Obamacare will piss off employees used to choices, Businesses could shun Obamacare exchanges, Single plan bad for elderly and young, One size doesn’t fit all

Obamacare will piss off employees used to choices, Businesses could shun Obamacare exchanges, Single plan bad for elderly and young, One size doesn’t fit all

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”…Barack Obama

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)[1] imposes numerous tax hikes that transfer more than $500 billion over 10 years—and more in the future—from hardworking American families and businesses to Congress for spending on new entitlements and subsidies. In addition, higher tax rates on working and investing will discourage economic growth both now and in the future, further lowering the standard of living.”…Heritage Foundation

“Can we stop calling ObamaCare the Affordable Care Act now?”…Guilford College student

One size doesn’t fit all. Another reason to keep government out of health care and our lives.

From CNN money April 4, 2013.
“Businesses could shun Obamacare exchanges”

“By 2014, two kinds of health exchanges are scheduled to be up and running: One for individuals and one for small businesses.

Under the Small Business Health Options Program, business owners would choose a level of coverage, and their workers could pick among competing plans that qualify.

Under a new proposal from federal regulators, each business owner would still have their pick of insurance from several providers. But businesses would be limited to choosing a single plan to cover all their employees. An expansion of more options would not come until at least 2015.

Related: What companies need to know about Obamacare

It would limit employers who currently offer several plan options to their employees. That makes up about half of all small businesses, according to health insurance broker Jesse Smedley.

“People who are used to having a choice and offering multiple plans are going to be pissed off,” said Smedley, who owns iHealthBrokers.

That includes business owners like Zachary Davis, who owns two ice cream shops and acafe in Santa Cruz, Calif. He currently provides health insurance to his 20 full-time workers, a diverse group that ranges from college students to seniors.

Davis chose to offer his employees three different types of plans to better suit their needs.

The young ones are fresh out of college and loaded with student debt. They prefer to pay lower monthly premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs, because they’re healthy and rarely see a doctor.

His older workers visit doctors more frequently and opt for higher premiums and lower deductibles.

Davis said limiting each business to a single plan would be a deal breaker, keeping him out of Obamacare exchanges.”

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24 responses to “Obamacare will piss off employees used to choices, Businesses could shun Obamacare exchanges, Single plan bad for elderly and young, One size doesn’t fit all

  1. citizenwells

    From zachjonesishome on prior thread:

    Submitted on 2013/04/04 at 8:12 am
    I’ve been working a little on an excel worksheet. In 2012, the interest on the National Debt was $359,796,008,919.49. That’s bad. The effective interest rate we paid was about 2.23%. Imagine if the Fed slows or stops propping up the debt by buying treasuries (which keeps interest rate low) and the interest rate goes up.

    Using the 2012 Debt numbers, if the interest rate went up to 3% we would have paid $484,784,610,399.01 billion dollars in interest. That’s an extra 125 billion in interest over the actual 2.23% interest we paid. And Obama is crying about 80 billion in sequester adjustments.

    Using the 2012 Debt numbers, if the interest rate went up to 4% we would have paid $646,379,480,532.01 billion dollars in interest. That’s 287 billion more than the actual interest we paid.

    Using the 2012 Debt numbers, if the interest rate went up to 5% we would have paid $807,974,350,665.02 billion dollars in interest. That’s 448 billion more than the actual interest we paid.

    Now imagine if the interested rate increased to 8, 9, or 10% and the debt is increasing at the rate it is. Oh crap!

  2. citizenwells

    Great data & insight Zach!

  3. CW – Between Obamacare and the Fed trying to defer pain until after next election to gain control of House, it’s going to be a total mess. Our debt is over 100% of our GDP, etc. etc. etc. If you have anything around the house that needs repairs, it’s probably best NOT to wait. I’m thinking about buying ammo of various calibers just to be able to trade with.

  4. CW – here’s a good site regarding GDP. http://www.bea.gov/national/index.htm#gdp

    Click on the following on the link: Current-dollar and “real” GDP (Excel)

    This provides you with an excel page of GDP since 1929

  5. citizenwells

    Zach, buying ammo.
    Preaching to choir.

  6. citizenwells

    Unemployment claims jump 28,000 to 385,000.

    “April 4, 2013


    In the week ending March 30, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 385,000, an increase of 28,000 from the previous week’s unrevised figure of 357,000. The 4-week moving average was 354,250, an increase of 11,250 from the previous week’s unrevised average of 343,000.”

    WEEK ENDING Advance March 30 March 23 Change March 16 Prior Year1
    Initial Claims (SA)……….. 385,000 357,000 +28,000 341,000 368,000″


    You of course noticed that the latest, 385,000 is greater than the prior year number, 368,000.

  7. Zach and CW….

    With all of the evident bankruptcy of the country now Zero wants banks to, again, make loans to the unqualified knowing this will speed up the ultimate disaster…..like Cyprus….and create a similar manmade crisis in order to control people’s savings and force their subjugation.

    The banks have had our savings now for years without paying any interest. They need another license to steal? Does anyone really believe that the FDIC will honor their so called insurance plan of bank accounts? You’d think, even beyond just plain cowardice and selfishness, any sane politician would leap at the chance to use the evidence handed to them on a silver platter to get rid of the reason for all of this rapid decline of their own country….the illegal one/ Manchurian candidate. They don’t seem like the types to willingly go down with the ship, so it has to be that they actually believe that somehow they will be the only ones left to survive with their filthy lucre. They’re all delusional and without consciences.

  8. I saw that yesterday Observer. Amazing! I hope when the collapse does come the zombie left will realize that they have been totally manipulated by the media. Then maybe they will take their pitchforks and surround the headquarters of every major news media.

  9. Where is/was Ron Paul ?
    Observer at 9:31 am —

    “You’d think, even beyond just plain cowardice and selfishness, any sane politician would leap at the chance to use the evidence handed to them on a silver platter to get rid of the reason for all of this rapid decline of their own country….the illegal one/ Manchurian candidate.”
    Part of Kelly Canon’s comment at jbjd’s site:

    July 20, 2010


    “… I did one more thing: Dec 26th, 2008 – I was home visiting my parents for the holidays. I picked up the phone and called Ron Paul. He represents my home town, and my parents and sisters’ family, as well as several childhood friends/classmates. I grew up in Lake Jackson TX, and before he was a congressman, Dr Paul was my OBGYN! (He’s delivered a few thousand babies in my hometown before becoming a congressman) I went to school with his kids; graduated with one of them in ’77. I was able to chat with Dr Paul for a solid 15 minutes that day. During that conversation, I made it VERY clear that I was concerned about Obama’s citizenship. I then point-blank ASKED him if he was going to present an objection to the certification of the electoral votes, based on Obama NOT being a NBC, and a LACK of evidence accordingly. His response: “If I did that, I’d be laughed out of Congress”. What a stunning response. My jaw dropped about 10 inches… That pretty much “did it” for me. It knocked the wind right out of my sails. I haven’t really been the same since. I mean when a so-called “constitutional” man like Dr Paul says something like that, ya just have to ask yourself, “WHAT NOW”??? It was the most surreal 15 minute conversation I’ve ever had with an elected politician.”
    April 25, 2011

    “ Was Never A “Birther””

    ““Is there something to it [the so-called “birther” issue], based on what you have heard?” MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked the fiscal conservative Paul on April 19. “Is there any question that our president isn’t legitimate?”

    “From my viewpoint, obviously not, because I never bring it up,” Paul replied. “So I’m going to leave it to talk show hosts and to Donald Trump, and let you guys argue it out.”

    Strangely that answer wasn’t clear, or good enough, for Matthews. “No, no, but, no, be a — no, be a little more — no, this [answer] is a dodge,” Matthews said. “Is there anything to it?”

    “Not that I know of,” Paul said.

    Finally Matthews conceded: “You’re not a birther, sir. Thank you. We have given you the stamp of approval. You’re not a birther.””


  10. This was copied from “The Post & Email” when it was ‘free’ and posted in my comment at CW.
    July 10, 2011

    “Rep. Ron Paul Won’t Touch Obama Eligibility Question”

    “Dear Editor:

    Recently I contacted Congressman Ron Paul about the Obama eligibility issue. His response was as follows:

    From: Rep. Paul
    To: Redacted
    Sent: Friday, July 08, 2011 3:39 PM
    Subject: Reply from Rep. Paul

    Dear Mr. Sorensen:

    Thank you for contacting my office regarding Barack Obama. My staff has researched the issue of his citizenship. Our research has led us to conclude that the state of Hawaii has issued a valid birth certificate showing that Barack Obama was born in the United States.

    Of course, I remain committed to fighting for limited, constitutional government, and I am actively opposing President Obama’s big government agenda. Thank you again for contacting my office. Please feel free to do so in the future with any other questions, comments, or suggestions.


    Ron Paul”


  11. “PSA: Sheriff Joe’s Lead Investigator; Every Obama Document Is Plagued With Problems”


  12. Morning folks. I haven’t had time to do a lot of internetting lately, so I don’t know if you’ve been following this–South Carolina and Obamacare nullification. They are using the 10th Amendment to nullify Obamacare. It appears they are getting close to passing a law to nullify Obamacare in their state. Indiana may be getting ready to follow their example.

    If you “google” South Carolina Obamacare Nullification” you will see, if you haven’t already.

  13. For individual discernment of course but from the archives of articles by an investigative journalist who had previously been a Pulitzer Prize nominee for his Love Canal articles turned religious reporter:

    Former Radio Host Describes Prophecy Of What He Says Is Coming ‘Great Storm’

    By Michael H. Brown

    From previous article on same subject: (As a child Johnston says he was shown a prophecy about what he calls the coming great “storm.” It is an ongoing vision about a world “gone mad,” says this convert — a world where evil looks good and good is looked upon as evil. There had also been a peculiar vision in the mid-1960s in which a woman was hiding him because people were putting knives to children. “That didn’t make sense to me until I realized the implications of abortions, which came later,” Johnston recounts. “Abortion is a satanic sacrament.”

    Good as evil. Evil as good.

    It seemed like such a dramatic change, such a transformation of society — of the world, says the former radio newsman — that he didn’t think it could occur in his lifetime.)


    ……The former broadcaster, Charles Johnston, once of WKRS (a station based in Waukegan), now a salesman in Belleville, Illinois, warns that mankind is approaching a great purification — something we have heard from many mystics and which we submit only for discernment.

    when he watched as the world seemed to turn topsy-turvy, with good considered evil and evil good — Johnston says he became startled and knew it was leading to the events he was shown in the visions. He says that in those premonitions is general upheaval, a breakdown in technology, and a “global civil war” — with the dividing line the issue of abortion.

    While Johnston also sees signs in natural happenings, it is his belief that the major events will be spawned by man.

    There are “legions,” he says, that have given themselves over to Satan. He believes that abortion is a satanic “sacrament.” And as a result, the world is in for a roller-coaster ride during the next 14 years, he says, with major events preceded by “rumblings” like September 11 that will lift the veil and show us the real existence of good and evil. “There will be more than a few false dawns, and people will deceive themselves during these periods that the crisis is past,” claims Johnston. “Then: sudden terror, more starkly terrifying than all that has gone on before.”

    We are not speaking about the end of the world but of major events that if Johnston is correct will take place in various ways in parts of the world. The Lord seeks not to destroy, says Johnston, but to deliver.

    this war “will take place all over.”

    It will involve terrorism, he says, but goes beyond that and will include persecution.

    “This war shall ultimately become a death struggle between the authentic Judeo-Christian values of classical Western Civilization and the false gods that are ascendant throughout the world,” warns Johnston. “Let me draw this point finely — when I speak of ‘false gods,’ I do not mean merely other religions. I include the false gods of materialism, hedonism, the ‘culture of death,’ and other such idols that cross national and religious boundaries.”

    “This is a definitive struggle between the values of Christian Western civilizations and forces that want to destroy that. It is a battle for the soul of the world,” is the way he synopsizes it.

    He also states that there will be a breakdown in our technology and infrastructure. “Technology won’t cease to exist,” he says. “But there will be a greater simplicity with everyone. We will know the nature of the battle we are in when our technology fails — and fail it will. It is not that the laws of science are going to be revoked; rather, we are almost unaware of what a fragile hothouse plant our sophisticated technological systems are. Satan has seduced many souls by filling them with an unwarranted confidence in themselves and the work of their hands.”

    It is this self-sufficiency, maintains Johnston, this idea that we are our own gods, that will be broken down

    He just fixed me with a steely glare and said, ‘You must tell them true and they must choose or perish.'”

    “They showed me very dramatically how it would come, how it would shake up the entire world, how it would dislocate everything, and showed with a great deal of detail what was demanded of me.

    “[They showed me] that the whole world was about to undergo a terrible trial. The things that people had confidence in were going to fail them. I was shown that souls were perishing at an unprecedented rate, and that God was going to let us see a bit of the consequences of our actions in order to reclaim us. Wars. The economic system. Just dislocated — people frightened. Whatever it is you take the most security in, it will be taken from you. Until we understand that the only thing obligatory for our confidence is God, we will lose those things. I was shown that the biggest portion of my work was to explain what God is doing and why He is doing it, which is the only reason there are specific predictions that have come to pass. People need to know that God loves them and calls all men to salvation.”

    “I did not predict the World Trade Center,” he acknowledges. “What I did say was that very quickly there would be large-scale terror, because that’s the weapon that Satan was left with, the primary weapon after the weapon of deception was taken from him — but that the immediate effect of his terror would be to begin to lift the veils that have obscured the difference between good and evil. And that would be the primary effect of the rumblings that precede the storm. People would once again see that there is good and there is evil and begin to make their choices.”

    Johnston also had warned long before the recent crisis that the storm would break through North Korea. “North Korea is the dragon’s tail,” he says. China? “You got it,” he says. “China is a very bad actor. You’ll know for certain that the storm has broken in its fullness when it comes through North Korea. For almost a decade now I have shuddered with an unknown and supernatural dread at the mere mention of North Korea.”

  14. Wacko’s and Nut-jobs! Was reading where Concord, MA is banning water bottles since they are made of plastic and told its citizens to get water from a tap? Not to forget my history here in brief, but it was the environmentalist nut jobs coupled with politicians and their lobbyists that declared bans and war on “Glass” bottles decades ago simply as they claimed glass took far too long to degrade and was filling up the landfills. Their recommendation? Go to “PLASTIC” as its nearly 100% recyclable!

    Not to be outdone, the Tree Hugging nut-jobs took the same stance and declared war on paper bags and food product cartons (such as milk ) also be banned and replace with….you guessed it, “Plastic”.

    And now here we are with Concord’s ridicule of Plastic water bottles to the extent of banning them from their city. I say, the next time Concord MA is hit with a Massive Storm or Hurricane, loose power and water supply (no taps now), then DO NOT send them water, as it violates their laws now. Wouldn’t want to do that.

  15. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Observer | April 4, 2013 at 11:08 am |

    Good as evil. Evil as good.

    “People” are to be loved and “Things” are to be used. NOT the reverse.

  16. Mr. Bill,

    I agree and would like to add something personal. I once thought I knew what love was when I met and eventually married my wife (now of 27 years) until I had children. After the birth of our first child (I have 4 total) at that point, an entire different amount of love opened up, a gift from God, a love that I didn’t even know I was capable of.

  17. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Another quote I find fitting for the times — “We are raising a nation of children so insecure that they have to get a tattoo so that they can be different LIKE everybody else!!”

  18. Question of Assumption,

    What would happen in the hypothetical sense, the Supreme Court of Alabama rules that Hawaii officials must produce authentic official documents and they refuse? In other words, they are not a Federal Court of law and therefore I am wondering if any issuance of neglecting a State order – even at the top – can be ignored without any recourse? A Federal Judge can certainly without doubt wreak havoc on Hawaii officials, but from State to State is my question.

    I once sat in a Federal Court in front a Federal Judge in support of a close friend many years ago. A sheriff’s deputies illegally confiscated his guns and refused to give them back (all stemmed from a divorce). The Federal court ordered that they be returned to him within 30 days, they were not. When it was back before the Federal Judge (6 months later) and the Sheriff attempted to explain why he refused to return them directly disobeying his order, the Federal Judge in a very calm collective voice, with a smile said (I’ll never forget this my entire life) to the sheriff: “Let me tell you something, there is “GOD, JESUS CHRIST, AND A FEDERAL JUDGE AND IN THAT ORDER”, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” I was scared for him. Never heard anything like that in my life nor since! The sheriff still had a remark, which blew me away. He said, “well, I’ll just bring my tooth brush then”. The judge said, don’t worry, we provide that for you, you have 24 hours to return them. And, they were returned.

  19. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | April 4, 2013 at 1:13 pm |

    “People” are to be loved and “Things” are to be used. NOT the reverse.
    God bless you Mr. Bill.

  20. William | April 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm |

    Mr. Bill,

    I agree and would like to add something personal. I once thought I knew what love was when I met and eventually married my wife (now of 27 years) until I had children. After the birth of our first child (I have 4 total) at that point, an entire different amount of love opened up, a gift from God, a love that I didn’t even know I was capable of.
    William, funny how that works. It seems like through the sacrement of marriage…..God teaches us how to put others before ourselves. That is one reason it should never be tampered with, and why it should never be redefined.

  21. SueQ,

    You are absolutely right; it’s quite funny in hindsight being older. I would have never thought such of love when in my youth. God does work on our hearts, especially with our children. I’ll tell you a funny story. When my first child was born, we did like every parent does (or should do), decorate the room, get all the accessories, family and friends donated things, ect. We all came together.

    However, I couldn’t keep from wanting my children in our bed. I allowed them to sneak in, sleep on my side of the bed, ect. One time, with my youngest son, he was 5 years old at that time (17 now), he slept on my arm while holding him asleep. I woke up with a numb arm, thinking nothing of it. Nevertheless, I could not get any feeling back In it from the mid- shoulder down and the pain and lack of use of my arm was continuing up towards my neck. When I went to the hospital, they thought I had a stroke while asleep, and landed me in the hospital for 5 days with all kinds of tests. The results? My sons head being in my elbow with my arm around him, separated my elbow joint being asleep and relaxed, and when I woke and moved, pinched my alder nerve between the joints (AkA, funny bone), which then caused the complete numbness and also created a blood clots (5 days later), which then landed me in immediate surgery.

    It was worth though. Of course, my wife’s lesson to me was completely different for allowing the kids throughout life to sneak into the bedroom and get in bed with us. I have always said to others, regardless of ages, they’re still you babies. A Gift from God.

    What makes me really proud, it that to this day, all my children can and do give me a hug and a kiss in public, and they think nothing of it. The way we raised them.

  22. How wonderful William,

    I remember our kids sneaking into our bed as well. One, in particular, had a nasty habbit of flayling around…kicking and hitting during sleep. My husband had a black eye the next day. Oh well….the stuff we put up with…wouldn’t change it EVER!

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