Boston bombing suspect dead, Killed in police shootout, Second suspect armed and dangerous, Watertown neighborhood lockdowns, MIT shootings?

Boston bombing suspect dead, Killed in police shootout, Second suspect armed and dangerous, Watertown neighborhood lockdowns, MIT shootings?

“No amount of gun legislation would have prevented the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Increased security may have helped. I am relieved to find that MA law enforcement is still armed.”…Citizen Wells

Just in from commenter SueK:

“Suspect on the run: Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, formerly of Chechnya. Living in the Cambridge area for at least a year. Armed and extremely dangerous.”

From CNN April 19, 2013.
“Police: One Boston bombing suspect dead, another on the run”

“Two men suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people this week terrorized the area overnight. One is dead, but the other is on the loose, police say, and he’s armed and dangerous.

Police pursued two men early Friday who shot a police officer to death, stole a vehicle and threw explosives at law officers pursuing them. Authorities believe they are the same two men sought in the marathon attacks.

One died of injuries suffered while battling police early Friday, and the other is on the run in a nearby suburb, authorities said.

Both men allegedly killed one police officer late Thursday, wounded another early Friday and used explosives against police pursuing them.

Marathon ‘Suspect number 2’

Police believe the man at large is “suspect number 2” in Monday’s bombing. Federal, state and local law officers are swarming through the Boston suburb of Watertown, going door-to-door to track him down, said transit police spokesman Paul MacMillan.

Police warned Watertown residents to lock their homes and stay away from their windows and doors.

A surveillance image of the fugitive resembles photos of one of the suspects sought for alleged involvement in the marathon attacks that killed three.

The image of the man with bushy, wavy black hair, a pronounced chin and nose, and a slight build matches photos circulated of the man in the white cap, carrying a backpack near the scene of Monday’s bombing.

Due to the strong similarity of the two images, police believe the fugitive may be “suspect number 2” in the marathon terror attack, MacMillan said.

The other suspect was injured in a a shootout with transit police and pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to a statement from the Massachusetts district attorney.

Police believe he could be suspect number 1 in the marathon attack.

Boston’s public transit authority has sent city buses to Watertown to evacuate residents while bomb experts comb the surroundings for possible live explosives.

Night of terror

The violence erupted when a college police officer was shot and killed late Thursday. The events that followed sent sirens howling through the night, and emergency lights shattering the darkness, as police chased after two suspects who tossed explosives at them.

Still on edge from Monday’s deadly bombings, local, state and federal law officers responded to reports of a shooting on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge directly across from Boston on the Charles River.”

Read more:

Photos of suspects released by the FBI yesterday.



36 responses to “Boston bombing suspect dead, Killed in police shootout, Second suspect armed and dangerous, Watertown neighborhood lockdowns, MIT shootings?

  1. citizenwells

    Good morning all.

  2. Good Morning, CW, and thanks fo covering this.

    Suspect on the run: Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, formerly of Chechnya. Living in the Cambridge area for at least a year. Armed and extremely dangerous.

    Unconfirmed: Dead terrorist may have been his brother. He died in the hospital of gunshot and blast wounds, and was *run over* by Dzhokhar trying to escape in a vehicle.

    The greater Boston area is a war zone today.

  3. citizenwells

    Thank you for covering this SueK.

  4. You’re welcome, CW.

    I’ve just gotten word that the *entire* city of Boston (including all its neighborhoods) are locked down. I will not be going to work today. Those at my work have been told to ‘shelter in place.’

    One of the pressure cooker bombs has been found in Cambridge at the site of the shootout. I think we can say without doubt that there are inded the guys who blew up the Boston Marathon.

    Will update as I can.

  5. citizenwells

    Wikipedia snapshot this AM, just in case.

    “Chechnya is predominantly Muslim. Most of the Chechens belong to the Shafi’i school of thought of Sunni Islam, while a minority belong to theHanafi.[19] Some adhere to the mystical Sufi tradition of Muridism, while about half of Chechens belong to Sufi brotherhoods, or tariqah. The two Sufi tariqas that spread in the North Caucasus were the Naqshbandiya and the Qadiriya (the Naqshbandiya is particularly strong in Dagestan and eastern Chechnya, whereas the Qadiriya has most of its adherents in the rest of Chechnya and Ingushetia). Some of the modern Chechen rebels are Salafis, but these form a small minority of the group and are often viewed suspiciously by non-Salafis who protectively guard their national customs against encroachment. According to some, the view of the Chechens as being an obsessively pious, intolerant, fundamentalist Muslim group is highly incorrect and misleading”

  6. citizenwells

    Also USA Today:

    “Russia’s Chechnya, Caucasus: A breeding ground for terror

    Chechnya, the Russian republic believed to be connected to the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects, has been the scene of terrorism and related violence since the 1991 break-up of the Soviet Union.

    Militants from Chechnya and other restive regions in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus have targeted Moscow and other areas with bombings and hostage-takings for more than 20 years. The allegations of ties to Monday’s Boston bombings are the first connection of terror attacks in the United States.”

  7. Good morning. CNN must be very unhappy that these bombers may be from an international Islamic terrorist group, and not lone wolf guys on the far right. CNN and other liberal media types so wanted to blame the bombing on white Americans. They fail to see the threat from jihadi groups.

  8. There’s now a SWAT team (with armored trucks) stationed at Quimby and Willow Streets in Watertown, MA.

    They have announced ‘If you’re in this house, come out NOW!’

  9. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Fox just said that suspect #2 went to the Latin School that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck attended. He came here at 9 or 10. AyeAyeAye!

  10. Boston Police Special Ops on the scene; these guys aren’t called in unless it’s something VERY serious.

    Area is cordoned off and secured; the press is being pushed back.

  11. Goodmorning CW, William, SueK, Tina, Mr. Bill, et al….

    William you said in your last post: “I have a feeling no one will be alive to tell the story”

    I think you are spot on with that prediction …….Dead men tell no tales…..

    I have been listening to Fox for over an hour and I still have yet to hear a reporter mention that the bombers were MUSLIM……but of course they were being from Chechnya…

    Isn’t it past time to call this exactly what it is: INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

    CNN is still mad because they can’t pin the bombing on some WHITE, CHRISTIAN guys……Fox is reporting the dead bomber at the hospital is so full of bullets holes that he looks like swiss cheese…..hummmmmmm

    end of story?….I don’t think so…

  12. It’s going to be interesting to see how JANET NAPALO..TUNA spins this one……her last resort will be…’the devil made them do it”!.

  13. Looks like Liberals and the Lame Stream Media are 2 for 2 in the IDIOT Department….A democrat Elvis impersonator sending Ricin laced letters to a GOP Senator and the President and BOSTON BOMBERS: Suspect #1 and Suspect #2 are Chechen Tsarnaev Brothers….And the Tea Party wasn’t responsible for the the terror attacks again…

  14. Hi RM,

    There is a *possibility* that this guy is wearing a suicide vest. Cannot confirm.

    There is also recent ‘internet intelligence’ by Dzhokhar stating that he would kill everyone because they killed his brother.

    It’s a standoff right now at 9:35 AM, EDT.

  15. I’m sitting here watching Fox News and my mind is straying back to the movie, “NETWORK”…a 1970 something movie of how far a News Network Corporation would go to improve their performance ratings…

    Anyone remember that award winning movie?….William Holden played the unimportant man…Peter Finch played the part of the Mad Prophet of the airwaves who predicted all the gloom and doom happening all over the world…..and the Corporate rating skyrocketed….but it was all being staged…for the ratings of course.

    In the end, the Mad Prophet was gunned down on the stage because he met god ( the CEO of the News Corp) and god told him he should not question the motives of the Corporation.

    Well the Mad Prophet took all god had told him to heart and he changed his ways…as a result, his ratings went south into the tank…as a result,it was decided that the Mad Prophet must go……and go he did !

    To improve the Corporate ratings, it was decided the Mad Prophet must exit stage, either right or left…..and go he did! He was gunned down ( by the militant Black Liberation Army, who was very popular at that time) on stage while the cameras were rolling in front of millions of his viewers.

    Again, his ratings soared….and again the Corporation was in charge. But today…the Corporation doesn’t take that approach (or do they?). In the 21th Century, it’s all about CLEAVAGE and LEGS!

    Moral of the story….: It doesn’t pay to be a Mad Prophet on television today……..but if you have a nice set of legs, lots of cleavage, and don’t mind showing them…….., you have a job and your in line Flint.

    Well…. at least until you begin showing your age.!



  16. Sorry…I was wrong with my post to William at the bottom of my last post….seems like a network is jumping the gun…but I still agree with you…


  17. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC – You hit a live nerve when you mentioned “Network”. The Ned Beatty speech in the boardroom was one of the greatest speeches in filmdom. Form this movie came my Ratings – Cleavage and “Absolutely” theory. Here is the scene – “Network There is no democracy. (Geniocracy)”

  18. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | April 19, 2013 at 9:32 am |

    That picture you posted broke my heart. The killer in the background as the innocent 8 year old is cheering on, with the bomb sitting there right in front of him.

    Islam is truly evil! It destroys all empathy for the innocent. Sort of like liberalism…………

  19. John in Illinois

    Glenn Beck…… has BIG announcement pertaining to the Saudi national,,, backed up by 6 congressmen , but won’t reveal until ………….monday?????
    Jeeeeeeeeeesh why wouldn’t he reveal any info that Zullo has ???? hmmm

  20. PANIC….PANIC….PANIC….I have never seen so much panic over one deranged 19 year old Muslim punk before….

    I am a retired army officer with over three years of actual combat experience against an armed enemy under my belt…..what I am witnessing on television right now is unreal…..and in my humble opinion is giving aid, comfort, and intelligence to the enemy.

    The entire town of Boston is on lock-down…the federal government is in a serious tailspin trying to figure out how they will explain this to the American people (without mentioning the word MUSLIM)…and the general portrait being projected and sold to the American people via television …. is alarming.

    Don’t you think our enemies are witnessing the same thing that you and I are watching? You bet your booties they are!

    If our enemies know the damages and confusion they can cause with one 19 year old punk. I’m sure they are now computing just how much damages they can cause with a squad, or platoon, or even company of devoted bombers ?

    The whole town of Liberty, our beloved Boston, is on lock-down because of this one sick teenager…UNBELIEVABLE!

    If I, as a combat veteran, can pick up on this, don’t you think our enemies are watching and taking notes about our weaknesses?

    This 24 hour news coverage appears to be our worse enemy….


    Folks…it’s time to get on with living…….remember FEAR can be our worse enemy..

    es they can cause

  21. Dzhokhar appears to be on the run; he is NOT believed to be at the location in Watertown. That house has still not been ‘cleared.’

    Law enforcement does not know where he is…

  22. John in Illinois

    I don’t mind the 24 hr reporting if they would report the “TRUTH”. It’s very interesting to see all the spin and lies MSM gives us. There is a solution to this ……. 500 pairs of handcuffs might be a good start. What side will the police and military take is a good question also when the crap hits the fan

  23. Now I understand they are evacuating the University of Mass !…….what’s next?….the US Capitol…maybe the White House (outhouse)?…

    This is bordering on the wild side now…. there is a big world out here and lots is going on right now under the radar that should be reported, but isn’t………

  24. John in Illinois

    yea, like the new executive orders O passed on gun contro; the other day

  25. WELL…..I just found out DUNKIN DOUGHNUTS is open in Boston…….so all is not lost……

  26. BUT…………….I don’t think they will get much business….Police are advising residents to STAY IN THEIR HOMES….FEAR RULES !

  27. John in Illinois

    fox news is trying to paint the bomber as a “nice guy” and trying to figure out what their motives are???? Semms pretty simple to me, an average old white guy, THEY HATE US

  28. RM,

    Not to diminish your comments, but Dunks in Boston is open to serve *law enforcement* only.

    If this dude isn’t in the Watertown neighborhood, he could be anywhere. The guy is a killer and we DO take this situation VERY seriously. This is something we’ve never seen before and pray that no other American city ever has to experience anything like this. Ever.

    A Blackhawk helicopter from the Hostage Rescue Team in Quantico, VA, has just arrived. Info is sketchy, but they seem to still be focusing on that neighborhood; residents have been asked to evacuate their homes. It was hard to watch parents with small children leaving their homes, very frightened.

    The tactical team has left the home that was under heavy surveillance however, the presence in the neighborhood has been greatly increased.

    Stand by….

  29. Mr. Bill……

    I watched your post at 10:50am….

    I had forgotten what god (please note that is with a small g) said to Mr. Beale…thanks for the post…..and you know something…god was right !

    The world is nothing more (or less) than a giant business…ATT, IBM, Exeon, Mobil, Bank of America, Citi Corp, Google, Microsoft, etc.etc, etc., and all the rest of those slim-ball money grabbers….

    They start wars…they stop wars….they tell us what to think, and what not to think…they tell us what to eat…and what not to eat, they put politicians in power, and they take politicians out of office…and all the time they are lurking in the shadows, never know or identified by name.They are simply known as “the powers to be”

    But this old world will continue to tun…and god (with a small g) will keep speaking….. well at least to those who will listen.


  30. They’re ethnic Chechnyan but from border of Russia and Chechnya. Father lives in Russia. So where’s the mother? No family supervision these years by father?. Family arguments apparently….haven’t spoken with an uncle for 2 years but dead terrorist called him yesterday and wanted to talk again…sorry for split. Had a scholarship for wrestling. Don’t know if it has been clarified whether they’re U.S. citizens….so if he’s caught alive how will he be treated? Wonder if Zero is debating about whether to direct a drone…since doesn’t seem to matter if U.S. citizen or not with him!

    Friend offered the opinion that they probably attended some radical mosque or something. Wonder if older brother traveled back to ethnic home at times or had regular communication with other radical Chechnyans/trained…..who are also all for world Muslim domination as well as they loan themselves to Afghanistan and other hot radical Islamic spots. Since Chechnyans hate Russia after the ongoing war between the two now for years, did these guys hear Obama promising to be more flexible for Putin??!!

    Dead terrorist had so many bullet holes in his body that doctors couldn’t count them all!!

  31. SueK….

    I understand what you are saying….this bomber should be taken serious…but for one 19 year old punk to completely shut-down an entire city is unreal…..

    Sooner or later the cereal box’s will be empty in most of the homes…..and the people will have to go on with living…that means getting out and doing the things they would normally do.


  32. Thanks for update SueK.

  33. RM, I do understand your points however, rather than a 19 year old punk, it could be Donald Duck and the reaction here would be the same.

    Yes, people will need to get out; just not right now. This is a volatile situation and sometimes bullheaded Bostonians are following instructions; it’s the only way to allow law enforcement to do what they need to do.

    The University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth has been evacuated; Dzhokhar was a student there. The Bomb Squad is there right now and cannot tell students when they will be allowed to return.

    Law enforcement has just announced that there will be a ‘controlled explosion’ in the Watertown neighborhood of interest this afternoon. I think you can assume that there may have been another ‘device’ found.

    Again, the situation changes by the minute.

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