Obama facts September 14, 2012, Rezko for Radicals Kenneth J Conner Qui Tam lawsuit against Mutual Bank personnel, Amrish Mahajan et al

Obama facts September 14, 2012, Rezko for Radicals Kenneth J Conner Qui Tam lawsuit against Mutual Bank personnel, Amrish Mahajan et al

“Because I tend to rely on evidence and not on hearsay, I believe we should focus our attention on Amrish Mahajan and the Mutual Bank of Harvey, not on Giannoulias and the Broadway Bank, if we are to assign names to the financial institution about which Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times has heard “rumblings.” Although Mahajan is not known to readers of No Quarter and to the national media, I imagine they will desire more information on the unscrupulous banker once they read the information I unpack below the fold. And yes, Obama is involved, deeply involved.”…Truthteller, NoQuarterUSA October 12, 2008

“Why did Mutual Bank fire whistleblower Kenneth J Connor after he
challenged the appraisal on the land purchased by Rita Rezko, just
prior to the land sale to Obama?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did the Rezkos enter into an agreement to purchase the lot next to the Obama house and pay the asking price of $ 625,000 at a time when they were broke and heavily in debt?”…Citizen Wells

The economy is in shambles, there are numerous diversions in the Middle East and in the election campaigns, Tony Rezko is in prison, the appeal of Rod Blagojevich has been delayed by the US Justice Dept. Obama thinks he has it made.

Not on my watch.

Kenneth J. Conner has a new book coming out, “Rezko for Radicals” and has a Qui Tam Lawsuit against the officers, directors and employees of Mutual Bank of Harvey, Adams Valuation Corp., et al. Citizen Wells will continue to keep these stories alive.

I have much respect and appreciation for sites like No Quarter USA which were investigating and reporting the truth about Obama when many were asleep or doing their best to hide this information.

From No Quarter USA October 12, 2008.

“About the Financial Institution Mentioned in the Sun-Times: Obama, Tony Rezko, Amrish Mahajan, the Kenwood Mansion & Rita Rezko”

“Mike Robinson’s AP article entitled “Obama Fundraiser, Convicted of Fraud, Spills Beans,” corroborates what we at No Quarter have been writing for weeks:Antoin “Tony” Rezko is cooperating with federal prosecutors interested in Barack Obama. While the national media’s attention to this topic is long overdue, I am not prepared to state that it is too little, too late. I am, however, disappointed.

Also disappointing but somewhat predictable is the blogosphere’s bungled reception of Mike Robinson’s article. Of course those who have embraced Obamawill dismiss the story as so much yellow journalism. One blogger claims that prosecutors are interested in Blagojevich and not Obama. But looming in the blind spot of that blogger’s necessarily tendentious gaze is Rezko’s 9 JUN 2008 letter to Judge Amy St. Eve and the reference to Obama as “Individual D” in the superseding indictment and the proffer of evidence filed by Fitzgerald and his prosecutors during the Rezko trial. Obama’s name can be printed again and again on the surface of the legal documents filed during the proceedings of the Rezko trial, but these writers with all their “naked” insight will clothe the verifiable record with their blindness. Knowledge production, it seems, has been lifted from its evidentiary supports when Democrats write about Barack Obama and Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

And yes, those Democrats include some ostensible Hillary Clinton Democrats. Seizing upon the following quotation in a Chicago Sun-Times column, one blogger believes the AP story heralds the end of the political careers of Alexi Giannoulias and Barack Obama:

Sneed hears rumbles political fund-raiser/fixer Tony Rezko, who is now singing sweetly to the feds from his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, has been talking about his “dealings” with a Chicago bank, which has political connections.

Stay tuned.

While Rezko was a customer of Alexi Giannoulias’s Broadway Bank, where he amassed a debt of $450,000 after writing bad checks at Las Vegas casinos, and while Giannoulias did write loans for Rezko, I do not believe one can aver with the confidence of the blogger I cite above that federal prosecutors are now focusing on Giannoulias, even if Giannoulias was tied to Rezko by his opponent during his 2006 bid for the office of Illinois state Treasurer. Allow me to be clear: Obama bundlermobster banker and Obama protégé Giannoulias is, to be sure, embroiled in the Rezko scandal and in other aspects of Chicago politics any political observer would find unsavory, but he is not in my opinion the topic of the conservation occurring between Rezko, Rezko’s attorney and Fitzgerald’s team of prosecutors. I do admit he is grist for the mill of impetuous bloggers who desire web traffic and a controversial headline or two, however. Because I tend to rely on evidence and not on hearsay, I believe we should focus our attention on Amrish Mahajan and the Mutual Bank of Harvey, not on Giannoulias and the Broadway Bank, if we are to assign names to the financial institution about which Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Timeshas heard “rumblings.” Although Mahajan is not known to readers ofNo Quarter and to the national media, I imagine they will desire more information on the unscrupulous banker once they read the information I unpack below the fold. And yes, Obama is involved, deeply involved.


My interest in Amrish Mahajan and the Mutual Bank of Harvey was picqued by this list of contributors in Rezko’s bundling network provided by the Chicago Sun-Times last March. View the second page of the document, and notice the following entry:

Last name First name Obama donations Rezko connection
Mahajan Amrish $2,500 Banker whose bank loaned money to Rezko companies. The bank also loaned Rezko’s wife money to buy a vacant lot next to Obama’s home.

The data available in the Sun-Times spreadsheet is corroborated by the following data, which is democratically available at the Federal Election Commission‘s website:


12/20/2003 500.00 24020030170
04/14/2004 1000.00 24020461757

Not only was Mahajan a member of Rezko’s bundling network; his bank, the Mutual Bank of Harvey, granted Rita Rezko the $500,000 mortgage she neededin order to purchase the lot on which the Obama mansion in Chicago sits. As many of you may recall, the Obamas could not have purchased the mansion they could not afford unless transactions for the mansion and the lot closed on the same day. Obama needed to locate someone who would buy the lot, and he approached Rezko, the convicted slumlord with whom Obama toured the property before they mutually agreed to the following arrangement:

The home and lot sales closed on June 15, 2005. A land trust controlled by the Obamas bought the house for $1.65 million, and the Obamas secured a $1.32 million mortgage from Northern Trust to complete that purchase. That same day, Rezko’s wife, Rita Rezko, bought the side lot for $625,000. A $37,000- a-year Cook County employee, she secured a $500,000 mortgage from Mutual Bank of Harvey.

The structure of this transaction begs the following question: What bank would lend a government employee who earns $37,000 per annum a $500,000 mortgage? What bank would assume such a risk?

The Mutual Bank of Harvey, of course, for the Mutual Bank of Harvey’s President is a man who is deeply connected to the Chicago machine that backed Barack Obama. Indeed, Amrish Mahajan was one of Mayor Daley’s first political appointments in 1989, when he was named to a seat on Chicago’s Plan Commission, where he would be joined by Obama’s former boss and Rezko’s business partner Allison Davis and by Valerie Jarrett, Daley’s Chief of Staff whochaired the Commission from 1991-1995. Mahajan, in other words, worked with those who devised and profited from Daley’s failed public housing experiment in Chicago, a public housing policy Obama helped fund as state Senator and US Senator.

Rezko, according to the Boston Globe, was one of the major beneficiaries of Obama’s legislative advocacy for funding of Daley’s public housing experiment. Other major beneficiaries are Jarrett and Allison Davis. Mahajan was also a beneficiary, for his bank had made $3.4 million dollars in loans to Tony Rezko’s slum landlord business since 2002. A banker for one of the slumlords who benefitted from the Daley housing program Obama helped bankroll, Mahajan was returning a favor when he wrote a $500,000 mortgage in 2005 for the wife of one of his clients. Although Tony’s financial problems were mounting in 2005, and although Rita earned only $35,000 per annum, Mahajan underwrote the mortgage. Favors must be reciprocated, I guess, especially when one can satisfy two parties at once: the person with whom one has a complicated relationship in real estate and the politician who helped finance that complicated relationship as state Senator and US Senator.

I doubt federal investigators are interested in the Mahajans solely for their involvement in the property deal involving Obama, Mahajan and the Rezkos. The Mahajans, I believe, are the foci of their probe for many reasons.

The real estate transaction involving Rita Rezko, the Obamas and Mutual Bank of Harvey is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, the Mutual Bank of Harvey seems to be at the center of all the corruption in Chicago. To quote former Donald Perillo, Chicago insurance mogul and son of the lawyer for Al Capone, in the Chicago Tribune article I cite above:

Donald Parrillo said he isn’t surprised to see Mahajan mix it up with politics and business. “He got that attitude from the Parrillo family,” the former alderman said. “He wanted to get in the game.”

And Mahajan certainly is in the game. The banker of the Chicago machine, he is also the man who wrote the mortgage for Rita Rezko that facilitated Obama’s purchase the mansion he could not afford. This is why I believe prosecutors are interested in Harvey Mutual Bank. Not only did Rezko receive loans from this institution; this bank is heavily involved in problematic real estate dealings involving Blagojevich and Obama. And if I may quote Rezko in the 9 JUN letter he wrote to Judge Amy St. Eve:

Your Honor, the prosecutors have been overzealous in pursuing a crime that never happened. They are pressuring me to tell them the “wrong” things that I supposedly know aboutGovernor Blagojevich and Senator Obama. I have never been party to any wrongdoing that involved the Governor or the Senator. I will never fabricate lies about anyone else for selfish purposes. I will take what comes my way, but I will never hurt innocent people. I am not Levine, Loren, Mahru , or Winter.”

Rezko is now talking, and prosecutors are presently interested in a politically connected financial institution. I bet Obama now regrets paying Rita Rezko $104,500 for the strip of the land in the lot on which his house sits in January 2006. Acquired with the assistance of a questionable $500,000 mortgage from Amrish Mahajan’s Mutual Bank of Harvey, this lot and Obama’s desire to expand his yard by bit was the catalyst for all the investigative reports into Obama’s deep ties to Rezko. By the way, Rita’s lot is only accessible through the front gate of Obama’s home; it is not a separate property, and it was never intended to be a separate property.

“It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe that he had done me a favor,” Obama says of the real estate transactions with Rezko. I wonder if now he also believes it was a mistake for him to serve as the legislator who represented and bankrolled Richard Daley, Amrish Mahajan, Valerie Jarrett, Allison Davis and the Chicago Plan Commission. But at least he and Michelle have a house, a house the Mutual Bank of Harvey, the politically connected bank that wrote loans for Rezko, helped them procure in 2005. Too bad that house will be the end of Barack Obama.




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  1. As if we didn’t know….

    Top Liberal Super PAC: Calling Republicans Racist More Effective Than Criticizing Their Policies…


    “When we said that Steve King … is pro-life and believes in cutting Social Security and voted for the Ryan budget, no one cared,” Arnold said. “When we said Steve King’s a racist, Steve King believes that immigrants ought to be put in electric fences, people moved.”

  2. Steyn on Obama’s Las Vegas ‘performance’: ‘Every American should be ashamed of their president’ [AUDIO]

    “I thought that thing last night with the president saying he had ‘a tough day’ and comparing the dead Americans in Libya to campaign supporters, which he did — I thought was one of the most disgraceful, inept and embarrassing performances by a head of state or government that I have ever seen,” Steyn said. “Every American should be ashamed of their president.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/14/steyn-on-obamas-las-vegas-performance-every-american-should-be-ashamed-of-their-president-audio/#ixzz26S7X6Wzh

  3. Students kicked out of Wal-Mart for singing “God Bless America”


    75 elementary school students singing “God Bless America” were kicked off the premises of a Florida Wal-Mart — and had the police called on them — even though the school principal had obtained the store’s prior permission. The little kids meant the song as a way to honor those who died on 9-11.

  4. Let’s all visit WalMart & sing God Bless America.

  5. Why is our country stuck in this handbasket, and where, pray tell, is it going?

  6. MY GOD! Our world is on fire and our POTUS, turns down a “one on one” with Netanyahu in favor of Vegas, golf, Leno, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. etc. etc.

  7. And stupid crazy people only care about the new Iphone. UNBELIEVABLE!

  8. “IPHONE 5 TRICK – Jimmy Kimmel Fools People into Believing iPhone 4S is iPhone 5”

  9. There are a lot of great articles at Dr. Jerome Corsi’s website:


    by Dr. Jerome Corsi

    “USA Today and the Washington Post turned down full-page ads for Joel Gilbert’s documentary exposing Barack Obama’s past, but they have published pornographer Larry Flynt’s full-page offer of $1 million to dig up dirt on Republican candidate Mitt Romney

    Flint, the publisher of Hustler magazine, is offering up to $1 million for verifiable information about Romney’s unreleased tax returns or details of his offshore assets, bank accounts and business partnerships.

    Gilbert’s documentary, “Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception,” presents evidence Obama’s biological father is his teen mentor, the Communist Party activist Frank Marshall Davis, not Barack Hussein Obama, the student from Kenya.

    As WND reported, the New York Post was the only paper to accept the ad.”

    Continue Reading Here: http://1776nation.com/

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Dr. Corsi At The End Of DNC Charlotte, NC

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    * New York Post Ad Exposes Obama’s ‘Real Father’ – After rejection by USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times (more)

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    ‘It’s a false friendship. They’re seeking their ends and not ours’ (more)

    More Dr. Jerome Corsi’s articles & videos are here also:


    Dr. Jerome Corsi: We are at a crossroads in the USA. This is where we are at in the United States of America: This is the last stand in the USA for our God-given unalienable civil rights, freedoms and our human liberties in the USA!!

    Please Go To: http://1776nation.com/

  10. There are a lot of great articles at Dr. Jerome Corsi’s website:


    by Dr. Jerome Corsi

    “USA Today and the Washington Post turned down full-page ads for Joel Gilbert’s documentary exposing Barack Obama’s past, but they have published pornographer Larry Flynt’s full-page offer of $1 million to dig up dirt on Republican candidate Mitt Romney

    Flint, the publisher of Hustler magazine, is offering up to $1 million for verifiable information about Romney’s unreleased tax returns or details of his offshore assets, bank accounts and business partnerships.

    Gilbert’s documentary, “Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception,” presents evidence Obama’s biological father is his teen mentor, the Communist Party activist Frank Marshall Davis, not Barack Hussein Obama, the student from Kenya.

    As WND reported, the New York Post was the only paper to accept the ad.”

    Continue Reading Here: http://1776nation.com/

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Dr. Corsi At The End Of DNC Charlotte, NC

    A Few Other Articles At The Website http://1776nation.com Are Here:

    * New York Post Ad Exposes Obama’s ‘Real Father’ After rejection by USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times (more)

    * Israeli Science Website: Obama Birth Certificate Forged – Award-winning, former Netanyahu adviser behind assessment (more)

    * Look What’s Happened To Eastwood’s Empty Chair – Americans pounce on theme as characterization of administration failures spreads (more)

    * Top Dem: Christians Want Jews ‘Slaughtered’
    ‘It’s a false friendship. They’re seeking their ends and not ours’ (more)

    More Dr. Jerome Corsi’s articles & videos are here also:


    Dr. Jerome Corsi: We are at a crossroads in the USA. This is where we are at in the United States of America: This is the last stand in the USA for our God-given unalienable civil rights, freedoms and our human liberties in the USA!! Listen to the
    video above for more information!!

    Please Go To: http://1776nation.com/

  11. Breaking News
    Obama’s IQ Was only 89 the last time he took it.
    Below average

    This will get the Dems upset lmao

  12. .California: Orly Taitz Sues Obama, Media, Judge

    Yesterday Orly Taitz filed a lawsuit on behalf of Keith Judd

    The lawsuit names 30 defendants, including: Barack Obama, the California Republican Party, Daily Beast journalist John Avalon, Forbes Magazine and John and Jane Does 1-100. […]

    Click here to read more: http://birtherheadlines.com

  13. Hopefully every potential customer of the Florida Wal Mart,will take their business elsewhere,and boycott the store until the A$$HOLE manager is FIRED FROM WALMART. I would watch in GLEE,and would also SPIT on the BASTARD,if I could get close enough. The manager has no place managing a store like a WalMart. He is a halfwit. Children singing in the store would have attracted a LOT of potential customers,and added a PR win for the store. Now I pray that all potential customers will BOYCOTT the store until the MORON manager is FIRED.

  14. Mr.Clean………….
    Hey watch out! this guy is allegedly a HARVARD GRAD. This brings a question to mind …..how the hell does anybody attend Harvard,and be all Soetoro alleges he was while he attended, and then graduate with an IQ of 89.? I would expect a child in the 2nd grade of elementary school to have an IQ of 89……perhaps that would be about normal. Remember OCCIDENTAL,Columbia,and Harvard after which such a person would have at least a 150 IQ……or at least so I would expect. More reason to suspect that Soetoro never even attended Columbia OR HARVARD. The 89 IQ definitely QUALIFIES him to SHOVEL MANURE against the tide. I have watched and heard him do that, and he does it very well. He must have been a student of Joe Biden. When it comes to shovelling SHI#, nobody does it better than Biden.


    Dr. Corsi At The End Of DNC Charlotte, NC


    Please Go To: http://1776nation.com/

    Maybe it will embed this time….

  16. Starla, I took the s off of http.

  17. Re: Starla | September 14, 2012 at 11:45 am |

    When a double post happens for me at CW’s it is because a comment I send goes into moderation. When this happens, not all of the time, but sometimes I’ll send the comment in again.

    Why? For some unknown reason, the very same comment I send in here for a second time goes right through right away without any moderation at CW’s. Apparently CW took my first comment out of moderation and posted it. Thank you CW. So sorry for the double post!

  18. The KS ballot question is on Drudge now.

  19. Re: citizenwells | September 14, 2012 at 12:59 pm |

    Thank you for posting this video!

  20. Fruits of the Obama Doctrine:

    ROUND UP: Islamists Worldwide Setting Countries on Fire

    Islamists around the world are setting their countries on fire.


  21. Whistleblower,
    Wow! Great link. I figured that Fitzpatrick was dirty, and I suspect he ordered the wire taps be shut off to protect Obama. Corrupt as you can get!

  22. Destruction of USA economy and demise of USA international standing and power are goals of Obama and his handlers. They are making great progress. There will be a heck of a mess to clean up. The greatest challenge will be getting the electorate to recognize that those who voted for hope and change are responsible for the disasters.

  23. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m having a hard time stomaching the ceremony around these now dead men being brought back to America and watching Hillary and Zero refuse to take responsibility for these horrible deaths. If I were a family member of these dead I’d tell Obama face to face that he’s responsible for these deaths and he’s more loyal to his buddies/terrorists than any of our patriots. It’s HIS policies and HIS weakness towards our enemies that have caused this now worldwide terror. He and Hillary are feckless and should not even be there under our Constitution. The military standing there so patiently must be sick to their stomachs. esp. knowing that these people were not able to defend themselves and were not defended either by the State Dept. Now Hillary is apologizing again for those Muslims who didn’t identify with the thugs….but where were they when this happened? It’s the internet video “that we had nothing to do with” again that’s to blame. At least leave that excuse for another time Hillary. The families don’t buy it….I would hope.

  24. http://www.examiner.com/article/dollar-no-longer-primary-oil-currency-as-china-begins-to-sell-oil-using-yuan

    no mention of this in the news the dollor is being munipulaed by the chinese and that is why george soros just turn his money in for gold

  25. John in Illinois

    Total BS. I am tired of this administration blaming all this muslim hate just because there was a movie?????? WTF Where were they when they made a porno movie with a Palin look a like ? Or all the slurs of Bill Mahr? Or National Endowement of the Arts funded cross in urine?4 Americans were killed because of the inequaties of this fraud, they had a 48 hr warning and did nothing and they still blame a movie!!!! Does anyone feel we are aiding and abetting our enemies? Isn’t this treasonous? For all the Catholics and Jews you better think twice when you vote this time. Now they are censoring youtubes and next it will be free speech. The world is burning, we have nobody that looks up to the USA, and the media is covering for Obama and attacks Romney. GodBless America ! or whats left of it

  26. For those who read my posts from yesterday…another installment.
    Yesterday, I posted an information concerning the N in the NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) warfare, and some basics on how to go about surviving such a crisis.
    Today I will pass along a little info concerning the B, or biological, method of attack. We have biological agents around us all the time as with the electromagnetic activity I mentioned yesterday. The danger comes when these biological agents, either in the form of bacteria or viruses, become weaponized. This is known as “vector” warfare. To explain the term… it would not be very effective to simply put a virus or bacteria on a rock, in a field, and simply walk away. In essence, nothing would happen, except perhaps to the hapless soul who might possibly come into direct contact with it. In order to move within a population, there needs to be a “vector” or mechanism which provides mobility, such as consumables like water for instance (very good for bacterial agents), or insects, such as mosquitos, excellent for the transfer of viruses.
    To understand unconventional warfare, it is also necessary to understand military objectives ; basically, the forceful taking of real estate by some means, not necessarily conventional in nature. The goal is not necessarily to make the real estate uninhabitable, but rather just eliminate the hostile “occupiers”. When weaponizing biologicals, therefore, it is desireable to have an effect of a biologic that is more intense and also shorter acting, in which case it will simply lose it’s potency over a short period of time and render the area sterile. Thus, the application of the “vector”. Water, wind, insects, animals, and eventually…people. It’s form of delivery may be an aerosol, a powder, rain, or, more conventionally, an artillery shell, bomb, or missile.
    How do we defend against such a thing? By nature, vectors are very difficult to defend against, as detection is initially quite slow. We have in place a network within our medical community known as the CDC, or Center for Disease Control, based in Atlanta, Ga., which has a format for supplying information to the public, but in most cases of vector warfare, it will be too slow to save many. I mean we’re talking about Ebola and Anthrax here, among other quite nasty and nefarious bugs. Yesterday, I mentioned the protective mask (NBC certified) and suitable clothing for defense against nuclear agents. The same holds true for biologics. The big difference is the need for more changable filters, and a sterile means of disposal of the used ones. Protection of the skin is also paramount thus the suit, preferably made of neoprene. If you can, remain indoors for a period of time 2 weeks to one month and use tape to bug-proof your dwelling. Don’t drink water from a common source such as tap water. Boiling for 5 to 10 minutes will possibly work in a pinch. Don’t forget that weaponized agents are pretty hardy compared to their donor cousins, so use extra caution when either burning or boiling. Also don’t forget that burning and boiling can potentially create yet more vectors in the form of steam and smoke.
    As with my post yesterday, surviving these attacks is achievable, especially with a little common sense thrown in. These are just the basics, and, as with anything else, there is no guarantee these things will work for you, depending, of course, upon the individual circumstances.

  27. John in Illinois

    Please see my post at 11:00 am. I totally agree with you, the world is burning and the MSM’s noses must be so coked up that they can’t smell the smoke! They’ve got to be on drugs. Are there any adults in government or media left?

  28. No Marines for Libyan Ambassador, Full Security Detail for Valerie Jarrett Vacation


    by Ben Shapiro 14 Sep 2012, 10:53 AM

    Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have a Marine detail in Benghazi, Libya. But White House Senior Advisor and Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett has a full Secret Service detail on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, according to Democratic pollster Pat Caddell.

    That’s the pathetic foreign policy of the Obama administration, says Caddell today in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News. “Jarrett seems to have a 24 hour, around the clock detail, with five or six agents full time,” Caddell explains. “The media has been completely uninterested. We don’t provide security for our ambassador in Libya, but she needs a full Secret Service security detail. And nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with this. And nobody in the press will ask. What kind of slavish stoogery are they perpetrating here?

    “This country has reached the point of absurdity. There are people dead because we don’t have security details for them. But she’s privileged to have a full Secret Service detail on vacation?”

    Caddell points out that Americans are already unhappy with President Obama on foreign policy aside from the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Caddell, along with Republican pollster John McLaughlin, runs Secure America, a nonpartisan advocacy group. “We’ve just finished two polls coming out in the field today,” says Caddell, “but we already know that people feel strongly about Iran; they feel strongly about the administration’s policy with regard to Islamic extremists. They don’t like the Obama administration’s handling of these issues. And this election won’t only be about the economy. The American people aren’t stupid. They can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

    Caddell does reserve heavy criticism for the Republican establishment, which he believes has ignored foreign policy issues for far too long. “When three quarters of the American people believe Iran will give nuclear weapons to terrorists, you can see that Americans care about this issue. And people overwhelmingly believe that Obama’s sanctions policies will not work. The pronounced minority who disagree with those positions seem to be centered in the mainstream media – and ground zero seems to be at NBC and MSNBC.”

  29. “”Kansas Obama Ballot Challenger Intimidated Into Submission: Withdrawing Complaint”
    “Objection to Obama to be withdrawn
    The Mercury”

    “A Manhattan man said Friday he is withdrawing a complaint he filed with state election officials over President Obama’s eligibility to be on the November general election ballot.

    Joe Montgtomery said he was withdrawing the complaint, heard Thursday by the Board of Objections, because of reaction that had been directed at him and at others.

    “There’s been a lot of animosity directed at people around me … in ways that are intimidating,” Montgomery said Friday afternoon.

    Montgomery told The Mercury earlier Monday he believed he had presented “compelling evidence” to state officials for why Obama’s name should be removed from the November general election ballot. State election officials delayed a decision, citing what they characterized as a need for more information. Meanwhile, a state civil rights leader organized a protest against the board’s failure to immediately dismiss the matter.”

  30. I forgot Obama’s IQ was a few points higher on crack / 93

  31. Obama Was Member Of Gay Bath House”Mans Country”In Chicago?

  32. Observer and John in Illinois….

    Both of you are correct. It sickens me to see our leaders placing blame and denying responsibility for something they instigated in the first place.

    Blame for the ISLAMIC UPRISING that is now occurring in ALL the countries of the Middle East IS NOT, and I repeat IS NOT, the result of a silly video someone put on You Tube………..THIS IS A COPE OUT, AN EXCUSE FOR FAILURE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF LEADERSHIP IN OUR COUNTRY.

    Blame must be placed where it belongs. At the feet of those who started this ARAB SPRING crap. That would be Mr. Obama, Secretary of State Hillery Clinton, Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, and most likely that Iranian-born “President-in-Residence” at 1600 Penn AVE. Ms. Vallery Jarrett.

    No one can deny there was order in Egypt , Libya, and all the other Arab countries UNTIL our government aided, financed, and stirred the RADICAL MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD up..

    At the same time, our government knew the control of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD was under the influence of Al-Quadia, the same damn organization our soldiers are fighting and daily dying from in Afghanastian.

    Does a national foreign policy like make any sense to even the lowest level of intelligence ?…the answer is a resounding HELL NO.

    So now the Middle East is in flames and our courageous leaders are blaming a silly video for their failures .HOW SICKING CAN THEY GET.

    i REMEMBER WHEN LIBYA FELL TO THE AMERICAN ENCOURAGED RADICALS IN THAT COUNTRY. HILLERY CLINTON WENT ON NATIONAL TV AND PROUDLY BOOSTED, “WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED”. Then she was smiling.Hillery Clinton was not smiling today at the cermony for our fallen hero’s.

    Clinton was right, Gadeffii died and the country went to “hell-in-a-hand basket”…real fast. The same thing happened in Egypt, a once peaceful ally of America. Now Egypt is leading the opposition of all the Arab countries against the United States.

    If anyone can now say the “ARAB SPRING crap shoot” was a good idea, they must have rocks for brains. ARAB SPRING will be the downfall of Barack Hussain Obama, just as the Iranian stink was Jimmy Carter’s

    The only difference is; Jimmy Cater did not start the Iranian problem, but his weakness in solving it cost him a second term…….however, make no mistake, Barack Obama is directly responsible for all the unrest in the Arab countries tonight.

    Remember, when you go to the polls in November…Do we want an “all talk and no action”, not interested, street hustler, running our foreign policy…if so, then vote for Obama….if not vote for the other man.

    The truth will come out on exactly what caused this uprising…and it won’t be a silly video, which Mr. Obama had You Tube pull from the internet today..

    As I see it, the radical Muslims only respect brute force…and our “dear leaders” are only apologizing. The more Obama apologizes, the more the radical Muslims burn, rape and kill. The USA apologizes even more…and the circle jerk starts all over again.

    Now we are giving up our freedom of speech to pacify the radical Muslims. Where does it end?

    If you are a world leader, you must be very careful what you wish for……otherwise, it may come back to bite you in the ass.

    ARAB SPRING is a prime example of this age old principle.

  33. All this international intrigue….the world’s gone nuts….I’m beginning to believe that a certain type of WWIII began on 9/11:

    Two US Marines Killed in Taliban Attack on Prince Harry Base

    Two U.S. Marines were killed and other Americans were wounded on Friday during a Taliban attack on a base in southern Afghanistan where Britain’s Prince Harry is stationed, U.S. officials told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.
    A spokesman for NATO-led forces in Afghanistan said Harry was on the base at the time of the attack but was unharmed.

    Read more on Newsmax.com: Two US Marines Killed in Taliban Attack on Prince Harry Base
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

  34. People need to pay attention to the info Kay mentioned above. Not only QE from good old Ben but the Chinese and Russians are trading in their own currencies for oil etc and not using dollars as the basis. These are 2 very bad things for our financial health. Dollar valuation is being eroded significantly by Bernanke flooding more into it for the foreseeable future.

    Gold and silver need to be part of everyone’s financial planning now IMO. If Soros and China and others are accumulating gold at unprecedented levels, this should be ringing major alarms bells, but of course the msm is more concerned about some irrelevant video no one has seen in it’s entirety or even knows if it truly exists. Could this be on purpose to cover up Obama furthering his plans to ‘fundamentally change’ America?

  35. I just read this today, which is posted on TruNews:

    Report: U.S. Ambassador was raped before he was murdered

    The Arabic language website known as Lebanon News (Tayar.org) has just reported the horrific claim that the heavily armed mob responsible for the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, 52, actually raped him before he was killed. The Google Translation of the report follows: -“The U.S. ambassador to Libya was raped sexually before killing by gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night to protest against the film is offensive to the Prophet Muhammad” -“The sources told AFP said that ‘Ambassador was killed and representation of his body in a manner similar to what happened with Gaddafi, such as murder.'” Ambassador Stevens was killed on Tuesday along with three other embassy staff as a group of terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate office in Benghazi,..

    This is disgusting…why in the hell is America showing any mercy to these animals?

    This while our “dear leader” apologizes….what a poor excuse for a president we have.

  36. Google Rejects White House Request to Pull Muhammad Film Clip

    Read more on Newsmax.com: News & Current Events, Breaking News, Analysis, Political Commentary – Newsmax.com

    The film’s producer is an Egyptian Coptic Christian. Now, just who are the ones who have been murdered and abused since the Muslim Brotherhood/Islamic extemists have taken over Egypt??? So how come Obama and the State Dept. haven’t been as concerned about the treatment of the minority religions in that part of the world due to their policies?? Suppose they’re no more important to them as the other vulnerables….those in the womb or just born after an abortion attempt.

    While the looting, bombing, burning, and killing continues to terrify millions of Christians in Egypt and Nigeria, the bloodshed has attracted little attention around the world. In Washington, D.C., both the Obama Administration and the State Department continue to blame the violence on poverty and social inequality rather than condemn Islamic supremacy for persecuting Christian minorities.

    Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/307894/christians-being-killed-by-islamists-in-egypt-and-nigeria-2/#CfmTCDjO1SVCrgtZ.99

  37. Obama Doctrine: Slashes Military Amidst Islamist Uprising


    With the black flag of al Qaeda flying over the American embassy in Tunisia, the murder of the American ambassador in Libya, the storming of the US embassy in Cairo, the burning of the American flag in London, and the torching of American businesses in Lebanon, the Obama administration is focused like a laser on its top priority: slashing defense.

  38. OT, but has anyone seen the Dem ad in which Billy Boy Clinton says that
    “Obama has a plan to rebuild our country from the ground up”? What kind of talk is that?

    Two things hit me: 1) Our country has had a wonderful foundation and it does NOT need any rebuilding from the ground up, 2) The direction Obama has been leading us is DOWN, DOWN…… We don’t need, want or can stand four more years of that. We could not have a better example of the direction he is going than what is happening on the world stage right now – a crisis not seen before.

  39. Follow the Money

    Understand that Islam is very well organized on local and global levels. They either protest or don’t protest on cue. That is why we witness simultaneous protest in several countries

    Just 51 days before Americans make their intentions heard at the polls and the cluster-fluck with the Muslims over a phony Mohammed-insult video just accidentally on purpose happens! This and a quarter won’t buy a cup of coffee, today. No no! I’m not buying it. There’s something up Bernanke & Geitner don’t want you to know.

    The entire Middle East crap is a red herring to cover up for the real catastrophe coming between now and 9/21/2012. This is the one Glenn Beck has been hinting about for the past two years. Get ready and stock up on food. Take your money out of the bank and put it under your mattress (or wherever). The dollar is about to drop “BIG TIME” in the next couple of weeks—I suspect. There are lots of hints. My sources have been warning us for the past several months.



    The Washington Times
    Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012

    “The so-called balanced approach also ignores the single greatest threat to U.S. fiscal health: massive entitlement programs that are bankrupting the country. Christina Romer, Mr. Obama’s former chief economic adviser, took to the pages of Saturday’s New York Times to warn against spending cuts, arguing they would lead to unacceptable contraction in the economy. Mrs. Romer admits entitlement growth is the “central problem” but, like the president, resists attempts to implement any structural reform in Social Security or Medicare. With estimates of unfunded liabilities as high as $100 trillion, gimmicks like saying the problem will be solved by “cutting waste” aren’t realistic.”

    Continue Reading Here:


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Stephen Dinan
    The Washington Times

    “The 329-91 vote also saw the return of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. The Wisconsin congressman has been on the campaign trail for the past month but returned to the House chamber to rousing applause from his Republican colleagues and even a few Democrats.

    Mr. Ryan voted for the stopgap spending bill even though the measure breaks the budget he wrote as chairman of the House Budget Committee, allowing $19 billion more in spending in 2013 than he and his fellow Republicans wanted.

    He left the chamber without speaking on the measure, but his party’s leaders said they were acting for the sake of bipartisanship in order to head off a shutdown.

    “We’ve got bipartisan agreement on this bill. The House, Senate, both parties, and the White House, have signed off on this bill,” said Rep. Harold Rogers, the Kentucky Republican who is chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

    Voting for the bill were 165 Republicans and 164 Democrats, while opposition came chiefly from the GOP. Seventy Republicans voted no, along with 21 Democrats.

    Still looming, however, are the automatic “sequestration” cuts to defense and domestic spending scheduled to take effect Jan. 2, according to the terms of last year’s debt deal.

    “Spending levels are still too high, and this bill does nothing to address that,” said Rep. Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican with whom Mr. Ryan used to side regularly in voting against spending bills.

    The bill extends most 2012 spending levels for the first six months of fiscal 2013 at an annualized rate of $1.047 trillion, which works out to an $8 billion increase in discretionary spending.

    That was the level set in last year’s debt deal.

    But for most of this year, Republicans argued that the number was a top cap, and they fought to lower the level. Mr. Ryan’s budget called for $1.028 trillion in discretionary spending.

    Democrats objected to that budget, saying it broke the debt deal, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said as long as the GOP wouldn’t agree to the higher spending number, there was no reason to write a new budget bill or pass any of the dozen annual spending bills.

    In Thursday’s vote the GOP conceded on that number — though it comes too late to get the individual spending bills done ahead of Oct. 1, which marks the beginning of fiscal 2013.

    “I think it was probably a decision they made to just get it off the table,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat.

    Mr. Ryan’s appearance was highly anticipated. Mrs. Pelosi’s office released a “Welcome back” video pointing to the spending cuts Republicans backed in Mr. Ryan’s budget, while others joked about his brief time back.”

    Continue Reading Here:


  41. Air Force Brat

    @Cabbyaz on 09/14/12 at 11:00 p.m.:

    True. You can’t “rebuild” something “from the ground up” without having razed it to the ground first — i.e., destroyed / obliterated it.

  42. Comment by butterdezillion:
    September 15, 2012 at 9:36 am


    “Since there’s all this BC# juggling required to give Obama an authentic-looking (superficially anyway; it’s anomalous given both numbering systems described) 1961 BC#, it’s reasonable to suppose that he must not have had one given in 1961, or at least within 37 days of his birth. If that is the case, then he NEVER had a legally valid HI BC and he had to have been using a DIFFERENT BC any time he needed documentation. That is one of the reasons that the HHS inspector general’s report (found at http://oig.hhs.gov/oei/reports/oei-07-99-00570.pdf ) says that if there is something questionable on any vital records or citizenship document it calls for an audit of ALL the identity and citizenship documentation – since breeder documents are so often used to get fraudulent but authentic records so even the authenticity of a given record doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not also fraudulent.

    Obama is the textbook scenario to illustrate why this is important. EVERY document for him has some kind of fraud associated with it. SSN, draft registration form, non-valid BC covered up by 2 forgeries (COLB and long-form), and his Passport record was breached 3 times and the guy whose company oversaw the breaches was rewarded afterwards with an appointment as National Security Chief. The guy is a textbook illustration of massive document and identity fraud.”

  43. Marc Faber: If I Were Bernanke, I Would Resign

    more….. http://www.cnbc.com/id/49029923

    Central bankers are “counterfeit money printers” and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke should resign for messing up the U.S. economy so badly, Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Doom and Boom, told CNBC on Friday.

    He said Bernanke was one of the main proponents of an ultra-expansionist economic monetary policy that was to blame for the latest financial crisis.

    “If I had messed up as badly as Bernanke I would for sure resign. The mandate of the Fed to boost asset prices and thereby create wealth is ludicrous — it doesn’t work that way. It’s a temporary boost followed by a crash,” Faber said.

    Faber, who rose to prominence after predicting the 1987 financial crash report and dubbed “Dr Doom” for his negative predictions, said: “This unlimited QE (quantitative easing) , buying mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and continuing operation twist has the implication of simply having asset prices go up and the money flows down to the Mayfair economy,” Faber said.

  44. Well, well….

    Kan. GOP Sec. of State Moving on Obama Birther Nov. Ballot Challenge
    By AFRO Staff @ AFRO
    (Hat tip CDR Kerchner)

    Less than two months before Election Day, a group of Kansas Republicans, led by a voter ID law advocate, is moving on a withdrawn challenge which may result in President Obama being removed from the ballot.

    Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has embraced forcing voters to produce ID at the polls, said Sept. 13 that he will preside over a Kansas Board of Objections Sept. 17 meeting where a Manhattan, Kans. veterinary professor Joe Montgomery, questioned Obama’s birthplace and the citizenship of his father.

    Kobach said that the board is obligated to do a thorough review of the questions raised by Montgomery about Obama’s birth certificate and not make “a snap decision.”

    However, Montgomery on Sept 14 withdrew his objections, stating that the Kansas roots of Obama’s mother and grandparents, apparently in his opinion, satisfies the U.S. Constitution’s “natural-born citizen” requirement for the presidency,.

    CONTINUED HERE: http://www.afro.com/sections/news/afro_briefs/story.htm?storyid=76152

  45. Obama Is Wrong… Mideast Protests Were Planned Before YouTube Video Ever Made the Airwaves (Video)


    The Muslim protests were planned back in August – before the film was ever released.
    The protest in Cairo was organized by the terror group, Jamaa Islamiya.
    USA Today reported:

    The protest was planned by Salafists well before news circulated of an objectionable video ridiculing Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, said Eric Trager, an expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

    The protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was announced Aug. 30 by Jamaa Islamiya, a State Department-designated terrorist group, to protest the ongoing imprisonment of its spiritual leader, Sheikh Omar abdel Rahman. He is serving a life sentence in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

    When the video started circulating, Nader Bakkar, the spokesman for the Egyptian Salafist Noor party, which holds about 25% of the seats in parliament, called on people to go to the embassy. He also called on non-Islamist soccer hooligans, known as Ultras, to join the protest.

    On Monday, the brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri, Mohamed al Zawahiri, tweeted that people should go to the embassy and “defend the prophet,” Trager said.

    Zawahiri justified al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks in an interview with Al Jazeera last month.

    The first clip of “Innocence of Muslims” was shown on Al-Nas TV, an Egyptian Islamist television station, on September 8, 2012.

  46. Walmart Apologizes After Booting Kids From Store For Singing ‘God Bless America’


    A little too late I’d say.

    In a statement, Walmart told CBS 4, “We regret this happened and apologize to the students, parents, and the school for this experience. Unfortunately this was a situation of miscommunication and should have been handled differently. We are inviting the kids back to the store to help honor the victims and fallen heroes.”

    There is no word as to whether or not the school accepted the offer.

  47. From: Sam Sewell @ The Steady Drip Blog:


    Contact: Sam Sewell, President Constitutional Elections

    Jerry Collette, Creator of the Do It Yourself Ballot Challenge

    “Todd House, M.D. of Louisville, KY, a candidate for President of the United States, has filed an action in Kentucky Circuit Court challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility for the office of the President and therefore the presence of his name on the ballot in Kentucky.

    In many ballot challenge cases elsewhere, courts have ruled that ordinary citizens cannot bring a ballot challenge, saying that such citizens have no “standing.” Kentucky, however, has a statute, KRS 118.176, that specifically allows any voter to challenge the bona fides of a candidate.

    Furthermore, our plaintiff, Todd House, is also registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State as a write in candidate for President. Consequently, he has greater potential for harm from a candidate, who is not bona fide, being on the ballot. This gives him standing beyond that of an ordinary citizen. We are also using the other causes of action from the Do It Yourself Ballot Challenge Kit.

    Todd is an entrepreneur, physician, libertarian and, most importantly, a Constitutionalist. He is a business owner, father of five and a decorated veteran. He served as a flight surgeon in both the US Navy and US Air Force where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

    Ed.: More About Todd HERE and HERE and HERE

    Todd is passionate about liberty, limited government, checks and balances and the US Constitution, especially the Tenth Amendment.

    He takes seriously both his duty as a citizen and his oath as a military officer to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He refuses to sit idly by while his country is deconstructed and our Constitution is nullified by enemies hiding in plain sight.

    Todd’s call to action is “Don’t Tread on Me.”

    Sam Sewell, head of the ballot challenge group reminds patriots nationwide, “If we file enough similar cases, then we have a better chance of finding that one courageous judge we need to be victorious.

    ===> We need money for filing fees – please send a check to:

    Constitutional Elections
    10202 Vanderbilt Drive
    Naples, FL 34108 Or go to: http://www.thesteadydrip.blogspot.com Under DONATE TO DIY Ballot Fund, click on the Buy Now button, and give as generously as you can. Are you interested in being a plaintiff? We have developed a “Do It Yourself Ballot Challenge Kit” that is useable in many states and is available at: <===



    Continue To Read More Here:


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  48. cabbyaz….referring to your comment at 11:00 am,….about Obama wanting to rebuild America from “the ground up”…..I remember about two years ago listening to Obama on the television, and him sayinig that he would like to “bulldoze” the cities ….I don’t think I can quote exactly, but I will never forget him saying that….I think he was meaning what he was saying….
    It truly struck me as ominous, and I never forgot it.


    If an honest election were held today Obama would lose. The debacle of how Obama stole the nomination from Hillary in 2007 combined with the actions of acorn registering Cinderella, thousands of dead people, and strange vote counting shocked America and destroyed the myth it could never happen in America. Today Americans are facing an even more serious threat to an honest 2012 election. The votes are being counted in Spain by a company owned by George Soros.

    Some eternal hopefuls still believe in spite of all that, this will be an honest election. Ha!

    These last four years devastated America with Obamacare that was forced down its throat, government takeovers of private banks and auto industry, looting of our treasury by the Obama’s elaborate vacations such as their trip to India at a cost of $200,000,000 per day for over 10 days. . .


  50. correction to above sentence

    . . .Who or how many are robbed. . .

  51. Pingback: Rezko for Radicals Amazon E book Kindle edition, November 2, 2012, Obama Rezko lot deal, Kenneth J. Conner author & whistleblower, Mutual Bank loan, Obama Rezko problem | Citizen WElls

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