Obama and GE pay to play politics, General Electric high profits low US taxes, 24.9 Million stimulus money cut 18000 US jobs, Rezko loans from GE Capital

Obama and GE pay to play politics, General Electric high profits low US taxes, 24.9 Million stimulus money cut 18000 US jobs, Rezko loans from GE Capital

“Citizen Wells, we bring bad things to light”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Mutual Bank fire whistleblower Kenneth J Connor after he
challenged the appraisal on the land purchased by Rita Rezko, just
prior to the land sale to Obama?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did the Rezkos enter into an agreement to purchase the lot next to the Obama house and pay the asking price of $ 625,000 at a time when they were broke and heavily in debt?”…Citizen Wells

From CNS News October 11, 2010.

“The Obama administration gave corporate giant General Electric—the parent company of NBC–$24.9 million in grants from the $787-billion economic “stimulus” law President Barack Obama signed in February 2009, according to records posted by the administration at Recovery.gov.

Despite getting $24.9 million from U.S. taxpayers, GE decreased its U.S.-based employees by 18,000 in 2009, according to the company’s 2009 annual report.

According to Standard & Poor’s, GE took in $156 billion in revenue in 2009.

GE was the primary recipient of 14 stimulus grants, a spokeswoman for Recovery.gov confirmed to CNSNews.com. These 14 grants provided GE with $24.9 million in tax dollars. On four additional stimulus grants, the primary recipient of the federal money hired GE as a contractor. Recovery.gov is the administration’s website that tracks stimulus expenditures.

At the end of 2008, GE employed 152,000 U.S. workers, according to its 2009 annual report. But at the end of 2009, according to the report, it employed only 134,000 U.S. workers, a decline of 18,000 workers.

The Energy Department provided GE with 9 stimulus grants, the Department of Health and Human Services provided the company with 3, and the Justice Department and the Commerce Department each gave the company 1 stimulus grant.

All of these federal stimulus grants went to GE’s Global Research Center.

The earliest of the stimulus grants went to GE in July 2009 and the latest in April 2010.

CNSNews.com asked a GE spokesperson if the company contested Recovery.gov’s representation that GE had received 14 stimulus grants worth $24.9 million, and also whether the company now employed more or fewer workers as a result of receiving the grants.

In an e-mail response, GE spokeswoman Anne Eisele said, “I’m afraid I must politely decline to comment.”

What did all the money to GE go for? Recovery.gov posts brief explanations of each grant. For example, the Department of Justice gave GE $999,955 in stimulus money. “The goal of this program,” said Recovery.gov, “is to develop a comprehensive reasoning system for event and scenario recognition for an intelligent video system.”

In addition to the $24.9 million it received in stimulus grants, GE was also awarded $5 million in federal contracts under the economic stimulus law. These contracts were payment for services provided by the company.”



I saved this article a few hours ago. I now get this:

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting ‘)’ in /cluster/www_system/www/v2.cnsnews.com/public_html/sites/default/settings.php on line 216”

A search on the link yields:

Obama Administration Gave General ElectricParent  – CNS News

cnsnews.com › News

Oct 11, 2010 – health care-obama. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden react to cheers as they arrive in the East Room of the White House 

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That wasn’t supposed to be part of this story. It just happened.
Seems like Obama really likes GE.
From NewsMax March 23, 2011.

“General Electric CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt is super-close to President Obama. The president named Immelt chairman of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.
Before that, Immelt was on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

He’s also a regular companion when Obama travels abroad to hawk American exports. (Why does business need government to do that?)

“Jeff Immelt is perhaps the CEO who is most cozy with President Obama,” says journalist Tim Carney. “General Electric is structuring their business around
where government is going . . . high-speed rail, solar, wind. GE is lining up to get what government is handing out.””


From Hot Air March 25, 2011.

“What a coincidence! I’m sure that GE’s ability to generate $14.2 billion in profits, $5.1 billion in the US, and end up getting back $3.2 billion from
taxpayers has nothing at all to do with its political connections and favorable tax breaks and loopholes it has pushed through Congress.”


What a coincidence! Tony Rezko likes GE too.

General Electric Capital Corporation

“Company Description

General Electric Capital (GE Capital) encompasses the financing operations of sprawling conglomerate General Electric. The group’s five segments provide
commercial loans and leases, consumer loans and credit cards, and real estate financing services around the world. GE Capital’s largest segments are
commercial lending and leasing and consumer lending, which together account for about 80% of revenues. Its GE Commercial Aviation Services specialist segment leases commercial aircraft, while its energy financial services segment provides project funding for customers in the energy and water sectors. GE Capital is active in more than 50 countries but does most of its business in the US and Europe.”


From the Tony Rezko Indictment Press Release, October 11, 2006.

“The second indictment alleges that Rezko fraudulently obtained more than $10 million in loans for a pizza restaurant business from General Electric Capital Corp. (GECC) and also defrauded investors in that business.”

“The loan fraud indictment, which charges only Rezko, alleges that he fraudulently caused GECC to extend more than $10 million in loans to finance what Rezko portrayed as sales of two different groups of pizza restaurants in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. In fact, the indictment alleges, the sales were sham transactions that occurred at inflated prices, and involved the presentation of false financial information to GECC. The indictment alleges that in addition to defrauding GECC, Rezko defrauded investors in his pizza business by concealing the fact that he was transferring the company’s assets to himself and a straw purchaser.”

““This indictment describes a frenzy of corrupt scheming, particularly in April and May 2004, in which political insiders sought to manipulate the activities of two state boards to fleece investment firms and individuals. The defendants and their associates put the word out loud and clear: you have to pay to play in Illinois,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.”

“The indictment alleges that Rezko and his co-schemers fraudulently obtained a $4.5 million loan from GECC in March 2001 to finance the purchase of the Milwaukee stores by a straw purchaser and his company at an inflated price, and through the submission of fraudulent documents, including false financial statements about the condition of the pizza stores.”

“The indictment alleges that Rezko and his co-schemers made similar fraudulent representations to obtain a $6 million loan from GECC in October 2001 in connection with Rezko’s sale of the Chicago area pizza restaurants from Rezko Enterprises to his own company, Chicago PJ LLC. After closing on the loan for the Chicago stores, the loan became delinquent, and Rezko caused additional false financial information to be submitted to GECC in asking for forebearance on the default.”

From the San Francisco Chronicle March 3, 2008.

“Obama, a Democrat, is not part of the case against Rezko, who is accused of shaking down companies seeking business with the state of Illinois. Obama has
conceded it was a mistake to bring Rezko into his personal real estate dealings, although he has insisted there was nothing unusual about the developer
deciding to buy a sought-after lot in an upscale neighborhood. But a review of court records, including new details of Rezko’s finances that have emerged
recently, show that the lot purchase occurred as he was being pursued by creditors seeking more than $10 million, deepening the mystery of why he would plunge into a real estate investment whose biggest beneficiary appears to have been Obama.

Dodging creditors

As Obama and Rezko were completing the property purchases in June 2005, Rezko was fighting to keep lenders and investors at bay over defaulted loans and
failing business ventures. But he sidestepped that financial dragnet by arranging for the land to be purchased in his wife’s name, making it the only
property she owned by herself, according to land records.

As a result, when Obama and his wife, Michelle, bought a portion of the land from Rezko seven months later to widen their yard, the money they paid was
beyond the reach of Rezko’s creditors, including one conducting a court-ordered hunt for his assets to recover a $3.5 million debt.

Two lawyers involved in the civil litigation against Rezko said they believed that the property was subject to possible seizure on the premise that Rezko had
been trying to hide behind his wife, Rita, who had little money of her own to complete the $625,000 purchase.

The lawyers, both of whom requested anonymity because they did not have their clients’ permission to speak about the cases, said there was little purpose in
pursuing it because the legal costs would have outweighed the value of the property, which was encumbered by a $500,000 mortgage.”

“Federal prosecutors recently filed papers saying Rezko had trouble paying creditors for years. At least 12 lawsuits had been filed against Rezko and his
businesses from November 2002 to January 2005, including one by GE Commercial Finance Corp., which had extended more than $5 million in loans for Rezko’s pizza franchises.

GE obtained a court judgment against Rezko in November 2004 for the $3.5 million it said was outstanding on its loans, but the company put collection efforts on hold during the first half of 2005 as it negotiated with Rezko, court records show. When the Obamas and Rezkos bought their adjacent parcels that June, Rezko’s wife, Rita, put down $125,000 in cash and financed the rest with a bank loan.”


Obama and Rezko like GE, especially in 2005.
More to come.
Citizen Wells, we bring bad things to light.

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  1. CW..It’s one great Obama slam after another. I’m finding it difficult to keep up with all of O’s BS. I hope people and the Lib’s are paying attention. I tell everyone about your Web site. I find that many have never heard of it.(sad). But, I’ll see what I can do to fix that. Anyway, I got my first order of nObama bumper stickers. So far so good. Everyone likes them. I’m working on posting a picture next week. Two are in English and one Spanish?

  2. Thanks hapnHalt’s

  3. cw

    I want some one some group even Romney to play that video of Emmelt and Barry sitting there laughing about the shovel ready jobs! They need to play it every day for at least two weeks before election day and even all day long on election day!

    And also play the video of Barry the kenyan fraud sitting there with that Russian man telling him to relay to Putin that when he gets reelected in November he can and will do anything he wants. That is the two videos of the fraud that people can understand!

    Pray for Israel

  4. “Mrs. Clinton Has Blood On Her Hands Everywhere”


  5. Ginger, this is for you.

  6. Ginger, here’s the traitor with Medvedev video.

    But warns GOP not in position to reverse socialism

    Lord Monckton was recently interviewed and has more words of warning for the U.S.

    It is interesting to recall that Prime Minister Winston Churchill came to America years ago to educate Americans about the dangers of communism and delivered his “Iron Curtain” speech.

    Lord Monckton is following in Churchill’s footsteps to warn us that we are facing some of the biggest hurdles ever. He covers his opinion of what the U.S. will do about Obama’s eligibility problem as well as the financial cliff we are facing.

    Read the interview:

  8. THANK YOU………… Bob

    How do I put those videos in my favorites? I am going to send the videos to as many of our so called corrupted politicans as I can!

  9. Afternoon. Here’s a protest many should try to attend. There’s not one in my area.


  10. Philo-Publius | September 16, 2012 at 5:05 pm |

    Lapdog CNN Reporters Now Asking Twitter Followers to Donate to Obama
    Do these idiots think this usurper will get re-elected if he only had more money? I don’t think so. His gig is up, people now know he’s a fraud.

    My question is, will these creeps burn the White House down on their way out, or just trash the place like Clinton did.

  11. Last week we learned that Obama skips more than half of his intelligence meetings and that the administration had 48 hours advanced knowledge of a threat but did nothing. Shouldn’t that blunder be news?


  12. “Three days before the deadly assault on the United States consulate in Libya, a local security official says he met with American diplomats in the city and warned them about deteriorating security.
    Jamal Mabrouk, a member of the February 17th Brigade, told CNN that he and a battalion commander had a meeting about the economy and security.”


  13. Ad about the dog eater in chief.

    Western Center for Journalism
    Did you think there should be more ads like this? Or do you think ads should talk about the actual issues?

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