illegals now having the ability to claim!

    It would certainly be worth the time and effort If a single politician would give an average estimate of cost with stuff like this, but they don’t. Only in our private financial lives and business do we need to have fiscal diligence.

  63. It’s entirely possible that the Boston attack was made by Iranian state-sponsored terrorism. Is this Iran’s way of “taking credit”?
    Read what the Ayatollah said Tuesday:

    Compares Boston terrorism to military action in Afghanistan

    And he’s compared the Boston terrorism to military actions in Afghanistan and other troubled Middle East locations.

    According to Mashregh News, an outlet run by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence corps, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a speech yesterday to members of the military and their families compared the killing of the innocent people in Boston to military actions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria, which have resulted in “the killing of innocent people.”

    Regime officials have long warned America that its action in Syria to topple President Bashar al-Assad will not be tolerated and that the U.S. has to remove sanctions against the Islamic regime and accept its nuclear program.

    Khamenei once threatened the U.S. that in any confrontation, America’s homeland will not be immune to attacks.

    But the most ominous statement has come from a senior commander of the Islamic regime: “If the people of America and Europe do not confront the aggressive policies of their governments, they cannot then remain far from the possible future events (terror attacks),” the regime’s armed forces deputy chief of staff, Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, said in a Feb. 23 interview with Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards.

    “Al-Qaida groups and other services which operate for the interests of America (in Syria) will soon change the region of their operations and thereafter create new problems for America and Europe.”


  64. “Skip-Tracer Al Hendershot Defends His Obama Alias Research:
    Five Obama Relatives Using Same Bogus Social Security Number”

    April 18, 2013

    Tea Party Power Hour – Mark Gillar

    Audio excerpt:

    Full interview:

  65. @SueK, I assume you will have the scoop on what has taken place at M.I.T.
    For those who have not heard, an officer has been killed during a shootout. Explosives experts are on the scene and it is thought that there are IEDs in the area.

    Also, some have speculated that suspect 2 is a Pakistani son of a wealthy CEO who allegedly went missing from Brown University. This particular person has been photographed wearing a Che t-shirt.

  66. The latest news that I am seeing is that the suspect is dead. Something is not adding up correctly…. a person was stripped naked and placed in the police vehicle yet he turned up dead at the Medical Center?

  67. Morning, Cabby, Aussie, and All,

    It’s been a helluva night.

    Summarizing what’s know thus far:

    An MIT police officer is dead, reportedly in a shootout with the suspects.

    The two suspects hijacked a car and took the driver hostage. It was reported that they were throwing ‘bombs’ out the windows. After an hour, they released the driver, unharmed.

    There was another shootout with the suspects in Watertown, MA; the guy with the black cap (Identified in the released FBI photos) is dead. The other one is being sought.

    Residents in Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Cambridge and Allston-Brighton are being told to shelter in place and not leave their homes; businesses are being told to close.

    No vehicles are being allowed in or out of Watertown.

    The Mass. Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA, or the ‘T’) has suspended ALL service-trains, buses, subway-until further notice. There is no public transportation into Boston.

    Watertown is in lockdown.

    Everyone, please pray that they get the second bastid so this city can breathe again! Thank you.

    I’m going to work.

  68. Wow,

    I have a feeling no one will be alive to tell the story.

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