NC unemployment rate June 15, 2012, May rate 9.4, Dropping rates due to people leaving workforce, Labor force participation rate, Charlotte Observer

NC unemployment rate June 15, 2012, May rate 9.4, Dropping rates due to people leaving workforce, Labor force participation rate, Charlotte Observer

“The United States economy has lost more jobs than it has added since the recovery began over a year ago.”…NY Times Sept. 20, 2010.

“Guilford (Large NC County) appears on it’s way to a third consecutive year with annual jobless rates in double digits. Economists say that likely hasn’t happened since the Great Depression.”…Greensboro News Record December 2, 2011

“the Times of the nineteenth of December had published the official forecasts of the output of various classes of consumption goods in the fourth quarter of 1983, which was also the sixth quarter of the Ninth Three-Year Plan. Today’s issue contained a statement of the actual output, from which it appeared that the forecasts were in every instance grossly wrong. Winston’s job was to rectify the original figures by making them agree with the later ones.”…George Orwell, “1984″

Just in 10:01 AM, the May NC unemployment rate remained at 9.4 %.

The NC unemployment rate for May will be released in a few minutes. The dropping rate in NC and the nation has been largely due to the Labor Force Participation rate falling to historical lows. That is, droves of people leaving the work force.

I was pleased to see the Charlotte Observer reporting the facts from the AP.

From the Charlotte Observer June 15, 2012.

“NC unemployment rate for May to be released”

“RALEIGH, N.C. North Carolina’s unemployment rate is being released.

The state Division of Employment Security is scheduled to release the rate for May on Friday. The rate dropped to 9.4 percent in April, down from 9.7 a month earlier. But the main reason for the drop was the number of people leaving the workforce.

Only 1,400 more people had jobs in April. More than 11,000 people left the labor force in April compared to May, the figures show. More than 21,000 people had joined the North Carolina labor force since April a year ago.

North Carolina’s unemployment was higher than the national rate, which fell slightly to 8.1 percent in April.”

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  1. citizenwells

    Still waiting on the NC unemployment rate.
    Perhaps the person releasing the report lost their job ha ha
    or the Orwellian algorithm for producing a better rate is still being tweaked.

  2. bob strauss

    June 15, 2012
    Secrets Revealed
    By Nick Chase

    In my first American Thinker article on the Obama long-form birth-certificate forgery, “Oblivious to the Obvious,” published on April 10, I wrote: We start with the known facts: that (1) the “birth certificate” is fake, and (2) the president has said it’s his birth certificate. It is up to researchers to work backward from the known facts to establish why the president was unable or unwilling to release a genuine one.

    On May 22, the Hawaii Department of Health sent a “Verification of Birth” for Barack Obama to Ken Bennett, Arizona secretary of state (shown in Figure VB), with sufficient information to allow the president’s name to be placed on the November 2012 ballot in Arizona. It provided enough additional information, I thought, to allow me to hone in on what might be on the genuine birth certificate that the public is not allowed to see.

    Read more:

  3. EXCLUSIVE — McConnell: ‘Radical, Dangerous’ Obama Admin Seeks to ‘Shut Up’ Opponents

    McConnell is incensed over the administration’s use of government and nongovernmental resources to target its political enemies. “They’ve used the IRS, the FEC, the FCC, the SEC, their allies in the Obama campaign to go after people who disagree with them. The Obama campaign has rifled through the divorce records of a major donor to an opposing super PAC. The government itself is intimidating donors. Appointees at the IRS and other agencies are pursuing similar efforts to ferret out who is contributing to outside groups critical of the administration so that they can scare them off the playing field and shut them up.”

    Most frightening of all, says McConnell, is that David Axelrod, head of the president’s re-election campaign and former White House honcho, has stated that “he wants to amend the First Amendment – the ultimate act of radicalism – to give to the federal government the ability to control the speech of American citizens who band together to pursue a political cause.

    Sen. McConnell says that there is a “full-scale effort underway to intimidate and harass their opponents. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re coordinating with outside left-wing groups to be supportive of their causes. That’s their prerogative.”

    McConnell left the door open for House Republicans who want to call for an investigation on these issues. While he said that he doesn’t know if there is illegal activity going it, “It certainly raises suspicion when you have unusual efforts by the IRS to make it difficult for Tea Party groups to meet and to function. It raises suspicions that they may not be doing that to groups on the left. The larger question is why they’re doing it at all.”

    Sen. McConnell drew special attention to allegations that certain left-wing activists have been SWATting their political enemies. “I know you’ve been right on top of that story,” he said of Breitbart News. “I think those reports are incredibly disturbing and need to be fully investigated, and I hope we can get somebody in the majority position of the House to take a look at it. There’s somebody I’ve heard about named Brett Kimberlin, who is a left-wing terrorist that I know many people feel may be behind the SWATting. That’s strictly illegal, and should be investigated.”

    “They are trying to shut up their critics,” McConnell said. “I want to stiffen the spines of those who are out there. Do not be afraid of this crowd. Don’t let them scare you. Every American has a right to organize, to speak, to contribute to causes they believe in. The best way to stop them would be to defeat them in the election this November.”

  4. Breaking – Lawyers for Ron Paul make HUGE announcement! We are Uniting to Change the World with President Paul!

    No joke!!!
    The lawyers for Ron Paul have announced theybare taking over the Ron Paul campaign and they will challenge every single voter fraud claim this Whole election.
    Romney rigged this election, & they claim they have proof.
    the delegates will all be UNBOUND!
    We are NOT letting this Tyrannical takeover Happen!!
    This announcement happened at 10 pm Thursday.
    The lawyers are offering support to EVERY DELEGATE TO ENSURE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE! no matter what candidate they support, we will help them vote for their true choice.

    This audio clip is the most important clip of this WHOLE Campaign.

    If you quit on the movement, you owe Ron Paul an apology….
    And get your ASS BACK IN GEAR!!!

  5. citizenwells

    NC unemployment rate for May 2012 remains at 9.4 %.
    Of course it is much higher due to the large numbers of people dropping out of the labor force.

  6. citizenwells | June 15, 2012 at 10:08 am |

    NC unemployment rate for May 2012 remains at 9.4 %.
    Of course it is much higher due to the large numbers of people dropping out of the labor force.
    CW, unemployment in Reno is close to 12 percent (reported), I hope people remember this in November.

  7. Found this on Facebook, had to share.
    When Obama stopped in at Master Lock in Milwaukee Wisconsin last week,

    he was walking the plant and stopped to talk with a plant employee.

    He looked up at the banner hanging on the wall and said to the workers and people around him,”It is great to be in a union shop, especially one as old as this union is ” – – –pointing to the banner. He then said,”A union shop since 1848″ – – – and then he went on to talk about what that Banner stood for and how important it was to display it and show your union support.

    The worker then said to Obama that it was the flag of the State of Wisconsin – – which was founded in 1848. DUH! This was only reported by a local Radio station in Milwaukee (1130AM) and not by the major news networks – – – they didn’t want to embarrass this “got no freaking’ clue” President!

  8. He’s already alienated white Americans enough (except for the insane leftists).

    But this is the final nail in the coffin on 0bama’s Presidency.

    The White House will halt the deportation of as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants and in some cases give them work permits, in a sweeping new initiative announced by the Department of Homeland Security.

    People under 30 who entered the country illegaly or overstayed their visas when they were under the age of 16 will be immune from deportation…

  9. citizenwells

    bob, let’s help everyone remember that the country began going downhill economically when the Dems
    took control of congress in Jan 2007, not simply when Obama illegally took possesion of the White House in Jan 2009.

  10. Reese: Obama trying to cement his Latino voters. Going around Congress as usual and as usual they will probably let him. They sputter and fume and play to the camera, but they will not do anything to stop it because they risk the Nov. elections. In their feeble minds. Another chess move by the O handlers. Let’s just see if any fireworks develop from Congress. I doubt it.

  11. Collateral Accounts now open: message of hope to Truthbringers, Lightworkers, We The People, Whistleblowers, Patriots.

    Posted By: X_Hermes [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 15-Jun-2012 05:02:55

    I received this message this morning from my dear friend and colleague Aishua, with a request to publish it on RMN. I am delighted to do so as the good news contained in Aishua’s message will now help to move humanity forward in a very substantial way.

    Xavier Hermes
    of the 7th Ray
    To all Truthbringers, Lightworkers, We The People, Whistleblowers, Patriots, Brothers and Sisters.

    I am breaking my silence only to bring a message of hope. I have no hidden agenda.

    I know many of you have given your blood, heart, soul, hard earned money, trust and honor in your backing of the Ron Paul campaign and now feel totally sickened, feeling hopeless depressed and lost.

    But a dream can never be lost for it belongs to the dreamer such as an ideal and philosophy.

    One must reach deep inside oneself during these emotional times and pull out their faith in self, each other and our world.

    The power is within each and every one of you , why do you sit awaiting another savior? Didn’t the true and only Savior already come and redeemed mankind, Didn’t the CHRIST tell you that you will do greater things then HE??

    Then why do you sit and await another, YOU ARE THE ONES YOU ARE WAITING FOR.

    Know that we embark upon a new era, one of great change, a great shift of consciousness. Do not let these false prophets interfere any longer, by their lies, deceptions, misinformation and psychological warfare strategy. For they all know the time is now upon us where mankind will inherit the EARTH.

    Do not let their silly little power games disturb your being.

    You are the power for you are the Living SONS and DAUGHTERS of the TRUE LIVING GOD. Heirs to the very Throne.

    Be gentle to each other in these times and lift each other up shall one fall let two come to him and pick him up raise his consciousness, raise his spirit and above all give him back the hope and beauty of self.

    You are a walking talking miracle each and every one of YOU for each breath you take in itself is a miracle. You are POWERFUL beyond your own understanding and comprehension. Love is the key – Love one another and above all Love THYSELF.

    I can share this with you, many of you will soon see the fruits of your labors and be financed so you may go forth and bear more fruit, by developing your true nature gifts and contributions to our world

    The collateral accounts have been opened to be used for mankind.

    So Pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off and get ready to rock this world TOGETHER as guardians and caretakers of our world.

    In Love and Light ( Love of our FATHER for each and every one of you and the Light of HIS Wisdom upon each and everyone of you )

    AISHUA of the 7th Ray
    aka Kathy, Private & Personal Confidante to H.E. Ray C. Dam

    “Few will have the greatness to bend history; however, each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope… and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
    – Robert F. Kennedy


    “Cherish The Children: Let’s be The Change We Wish To See In The World”

  12. The fate of Obama has already been determined, not by voters, but by powerbrokers using tactics that will unfold over the coming months.

    How Barack Obama avoids prison

  13. CW,,,Yes! I keep reminding my lib friends and family of that very fact.

    AND, it was their ilk that encouraged, defended and supported the Jimmy Carter Community Reinvestment Act for decades……Hence, the bubble of all bubbles. All the while, they ran cover for Franklin Rains and all the now-wealthy crooks from Fannie and Freddie…..who, btw, paid back big favors to the Dems’ coffers….An incestuous group ALL of them.

    Throw in Unions and Acorn and you have neverending wealth and power.

    Daylight is now beginning to shine on this type of corrupt, crony capitalism The average, hard working, taxpaying American is finally seeing that light. Thank God and good riddance!

  14. observer | June 15, 2012 at 11:42 am |

    Thanks for that article, Observer.

    The following quote I think we all are beginning to realize and accept:

    “There is one thing, however, that is certain. Regardless of who wins in November, Obama’s alleged crimes will never be fully investigated and his personal history will never be exposed by either Democrat or Republican politicians. Their involvement in a conspiracy of silence is unmistakable and their protection of Obama stems solely from political self-interest.
    Barack Obama has been issued a “get out of jail free” card by a corrupt political establishment and a dishonest media.”
    Just from my limited perspective, he could be pardoned by his successor (IF his crimes are even charged) under the premise that “we must move on for the good and safety of the country and to avoid a constitutional crisis.”
    Can’t you hear it all now?

  15. “You all know that I love Bobby Jindal. You all know that I believe he is the legitimate heir to Renaldus Magnus.”

    …spoken by Rush Limbaugh just moments ago… truly dissapointing… but not surprising. Is he going to push for him to be VP?

  16. Reese | June 15, 2012 at 10:40 am |

    Obama administration to offer immunity to younger immigrants

    Allen West responds…….

  17. cjzak………………Ref 10:54 AM

    What these people do not realise is the fact that whatever they do it IS going to affect them just as much as everyone else. Soetoro’s DEFEATor VICTORY will not result from the potential Latino voters……rather Soetoro’s defeat will be FOUNDED resultant of his OWN IGNORANCE,and ERRATIC behavior which there is substantial evidence now showing that HIS OWN CHAIN OF COMMAND is finally getting fed up with this NITWIT. Even his own SS people are showing a complete disregard for his safety. As each day passes thousands of FORMER supporters are ABANDONING the now FAST SINKING LIBERAL LEFT ship which has been DEAD IN THE WATER since 2007. There is already a spot ON THE BOTTOM upon which the WRECKAGE will descend to,and THERE IT WILL STAY FOREVER, and will undoubtedly contain the bodies of the DIE HARD LEFT LOONIES who for whatever reason were UNABLE to read the handwriting on the bulkhead.

  18. CabbyAZ……………
    Your response to Observer is something which has been haunting me from DAY ONE of Soetoro’s crap. He appears to be sanctioned by BOTH PARTIES. This tells me that it is time for WE THE PEOPLE to find a better system of political endeavor,and elective procedure. To me what I am beginning to believe is a shameful thing to either say or think,but it seems to me that perhaps America is in DIRE NEED of some very DARK YEARS, if for no other reason that to make people see the value in what they have lost. Sadly this enlightenment will occur AFTER THE FACT,and from which there may never be an avenue of return. What happens in 144 days will be decisive with regard to the future of our country. Either way the promised Soetoro UTOPIA will probably not happen. That will be when the FIREWORKS starts.

  19. BYE BYE ALL….. Time for my weekly departure to my South Sea fantasyland. All I have to do is push a few buttons on my computer and VOILA…..away I go easy chair and all to Tahiti,or perhaps Bore Bora. Godbless.

  20. EXCLUSIVE — McConnell: ‘Radical, Dangerous’ Obama Admin Seeks to ‘Shut Up’ Opponents

    “`Where was this a**hole when Kentuckians tried to warn him about this illegal alien usurping our nation??“`
    Silence; and a computer-generated response to all constituents.

  21. Current Kentucky state unemployment rate: 8.2%, May

  22. coldwarvet2

    My thoughts almost exactly…
    I find it incredible that these so-called “representatives” of the people are just now??? becoming aware of what is going on…
    I think this clown is just fishing for a few votes…my guess is that any response from his offices now would still be the same….they ARE gods after all….constituents?…what are those?

  23. Don’t remember seeing this before regarding the actual name of the hospital the One was alleged to be born in.

    On the birth certificate
    released by the White House, the listed place of
    birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity

    Gynecological Hospital “. This cannot
    be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961
    were called “KauiKeolani
    Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani
    Maternity Home”, respectively.
    The name did not change to
    Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital
    until 1978, when these two hospitals merged.
    How can this particular
    name of the hospital be on a birth certificate
    dated 1961 if this name had
    not yet been applied to it until 1978?

  24. coldwarvet2

    You have some interesting thoughts there.
    One problem I see is that, irregardless of the outcome of how,, or if, bo leaves office, the fact that there was an illegal presidency will still exist. All the documents he has signed, either treaties or laws, would still be flawed in the legal sense and, as such, be invalid.
    If our friends and enemies know this, it will still have an effect on our politics as time goes on.
    …just thinkin’…

  25. OOOOPS…never mind the above is in error! Please don’t bother checking any further….I just checked wikipedia…the name was changed in 1931.

  26. oldsalt79 | June 15, 2012 at 3:02 pm |
    The American flag is being flown upside down. Tommy Lee Jones ; forgot which movie.

  27. Another domino falling…….

    Ex-Goldman Sachs director convicted by federal jury as part of government’s insider-trading crackdown…..

    Continues here…..

  28. coldwarvet2 | June 15, 2012 at 3:27 pm |
    And they think we buy their rhetoric…I have numerous emails telling this one I can’t wait to campaign against him– if he has a challenger– in 2014.
    I have been waiting since 2008 for that opportunity when he voted for the bailout.

  29. Philo-Publius

    So far Congress has allowed “O” to get away with everything he wants to do…some will squawk in front of the news camera but they have no guts to challenge him on Constitutional issues. And even if they did, I doubt the courts would want to get involved. Essentially we are at the point, where a President can violate the Constitution at will and get away with it. There no longer is any authority to stop the Executive Branch from creating laws, rewriting laws or not enforcing laws.

    The squawking begins: JUST WORDS

  30. Hello everyone…I just got back from Myrtle Beach…probably the last vacation I will get for a while…

    I had my 2012 OBAMA SOCIAL SECURITY STIMULUS PACKAGE in my mailbox when I arrived….

    Watch your mail box for yours, it will read something like this:.

    It contained two tomato seeds (Big Boys), one package of Mammy’s cornbread mix, a slightly worn Muslim prayer rug, a gale wind machine to blow smoke up my ass, 2 discount coupons to KFC (good for chicken only), a 2008 “Obama Hope & Change” bumper sticker, a recent 12 foot “Blame it on Bush” poster for my front yard, and a used road map detailing the shortest route to Mexico.

    All directions were printed in Spanish. The cornbread mix was in Swahelie.

    I so damn excited about this stimulus pachage, I’m now looking forward to getting my 20 dollars of “Obama Manopoly Money” from the man for my cost of living this year.

    Watch your mail box for yours, it’s coming soon!

  31. Hi All,

    Just a wrap up of all the analyses I did this week for this ‘radiation event’ in MI and IN.

    Samples from various media were all analyzed and checked for anything out of the ordinary; there was nothing that jumped out at me as being weird. Although we expect to see various forms of radiation in the atmosphere and on the ground (it is everywhere and we live with it on a daily basis) there are certain ‘markers’ we look for which would signal some sort of unusual event.

    There were no markers. I did the analyses myself and if there was something to report, I would tell you; no b.s. on my end!

    I’ve failed to find anyone ‘in the business’ who has heard about this, so I’m sticking to either an (unnanounced) exercise or monitoring equipment malfunction; the explosions and military presence, however, remain a mystery. If anyone has a logical explanation about those explosions, please chime in.

    Happy Friday :).

  32. CW, no amount of smoke and mirrors will sway the American people from ousting the evil ones on election day. Stay strong and hold true to your principles. The election being close is a mass hallucination of the Democrats and their media whores.

  33. Thanks GOD…I needed that reassurance.

  34. RMinNC | June 15, 2012 at 4:08 pm |
    Hello everyone…I just got back from Myrtle Beach…probably the last vacation I will get for a while…

    I had my 2012 OBAMA SOCIAL SECURITY STIMULUS PACKAGE in my mailbox when I arrived….
    We’ve been missin’ ya and hope you had a good holiday! That Obama Stimulus Package really intrigues me. Rat feathers!……. The discount coupons for KC chicken won’t do me any good, because every KC outlet has closed within a 30 mile radius of me, and gas is too expensive to drive to the nearest one. They closed because of hard financial times, you know.
    And so it goes……. Let us know how all of the stimuli are working out for you. Tehehehehe!

  35. Lately I’ve been trying to think of anything Obama has uttered that has not been a lie, at least when it comes to policy. So far, his promise to “fundamentally change America” has been true. Just about everything else he says and does is a LIE. His entire life is a LIE. He himself is so affected by the “disease” that he can’t even keep his lies straight. We all know that is what happens to habitual, pathological liars.

  36. A reporter in the Rose Garden asked Obama while he was speaking, “Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?” Obama responded that “this is the right thing to do.” (June 15)

    Raw Video_ Reporter Interrupts Obama Statement

  37. Sue K., thank you for providing that important feedback on the radiation readings. There are few reports I trust and yours is one of them. RM in NC, I hope you had a chance to go to Brookgreen Gardens while you were in South Carolina. They are exquisite. Of course a little golf and a little beach time are relaxing too. Have a good weekend.
    It is nice to hear some good news once in awhile. This immigration edict is ridiculous and I just know Congress will make a deal with Holder instead of incarcerating him.

  38. End of the Road +The Euro Titanic Has Hit the Iceberg!!

    Posted By: Maryhrt
    Date: Friday, 15-Jun-2012 13:09:44

    Quit fiddlin on the deck with the deck chairs, it’s time to jump ship!


    Farage: Another One Bites the Dust – The Euro Titanic Has Hit the Iceberg

    On Jun 14, 2012, at 11:35 AM, Bix Weir wrote:

    Attention Global Market Riggers: All Hands On Deck!

    As we have seen over the past 10 years….when the markets are under the most stress the market riggers kick into high gear.

    That is what will happen next week as the Euro begins to implode.
    Be prepared for anything.

    UKIP Nigel Farage on Spanish Bailout- The genius of Mutual indebtedness – June 2012

  39. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    oldsalt commented something that I’d like to respond too:

    “Your response to Observer is something which has been haunting me from DAY ONE of Soetoro’s crap. He appears to be sanctioned by BOTH PARTIES. This tells me that it is time for WE THE PEOPLE to find a better system of political endeavor,and elective procedure.”

    I agree with your comments 99% of the time oldsalt, but I can NOT agree with this comment.

    I believe that we need to GET BACK to the CONSTITUTION.

    One of the things that keeps popping in to my mind is that our Politicians are TOO “friendly”.

    I mean honestly, it’s NOT the job of our Representatives to be “liked” or “disliked”, it is their job to do WHAT IS RGHT FOR AMERICA.

    NOT what the President said today in the Rose Garden.

    The Government’s RESPONSIBILITY according to the CONSTITUTION is to do what is right for AMERICA, and NOT what is right for the American PEOPLE.

    Now you can make the argument that the American people are what “make” America, but my argument is that SOMETIMES what is right for America, isn’t what the majority of the American people believe is right.

    There are MANY decisions that politicians MUST make that are unpopular.

    I have commented for quite some tme now that I believe BOTH Parties are responsible for the “evolution” of our Government.

    I believe it is OUR responsibility, as “We the People”, to get to the bottom of this corruption. I beleive that we ALL should be like Sherriff Joe, and call a spade a spade (I can see the “racist” comments now, it’s a figure of speech for goodness sake, quit making things something they are NOT).

    If enough people, with a competent leader (like Allen West, even though he voted for NDAA) start “speaking” with one voice to end this corruption (and the TEA Party had a good start on it until it fizzled because of ridicule from the media who are “in” on the corruption), it will continue.

    And Cabby,

    I agree with you that Romney WOULD pardon Obama IF an investigation started and even a HINT of evidence (that is already out there) would make it’s way in to the corrupt media industrial complex.

    It really saddens me that people are more interested in the size of Miley Cyrus’ engagement ring then they are in the corruption in our Government.

    Who is Miley Cyrus anyway? Doesn’t she have something to do with some “Achy Breaky Heart”?


    To me Obama came across as some ELITIST today when talking to that reporter.

    I believe the reporter was wrong for what he did, but I also thought that Obama’s response was a “talking down” to response.

    Arrogance comes to mind. But that is only bolstered by the vacations, day trips, romanitic dinner flights to NY, $100.00 a lb beef, parties, golf and Wednesday night galas.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  40. coldwarvet2

    I think the confrontation between the reporter and bo was not an accident. When considering what the question was, it was rhetorical, and certainly not only for the reporters information. I believe he was, at that instant in time, asking for the entire nation and with the thought that, under those circumstances, it would get national attention (which it did). Nice trick, I think, and he pulled it off with the additional benefit of showing the public a little seen side of this POS [he reacted like a king, not a statesman] that also made the news. Impolite…maybe…tactically effective…you bet! The man should be considered a hero in my book.

  41. Rob | June 15, 2012 at 5:02 pm |
    A reporter in the Rose Garden asked Obama while he was speaking, “Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?” Obama responded that “this is the right thing to do.” (June 15)
    Raw Video_ Reporter Interrupts Obama Statement
    Obama is really testy! How un-presidential! Never saw a President lose his composure like that. Do you think he’s strung out on something? Or hungover from last night’s elite fundraiser ? Or maybe he just had a bad week?

    It appears to me that Obama stopped short of saying, “These young people are going to make extraordinary contributions ….to my campaign.” but caught himself and continued with “and are already making contributions to our society”.

  42. Hi IB…………………

    I along with a hell of a lot of others know only that our common country is teetering on the brink of one really deep abyss. A tiny breeze from the wrong direction could easily send our country plunging to the bottom of the abyss. Perhaps I should have been a little more definitive when I said the words “Political endeavor” and “elective procedure”. This I thought would be UNDERSTOOD to be compliant with the Constitution. The idea which I was trying to put across is that we watch somebody say BLACK IS WHITE, we Hear him/her publically lie, and before our very eyes there are many with their arms outstretched towards the sky with tears running down their cheeks, chanting the MESSIAH HAS RETURNED,THE MESSIAH HAS RETURNED……roughly translated means “OH GOODY now I will get a FREE LIVING from the US GOVERNMENT”, and I don’t even have to show up, they will even deposit a monthly amount all ready for me to spend for MORE DRUGS,MORE PORN FILMS,FREE FOOD, FREE RENT,FREE GASOLINE, FREE HEALTHCARE, and FREE EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN. Of course there is one little problem…….when all the WARRIORS IMMIGRATE back to where they originated from, the so called CHIEFS will be done for. All of the brain power will be GONE. You won’t see any of the CHIEFS shoveling the manure from the milkhouse floor. You won’t see them getting their hands dirty…..ever. Nope they will just allow MORE ILLEGALS free access to America…….just so long as the illegals are willing to LICK THE BOOTS OF “DA BOSS”. Brawn but no brains. DA BOSS will do their thinking for them. Now you know why I said Political endeavor, and elective procedure. I don’t know about you but I vote MY CONSCIENCE; Which the last time I looked is STILL my PREROGGATIVE.

  43. ……..BTW the last time I checked I still had the right to think whatever I wish, and to EXPRESS my thoughts as such. That is primarily why I see things as I do…… is MY RIGHT. On the other hand anybody else in America has the right to do the same, and interpret what they see or hear in ANY WAY they SEE FIT. If Soetoro has his way our Bill of Rights will come to a halt, and we could face a prison term just for hiccuping out loud.

  44. As usual, Zero’s BIG decisions only act to not solve anything much….even for those he’s aiming at:

    Obama immigration order poses dilemma for eligible illegal immigrants

    But it’s not at all certain how many of them will seek to take advantage of the order. That’s because it requires eligible immigrants to step forward and ask for the deferment every two years.

    Even though President Barack Obama said Friday that the order would “lift the shadow of deportation” over illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. while they were children, a future administration could choose to overturn the regulation, jeopardizing those who have identified themselves to the government as illegal immigrants.

  45. Oh yeah, lets ALL jump from the ship into the 35 degree water. All you are doing is getting into the water SOONER,rather than later……..but ultimately like was the case when the Titanic struck the iceberg. The ONLY SURVIVORS were in LIFEBOATS.

  46. bob strauss

    citizenwells | June 15, 2012 at 10:47 am |

    bob, let’s help everyone remember that the country began going downhill economically when the Dems
    took control of congress in Jan 2007, not simply when Obama illegally took possesion of the White House in Jan 2009.
    CW, Yes, the dems took control of congress in 2007 and the economy went down hill from there. The last two years of Bush were made to look like Bush was spending at a high rate, when it was actually the dem congress beginning the demise of the economy and spending like drunken sailors, which accelerated after Obama’s usurping the presidency, and his rubber stamping Pelosi and Reid’s, no budget, spending.

  47. RMINNC……………
    Sounds to me like you have a really big mailbox!…..HAR HAR.

  48. BYE BYE ALL time to get back aboard the TRAMP FREIGHTER that is going to take me chair and all back to my South Seas FANTASYLAND HIDEAWAY……all I do is press a button on my computer and ….VOILA I am gone…………Godbless.

  49. bob strauss

    SueK | June 15, 2012 at 4:10 pm |
    SueK, Thanks for watching out for us!

  50. Hey there Old Salt……..
    glad to be back on terra firma here in NC..

    yep, you have to havea big mail box for all the crap Obama puts out!

  51. will bernardine dorhn and her whatchamacallit bill ayres be attending the Royal wedding tomorrow evening? where’s chesa boudin these days? is barky headed to the UN? just wondering.
    we are without representation, we are Those The People now.

    Ron Paul is not the nominee. begone. divide elsewhere.

  52. Fort Hood.


    that day:
    “and I want to give out a shout out to Medicine Joe! (he wasn’t even there) and by the way, today an Army Officer went postal …”

    who cares? at least barky had his Imo Jima day.

  53. Seal Team Six


  54. Tomorrow, June 16, at 11:00 EDT, I will be appearing on BlogTalk Radio with TX citizen activist Kelly Canon to discuss next steps in the Texas Ballot Challenge. The topic is “Preparing to Deploy the ‘Troops’!” Here’s the link:

    As I explain in BUYER BEWARE BIRTHER BALONEY (2 of 2); in order to protect the work on the TBC, I have not been posting our progress on the “jbjd” blog. Consequently, many Texans who might otherwise have been following the work here, and be poised to participate in the next phase of the project; remain unaware of these goings on in their state. And the thousands of Texans who frequent blogs like FreeRepublic will not know about tomorrow’s show because for reasons about which I can only speculate; I am banned from posting there. But the success of this project to effect the results of the 2012 general election are directly related to the numbers of Texans who are ‘on board.’

    Please spread the word about tomorrow’s show. Trust me; it will be well worth the listen.

  55. Bob Strauss and hrmfc,

    You’re both very welcome! I’m glad that I was in a position to take this little week long project on. I’ll continue to see if I can find out what all that was about but rest assured, all is well, at least from my perch on a roof 10 stories up.

    …and now, the award for the Best Rant of the Year goes to Afterburner’s Bill Whittle. I’m wondering if he’s related to OldSalt :).

  56. BREAKING NEWS: Eligibility Lawyer Gary Kreep Wins Judicial Election in San Diego County and Will Be Their Next Superior Court Judge

  57. Government Blocks Sales of 65.2 MPG Cars

    Sci & Tech

    From Youtube description:

    PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING!!. THIS WILL PISS YOU OFF, VW is not allowed by the US government to sell high milage cars to US consumers. VW even makes the cars here that get 78 mpg but must ship it over seas. I have added this link that shows a test drive world record with the passat which was 75 mpg US…… *****UPDATE**** I am still upset with myself for saying “THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION”t. I understand that it is government regulations that crosses over all party lines. It was just that i had watch Obama talking about better milage cars and that was what upset me to make this video. Please understand I do not place the blame on him alone, this has been going on for decades. It seems this one poorly said statement has put off a lot of people to this message. and the wrong camera angle.

  58. Kagan should have recused herself and this “….” ought to be impeached or whatever for publicly, on foreign soil, advertising her disdain for the Constitution that is supposed to be guiding her judgments:

    On eve of health ruling, Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicts ‘sharp disagreement’

    Read more:

    From Ginsberg’s remarks you could think that the mandate is probably going down…..but the rest is probably being sharply argued over….and perhaps even going to be allowed in order to save some of the left’s face. Ah, the arguments that effect so many that come down from so high above the real world!

  59. New Message from Ron Paul

    The Republican National Convention begins on August 27, and you and I have some critical work to do to get ready.

    As I shared last week, my campaign will have as many as 200 bound delegates and several hundred more on the convention floor who support our issues.

    To stand with my delegates, I will be holding an important rally in Tampa on Sunday, August 26th. Everyone is welcome to attend. In fact, I’m hoping we’ll have a wonderful crowd.

    The goal of this rally is to kick off the week for our delegates, set the proper respectful and positive tone, and prove to the GOP establishment that you and I are the future of the Republican Party – and that we stand behind our beliefs 100%.

    Today, I shot a video sharing my thoughts on my campaign’s successes and how we will advance our ideas in Tampa. I do hope you’ll take a moment to watch it.

    Of course, my campaign is still competing in several state conventions still yet to come. And we have a lot of planning to do to prepare for the convention.

    If you are a delegate, please stay tuned for communications from my staff laying out our plans and offering assistance.

    If you are not a delegate but would like to come celebrate with us, you will hear more details in the coming weeks.

    There is no doubt that you and I can win the future.

    Tampa is an important step toward restoring liberty in our country and setting the stage for victories yet to come.

    I hope I can count on you to join us.

    For Liberty,

    Ron Paul

  60. Seaque and J.S.,

    Pertaining to VW not being able to sell the Passat (or any VW product including VW family product autos) to Americans and forced to ship only overseas is highly Bullsh*t and an outright lie.

    To include to your ignorance, the Passat nor the GTI gets nearly 80 mpg at normal operation, that is a lie.

    You two would believe anything, I swear…

  61. William. Neither put any forethought into what they post and the only narrative that they put forth is the fact that they are both bewildered and don’t know where to turn. So they listen to crackpots and regurgitate without a clue.

  62. Miri | June 15, 2012 at 5:07 pm | Reply

    Good news. Two books critical of Barry on the top two spots of the New York Times best seller list. So what will they do, make another new category so they don’t have to “promote” books that they don’t like?

  63. If CW wouldn’t block all my posts I would give my thoughts to you PAC man….he continues to play favorites and let’s people like you and William give your two cents but when I want to share mine he leaves them in moderation…..what a jerk!

  64. I’d relish to hear them JS. I, and everyone else here, have been listening to your garbage for three years now. I don’t think that you are on the other side, I just think that you don’t have a clue and are easily led astray.

  65. Pingback: Greensboro News Record job article misleading, Orwell exuberance or Democrat pressure?, Manufacturing, jobs up in Triad, Economist Don Jud quoted | Citizen WElls

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