Obama corruption ties slowly grind in wheels of Justice, Rezko Mutual Bank Mahajans, Kenneth J Conner whistleblower, FDIC lawsuit, Blagojevich prosecution

Obama corruption ties slowly grind in wheels of Justice, Rezko Mutual Bank Mahajans, Kenneth J Conner whistleblower, FDIC lawsuit, Blagojevich prosecution

“Why wasn’t Rod Blagojevich, Governor of IL, prosecuted before Tony Rezko, a businessman?”…Citizen Wells

“Why was Tony Rezko’s sentencing delayed?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Mutual Bank fire whistleblower Kenneth J Connor after he
challenged the appraisal on the land purchased by Rita Rezko, just
prior to the land sale to Obama?”…Citizen Wells

“Where did Rita Rezko get the money to buy the lot she sold to Barack and Michelle Obama?”…Citizen Wells

The Obama camp, with the full cooperation of the mainstream media and US Justice Dept., has done their best to distance Obama from his numerous close corruption ties in Chicago and Illinois. The delayed and dragged out prosecution of Rod Blagojevich with his mutual ties to Tony Rezko, the failure to call Rezko as a witness and the dropping of counts against Blagojevich that are most damning for Obama, is one good example.

With the best attempts to divert attention away from Obama’s corrupt past, the Ghosts of Obama’s Christmas past continue to linger.

From an article written by truthteller and presented on NoQuarter USA on October 12, 2008.

“”Because I tend to rely on evidence and not on hearsay, I believe we should focus our attention on Amrish Mahajan and the Mutual Bank of Harvey, not on Giannoulias and the Broadway Bank, if we are to assign names to the financial institution about which Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Timeshas heard “rumblings.” Although Mahajan is not known to readers ofNo Quarter and to the national media, I imagine they will desire more information on the unscrupulous banker once they read the information I unpack below the fold. And yes, Obama is involved, deeply involved.”

My interest in Amrish Mahajan and the Mutual Bank of Harvey was picqued by this list of contributors in Rezko’s bundling network provided by the Chicago Sun-Times last March. View the second page of the document, and notice the following entry:

Last name First name Obama donations Rezko connection
Mahajan Amrish $2,500 Banker whose bank loaned money to Rezko companies. The bank also loaned Rezko’s wife money to buy a vacant lot next to Obama’s home.

The data available in the Sun-Times spreadsheet is corroborated by the following data, which is democratically available at the Federal Election Commission‘s website:


12/20/2003 500.00 24020030170
04/14/2004 1000.00 24020461757

Not only was Mahajan a member of Rezko’s bundling network; his bank, the Mutual Bank of Harvey, granted Rita Rezko the $500,000 mortgage she neededin order to purchase the lot on which the Obama mansion in Chicago sits. As many of you may recall, the Obamas could not have purchased the mansion they could not afford unless transactions for the mansion and the lot closed on the same day. Obama needed to locate someone who would buy the lot, and he approached Rezko, the convicted slumlord with whom Obama toured the property before they mutually agreed to the following arrangement:

The home and lot sales closed on June 15, 2005. A land trust controlled by the Obamas bought the house for $1.65 million, and the Obamas secured a $1.32 million mortgage from Northern Trust to complete that purchase. That same day, Rezko’s wife, Rita Rezko, bought the side lot for $625,000. A $37,000- a-year Cook County employee, she secured a $500,000 mortgage from Mutual Bank of Harvey.

The structure of this transaction begs the following question: What bank would lend a government employee who earns $37,000 per annum a $500,000 mortgage? What bank would assume such a risk?

The Mutual Bank of Harvey, of course, for the Mutual Bank of Harvey’s President is a man who is deeply connected to the Chicago machine that backed Barack Obama. Indeed, Amrish Mahajan was one of Mayor Daley’s first political appointments in 1989, when he was named to a seat on Chicago’s Plan Commission, where he would be joined by Obama’s former boss and Rezko’s business partner Allison Davis and by Valerie Jarrett, Daley’s Chief of Staff whochaired the Commission from 1991-1995. Mahajan, in other words, worked with those who devised and profited from Daley’s failed public housing experiment in Chicago, a public housing policy Obama helped fund as state Senator and US Senator.

Rezko, according to the Boston Globe, was one of the major beneficiaries of Obama’s legislative advocacy for funding of Daley’s public housing experiment. Other major beneficiaries are Jarrett and Allison Davis. Mahajan was also a beneficiary, for his bank had made $3.4 million dollars in loans to Tony Rezko’s slum landlord business since 2002. A banker for one of the slumlords who benefitted from the Daley housing program Obama helped bankroll, Mahajan was returning a favor when he wrote a $500,000 mortgage in 2005 for the wife of one of his clients. Although Tony’s financial problems were mounting in 2005, and although Rita earned only $35,000 per annum, Mahajan underwrote the mortgage. Favors must be reciprocated, I guess, especially when one can satisfy two parties at once: the person with whom one has a complicated relationship in real estate and the politician who helped finance that complicated relationship as state Senator and US Senator.

I doubt federal investigators are interested in the Mahajans solely for their involvement in the property deal involving Obama, Mahajan and the Rezkos. The Mahajans, I believe, are the foci of their probe for many reasons.

The real estate transaction involving Rita Rezko, the Obamas and Mutual Bank of Harvey is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, the Mutual Bank of Harvey seems to be at the center of all the corruption in Chicago. To quote former Donald Perillo, Chicago insurance mogul and son of the lawyer for Al Capone, in the Chicago Tribune article I cite above:

Donald Parrillo said he isn’t surprised to see Mahajan mix it up with politics and business. “He got that attitude from the Parrillo family,” the former alderman said. “He wanted to get in the game.”

And Mahajan certainly is in the game. The banker of the Chicago machine, he is also the man who wrote the mortgage for Rita Rezko that facilitated Obama’s purchase the mansion he could not afford. This is why I believe prosecutors are interested in Harvey Mutual Bank. Not only did Rezko receive loans from this institution; this bank is heavily involved in problematic real estate dealings involving Blagojevich and Obama. And if I may quote Rezko in the 9 JUN letter he wrote to Judge Amy St. Eve:

Your Honor, the prosecutors have been overzealous in pursuing a crime that never happened. They are pressuring me to tell them the “wrong” things that I supposedly know aboutGovernor Blagojevich and Senator Obama. I have never been party to any wrongdoing that involved the Governor or the Senator. I will never fabricate lies about anyone else for selfish purposes. I will take what comes my way, but I will never hurt innocent people. I am not Levine, Loren, Mahru , or Winter.”

Rezko is now talking, and prosecutors are presently interested in a politically connected financial institution. I bet Obama now regrets paying Rita Rezko $104,500 for the strip of the land in the lot on which his house sits in January 2006. Acquired with the assistance of a questionable $500,000 mortgage from Amrish Mahajan’s Mutual Bank of Harvey, this lot and Obama’s desire to expand his yard by bit was the catalyst for all the investigative reports into Obama’s deep ties to Rezko. By the way, Rita’s lot is only accessible through the front gate of Obama’s home; it is not a separate property, and it was never intended to be a separate property.

“It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe that he had done me a favor,” Obama says of the real estate transactions with Rezko. I wonder if now he also believes it was a mistake for him to serve as the legislator who represented and bankrolled Richard Daley, Amrish Mahajan, Valerie Jarrett, Allison Davis and the Chicago Plan Commission. But at least he and Michelle have a house, a house the Mutual Bank of Harvey, the politically connected bank that wrote loans for Rezko, helped them procure in 2005. Too bad that house will be the end of Barack Obama.



From Citizen Wells November 1, 2011.

“Here is what we know about the purchase of a lot by Barack and Michelle Obama from Rita Rezko in 2006:

1. “In June, 2005, Mutual Bank President and CEO Amrish Mahajan and
other Mutual Bank officers approved a loan to Rita Malki Rezko (Rita
Rezko) which was guaranteed by Antonin Rezko so that Rita Rezko could
purchase a 9,090 square foot vacant parcel of real estate at 5050 S.
Greenwood Avenue, Chicago.” (Conner lawsuit)

2. “On or about January 4, 2006, Rita Rezko entered into an
agreement with Senator Barack and Michelle Obama (Obamas) to sell a
ten-foot strip of the 5050 S. Greenwood property to the Obamas.”
(Conner lawsuit)

3. “In late 2005 or early 2006, Conner performed an appraisal review
of the Adams Appraisal (Exhibit C) per the directive of Richard Barth
and James Murphy. Conner prepared a written Appraisal Review report
(ARR) opining that the Adams Appraisal overvalued the Greenwood lot by
a minimum of $ 125,000.00 and that a reasonable and fair valuation for
Mutual Banks’s underwriting purposes should be no greater than $
500,000.00 for the entire 5050 S. Greenwood parcel as originally
purchased by Rita Rezko.” (Conner lawsuit)

4. “On or about October 19, 2006, Mutual Bank received a Grand Jury
Subpoena (GJS) requiring Mutual Bank to produce the Rezko 5050
Greenwood loan file, as well as a Rita Rezko Riverside District
Development LLC checking account and loan file.” (Conner lawsuit)

5. “In October, 2007, Conner had various communications with Mutual
Bank’s Human Resources Department representative, Lana Schlabach. In
an email communication of October 15, 2007, Conner directly referenced
“Resentment over my mentioned discovery of the removal/replacement of
an appraisal review that I conducted. That appraisal review contained
substantial observations and suggestions. The transaction and parties
involved were high profile in the media.I am under the impression that
the FBI has since looked at the file.”” On October 23, 2007, eight days after Conner’s October 15, 2007 email to Schlabach attached as Exhibit J, Mutual Bank terminated Conner’s employment for pretextual reasons.” (Conner lawsuit)

6. “On October 23, 2007, eight days after Conner’s October 15, 2007
email to Schlabach attached as Exhibit J, Mutual Bank terminated
Conner’s employment for pretextual reasons.” (Conner lawsuit)

7. The FDIC has filed a lawsuit against Mutual Bank, Amrish Mahajan, Richard Barth, et al.”


From ABC News Chicago August 22, 2011.

“Anita Mahajan, a Chicago businesswoman with ties to former governor Rod Blagojevich, pleaded guilty to bilking the state of Illinois by submitting bogus bills.

“I’m sorry,” Mahajan said in court Monday while pleading guilty to felony theft for pilfering about $100,000 in taxpayer money through her drug-testing company, K.K. Bio-Science. That company is now defunct.

The 60-year-old received four years of probation, agreed to pay $200,000 in fines and perform 1,500 hours of community service.

Mahajan’s husband, Amrish, was a banker and significant fundraiser for Blagojevich. Also, Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, made more than $100,000 in commissions handling real estate deals for the Mahajans in 2006, which caused a stir in the Blagojevich re-election campaign. The following year, Mahajan was charged with cheating the state of out of $2 million for drug tests that were never performed.

“People of this state were being cheated,” Dick Devine said in 2007 when he was the state’s attorney while announcing a seven-count indictment against Mahajan. The attorney general sued to recover the state’s lost money.

Four years later, Mahajan pleaded guilty to a single, reduced charge of theft instead of the felonies that would have sent her to prison for at least six years.

“Anita Mahajan is another example of the collateral damage that’s been left in the wake of the Rod Blagojevich Tsunami,” Steve Miller, Mahajan’s attorney, said.””


From the FDIC lawsuit against Amrish Mahajan, et al.

“6. The Director Defendants also wasted corporate assets and drained the Bank’s capital by…(c) authorizing $ 495,000 in “bonuses” to pay for the criminal defense costs for the Defendant Amrish Mahajan’s wife who was indicted for Medicaid fraud”

“32. The Director and Officer Defendants failed to establish procedures that would have lessened the risks of the Bank’s improvidant lending practices. The terms of transactions were not accurately documented. Status reports were missing so that records of how an asset was progressing were not available. Terms of loans were changed at closing without board or loan committee approvals or any rcord in the file. Loan guarantees were frequently missing from the files. Appraisers were retained by brokers with an interest in seeing transactions consummated, not by the bank. Appraisals were often received after the loan was funded. Loans were typically non-recourse and dependent on guarantor abilities to repay in the event that the collateral was insufficient. Yet, little or no attention was paid to whether guarantors had sufficient liquidity to protect the Bank’s interest; the officers and the Board did little or no analysis of guarantor or borrower financial strength.”


From the Washington Times November 4, 2008.

“A former Illinois real estate specialist says FBI agents have questioned him about a Chicago property that had been bought by convicted felon Tony Rezko’s wife and later sold to the couple’s next-door neighbor, Sen. Barack Obama.

The real estate specialist, Kenneth J. Conner, said bank officials replaced an appraisal review he prepared on the property and FBI agents were investigating in late 2007 whether the Rezko-Obama deal was proper.

“Agents and I talked about payoff, bribe, kickback for a long time, though it took them only a short number of minutes of talking with me while looking at the appraisal to acknowledge what they already seemed to know: The Rezko lot was grossly overvalued,” Mr. Conner told The Washington Times Monday.

“Rezko paid the asking price on the same day Obama paid $300,000 less than the asking price to the same seller for his adjacent mansion,” he said. “This begs the question of payoff, bribe, kickback.””


The Kenneth J. Conner lawsuit is still active.


64 responses to “Obama corruption ties slowly grind in wheels of Justice, Rezko Mutual Bank Mahajans, Kenneth J Conner whistleblower, FDIC lawsuit, Blagojevich prosecution

  1. ‘Secret Loan

    A secret $3.5 million loan from an Auchi company to key early-money Barack Obama fundraiser Antoin Rezko was exposed while Rezko was awaiting trial on fraud and money-laundering charges earlier this year. Rezko’s bail was revoked and police showed up banging on the doors of his Wilmette Chicago mansion to drag him off to jail early in the morning of January 28th. Auchi’s loan to Rezko had come on May 23, 2005 but had not been disclosed to the Court as required in his bail agreement. Three weeks later, on June 15, 2005, Rezko’s wife assisted the Obamas in the purchase of their South Chicago mansion by purchasing a next-door undeveloped lot being sold with the house. ‘



    This is where Rezko got the money…

  2. “In December 2005, after Rezmar’s breakup, Mr. Mahru began cooperating with federal investigators against Mr. Rezko, according to a document filed by Mr. Rezko in one of his two criminal cases. Mr. Mahru ultimately was not called as a witness in Mr. Rezko’s case.”

    Mahru was wired up before the home purchase and before the loan from Auchi.


    Dan Mahru started wearing a wire for the feds in December of 2005…Frawley in February of 2006 and John Thomas aka Bernard Barton in 2002 or 03?

  3. I just saw this

    Jim “Race Bannon”Bancroft was told by Barack Obama in 1980 that he was born in Mombasa,Kenya.

    In this radio interview about his thirty year old memory,Bancroft recounts Obama’s admission. Bancroft was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps at the time and met Obama in the vicinity of Kalakaua Blvd.,one evening in early August of 1980.

    Bancroft has published the account of his personal meeting with the then Barry Soetero online at the Gathering of the Eagles Blog.

    Bancroft writes in his essay:

  4. Allison Davis mentioned above was related to Frank Marshall Davis. This is such a tight group of corrupt, evil commies.

  5. Kath; I have alway’s wondered about that…How do you know? How are they related? Wasn’t Frank Marshall Davis from Kansas originally, then moved to Chicago then Hawaii?

  6. Is This Barack Obama’s Pre-Convention Seance Ritual? (WHI RELATED)


    (Interesting comments too!)

    Fearing they might lose today’s recall election, Democrats in Wisconsin stage an odd ceremony at the State Capitol. Was this what a now deceased political operative heard from Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett moments before Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention in 2008?

  7. bob strauss

    ICE Agent Explains Obama’s Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants


  8. Breaking: Mitt Romney Pushed The Individual Mandate, Emails Show!

    Mitt Romney has distanced himself from the health care reform bill he signed as governor of Massachusetts amid criticism that the law bears more than a passing resemblance to Obamacare, which he’s repeatedly pledged to repeal if elected in November.

    But a series of emails obtained by the Wall Street Journal reveals Romney was actively engaged in negotiating the specifics of the 2006 Massachusetts bill and that he and his top aides championed a provision identical to one in President Barack Obama’s law requiring individuals to have or buy health insurance.

    The so-called individual mandate is at the heart of most conservative criticism of Obama’s health care law, with many Republicans calling the provision unconstitutional. But in 2006, emails obtained by the Journal under a public records request show, Romney and his top aides pressed for an individual mandate even when Massachusetts Democrats weren’t yet embracing such a proposal.


    He’s done! He is done y’all! What a liar man!

  9. http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2012/06/ice-agent-explains-obamas-social.html

    Retired ICE Agent Explains Obama’s Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants – 6/5/2012 – VIDEO HERE -REMINDER: Private Investigators Respond to Snopes Piece on Obama’s Social Security…

  10. Observer, what do you make of this (chants)? I have my theories. What do you think?

  11. IB, Happy Anniversary friend. Your message regarding your wife was so sweet. God bless you. Hope you both are celebrating.

  12. Nothing to see here folks move along and shut up

  13. Seque,

    SueK lives in MA, and knows very well where Romney stood in the past. She lived it. She has explained extensively how she believes Romney will act as POTUS. He’s committed to overturning ObamaCare. He may or may not be our best shot, but it IS what it IS. Push RP all you want, but you come off sounding just like those who thought BHO was messianic.

    We are stuck with voting for mere mortals this time as the TRUE MESSIAH has not returned yet. Despite what you think, Ron Paul is just a man. I for one, think he is an honorable man… nonetheless just a man. But I swear, the more you crazy people try to shove him down our throats, the more my opinion of him drops. STOP!

  14. SueQ | June 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm |
    Observer, what do you make of this (chants)? I have my theories. What do you think?
    I’d be interested in hearing your theories.

  15. As far as Ron paul goes… less is more. Same for me. Bye.

  16. seaque,

    The Yahoo page doesn’t exist….

    Sorry to wreck your day but Romney vetoed the individual mandate; the damned Dem legislature overrode it.

    You continue to try to subvert this election. Maybe you should just go ahead and vote for Obama, since that seems to be what you want.

  17. observer | June 5, 2012 at 6:17 pm |

    SueQ | June 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm |
    Observer, what do you make of this (chants)? I have my theories. What do you think?
    I’d be interested in hearing your theories.

    No way! You go first. 🙂

  18. SueQ | June 5, 2012 at 5:49 pm |

    Thank you, Sue.

    You’re right; if I thought Romney was an idiot, I would say it and you know I would.

    Those who continually post criticisms of anyone who opposes barky are WITH barky, as far as I’m concerned.

    Pull together behind the nominee and try to save America, or step aside and watch her be completely destroyed. It’s that simple; it’s our choice.

  19. Don’t know if this has been linked to yet but this continuation of WHI interview is pretty good evidence of the mentally/psychologically and morally disturbed person in our WH:


    UM: The president you mean? He watches videos of the drone attacks?

    WHI: Yeah – like it was…like it was porn. I can’t emphasize…I don’t think I’m painting a clear enough picture here for you of how this thing has people really freaking out inside the administration. It’s good on one hand because it’s got more of them willing to talk…but…the fact it’s gotten this bad…these drones…an American president who has the video sent up to his personal study so he can watch them over and over again…like I said – sh-t ain’t right. And more and more people are figuring that out – and that is what has Jarrett concerned. But even she…Obama won’t listen to her on this one. Those drones are the one thing he really feels he has control over…all the rest…he’s been told what to say and where to go…when to wake…when to sleep…but the drones. The drones are all his – and he ain’t given those up. For nobody.

  20. SueQ | June 5, 2012 at 6:28 pm |
    observer | June 5, 2012 at 6:17 pm |

    SueQ | June 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm |
    Observer, what do you make of this (chants)? I have my theories. What do you think?
    I’d be interested in hearing your theories.

    No way! You go first.
    Well, are you coming from the angle of the obvious intervention of evil in all of this group think? Or the fact that evil can only ape the good….so using “chant” which has been used to glorify and/or meditate on the true God and twist it, even if unknowingly by the lemming kool-aid drinkers, to give power over these masses to evil….like a form of hypnotizing, giving over their free will to help the evil plans? If the instant recharging of Obama himself via some kind of ceremony, perhaps involving drugs along with some “chant” ritual, you have to wonder about some kind of “triggering” mechanism as was the playing card to the “Manchurian Candidate”. Who knows for sure!!

  21. You know, when you think about this Obama drone fascination you can’t help but imagine the famous “Dr. Strangelove” scene….only with Obama never wanting to get that involved as to actually ride the bomb/drone itself, but control it from his usual distance!


    “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…
    It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

  23. HonorFirst


  24. im from mass and romney was very good at fixing messes and unesscessary waste. im no fan of hime but he has made himself on purpose appealing to both sides. very crafty i think he could help america to a new place. still will be a puppet but at least a plug in the dam for now

  25. CW, didn’t know how to contact you offline – is this correct date for story you noted above near the top of this topic: From an article written by truthteller and presented on NoQuarter USA on October 12, 2012.

  26. Within an hour, we will know how America will go in November.

    If Scott Walker wins, which I have no doubt he will, then Mr. Obama will be in big trouble. With all the union push Wisconsin has received concerning this recall, it will be a good indication of how America feels about Obama and his union thugs.

    Did Obama know in advance that Barrett would never be able to beat Walker in a recall? I say yes and that was the reason Obama didn’t give any support to his democrat in that struggle.

    Obama didn’t want to be labeled as a big supporter of Barrett so he wouldn’t take a hit for his loss.

    On the other hand Walker has shown America that a conservative government is the ONLY way to bring big government and out-of-control spending under control

    Honor first said it correctly: GO SCOTT WALKER

  27. Here we go:

    Bishops Prepare for Largest Civil Disobedience Since the 60s

    In addition to 12 lawsuits against the Obama Administration including 46 plaintiffs from dioceses, hospitals and universities, the US Catholic bishops will urge Catholics to openly defy the Obama HHS Mandate. In June, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will distribute bulletin inserts nationwide, which reference Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his call for civil disobedience in response to unjust laws.


    Hopefully all people of good will will join in solidarity…..as what happened in Poland.

  28. citizenwells

    Thanks for typo correction.

  29. You’re welcome CW – I see other people’s typos but hardly ever catch my own.

  30. God Bless Citizen WElls.
    Home of the Brave. 2012
    lech walesa, proud to be in your generation, Patriot. its a beautiful thing.

  31. Only a few hours and “Doll Eyes” Tom Barrett and his gang of commie dupes will be declared losers.
    Wisconsin is going to be ground Zero in the 2012 elections.

  32. Soros Spends $400 Million On ‘Open Society’ Education, ‘Social Action,’ Colleges And Universities


  33. Exclusive Interview: Thug Threatens WI Poll Watcher That He’ll ‘Bang Her Head Against The Floor’


    Some say he was a “community organizer” from down the street.

  34. Sue Q,

    I saw this and had to share. Have a look and then click on Ron Pauls name. I love the fact that RP is centered between them.

    Mrs. Paul had this on her facebook


    Let’s go give Ron a few million votes. Whaddya say?

  35. Philo-Publius

    Wisconsin Democrats Are Busing in Supporters From Minnesota for Recall Vote …Update: Michigan Too!

    WISCONSIN RECALL – 119% Turnout in Madison

  36. Now on Drudge:

    BARRETT 39%
    WALKER 61%
    [11% IN]

  37. FOX is now calling Walker the winner!

  38. Observer,

    24% in

    Walker 61%
    The Other One 38%

    Praying it holds!

  39. Philo-Publius

    NBC calling Walker the winner too.

  40. Hurrah! One big win for the conservative Republicans ! Let us hope and pray November will be just as positive.

  41. Philo-Publius

    CNN and MSNBC talking heads look depressed and angry. They are now spinning the Walker win as the result of outside money coming into the state….and that’s made it an unfair election.

    What cry babies.

  42. NBC_Vic_Hern

    EyyyHaaa from Wisconsin as vote totals come in.
    I’m having trouble getting my brain around comments by a
    “fellow” Wisconsinite Gretta VanSusteran about Gov Walker
    working now to unite voters on the left and right, coming together
    for the sake of Wisconsin’s future.
    Appeared Sarah Palin agreed with Gretta.

  43. NBC_Vic_Hern | June 5, 2012 at 11:03 pm |

    True. You can however, become one hell of an actor.

  44. NBC_Vic_Hern | June 5, 2012 at 11:03 pm |

    Right on, NBC Vic !! The minute a victory is achieved as tonight in Wisconsin, this talk about “working together” always seems to surface. The problem is that this type of “peaceful coexistence” usually tilts in favor of the libs. Of course, in politics there has to be some sort of “meeting of the minds”, but too often the liberal minds are the ones that never bend, so guess who does the bending?

    An old story comes to mind about “peaceful coexistence” during the Cold War period. It seems that there was a hunter who met a bear in the woods. Each said to the other that they should coexist, and they agreed to do so.
    The hunter had his fur coat, and the bear had his meal.

  45. Yippie!! Thank you Wisconsin voters! I hope a landslide is in the works in November too.

  46. Interested Bystander

    hrmfc commented:

    “Hurrah! One big win for the conservative Republicans ! Let us hope and pray November will be just as positive.”

    IF there was a “conservative Republican” running in November, you might have a point.

    Just look at what Walker did in Wisconsin, and ask yourself is there ANYONE that would be willing to do that sort of stuff within the Federal Government?

    I’m thinking NO, there isn’t.

    So we’ll just keep kicking the can down the road.

  47. observer | June 5, 2012 at 6:54 pm|

    Well, are you coming from the angle of the obvious intervention of evil…

    Satan can only twist and pervert truth… he is the father of lies. BHO has left no doubt where he comes from and who he follows. “The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy.” So yes, I’m sure it was very evil in nature.

    There is a Youtube video I watched some months ago. Really creepy. I don’t know how much stock you put in “reverse speech”, but this one has me convinced there is something to it. Now I suppose you will think I’m a nut. Maybe I am.

    BTW, good morning all.

  48. For the second time in less than a week, I agree with a liberal. Golly!

    Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutor Threatening to Sue Harvard for My Criticism

    “She said that because I work for Harvard and am identified as a professor she had the right to sue Harvard.

    When the communications official explained to her that I have a right to express my opinion as “a matter of academic freedom,” and that Harvard has no control over what I say, she did not seem to understand.

    She persisted in her nonstop whining…”

  49. One last thing, I’m thrilled that Walker won. This is a very good day.

  50. Free Speech

    If the muslim Communist Pervert can’t win in Socialist Wisconsin, the birthplace of the public union Thugs, busing in union Thugs and Criminals from Michigan and Illinois, then look for him to increase his Fascist tactics to attempt to steal the election in Nov.

    In order to defeat bo, Patriots must follow Sheriff Joe and the Courageous Patriots of Arizona and Indict, Convict and Imprison bo and all his Criminal Cohorts. bo is just the tip of the iceberg of Criminal Corruption in the US.

  51. Good Morning CW et al – great news about Gov. Walker win.

  52. citizenwells

    NBC, you make a strong point.

  53. Free Speech

    NBC_Vic_Hern | June 5, 2012 at 11:03 pm |
    EyyyHaaa from Wisconsin as vote totals come in.
    I’m having trouble getting my brain around comments by a
    “fellow” Wisconsinite Gretta VanSusteran about Gov Walker
    working now to unite voters on the left and right, coming together
    for the sake of Wisconsin’s future.
    Appeared Sarah Palin agreed with Gretta.
    Agree 100% bo & his criminal cohorts need to be imprisoned not “compromised” with!

  54. Last night at 8:36pm CDT, I received this email from CNN Breaking News…
    “With all the polls closed in Wisconsin, CNN exit polls indicate a tight race in the recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker”.

    When I checked CNN News it showed Walker 57% and Barrett 41%. TIGHT RACE? 57% to 41% is a TIGHT RACE?

    At 9:03pm CNN email says…
    “Republican Gov. Scott Walker will narrowly retain his seat in Wisconsin’s recall election, CNN projects”.

    CNN News was then reporting Walker 58% and Barrett 41%. Walker will NARROWLY retain his seat? 58% to 41% is a NARROW margin?

    SHEEEEEESH !!! Those folks over at CNN are delusional.

    Walker won with 53% Barrett 46%

  55. Dot Connecting……..getting scary. I don’t want to do something drastic (like taking everything out of the bank), but if these warnings are true………

    Excerpt from tf metals report……………..

    It’s coming, everyone. It’s coming very soon. The current global financial system that has existed for nearly 70 years is coming to a dramatic end. Preparations are clearly being made by those who will dictate the terms of the next system. That system will, undoubtedly, use gold as the basis for international trade settlement. You must prepare for this event. Those caught unprepared will see their life savings lost or depleted. Those with foresight and a willingness to prepare will be spared. They may, in fact, even prosper. The end of The Great Keynesian Experiment and, with it, the current global financial system is upon us. Continue to prepare accordingly.


  56. Bwa-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!! Leftist Loser Weeps Like a Little Baby on CNN “Democracy Died Tonight” (Video)
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 11:17 PM

    Today is a good day in more ways than one.
    oldsalt, thank you for your prayers.

  57. By the way, I don’t know if any of you read the letter I posted by Dr. Quenten Duden. I have Part 2 now. If anyone is interested, I will find time to type it from the paper & post it. Let me know. I will repost Part 1:

    The following was published in a small monthly newspaper in Arizona in April, ‘The Voice in the Desert’………..No online link exists, so I had to type it in order to post. Please excuse any typos – my spell check seems to be missing things lately (weird)

    The American Dream…….

    Introducing Our Guest Writer,
    Dr. Quenten E. Duden

    I have known Dr. Duden his whole life (from this point on I will refer to him as Quent). He is not known to be a writer outside the scientific arena. Since our country’s economic decline the last five years and the acceleration of that decline the last year, Quent has been sharing his first hand knowledge and concerns with family, friends and colleagues.

    A little background on Quent

    Quent came from a modest, hard working middle class family. The family owned a farm, his Dad worked at a power plant, while his Mom worked at the small private school he and his siblings attended. Everyone worked hard and Quent has attributed his work ethics to his upbringing. His school was staffed by concerned parents and volunteers who were committed to a school focused on academics, morals and Christian standards. The school was long on self discipline, academics and committing to memory things of value.
    Quent graduated from high school and immediately got a job to pay for his further education at the University of Arizona. He continued to work hard at everything he did, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might” his motto. Quent is the “go to guy”, the mover and shaker, who gets things done under budget and earlier than scheduled. He is a problem solver, the one to go to, to get it done. Quent would not present a problem without a proposal to correct it.
    So, along with his academic credentials and accomplishments in his field, he also fully understands America and her roots: you, the reader, the heart of America. Several of my friends have read the following article and found it to be rather “doom and gloom”. I ask our readers to bear with us and wait for part two in May. Quent would not present a problem without a proposal to correct it. So please take a deep breath and read the following article.

    Burger joint, Starbucks, tattoo parlors, check cashing windows, pawn stores, and smoke shops…What we’ve done and where we’re heading.
    My name is Quenten E. Duden. My colleagues call me Dr. “Q” or Dr. KaBOOM. I hold multiple degrees in science from America’s finest institutions. Outside of my silly pseudonyms, I am considered a pretty serious fella with an academic set of “acquired skills”. I am on the National Advisory Board for the American Institute in Physics; I am paid to advise congress on energy policy and am given too much credit for my work on space and earth space energy systems. I hold what is considered one of the most well rounded bodies of intellectual property to date and been fortunate to use my irregular skills for the betterment of my beloved country and her allies. I have been so fortunate. I won the lottery when I was born here. So did you.
    I did not sit down to write this to discuss my adventures in being an empiricist. Your eyes would roll. I do not list credentials for any other reason but to give some credibility to a particular statement…..I have met the last three presidents on multiple occasions. I have spoken with them one on one. There isn’t a week that goes by wherein I am NOT exposed to our congress in forum, and many of its’ members in person. I talk to them weekly. There isn’t a corner in DC or Virginia I haven’t delved into.
    I am terrified.
    …..this is the statement I thought needed some credibility.
    …and I don’t scare easily because I have always gotten on the inside and have always been able to outthink my government.
    There is no outthinking what is coming. I am writing to hit shortly on a topic that has a thread running through it. It won’t be obvious until the end. It is important that you stick with me. Everything you do, from the way you eat to the way you educate your children is about to change in dramatic fashion. I do not believe it is too late, but we have only one pinky toe left on the ledge.
    Reserve Currency Status: America will lose its’ currency reserve status, probably right after the ele4ction, but quite possibly before if China and OPEC have their way. For those who are unfamiliar with Reserve Currency, I will explain. Currently, to buy a unit of energy in the world you need a US dollar. Even if you are an Iraqi citizen who owns an oil rig, to buy and trade oil in the world, you need
    US dollars. You want to supply China with oil, you have to turn in your Yuan for Dollars. Want real world examples that this is, in fact, the case? Please do some UTUBE research and look at video footage of multiple Arab nations handing out US dollars to their citizens as payment for all the “atrocities” committed against them. You might ask yourself, “Why do our enemies have a countless supply of one hundred dollar bills to hand to their children?” I did, and it’s all of them. Palestinians in the West Bank to Shiite muslims in Iran. Why does this happen? It happens because their countries are loaded with the reserve currency, which right now is the US Dollar. As a matter of fact, all countries are loaded with our dollars because everyone uses them to trade in the energy markets.
    There is another reason the world has more of our money than we do….WE HAVE BEEN PRINTING IT TO PAY OUR BILLS FOR OVER 20 YEARS NOW. Think about it. When the US wants to buy oil, it doesn’t have to buy US dollars to buy oil, it simply prints them. We don’t pay our bills by earning value, we print. AND the last three presidents have been printing in an irresponsible manner. As testified by the US credit rating drop, our current president has been printing them like there is no tomorrow. So much for hope. If you are over 25 you have witnessed (whether you noticed or not) the greatest hemorrhage of wealth from a country in the recorded history of the world. It’s unprecedented by several orders of magnitude. It is not sustainable. China knows that. Even North Korea know that.
    Why is this important to you? It’s important because it is all about to end. China, Russia, India, South Korea, North Korea, France, Germany, and Spain are conducting quarterly country to country meetings WITHOUT the United States. What about? About moving away from the US dollar as the energy reserve currency. By and large, the world is done with us and WE CAN NOT BLAME THEM. WE MUST TAKE CULPABILITY HERE. I want my readers to take a moment and re-read the list. It is simply astonishing to me considering North and South Korea haven’t gotten together on ANYTHING, yet they are shoulder to shoulder on this move. We are in DEEP trouble. Even our friends will be forced to turn their backs on us to survive.
    Imagine an America where we have to produce a one to one ratio of national product to trade for goods to buy…such as oil. We haven’t done that since WWII. We cannot trade competitively. Have you driven down a major US city main street lately? We are full of burger joints, tattoo parlors, check cashing windows, pawn, and smoke shops. Tertiary retail galore…we do not produce for self reliance, let alone export. We have no idea how to earn money as a country.

    I know how. I will get back to this.

    So, what does the loss of reserve currency mean to you? It means a one to one trade value with other countries because we no longer have the insanely irresponsible advantage of printing to cover our backside. Gas will double overnight. Forget high interest rates, lending markets will freeze solid. Root level industry, such as farming and mining, will shut down within a month. To trade evenly, we will see a massive downturn in wages across the board. Not that you will get paid less, your pay will just be worth less. We will suffer stagflation in a manner that we as US citizens cannot comprehend. You will be able to have all the dollars you want, but won’t be able to buy toilet paper with it (read between the lines here). No more steak in the freezer. Why do you think the State Department is spending $250 million a year building razor wire compounds at half the shut down Air Force bases in the country? Why is the US stockpiling massive amounts of grains and rice and canned goods? Could it be they are expecting a lot of hungry people? Do you know who runs the State Department? Are you getting this? You are in trouble. Even if you are a multimillionaire, it means nothing. You are very likely to get very hungry in a very short period of time. All the leading brokerage and investment firms have company private memos to its’ executives discussing contingency planning for this event. Jeff Immelt (the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the US-based conglomerate General Electric) committed millions to a management contingency plan for this event. It’s not a matter of if, simply when.

    I know what to do. I will get back to this.

    By printing all this money, we have devalued our currency, and thereby our worth. I will give you a few examples of countries who devalued their currency. In the late 80s through 90s, Mexico did. They still haven’t recovered. You still cannot buy anything with Mexican money in Mexico. Do you see where we are heading? There is no business credit, you can’t buy a car on a loan. What is a Peso worth? For the most recent example, consider Greece. Have you watched what happened to the Euro lately? His impact from a country whose GNP that is about the size of Oregon’s. Wow.
    I will give you a personal example. Three years ago, some mentors of mine bound up 30 million dollars worth of US bearer bonds into a book. The thing looked like one of those giant family Bibles. They did this to smuggle their investment winnings OUT of China. China refused to let any US dollars out of their mainland because they were sucking them up to keep our purchasing power high. This allowed them to trade relatively cheap goods to us. China has hoarded US dollars to keep their trade advantage. They no longer need to do this. Why? They have more responsible trading partners now; themselves. Their economy has grown past the point of sustaining mass. I can expose the smuggling operation because today China is massively selling off all of its’ US dollars at a discount – on the internet! How? By buying all the gold in the world. China is on a massive gold buy. Not just gold, but everything that is gold including mines, refineries, existing American mining companies – everything. China is buying our resources with our cheap money. If you find this unbelievable, take this mental note…within one year, China will open an international gold store where any person in the world can buy Chinese gold with devaluated US dollars. Watch, you will see. China is beginning to debase our dollar. So is India and so are all the counties sitting on the OPEC council. The world is moving against us because ou8r leaders are RECKLESS.

    I know what to do about this, too.
    Yes, I will get back to it.

    So I have spent a couple of moments to explain how reserve currency status and the US losing it, and why the US is losing it as the instigator for an economic collapse that will make any previous downturn before it (including the recent securities swap mortgage scandal and the ‘29 market crash) look like a walk in the park. I have made bold and confirmable statements that should lead you to believe that we are all in for a terrible ride, and that hunger on a massive scale is very likely. A real doomsday scenario is before us. So much so, in fac5t, many of you will find the problem so insurmountable that you will tend to ignore it and hope I am wrong. I am not wrong. Jeffrey Immelt and every big time CEO of any meaningful corporation in America agrees with me and is making plans. Mrs. Clinton at the State Department agrees with me and is building “facilities”. I do not want the government feeding me 5 year old rice in a concentration camp. Do you?
    I laid down three catastrophic problems:
    1. We can’t trade competitively. We have no idea how to earn money as a country.
    2. You are very likely to get very hungry in a very short period of time.
    3. The world is moving against us because our leaders are RECKLESS.
    I told you I had ideas on what to do about it. Before we go into those, I need to teach you to think in an emergence, because we are in one. WE ARE IN AN EMERGENCY. I’m going to use words like primary, secondary, and tertiary objectives. You need to focus on the primary objectives. This means you will quite possibly have to hold your political and social objectives (and trust me, I have mine) as secondary and tertiary objectives. I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO ABANDON YOUR BELIEFS. I am asking you to think in a manner that will allow you to prioritize to protect them. Without America the way we once knew her, your political and social objectives are meaningless, anyway. This is the most universally irrefutable description of the wealth of our country. If you understand this truth and apply it, we will heal. Read it over and over, it’s meaning runs deep, for it is the very essence of independence.
    This country was built on a foundation of brilliant men and women who made fortunes in capitalism and shared it with the people who helped them get there. So FOCUS, and let’s heal this country. Next month I’ll suggest how to protect your family against the hunger problem, in trade for your commitment to change how you think, plan, vote, and ACT.

    To be continued in May……………………….

  58. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  59. Bessie…I simply did a search on Allison Davis. BTW, *allison* does not appear to be a female.

  60. Thank you Nancy Drew, I read the article you painstakingly typed out. Very informative and scary if true. According to Bill Clinton in a recent statement that I’m sure he didn’t want to go public, he said that we have 6 months to save this country. Many of us have been trying to save it since our eyes were opened as early as the 2008 campaign when we honestly could tell that BHO was going to be Bad News for America. But it’s been like trying to knock down a brick wall with a fly swatter because those who could have done something about it (our elected politicians) refused to hear much less DO something. They are either all panty waists or they were complicit in the whole fraud and eventual cover-up of the biggest hoax perpetrated on the American people. It feels like we’ve all been raped without benefit of vaseline……(sorry, a bit graphic, but that’s how it feels). The American people don’t deserve this kind of treatment. America’s best and finest have been sent all over the world to try to bring freedom to others who do not have it. And when there is a catastophic event, America is there with help, food, medicine, drs, military, contractors & even volunteers to rebuild, you name it. But WE are now the bad guys in every country, including our own. I just don’t get it. Sorry for the rant.

  61. Oops…….That should read “catastrophic.”

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