Boston marathon bombing Saudi Al-Qaeda connections, Pressure cooker bomb plans, Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi innocent Saudi, Walid Shoebat insight, Al-Harbi clan

Boston marathon bombing Saudi Al-Qaeda connections, Pressure cooker bomb plans, Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi innocent Saudi, Walid Shoebat insight, Al-Harbi clan

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

“Israeli personnel do single out small numbers of passengers for extensive searches and screening, based on profiling methods that have so far been rejected in the United States, subjectingArabs and, in some cases, other foreign nationals to an extensive screening”…Washington Post November 27, 2010

“Saudi Arabia, which gave us 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers, will soon get the coveted “trusted traveler” status from the Department of Homeland Security.”…NY post March 21, 2013

While the mainstream media lunatics were slobbering to blame the right and white Americans for the Boston Marathon bombings, the NY Post reported that a 20 year old Saudi national, who was found fleeing the explosion scene was taken into custody.

“FBI grills Saudi man in Boston bombings

‘Smells of gunpowder’”

“Police took a 20-year-old Saudi national into custody near the scene of yesterday’s horrific Boston Marathon bomb attack, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

The potential suspect was questioned by the FBI and local police yesterday at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he was under heavy guard while being treated for shrapnel injuries to his leg sustained in the blast.

In late afternoon, a large group of federal and state law enforcement agents raided an apartment in a building in the Saudi man’s hometown of Revere, Mass.

FBI agents could be seen through one window. It was not clear what, if anything, they found. But Revere fire officials said they were called out to support bomb-squad officers as part of an investigation of a “person of interest” in the marathon attack.

At the hospital, investigators seized the man’s clothes to examine whether they held any evidence that he was behind the attack. The law-enforcement sources also told The Post that the man was not free to leave the medical center.

He had suffered shrapnel wounds to the back of a leg but was not likely to die, a source said.

As of last night, investigators had not yet directly asked the man whether he had set off the bombs. But they had asked him general questions, such as what he was doing in the area.

The potential suspect told police he had dinner Sunday night near Boston’s Prudential Center, about half a mile from the blast site, the sources said.

He also said that he went to the Copley Square area yesterday to witness the finish of the race.

The sources said that, after the man was grabbed by police, he smelled of gunpowder and declared, “I thought there would be a second bomb.”

He also asked: “Did anyone die?””

From Canada Free Press April 17, 2013.

“Boston-like bomb plans published by al Qaeda”
“A bomb-making manual, written in Arabic and published less than two months ago, made its rounds on sites used by Muslim terrorists worldwide. The manual provides specific instructions on the best methods of packaging a bomb using a pressure cooker. Previously, the English language Muslim terrorist magazine published under the name Inspire carried similar instructions, although the instructions contained within this newest manual appear to be far more advanced by comparison.

Advanced instructions pertaining to procuring the needed materials, from the pressure cookers to be used as the containers to the other components, including methods of detonation to methods of disguising the bombs themselves, appear to be consistent with the information made public by law enforcement officials investigating the bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday.”

Read more:

From Walid Shoebat April 17, 2013.

““Innocent” Saudi has ties to several Al-Qaeda Terrorists”

“A couple of weeks ago we warned America about the very serious problem of Saudi infiltration; many of these Saudi nationals are criminals and terrorists.

After the bombings, a Saudi by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was hospitalized and became a ‘suspect’, then a ‘person of interest’. His apartment was searched by federal and local authorities. No confirmation has been given so far to his involvement. The Media were quick to claim his innocence, of course.

This brings us to the Boston marathon bombings. Foreign Policy is reporting that he’s ‘no longer a person of interest’, which means he’s “innocent”, right?

Perhaps a quick look at the Arabic sources should raise the eyebrows of every American relative to the extent of the problem at hand. Many from Al-Harbi’s clan are steeped in terrorism and are members of Al-Qaeda. Out of a list of 85 terrorists listed by the Saudi government shows several of Al-Harbi clan to have been active fighters in Al-Qaeda:

#15 Badr Saud Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
#73 Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
#26 Khalid Salim Uwaid Al-Lahibi Al-Harbi
#29 Raed Abdullah Salem Al-Thahiri Al-Harbi
#43 Abdullah Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Harbi (leader)
#60 Fayez Ghuneim Humeid Al-Hijri Al-Harbi


Then you have Al-Harbi clan members in Gitmo:

Salim Salman Awadallah Al-Sai’di Al-Harbi
Majid Abdullah Hussein Al-Harbi
Muhammad Abdullah Saqr Al-Alawi Al-Harbi
Ghanem Abdul Rahman Ghanem Al-Harbi
Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awfi Al-Harbi”

Read more:

Thanks to commenter RMinNC.


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  1. You have put all the pieces in place very nicely CW…..good article !

    Even a blind man could see who was responsible for Boston…

    Well maybe every blind man except the one sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  2. Watch out America…their luggage will be loaded with “pressure cookers”!

    From CW’s post:
    “Saudi Arabia, which gave us 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers, will soon get the coveted “trusted traveler” status from the Department of Homeland Security.”…NY post March 21, 2013

  3. Third fatality identified as Lu Lingzi of China. She was a grad student at Boston University.

    The lid of one of the pressure cookers was found on a nearby roof; the lid is now ‘in custody.’

  4. The WND article that cabbyaz posted yesterday by Reza Kahlilli indicates the possibility that the Iranian (Shiite) Quds Force, which has obtained support from some Al-Qaida (Sunni) groups via Hezbollah, may be involved in this new Boston massacre.

  5. If my Arabic serves me correctly, al harb translates to “the war”. Not that that means anything. I have dear friends from the al Harbi tribe. Yes, Saudi.

    Stupid me. I was in Saudi Arabia during 9/11. My first reaction was; no way was a Saudi involved in the attack. I didn’t think I had met a Saudi that had the balls. Turns out, I was wrong. As time went on, I started to see Wahabis that had the mindset to do just that.

    In 1992 I had a workmate tell me that it was OK to kill me if he couldn’t convert me. He had spent his time fighting the Russians in Afghanistan.

    It wasn’t until much later that the Saudis realized that the jihadis were a threat.

    Do I think we need an express lane? HELL NO.

  6. The MSM is doing its best to link the bombing to right wing extremists due to the Oaklahoma City bombing, Waco and Columbine & Patriots Day.


    911 World Trade Center- Pentagon
    London Subway Bombings- 0707/05
    The Estonia Catastrophe (852 dead)
    Norway Oslo attacks (77 dead)
    Sandy Hook Elementary School
    Aurora, Colorado- Batman shooting
    Taft Union High School (Jan 10, 2013)
    Boston Marathon ( April 15, 2013)


    Live terror drills were conducted
    Same Scenario — Same Day
    Either On Location – or very close by
    Media ignores this completely
    They were Terror Drills that went Live
    This is No conspiracy – It is FACT

    Don’t take my word for it – Check it out.

  8. Preliminary tests show that the letter sent to barky was indeed ricin; it is being sent for further tests…

  9. CitizenWells,

    A few random thoughts:

    1. The bomb was a mid-eastern design. The pressure cooker is a Iran design, used extensively in Afganistan against American Targets. One planned pressure cooker bomb plot was stopped in the United States by an American military person who went Jihad. Odds are this is Middle East plan.

    2. Unlikely a single individual. To deliver the bombs, during the race itself and avoiding detection, would have required spotters and timing. That means planning and review of previous marathons. Therefore, it’s likely that this represents a ‘group’ of individuals rather than one person.

    3. The timing of the explosions suggests (12 seconds apart) a hearding of people for maximum effect. This requires experience with bombings and careful calculation of crowd reaction, very common with the afganistan bomber teams over the last 5 years. Please note; in Afganistan there are usually teams associated with IED detonations; funder, bomb maker, spotters, detonators, package delivery, and video.

    4. The target doesn’t make sense for Americans unhappy with current IRS or DHS. I would have expected an IRS bombing or DHS bombing, not a sports event, from a disgruntled “angry white guy”. Target suggests foreign terrorists activity by design.

    5. No ‘claim of responsibility’. This is the most interesting point of all. Terrorists claim responsibility, especially when they have a ’cause’. Why would you do a very public bombing and then not claim responsibility? IMHO, this suggests a foreign GOVERNMENT as backer and NOT a terrorist group.

    The answer to the riddle of the above may be linked to the failure of the Oklahoma city bombing investigation by the Clinton Administration. The Clintons and the left wanted domestic terrorists to further the ‘agenda’ so squashed evidence of the ‘third terrorist’ (see book written by Jayna Davis).

    Finally, I can’t help but recognize the information supplied by RMinNC. I find that type of coincidence to be compelling.

  10. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    BREAKING – CNN reporting a suspect has been arrested in Boston explosion – “Dark skinned with a foreign accent”

  11. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PS – Wolf Blitzer gave the information.

  12. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Their RATINGS will now go through the roof!!

  13. Fox is also reporting this as breaking news – confirms the arrest of suspect in bombings. A news conference will be held shortly. Film footage played a big part.

  14. Excitement around here; let’s hope they’ve got the bastid!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    NOW CNN saying the story might be false. BUT THEY GOT THEIR RATINGS UP!!
    The 3 most important words in the American lexicon –
    1 – RATINGS
    2 – Cleavage
    3 – “Absolutely”

  16. Comments at ORYR:


    “I have brought the birth certificate issue up to family and friends in an attempt to spread the word about Obama fraud. They all give me two responses: 1) his birth announcement was published in two newspapers, so , therefore, he was born in Hawaii 2) If his birth certicate is a forgery,then surely the mainstream media would be talking about it. I’m sure many of you have had the same experience. Anyway, friends and family have decided that my incorrect belief about Obama is the first sign of my impending senility (I am 65). Or possibly it is an indication of my racism, which I have hidden from them for all these many years. So I told them that the truth will come out eventually and I hope they remember that I, and many others, tried to warn them. I pray that people wake up to the truth about Obama before it is too late! God bless America.”

    “Amen and welcome to my world and millions of others. For some reason a lot of idiotic Americans think it’s not a big deal and we shouldn’t even be talking about it. They ASSUME that he was properly “checked out” before running for office. When they realize that is not true, it’ll wake them up to our reality and then the crap will hit the fan. I hope that happens sooner than later.”
    Go here for audio (Mike Zullo interview):

  17. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CNN is really doing some back pedaling now.

  18. Oops! Now Fox is pulling back based on further confirmation. It is true that a suspect has been determined from film footage, but now they are saying there is no ID or an arrest yet. How can some feds be so out of sync and in conflict?

  19. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    cabbyaz – I would submit that the media whores were the ones jumping the gun. Ratings is everything and the ONLY thing. Fox & CNN will be hurt by this miss fire.

  20. The federal courthouse in Boston has been evacuated due to a bomb threat (c’mon, idiots, knock it off!).

    We here believe that contrary to news reports, they do indeed have the perp.


    Art Bell, of Coast to Coast late night radio, used to make reference to a phenomena he called “the quickening” (an homage to the movie “Highlander”); a phenomena that would excelerate all of humanity across the threshold into a complete paradigm shift. Art would relate current world events, when combined and examined togther, would seem to imply a society spinning ever further out of control… and not just man made events, or man manipulated events, but the every thing as a whole.

    Has the “quickening” started? You be the judge.

    My own personal conviction is things will get a whole lot worse before we turn the corner back to a world of reality.

    Just look at the world events over the last 12 months.

    BENGHAZI: Conspiracy and cover-up written all over it. Only the survivors know what truly happened, and they have been effectively gagged .WHY? Something is very wrong when our government will not provide th truth in this matter.

    U.S. ELECTIONS: One of the most debated, protracted, convoluted election cycles in American history. Was the vote fixed? Was Obama “placed” in office? The voting irregularities were nationwide by both sides… are the elections just for show? The answer to all the above questions is of course ……..a resounding YES.

    IRAN:. How far are they really from being a nuclear state? Who is pulling their strings? They are already a nuclear state, and the Islamic extremist are in complete charge, yet America thinks they can “compromise” with terrorist.

    NORTH KOREA:. What are their nuclear capabilities? Is Kim Jong Un even in charge, or are his generals? Will they restart a 60 year old war?…The little “fat boy” isn’t in charge of anything. His ancient generals seem to be living with past memories and faded glory.

    CHINA: This nation is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. Are they privately backing DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea) and Iran while they continue to support U.N. sanctions? Will they go after Taiwan? Philippines? Will they use the DPRK to draw the United States into a world war?The answer to these questions is YES, YES, and YES.

    RUSSIA: Hit by a meteor on the same day of an asteroid cosmic “near miss”.As the Bible says; Fire and brimstone shall reign down from the heavens, and it is.

    CONN/COLORADO SHOOTINGS: From the beginning these both had “false flag” written all over them. We don’t have to stretch the truth to provide evidence that these were false flags; the media and government has done enough of that. Were these just sad tragedies, or more innocent, defensive less, pawns being moved about on the game board?
    Human life does not seem to carry any weight in this weird game being played out now.

    BIZARRE/WEIRD/UNEXPLAINED NOISES: Heard all across the globe. Are the noises heard on the east coast a precursor to a massive New Madrid quake?Is something BIG coming our way? (Such noises were reported prior to the 1800s quakes). What about the same noises being heard in England? Mainland Europe? Asia?Is this the work of HAARP or something more monsterous? Questions, questions, questions, where are all the so called experts with the answers?

    THE PAPACY: For the first time in centuries a pope has abdicated his throne? Was this in order to bring on the world stage “Peter the Roman”? Was Benedict forced to abdicate or die an early death? Is Pope Frances the real deal as a reformer….. or is it all just for show?

    THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: It is a mess. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Whether or not you subscribe to the big banking conspiracy, the evidence for an upcoming “adjustment” is everywhere. Bankers call it an adjustment because their wealth will remain intact. We call it a monatery collapse. It is what it is, and it is just around the corner, my friends. Metals, which had performed so well for so long, just had went south… due to the central banks manipulating the prices. Nothing is safe anymore.With the recent nose dive of the price of gold, the bankers have again successfully robbed the people.

    SCIENCE: Did they find the Higgs boson? Are they really considering using human DNA for computer processing? (Cylons maybe?) Feel free to add more to this, Are we are messing with God’s natural processes that should not be messed with. HAARP, chemtrails, big pharma killing us, etc etc.The answer to these questions is of course YES, Man is wanting to play GOD….but mind you……. GOD will not be mocked.

    THE PARANORMAL: Scientists are now actually admitting there may be life forms here with us that we don’t see, hear or understand. WOW. On the face that is a fairly benign declaration, but it is certainly a game changer as modern science has never freely admitted there may be anything they just can’t understand. And, they certainly haven’t admitted what the evidence has been pointing toward over the centuries. Man keeps looking for the missing link……Man is the missing link.

    Then finally there is a general feeling something is coming that we will have a hard time dealing with… something beyond our grasp. Numerous threads are all over the internet about this. It seems it is all around us, just beneath the surface of our concept and ability to understand things… but nevertheless, a persistent and pervasive feeling of helplessness.

    It seems like as intelligent beings, (well most of us here on Citizenwells are) we are posting threads covering singular events without regard to the big picture that is developing right before our eyes…

    Well boys and girls it seems like the Big Picture is beginning to take a real shape. I have no idea what is next, but events do seem to be accelerating.

    Something is coming at us like a runaway fright train Keep your eye on the bouncing ball.

    Maybe Art Bell had it right..

  22. A bit of OT humor – Youngin’ Un reminds me of the Pillsbury Doughboy. (due apology to Pillsbury)

  23. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Nice to see there was an arrest for the killing of the DA and his wife in Texas:

    Since there has been nothing mentioned on FOX in the last 2 hours, I’m thinking it will turn out that these people are bleeding heart liberal commie pinkos.

    Maybe it’s been on the “scroll news” at the bottom of the screen, but I’ve been busy doing other things.

    Did anyone know about this?

    The story states the husband was arrested Saturday.

    All over three computer monitors.

    UP is DOWN.

  24. Interested Bystander

    But boy if it was a “right winger” who was arrested, I’m betting 24/7 coverage putting the Boston tragedy on the back burner.

    Just my opinion.

    Not trying to imply that one is more tragic than the other, but the 24/7 coverage of ONE STORY seems a bit much.

    I think MSNBC is reporting that the lead investigator actually went to the rest room when he should have been arresting someone (and please this time make it a right winger).

    What a joke our media has become.

  25. Interested Bystander


    At a quick glance, I thought he looked like WC Fields.

    My sincere respects to the GREAT Mr Fields, just a thought.

  26. RMINNC…………..
    Could all of what you put on the plate be a real life version of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? There are many occurrances everyday somewhere on Earth to which you could look upon as having synonomity yet in reality the only thing that they have in common is their timing. Regarding such timing I would take a view that there are far too many variables involved for these events to become a CONSTANT. But I say all of this with a slightly curled lip. When UP IS DOWN………ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE,and given the right set of circumstances prevailing,even PROBABLE. Time to test fire ALL of our ARTILLERY pieces, along with ALL the rest of our defensive,and offensive weapons. Fire when ready Gridley!

  27. Interested Bystander


    Not trying to downplay anyone else on the forum, but your comments are spot on.

    I love reading all comments (yes Tina I even read your comments), but William’s seem like they could be coming from my head.

    Thanks for being here.


    It may well be “a right winger” that is arrested for this dastardly deed….but you can bet your booty that it was “conducted” by a militant Islamic terrorist group…be they “international” or “home grown” !

    The only difference is where the bomber(s) originated from.

  29. IB………….
    The legendary WC Fields is a person who should live a million years………if not physically certainly in the minds ,and hearts of those who he made laugh, and certainly nobody should ever forget a few of his words “NEVER GIVE A SUCKER AN EVEN BREAK”, Like the great PT BARNUM, WC had a way of saying things that made us look at each other and ask “What did he just say”? In those days many of us couldn’t figure WC Fields out,but as we aged we began to get his message without even asking one question. HAR HAR

  30. OLDSAILOR…..

    YES in today’s crazy world, anything is possible…and YES, UP is DOWN

    And may I add Gridley……KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY !

  31. IB………

  32. Interested Bystander

    Maybe the Ft Hood Murderer will be going on trial soon:

    Good article on the case.

  33. Interested Bystander


    Thanks for the compliment, with humility, you are welcome.

    WC Fields was the first REAL comedian.

    Just his voice would make me laugh.

  34. RMINNC……….OT but could be important!
    Did you get a load of Miss Kerry’s performance today, on the news. How the hell did this NITWIT ever obtain his (ALLEGED) commission as a line officer? I can’t believe that they just hand out commissions at a “fast food type of window” at Annapolis because listening to him talk makes me think that there must have been a FIRE SALE on commissions, and he had just received his weekly allowance from his WIFEY,and the PRICE WAS RIGHT! He is potentially more deadly to our country than AL QUIDA!

  35. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC | April 17, 2013 at 4:15 pm |

    Art Bell, of Coast to Coast late night radio, used to make reference to a phenomena he called “the quickening”

    Yeah – I listened to Art for many years too. I remember when his wife died and he made a quick trip to Manila and married a young girl and had a baby. He claimed that someone was threatening him. They still replay old shows on Coasttocoast radio. He is a bird.

  36. RMINNC……..
    The last ship I served on was skippered my a “NAVAL MUSTANG” the definition to which is a WW2 E6 who was selected to attend OCS at Fort Benning ( for a short officer orientation) and aws then made what was known generally as an LDO (limited duty officer). During WW2 there was a growing number of such persons,and again during the Korean war. After WW 2 ended all except a few who had political clout were set back to their original enlisted rates. But one such officer somehow retained a permanent commission,and early in the Korean war was awarded another half inch wide gold cuff stripe which made him a full commander, he was then given command of the USS Ruchamkin APD 89, which was in reality a WW2 destroyer escort. At the beginning of the Korean war 25 of these little 1800 ton “speed boats” were refitted and commissioned as APDs. They were put there as high speed seagoing busses for our UDT people. Most of our operations were done with UDT personell aboard. If you do not know what UDT is it is the FATHER of todays SEALS. In the Korean war it was known as UNDERWATER DEMOLITION TEAMS. (UDT) We all learned a lot from those guys. Even then they were some real BADASSES. On the beach nobody messed with them, because the provacateur usually got his ears pinned back.

  37. Good news for a change:
    Votes not available to advance Obama strategy

    The first, and key, proposal was to expand background checks widely. It failed 54-46 under a requirement of 60 votes for adoption.


  38. Commander John Coste was probably the finest example of a Naval officer that I gladly served under, even though he was really just another whitehat. The XO was a LCDR who had gone through Annapolis. He was all “SPIT AND POLISH”,and hated Coste’s guts. He tried several times to transfer but the ” type commander” always denied his requests. He had often referred to Commander Coste as a complete IMBECILE. I seriously believe that it was that accusation against his own CO that got him the PERMANENT assignment aboard the Ruchamkin serving under an IMBECILE. Would that be a just reward for MISS KERRY?

  39. CabbyAZ …………
    Sounds as though there really are a few people in Congress who OWN FIREARMS. Makes me wonder what MMSSSSSS.EINSTEIN is thinking. Maybe her, or his head will explode.

  40. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Anyone watching Wolf Blitzer trying to save his reputation on Live CNN with Gov. Duval of Mass.?

  41. CW,

    I’m not sure if my memory is correct, but I seem to remember Walid Shoebat was interviewed on TRUNEWS several months ago, and described the fact that there were 50 Iranian terrorist cells located within the US waiting for instructions. I will try to find the interview and post it.

    I tend to think that the FBI has a person or persons in custody, but will not reveal their findings until Beelzebub has a chance to put his spin on it. Just a guess, but I’m thinking the facts might embarrass his Iranian best friend, Valerie Jarret.

  42. Hey CW here is a thought for you!
    If it looks like a duck,walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and even swims like a duck, is it REALLY a DUCK, or a CLONE with a different mentality.

  43. OLDSAILOR…in reference to John Kerry, you ask:
    “How the hell did this NITWIT ever obtain his (ALLEGED) commission as a line officer?”

    It’s called Liberal Political Connections…..

  44. Is a cloned duck really a ……CLUCK?

  45. There is so much to say on this gun control attempt, I don’t know where to start:

    1) Recent attackers have all been seriously mentally ill. Congress and Obama should have focused on improving mental health efforts, but they went after gun background checks that would not have prevented Adam Lanza and others from killing folks.

    2) Obama said he wanted to prevent felons from getting guns. In many states, that is already covered in background checks. Felons can’t get guns.

    3) Recently, another 40 people were killed in Chicago, which Obummer often ignores. Most of it is gang violence fueled by drug traffic. We need to work on the issue of drug abuse, teen pregnancy, and the break-down of the family. Those people with guns in gangs in Chicago are not going to go through background checks. They get their guns often by stealing them out of law abiding gun owners’ homes and cars.

    4) As we recently saw, attackers don’t just use guns. They can use knives. They can use bombs. Focusing on guns gets us nowhere.

    5) This is a proud day in the USA; not a shameful one.

    The problem is that Obama took an emotional issue and came up with a solution that doesn’t deal with the problem. He was trying to score points and he lost. It’s like millions are out of work, but Obama wants to focus on gay marriage. Solve the problems that Americans need solved. That’s my advice to this totally inept and illegal, in my view, president.

  46. I find it very disconcerting that thirty-six hours (as of this writing) after the Boston terrorist bombing, law enforcement and counterterrorism officials are running hotlines and calls for “anyone seen with an unusually heavy, dark bag” in the Boston area. A $50,000 reward has been offered for clues leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. Officials are saying that this case is “wide open.” Wide open? Really?

  47. SUEQ…………..
    Do you suppose that there are more than ONE terrorists who have been appointed to Soetoro’s GOON SQUAD? And perhaps even a like number were elected to congress by our “young overeducated wordsmiths”,amounting to a deliberate infiltration of our own government. Sadly everybody thinks our youthful college grads are on our side. HAR DE HAR, maybe 2 or 3 out of every 100. This infiltration could easily be members of the “Islamic Brotherhood”……….Egypt has recently discovered the error of their ways,but it is now very doubtful that any of them will ever be able to do a thing to FIX IT. The only reasonable alternative is for another uprising in Egypt. Almost a daily occurance these days.

  48. Honor First………
    OH OH here comes a RUN ON PRESSURE COOKERS. Buy a black back pack that will accommodate a pressure cooker and you are home free. You will be able to prepare some really great eating. Do you like spare ribs and saur kraut? Takes only half as long in a pressure cooker. But you have to take it outdoors to let the steam off,…. but get ready for some really nasty expletive from your nearest neighbor. Doesn’t smell to great………will stink up the neighborhood on a still night. Especially on a night so still that you can HEAR the GM products rusting.

  49. Thanks cabbyaz for that link. I’ve been listening to the radio hoping someone would mention something about how the vote is going…..but so far, nothing. I keep getting stuff in my email asking for me to sign petitions to my senators, but know it won’t do a bit of good. My senators are Feinstein and Boxer. 😦

  50. Tina…………
    With regard to Adam Lanza, who allegedly had mental problems to such an extent that his own mother was trying to find a place to institutionalise him. BUT>>>she had provided the firearms TO THIS KNOWN MENTAL CASE, so in reality WHO WAS REALLY AT FAULT? She was able to buy these weapons because she had no traceable mental problems…..(but I personally would question such reasoning) What mother in her right mind would POUR GASOLINE UPON A FIRE, or buy weapons for her mentally ill son. I think that she should have been held at least as an accessory.

  51. Tina……….
    NO OFFENSE INTENDED, but exactly why do most felons who re offend usually possess firearms? No they cannot get these firearms from reputable firearms dealers. Since most convicted felons have already done prison time they have learned during their incarceration how to buy weapons from the CRIMINAL BLACK MARKET. These people like to bragg that they sell more handheld firearms in an hour than many reputable dealers do in a month. That is what we are up against. The felons know exactly where to go and who to look up to buy a weapon. They learned this in the SLAMMER! Then at some point down the road the felon decides to use his newly acquired POP GUN,to do a robbery, but somebody there was able to get the drop on him and his life comes to a screeching halt from the muzzle of a sawed off 12 gage, loaded with high brass, magnum express buckshot. End of story! Usually the hand gun which he had brandished, will be ordered by the court to be destroyed,and the judge will require a visual look at the destroyed weapon. This is OK as far as it goes. But there are ways to get around that court order and there are some officers who have a destroyed weapon which they show to the judge and he signs off on it but what he saw was not THE dead felon’s destroyed weapon. It was a similar weapon that was probably destroyed several years prior.. The officer then takes the intact weapon to a friend at a gunshow,and the weapon gets sold to maybe another felon, and the gunshow dealer and the crooked cop share a tidy sum of money. This DOES happen….and more often than people realise. Much more often! I have seen this scheme in operation!


  53. HonorFirst | April 17, 2013 at 6:27 pm |

    Evening, Honor, and All,

    Breaking (just a few minutes ago) from VERY credible sources.

    No arrests yet, but they’re close to ID’ing on one of the perps. Surveillance video from the Lord & Taylor store has been professionally enhanced for a clearer picture of the dude’s face.

    They also have one of the pressure cookers and are in touch with the manufacturer to find out exactly who purchased it. The FBI is thinking ‘lone wolf.’

    All day we were pretty sure that they did indeed have the perp, but they kept it quiet so as not to cause him (or anyone else involved) to flee.

    I think this’ll break shortly. Barky needs to stay the hell home tomorrow; we don’t want him or the man he ‘married’ here; we have enough trouble without these two things effing everything up! I’m sure that the ceiling of the church will cave in as soon as he and Moose walk in the door.

    I will post anything else I get. Please pray that they got him/them.

  54. Oldsailor,

    Are you asking me if I think this event is a “false flag”? I don’t think so because it is messing up his gun grab debate. (Maybe I am misreading you.)

    My understanding is that the “Brotherhood” has infiltrated the highest echelons of our government and dictate policy. Nonetheless, even with MSM help, they don’t capture the hearts and minds of Mr. & Mrs. America. That is why I believe this episode has been secretive. I believe the FBI knows exactly who did this.

  55. SueQ…you said:
    “I believe the FBI knows exactly who did this”

    I believe your right..

  56. Art Bell’s replacement on Coast to Coast, George Noory, has been saying for months, maybe close to a year, that there is something going on under the surface with people and we just don’t know what it is yet. He says behaviors are so strange and he feels an undercurrent that he can’t explain. Maybe it’s the quickening that Art referred to, but he has had numerous guests on his show that he has questioned about this. I sure can’t explain what is going on, but I know something is, and I keep looking for answers, so I thank all of you on Citizen Wells who provide info on a daily basis. Thanks.

  57. If you have ever watched “New Detectives” or the old “Forensic Files” on TV, you have a good understanding of how tedious and extensive such investigations are and how capable law enforcement is in piecing together the smallest segments of evidence.

    Also, it takes time to definitely ID beyond question anyone who is a suspect. Truthfully, I questioned how the authorities could possibly have done the required groundwork to have reached the “court hearing” stage as first reported today erroneously.

    Now for a little wicked speculation. SueQ, you hit on it in one of your earlier posts. Queries: What if the suspect has ties to islamic terrorism?
    Will Bummer have to sign off on the treatment? We do have such an infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in high government places that it is entirely likely. This needs to be watched closely, imho.

  58. OT but still part of our current evil for good, up/down culture:

    Homosexual Activist Masha Gessen on the Real Purpose of the Marriage Push

    “At last some honesty from a moonbat. We all know that the Left is not on the level with its sudden urgent concern that homosexuals have their sexual liaisons sanctified by the government as legitimate marriages. Lesbian journalist Masha Gessen, as quoted by Micah Clark, spells out what they are actually up to”:

    “It’s a no-brainer that [homosexuals] should have the right to marry [each other], but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. … (F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.

    “The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist. And I don’t like taking part in creating fictions about my life. That’s sort of not what I had in mind when I came out thirty years ago.

    “I have three kids who have five parents, more or less, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t have five parents legally… I met my new partner, and she had just had a baby, and that baby’s biological father is my brother, and my daughter’s biological father is a man who lives in Russia, and my adopted son also considers him his father. So the five parents break down into two groups of three… And really, I would like to live in a legal system that is capable of reflecting that reality, and I don’t think that’s compatible with the institution of marriage.”

    “To “fundamentally transform,” as Obama put it regarding his plans for America, is to destroy.”

  59. Anything for the Saudis???

    Breaking: Saudi national questioned about Boston bombing being quietly deported next Tuesday
    Fox News Channel/Hannity Show (live) | 4/17/13

    Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 9:54:00 PM by pabianice

    “Now on Hannity. Saudi man questioned yesterday and then released re. the Boston Marathon bombing to be quietly deported next Tuesday. This coincidental with closed meeting Obama had with Saudi Foreign Minister last night. Guest on Hannity vouching that this news has been confirmed through a contact in the State Department.”

  60. Hey, Observer,
    This ties in with your post: (Note that the “meeting” was not on O’s public schedule)

    Obama meets with Saudi foreign minister, discusses Syria

    U.S. President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House on Wednesday and discussed the conflict in Syria, a spokeswoman said.

    The meeting was not on Obama’s public schedule.

    The spokeswoman, Caitlin Hayden, said the president joined a meeting between the Saudi official and Obama’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon.

  61. cabbyaz | April 17, 2013 at 10:24 pm |
    Yes, Cabby….Zero’s meetings are never about what they are meant to persuade.

  62. Speaking of Obama’s meeting to discuss the conflict in Syria with the Saudi foreign minister, it should be kept in mind that the Assad regime is allied with Iran and it is through Syria that Iran extends its influence throughout the Middle East. Obama is pro-Iran. Check out this old article from Forbes 2008:

  63. In addition to my previous post note the Iranian connection in the following:

    Valerie Jarrett — Iranian born personal advisor to Obama, featured at one Iranian website as “Iranian of the Day.”

    VP Joe Biden — Backed the Khomeninist revolution and for 30 years has spoken in favor of it, receiving large fund-raising support from the Iranian lobby.

    Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel — As a Senator voted against sanctions against Iran

    Sec. of State John Kerry — Has an Iranian son-in-law with family in Iran.

    Should these people with these ties and pro-Iranian tendencies be running the executive branch of our government?


    When I read your post, I was reminded of the 4 hidden dynasties–Political, Economic, Educational, and Religious.
    4 avenues through which the anti-christ (“instead-of” Christ in the Greek) will set up (deceive) those he wishes to follow him in the end times.

    Perhaps “the quickening” is another phrase for the End Times deception going on right now.

    Your post contained:
    US Elections: Political
    The Papacy: Religion
    The Global Economy: Economics

    The ONLY one not mentioned was Education, and yet, Obama is planning to “educate” our children at an incredibly young age- handed over to the state –(Humanism) indoctrination is what it is, and we all know it–(see Common Core, Brigette Gabriel of Act For America has much information on the planned indoctrination of our youngest.

    Your post gave me shivers-it’s happening as we watch.

  65. Prayers for Waco, Texas. Terrible explosion near there.

  66. Dean M. | April 18, 2013 at 12:16 am |
    Should these people with these ties and pro-Iranian tendencies be running the executive branch of our government?
    No, No, NO!!!
    Thanks for reminding us! Should the bomber(s) be found to have any connections with Iranian-sponsored terrorism, watch out.

  67. citizenwells

  68. citizenwells

  69. citizenwells

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